After receiving a ping for a incoming comm , Tarn opens it and hears Knockout sounding hurt and out of breathe says " Medic ." Before the comm link goes dead . Tarn quickly try's to reopen the comm line with Knockout " Where are you? Knockout?Knockout?

Realizing that Knockout must have went in to statiss lock in comms the others in their unit to start the search for him .

" Vos , Helix , Tersarus , Kaon , Find Knockout now he just commed me asking for a medic and I couldn't get the comm link back after I lost it . So he's most likely in statiss lock . While you search the base for him I will head to the med bay maybe someone already brought him there ." Before he endsthe comm link he gets four on it boss from his others unit members .

He then makes his way to the med bay hoping Knockout had been brought there by one of the other Decepticons on base . As he burst though the med bay door hoping to see knockout on one of the medical berths . His hopes are dashed as all he sees are Hook and his brothers .

Hook asks " What's the big rush Tarn ." Seeing the panicked look on the others face knowing that only happens when a member of his unit is injured and needs urgent medical help . The last time he saw that look on Tarns face . Helix had almost died from a dagger piercing his spark chamber .

Tarn takes a moment to calm his self so he doesn't go off on Hook in front of all his brothers because the last mech to do so needed hooks services after . They were all protective of their youngest brother .

" Knockout commed me asking for a medic . When I tried to get the comm line started again to ask him were he was was I couldn't so I knew he must have gone into statiss lock . I was hoping he would be here already ."

Hook shakes his head and says ". I he hasn't been brought here . Do you need my brothers help to find him ?"

As Tarn opens his mouth to answer, the door opens to reveal . Vos andTersarus carrying a limp and lifeless Knockout covered in dents and scapes .

He is taken from them by Long Haul as his brothers prepare the medical berth for him .

As he is set on it and a Energon drip is placed in his arm .Scapper says " Either stay out of the way or get out and will call you when we're done working on him but we can't work on him with you all in the way ."

With out waiting for an answer he goes back to work on Knockout . As tarn and the others step back and watch .

A while later

Knockout onlines to see the medbay . He goes to sit up but gets stoped by a arm across his chest . He turns to see Tarn . He says " Good to know you got my comm ."

" I did , Vos andTersarus found you just in time , hook said you your Energon levels would have killed you if they hadn't been brought up quickly ." Tarn said to him .

Then gets I serious look on his face and asks " Who did this to you Knockout .?"

" I don't know names ." I replied to Tarn .

" Describe them to me ." Is his replie .

" The first was your hight , black and dark green with odd pale blue markings he was a seeker full blood . The next was about my hight , pale yellow and orange , with grey markings . The last was blue and silver and between the hights of the other two ."

Tarn growls before saying " Their names are Stigma , Oversight and Enigma . We will take care of them . Rest Knockout we all be here when you wake again ."

Knockout does as Tarn says and offlines his optics to rest .

I wonder what's going to happen to those three . Sorry for the long wait for a update . Hopefully the next one will be sooner .

Until next time .