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It was actually sooner than expected that the Expendables found out what he was. They were coming back from their second mission and flying over Lee's house when Percy was there for a few minutes to check on the house and get a few things, Tool had been waiting out front till a hoard of monsters came from seemingly out of nowhere and attacked as soon as Percy had stepped into the back yard to grab something he had left there. They were about half way through the hoard when the plane was coming over head and Lee and Barney had seen what was going on. the guys had rushed to a window and seen as well when they heard Barney exclaim "What the Hell!", turns out they were all clear sighted and saw the monsters clearly. The two had just finished the last monster when Lee and the guys appeared. "You two alright? We saw some of it." Lee said simply and they nodded but Percy scowled slightly "We came back to get a few things. The monsters were waiting for me." Lee frowned but nodded "found you already then." he said simply and Percy smiled slightly at the easy acceptance "Anyone want to tell us whats going on?" Barney demanded "Inside, where you guys can sit down. It's an...interesting conversation to have." the team nodded at Tools words and filed inside after Lee. Once they were sitting Tool explained about the world of the Gods and their children. Then they waited for them to absorb it "Wait so you grow up fighting." Barney demanded "Not exactly"Percy said moving his head slightly from one side to the other for a moment. "Some have a minor god or goddess as a parent and can as long as they do not know who they truly are will never be targeted by monsters, others their parents are either part of the council or while a minor god or goddess not as minor as some and will either die by monster before making it to camp the first time or be running from monsters and somehow make it to camp. Some run away at a young age because they have a bad home life with their human parent. I know one that was lucky enough to run into a Satyr and two other powerful ones that he was escorting to camp, she ran away at six, her mother guided her to the other two Half bloods and Satyr. For me and most others we end up there at around age twelve, that's when our scent naturally intensifies for the monsters and it strengthens even more when we know what we are. Chiron actually went undercover at my school when I was twelve, as my Latin teacher and I ended up making close friends with the Satyr assigned to protect me during the year. My father is Poseidon and one of the three strongest Gods there is, he and his brothers are called the big three for a reason. So yeah I am an easy one for them to find." pause then "I also gave them a few reasons to hate me more than they normally do for a half blood but." he said a little sheepishly and Tool and Lee rolled their eyes, though Tool did sigh. "What Percy means to say is that while those of us separated from either the Roman or Greek camps were not fully aware of was that there were recently two wars that us Half bloods got involved in. From what I've heard Percy rallied the Gods and demigods together to defeat Kronos. Dealt the final blow, then right after that he went missing, ended up with the Roman's with no memory, Jason Grace a Praetor for the Roman Legion went missing at the same time with no memory and ended up with the Greeks. They ended up going against Gaea and all her giant and Earth born children and other monsters and still winning." "Over simplified and I didn't give the final blow to either. Luke gave the final blow to Kronos. Redeemed himself, died a Heroes death." Percy frowned at Tool slightly and Tool frowned as well "Didn't he go against the Gods at first and let Kronos use his body till he could get his own?" Percy nodded "Look when the end happened there were very few actually on Olympus when Kronos died up there. Myself, Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, Luke/Kronos, and at one point Ethan Nakamura, oh and Hestia, she's the Goddess of Hearth and home. It like the prophesy said came down to one decision, my decisions." "Wait what Prophesy!" Caesar demanded and Percy sighed again "A child of the Eldest Gods, shall reach sixteen against all odds, and see the world in endless sleep, the Heroes soul cursed blade shall reap, a single choice shall end his days, Olympus to preserve or Raze." he was silent for a minute to let the absorb it then continued "Remember that six year old I told you about? That ran away from home and met a Satyr and his two half blood charges?" they nodded "The six year old was Annabeth Chase,The Satyr his name is Grover his main charge was Thalia Grace daughter of Zeus another of the big three, and then there was Luke Castellan son of Hermes. Luke had given Annabeth a dagger along with a promise when he gave it to her when they first met her. When Kronos backhanded Annabeth and caused her to hit a wall he hurt her and caused Luke to break the promise causing the blade to become cursed and Luke to be able to take control of the body but Kronos was gaining strength to not need Luke's body anymore. Now there is something called the Achilles Curse, called that because Achilles first got it by his mother dipping him in the River Styx when he was an infant. To play host to Kronos Luke had to get the Curse and Nico a son of Hades took me to gt the curse as well, almost black mailed me into it to, when you get the curse, all but one spot, one of your choosing becomes invincible. For Luke it was an armpit and easily covered by his armor, thing was though if I had even tried to kill them when Luke was in control Kronos would wrench control back, the choice was, do I give Luke Annabeth's knife or not? Even though I was close enough Luke could have tried killing me. Gave it to him, he made the right choice in the end." "He realize his mistake in the end." Gunner murmured and Percy nodded "So did Ethan Nakamura, son of Nemesis. He figured out my weak spot when he aimed for a spot on my back and Annabeth took the blow for me. Kronos killed him when he refused to tell him which spot it was. Jason, Leo and Piper dealt the final blow to Gaea, also like the second great prophesy said." "Another Prophesy." Toll Road said and Percy rolled his eyes "You act like we never get prophesies, when in reality the Oracle gives a Prophesy every time a quest is issued, it's just the big ones like the ones with Kronos and Gaea that are truly worried about by more than just the questors." Tool snorted "I never actually heard that second Prophesy Percy." Percy humored them for a moment "Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, to Storm or Fire the world must fall, an Oath to Keep with a final breath, and Foes bear arms to the doors of death." he looked at them all for a moment then stood "If you don't mind I'm going to my room." Lee nodded it was okay and Percy left the living room "It was war, both times and I think there is something he's not saying that happened after but it doesn't really matter right now, we all know the effects of war." Tool said and they all sat straighter at his words. Barney nodded as did the others except for Lee who just sat there watching them all. "Now that you've upset my nephew some, lets go back to the hangar and put our gear in their proper places then you can go do what you normally do after a mission. I have a nephew to check on."

He looked in on Percy as the others left and sighed as his nephew lay on his side on the bed, just staring at the wall. He knocked once softly before walking as Percy looked up slightly "You alright?" he asked as softly and Percy shrugged ""No idea." Lee watched him a moment then came and sat next to him, and after a moment of waiting for him to look at him said "Percy." softly but conveying he wanted him to look at him with that one word and Percy's eyes looked at him. "You need somethin' you tell me alright?" Percy studied him for a moment then nodded "You have nightmares or just can't sleep, come bug me if you want to. We all get nightmares Percy, especially those that have seen more than others." Percy sighed and nodded "No promises." he said simply Lee sighed but nodded "I gotta go put my gear up but I'll be back right after alright?" Percy nodded "Alright, I'll see you later Uncle Lee."