Heir of the Sea


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Authors Note: There is an Author by the handle of 'StallionWolf' who wrote a currently one chapter story called 'Fury of the Dutchman'. With StallionWolfs permission, I began something similar to help tell a differing idea of a possible situation in a somewhat fashionable way that I hope does Stallionwolf justice. So, here it is, Heir of the Sea...


The sea was restless as it slammed into the British Isles with a fury. The skies were cloudy, with a foreboding grey color. The winds howled as if angered. Many a Fishermen, after having witnessed the seas rage greater than ever before, and acting in a way never before seen, dared not to go back out on their vessels, fearing for their lives and that of their crew, let alone fearing for the state of their ships.

Within the vast ocean, a Goddess screamed and she raged. For many centuries, she had maintained a vigilant watch over those of her bloodline. She had watched as many descendants of her blood and that of her long dead love, passed as their time came whether is was from war and or natural causes, but always being welcomed by the Goddess as she led them to their much deserved peace, even long after the son of William Turner broke his fathers curse and freed him. She had reclaimed the Flying Dutchman as the time of Pirates and Adventures upon the Sea was drawing to a close.

And now, in the current time, having watched the cruelty of the mages upon the very last of her bloodline, having killed two of her many times over grandchildren, and seeking the end of the third and final member of her family, she could stand-bye and watch no longer. No, it was now time to act if her bloodline was to survive.

The injustices of the current incarnation of the Wizarding realm would not do, she would not allow her and her lovers line to end this night as she watched a toad of a woman send two demonic soul sucking fiends to end her legacy.

She would have her revenge, this she swore. And what better way, then to retrieve her lover from his eternal rest to rectify the situation. Oh, there would be a reckoning, she knew this. She only need to explain to him what she had withheld from him, and she knew he would be upset at first, that was a given, but then when she finished explaining, he would undoubtedly act when she finally gave her reasons for her deceit and for withholding the one thing he never knew, if only to save the last of his and the Ancient Goddesses line.

With a wave of her hand, while taking the humanoid form her lover knew her by, she observed as the former Captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones came into being. His body had reassembled itself as if made of an infinite amount of wisps of displaced air and water. When his full body came into being, his closed eyes snapped open, the body bending backwards slightly, his arms held outward as the man took in a lungful amount of salty sea air.

Calypso, Goddess of the Sea, residing upon her throne made of a giant sea shell, sparkling marble, and laden with a touch of sea weed, wore a weary smile upon his return. As she sat there, watching her love once more taking in lungfuls of air until his breathing evened out as he went from bending backwards, to bending forward with his hands resting on his knees, to standing straight up and taking in his surroundings until his eyes found hers.

"C-Calypso." he gasped. He had once more realized as he stepped forward, that he maintained the form he died with before Jack and the young Master Turner had ended his life, with Jacks hand removed from William Turners as the young, newly married, man lay dying in his newly made, wifes arms.

His last word he spoke upon his death, was the same of that which he once more spoke upon his return to life.

"What trickery is this, Calypso?" he spat, spittle flying from his squid-like featured mouth as the tentacles that would act as his beard, moved in sync with his fury. He snarled as he dared to take a step forward when he found himself incapable of taking another step.

A second passed in silence when the sea Goddess rose from her throne, slowly and calmly walking down the marble steps until she was mere inches from him. Raising a hand upon the right side of his leathery face, she slapped him. His head turned, feeling the stinging pain, courtesy of the palm of her open hand that then caressed the same cheek that she struck, "My love, remember to whom you speak." she spoke in a serious tone.

With a gulp, he steadied himself before speaking again, "Why am I here, Calypso?" his voice coming out in a more neutral tone, with no emotion.

"Do you remember what I told you when last we spoke? My reason for not meeting you when I had the chance?"

"I...remember. You said it was because of your nature."

Not wanting to look him in the eyes, her head bowed, her hand trailed down to his chest just above his heart. "I...I have deceived you, my love."

"What did you say?" he whispered in shock, "What does that mean? Speak!" he hollered. The halls of her Kingdom rumbled with the tone of his voice.

As she turned with having cringed at his high tone of voice, she began her tale, speaking of the life she bore from their first and only coupling, making the choice to send their offspring away to a better life with people she trusted, watching over his bloodline until the current events forced her hand, and then, his recent resurrection.

