CH 2: Starting to go downhill

In there was a huge crowd outside of the soon-to-be-open Sonic the hedgehog museum!

"Good afternoon Everyone!" A twelve year-old pink hedgehog with short hair, wearing a red dress with red and white boots, and a red head band. She also had white gloves with gold brackets. She was holding a microphone and speaking into a camera. Her names was Amy Rose! She was Sonic's self proclaimed girlfriend, she is nice but has a dangerous temper. She flirts with Sonic constantly, which gets on his nerves however he vaules her as a close friend and sometimes he does tend to show some feelings back, when she's NOT acting like a crazed fangirl. Amy also carries along a huge hammer called a piko piko hammer that has been very useful to her and her friends.

Standing beside her was a young orange and yellowish fox with two tails, he wore a pair of white gloves with straps on them, and wore red and white colored shoes. He was also holding a microphone. He was Miles "Tails" Prower (he preferred being called Tails). Tails was Sonic's best friend, and a mechanical genius! Tails is Sonic's longest friend and they even see each other as brothers! Despite his age, he's very intelligent and he's an excellent pilot! He flies an airplane called the Tornado I he actually has two others in that series. The Tornado II and Tornado III. Tails however, wasn't the strongest of the bunch, but he still joins Sonic on his adventures.

"This is the grand opening of the 'Sonic the hedgehog museum'. To thank Sonic for everything he's done for us!" Amy exlaimed

"Sonic is a brave, and kind hero. Although he can be reckless at times, he still does all he can to save the world from our enemy: Dr. Eggman! And as long as Sonic is alive, he will always protect us from him." Tails added

"I'm Amy Rose!" Amy said

"And I'm Tails!" Tails said

"Coming to you live from the opening. So, come on down and see the new museum! In Empire City " Amy finished

"Aaaaaaand, were out!" Charmy said holding the camera. Charmy was a six year old bee that wore a jacket and orange shoes. He also had a helmet with Goggles on it. Standing behind them were all their other friends: Knuckles, Cream, cheese, vector, Espio, blaze, Rouge, Silver, and even Shadow (although he looked like he'd rather not be there)

"Wowsers!" Charmy shouted happily

"That was amazing! That should bring in a truck load of extra people!"

"I agree…" Blaze started

"I'm impressed how the media is desribing the event. And the viewers should be also, since it was coming from you two. " She pointed out

Tails rubs the back of his head, "Thanks Blaze…" Amy looked at Shadow.

"Well Shadow, we weren't expecting to see you here. But thanks for coming!" she greeted. Shadow meerly looked at her and turned his back to her.

"Hmmph! I'm only here because Rouge dragged me with her. I'm not interested in this petty grand opening for the faker." He scoffed "If it were up to me I would still be at GUN training with Omega!"

"Oh come on Shadow!" Rouge laughed while slightly nugding him with her elbow "You've been training for weeks! You hardly get out to have fun! Besides, the real party doesn't start untill team dark arrives! Well… most of the team anyway…"

"Rouge, the main reason you came was because they were also doing a live showing of the chaos Emeralds!"

"Wait… so that's all you really care about the ceremony!?" Knuckles asked "I'll be watching you bat girl…"

"Says the guy who can't keep the Master Emerald from being swiped from under his nose." Silver pointed out.

"HEY!" Knuckles shouted. "YOU WANT A FIGHT WITH ME!? BRING IT!"

"I don't, I'm just saying that-" he was cut off by Rouge .

"We get it sliver, besides it's true. I can easily sneak up on the Master Emerald when Knucky is taking a nap."

"OH! You're just asking for it, ain't ya Rouge!?" Knuckles asked threateningly as he started to March towards her but was pushed back by Vector.

"Hey lets not get violent here!" the crocadile tried to reason. "this is a grand opening ceremony not a death battle! We need to be kind and considerate to others during this event! Alright!?"

"Grr… fine!" Knuckles grumbled

"Wow, who knew the broke leader of the Chaotix who still can't find the computer room was good at inspirational speeches!" Rouge smirked. This made Vector mad and a nerve popped from his head.

"ALRIGHT GIRLFRIEND! LET'S GO!" needless to say Charmy, Espio, silver and Knuckles were holding Vector by the tail to keep him from attacking Rouge. And speaking of the bat she was snikering at Vector' s attempt while Shadow was rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Cream and Blaze were standing between the two parties to keep them apart. While Tails and Amy sweatdroped while they were were watching the whole ordeal

"Please stop Mr. Vector!" Cream pleased

"She's right! Stop it!" Charmy wailed

"Vector! Knock it of! This is not very professional and people are staring!" epsio scolded as he pointed to a large group of people who noticed what was happening and were also watching.

"Yeah! You were the one who just said that we have to be kind and considerate!" Knuckles reminded.

With everyone distracted. the invisible car stopped right behind Amy and Tails and the driver window rolled down. And Orbot was shaking some sort of spray can. And he sprayed a blue misty cloud on Amy and Tails who ended up inhaling it and passed out the second they did. Then the back door opened and Metal Sonic quickly looked around to make sure he wasn't being watched. Then he grabbed Amy's right arm and Tails left and quickly pulled them into the car. And NOBODY was aware because they were all watching Vector trying to tackle Rouge. then the invisable car spead off.

"You think you know much bat lady!? Well, you don't know about the fact I like Vanilla " Vector snapped at Rouge, but then his eyes grew wide when he realized what he just said. In front of everyone!

"Wait, what?" Cream asked confused

"…ICE CREAM!" Vector quickly shouted

"I like Vanilla Ice cream." The croc laughed nervously.

"Saved it" he thought to himself. Vector stood up straight and smiled nervously at everyone.

"Okay! Show's over folks you can go back to whatever you were doing! So… go on… shoo! Break it up!" while the giant crowd of people were leaving cream piped up

"well… I'm going to see where mister Sonic is. Are you coming Amy?... Tails?" Cream turned around so did everyone else. Amy and Tails were gone.

"They probably got so fed up with Vector's childish behavior they left. I know I did and I was close to leaving myself…" Shadow said not really caring.

Meanwhile back in the Mushroom kingdom, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi had made it to the track! But since the race didn't start for another forty minutes they decided to grab a bite to eat. Mario ordered spaghetti, Luigi ordered cannoli, Peach ordered a slice of blueberry cheesecake and Yoshi ordered apple pie with a watermelon on the side (that was just his appetizer). While they were eating Luigi asked his brother.

"Mario are you sure Bowser won't attack?" Mario laughed at Luigi's question.

"I doubt it! Bowser won't attack for a while after I beat him in the last race. He even promised not to attack until after the final one." Unknown to him Bowser was watching everything in a magic purple orb he was holding in his claw.

"That's right I won't attack until AFTER the race." Then he laughed evilly. "BWHAHAHA!"

Unfortunately for Bowser he wasn't the only one who was observing Mario. The hooded figure was still sitting in the comfy armchair and was watching everything. She laid back and said to herself.

"Mario is a good man, and is far from stupid, but… If he put a little more thought into Bowser's agreement then he would probably see where this is going…"

End of chapter two. So, this chapter better? I hope! I saw lots of flaws with this chapter and I think I ironed out most of them. Chapter 3 is coming soon!