The DJD has yet to be sent on a mission being allowed by Megatron to relax for a while allowing Vos and and Knockout to mourn their home state with the rest of seekers and kin in Kaon.

Knockout was walking the halls alone towards the DJD quarters to sleep the others already their but Knockout has gotten held up in the med bay where he was helping until the DJD where sent on a mission .

When he was ambushed in a hallway. Three ground mechs he didn't know . But he was new to thebase so that was most of the mechs but the seeker kin and his unit .

Knockout addressees the three while he gets into a fighting stance , remembering what Tarn said of not trusting anyone he meet on base that Tarn or Starscream didn't introduce to him.

" Can I help you with something ?"

The leader of the three says yeah" You a newbie , meet them on accident . Then you are asked to join them with out proving yourself . "

Knockout shakes his helm and says " One ,I saved Vos life from bleeding out and being captured by enforcers in Iacon . If that's not proving it I don'tknow what is . Two they were looking for a medic . Judging by the lack of medical markings
. None of you three are medics so they wouldn't want you to join them ."

The three just stare at him and they start to throw punches and kicks at knockout . Who try's to defend him self the best he can but he was low on Energon so he couldn't charge his sigma gift with out putting himself in more danger then he was already
in ."

With three larger mechs attacking him Knockout was quickly over powered and out matched . They knocked him to the ground quickly and delivered multiple kicks to his chest .

They leave him on the verge of passing out .

He was time to send one comm to Tarn before he pass out .

" Medic"

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