"Why...Why did you not tell me?" he asked, horrified upon learning the truth of his many descendants, having lived and died, never knowing of his children, and their children, and so on and so on, until the current times recent events such as two of his legacies having been murdered two times over, with the last being in danger from those who would seek to destroy him to keep him quiet and or to hide the truth for selfish gain.

"Calypso." he spoke softly as he reached for her arms, noticing that as he touched her once more, his crab-like appendage shifted until it took on his human form, his whole body also shifting as he turned her around, "Calypso." he said again, "Why did you not tell me?" he asked in a softer tone.

"I wa...I was afraid." she replied, not daring to look him in the eyes, due to shame, her eyes holding in the pain from keeping the secret he deserved the right to know. "I was afraid...that our descendants would be like us, either and or prideful and vain, cruel, greedy, Godlings, and or the deceiving and destructive beings they could have become. I had to make a choice, so that our bloodline would live on without being like either of us. So, I sent them away, never knowing the truth of either of us."

As she finally explained herself, he knew she spoke the truth as her body shook in emotional agony. He pulled her into his arms, resting his bearded chin upon her forehead, his eyes closed as he heard her whimpers, his hands rubbing her bare back. He understood why she did what she did, and truly, now that he knew the truth, what she had done, was the most...logical thing she could have ever done. It was the right thing to do. As he thought about it with the Goddess now in his arms, shaking as she wept, he knew that she had made the right call. Now that he knew the truth, he had to figure out what the next step was. What was he to do with the knowledge he now held? A few tense, quiet moments later he gently pushed her back while keeping her in his hands, used his right index finger to raise her chin up so as to look into her eyes, "Calypso, where is our Legacy? Where is the rightful Heir of the Dutchman?"

She told him.

Surrey, England

Surrey Park

Harry Potter was not a normal 15 year old boy. No, he was a Wizard. A Wizard without a care I the world as he had soon learned the true loyalty of his so called friends as no letters came, none showing support or anything that showed that they thought of him. Even Hedwig had been taken away from him when he sent her with letters to his friends. She had not returned ever since.

How much more can they take from him? How many times must he fight Dark Wizards? How much more abuse and neglect must he go through before someone takes notice or even cares? He was angry at not just the magical world, but at his family and himself. Himself, for not realizing the truth for what it was, that he was alone. The Wizarding World for turning their backs until he realized that they were only needing him to take care of their dirty laundry, to be their scapegoat or linchpin.

He felt like he no longer cared what became of the world that saw him as a hero one moment, and a villain the next. 'Guess it's true what they say.' he thought to himself, 'You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Try as he might, he could never find anything regarding Voldemorts return. His watchers he knew, whom were hiding behind his home, thinking he didn't know they were there, wouldn't leave him any information to go on. His 'friends' he mentally spat, sent nothing, showing their true colors as well.

And his relatives refused to treat him as if he was remotely human as he resorted to digging through garbage to find just a hint of a word about the happenings and goings on within the world via thrown out newspaper. He searched and failed to find even a hint of anything regarding Voldemorts M.O.

Sitting on the swing, throwing the crinkled paper down in frustration, he huffed irritably. Cedrics death laid heavily on his conscience. He had nightmares of his death, through dreams repeating themselves quite often since Voldemorts return.

He wasn't strong enough, let alone skilled enough to save his fellow champion, someone he could at least call a friend in the end, before and after his death, when he and the spirits of the dead aided him in his escape, allowing Harry to bring Cedrics body back to Hogwarts.

"No more." he said. His hands curling into fists, "No more." he said again as he rose to his feet, his magic causing the air and sand of the playgrounds around him to swirl around his body. He was tired of being the worlds hero and getting nothing in return except abandonment.

"Let the rest of the world handle Voldemort. I'm done with this."

A crack of thunder from above within the dark clouded skies sounded as if to agree with his statement. With his declaration, in the center of the playground, a mound of sand began to rise, until water spouted from the top of the mound of sand and began to cover the entirety of the playground itself. It grew in size as it the grounds in a large pool of water where sand once occupied, the parks individual recreational objects vanished beneath the waves as if sinking until they vanished completely, causing Harry to gap in shock. Thankfully, he had already removed himself from the grounds as the water had spread.

His nose detected a scent of salt within the very air as the water continued to grow and spread. He could almost taste it on his tongue.

