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She was almost given a Greek send off, her and Paul. But there were several normal humans including the almost bald man that stood in the row for family alongside Percy. They didn't know who the man was but Percy seemed to. They were all on high alert, even Percy. With so many demigods in one place monsters were bound to appear at some point. They didn't care if their prey was grieving. All but one human had left, the man with Percy when it happened. Percy was the first to react and the first attacked. He dropped to one knee pulling his companion with him as he pulled out Riptide, "Di Immortales." Percy muttered at the same time his companion muttered "Shit! what!" "What's it look like to you?" Percy muttered as he engaged the Hellhound while more Hellhounds and Dracenae appeared and engaged the others. "Big black dogs I've only seen in Myths." "That's what your supposed to see. It's the truth. Here." he tossed him a celestial bronze knife as he ducked from the Hellhound and thrust his sword up into it's belly, turning it to dust. "Celestial bronze is one of the only things that work on them. Don't lose the knife. The snake looking Lady's have scaly armor, week at the neck and joints." he said as he took one on and the man nodded. They split apart both making quick work of of any monster crossing their path and making it seem like an art form. Couple minutes later everyone stopped as the last monster dusted and everyone moved towards Percy who now stood at the center point of where everyone was. The unknown man reached him first and when he put a hand on his shoulder they were surprised he didn't instinctively shrug him off. Clarrisse, Jason, Nico, Leo, and Travis and Connor Stoll were the only ones close enough to here what was said as Percy looked up at the slightly taller man. "You okay?" the mans tone was gentle towards Percy despite what just happened and that Percy was more knowledgeable in this than he. Percy nodded slightly after a moment "Yeah. Physically. We knew it was a possibility, so many of us in one place outside of Camp's protective boarders. One can be a small beacon so can three. but so many of us." "It's like were begging to be noticed." Clarrisse said with a sigh. "Today of all days. I'd ask if they have no hearts but..." Travis started "They have none." Connor finished and they all nodded by this point all Demigods and Chiron had reached them, he was in his wheel chair and Percy couldn't remember if he had even gotten out to fight in full centaur form or not. "Percy." Chiron said clearly wanting an explanation on who the man next to him is. At least to those who knew him like the demigod Camper's did. Percy sighed "Chiron this is my Uncle, Lee Christmas. Uncle Lee this is camp activities director Chiron. Yes like the Greek Myths and apparently it runs in the family." then he said sadly "Mom could see the world of the Gods as well." "And it made her even more beautiful for accepting and not thinking she was insane. Or that I was." a male voice said, and Percy and Lee who was used to detecting emotions from stance or voice noted he was sad and grieving. Percy turned smoothly to face the man and so did Lee and Chiron as the others except for Jason and Nico jumped and whirled around, though all were still on high alert after the attack. Lee noted there were several similarities between them and his suspicion was only confirmed when Percy said "Dad!" and ran to the man who pulled him into a hug. "You left right before the monsters came." Percy's father sighed "They may have been waiting for me to leave." "Lord Poseidon." Chiron murmured bowing his head "Chiron." Poseidon nodded to him. "We'll be back in a moment." he murmured then nodded to Lee "Percy can explain later I'll have to leave soon. We'll be right back." Lee frowned but watched as the duo slowly walked away the younger of the two leaning slightly upon the older. "You'll be living with your Uncle." it wasn't a question but Percy still nodded "New Orleans. Told me his work hours are sporadic but his job pays good." his father nodded "He's a Mercenary. His life is dangerous." "I know. Can't really fault him for that now can I." "No we can't." he pulled out a long folded sea blue cloth. It looked soft but regal and it radiated the feel of the ocean. "Triton has been working on these for months. He had wanted to give them to you himself, was going to wait till your birthday or another earlier special occasion but decided you'd need it now or something like that. You two didn't get along easily, first time you saw each other. He's letting me give them to you." he balanced the cloth on one arm before he pulled it open revealing a sword, a pair of long knives, a couple daggers and several throwing knives and sheaths for them all, they were made of a silvery metal with a sea green hue and Percy could feel the ocean surging through them. "Their beautiful. Deadly but beautiful." and they were, and finely crafted too. "Sea silver. Only ones like us, connected to the Sea the way we are can wield it. Unlike Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold it can affect those not related to our world, but they'll still get past security points no problem and they'll return to you like Anaklusmos. The Mist should work like normal on them as well. On the hilts there should be something you can push and like Anaklusmos they should disguise themselves similarly but Triton wouldn't tell me what. Wants you to figure it out." Percy gave a slight but sad smile to his father. "The material?" he asked touching one of the sheaths. It felt leathery under his hand but was also saturated in the Sea like the new weapons. "Sea leather. Unlike normal leather it can get wet without any consequences." Percy nodded "Thank you. Will you tell Triton I said thank you as well please?" Poseidon nodded and after covering the weapons again he handed the cloth covered weapons and sheaths to his son and then guided him back to his friends and family, all dressed in black, absentmindedly Percy noted his father had also forgone his normal attire and was wearing a black suit and jacket just like he was. "Take are of my son Lee Christmas. He's already been through a lot." Poseidon said quietly as he watched the abnormally quiet and subdue teens surround his son and talk quietly saying their good byes in case they didn't get to before he left. "I will. He's my Nephew. My sister's son. Why wouldn't I take care of him?" Poseidon sighed "Some mortals are mean and cruel. I know you are not, but there is only so much I can do for him. Sadly taking care of him in the mortal world is not something I can do." Lee didn't ask. He knew he'd get answers soon. "One thing. Sally...she noted down long time ago he couldn't fly. There a reason for that?" Poseidon sighed "He's my son. Good news though is that Zeus recently decided that Percy can fly." he paused then "Just don't make him fly more than strictly necessary. He's safer on or in the ocean." Lee nodded, confused slightly but unwilling to let it show. He was already promised answers.

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