The surprises kept on coming as the waters bubbled until a wooden beam rose from the water. The said beam was followed by a giant ship, comparable to a legendary pirates ship dating back centuries, as the wood of the ship was covered in sea weed and things he recognized, yet had no word of which to speak. He'd recognize the design from the many shows that Petunia watched, such programs such as National Geographic Explorer among others. Barnacle, he snapped his fingers in realization, if he was correct in his assumption as to the grime that covered much of the ships hull.

The ship was massive as it finally rested above the water. The front beam or 'prow', had an image much like that of one of todays reptiles, resembling that of a crocodile if he was accurate, or was it a barracuda? He shook his head as he wasn't entirely sure whether or not it wasn't even both. He shook a bit as he looked from the front of the ship, to cautiously walking around the long length of the watery puddle, taking in the sails of the ship as they too looked more like sea weed instead of actual canvas or whatever material ancient vessels used. The ship was incredibly aged as the wood looked grey and old, much like drift wood if he had to take a guess, the length of the ship he estimated to be 170 feet long or 51.816 meters long if his calculations were correct.

The ship in of itself, looked too old to sail, so why did this one suddenly come from no where, and why was he the only one nearby when it arrived. He had more questions running through his mind than answers when a set of 'splashes' caught his attention as he quickly turned with his wand snapping into his hand, ready to defend himself.

He nearly dropped his wand in fright as his eyes found themselves locking onto a grotesque figure that looked like the love child of an human, an Octopus, and a crab. It wore a barnacle covered long coat with a top hat on the beings head.

There were others with him, all humanoid with barnacle and or water based animal-esque qualities about them, almost as if they were cursed to such a state. Two of them though, wearing rather large robes that hid their identity, carried a small chest in hand as they trailed behind the behemoth of a humanoid Octopodidea. For the strange humanoid octopus/crab man before he and those behind him, he had a single crabs claw on his left hand with most of the left arm resembling that of the crustacean, its right leg also resembling that of a crabs leg. His right arm and hand much like that of a octopus tentacle, as were the tentacles beneath his jaw while his face fared no better. There were snouts on either side of its face that opened and closed as if recycling the air it breathed.

On his left hip, was a golden handled blade that had seemed to be rusting a bit, resting within a wet, yet darkened, leather sheath.

Though his hand shook, his Gryffindor spirit refused to let him show fear as he demanded with a strong voice, "Who are you? What are you?"

"I knew I sensed Misery." the humanoid being spoke. "Tell me Mr. Potter, do you know anything of your families past? Of the heritage none within your family or community have ever known?"

"What does my families past have to do with anything, monster?" Harry growled, a bead of sweat falling down the left side of his cheek.

"Everything Harry." a female voice said from beneath one of the hooded ones or robed beings. The said person allowed her partner to take the chest from her as she lowered her hood. Though her hair fell all over her face due to the water that the boat now floated over, Harry would recognize her eyes and her face anywhere as he kept the photo album that contained his pictures of her and his father. Walking up to him in slow strides until she walked by the man-thing who nodded for her to continue, she finished her stride until she stood before the now trembling boy.

His eyes were widened in shock, his body now shaking uncontrollably, "Mum?" he asked in a small whisper.

"Yes sweetheart, it's me." she replied with a smile as she raised both hands to cup his cheeks.

His wand arm since she began her trek to him, had fallen to his side. As he began to fall to his knees, she caught him with both of her arms.

The knees of his jeans began to soak since they rested within the water, and then his shirt and chest began to get wet, due to the wet robes she wore as he grasped the front of said robes and finally unleashed the anguish and pain within his heart that had accumulated over the many years.

"Oh my love, what have they done to you?" she cooed as she ran a wet hand through his messy hair. Another presence made itself known as James Charlus Potter knelt beside both his wife and his son. Pulling them both within his arms, the family of three wept for what seemed like forever until the fish-man spoke.

"It is time. The Dutchman must have a Captain."

"Please, Grandfather. We have just been reunited." Lily pleaded as she looked up to him with concern in her eyes, pleading.

"There is no more time, Lillian!" he said as he raised his eyes to the sky as if he sensed what they could not. "He has the courage and the heart for what must be done. It is his destiny. The Dutchman calls to him already."

It was true as Harry looked up and then suddenly held the left side of his head. There was a voice, a voice unlike any other, loud and powerful, roaring within his head, "Part of the ship, part of the crew. Part of the ship, part of the crew."

He cried out in pain as he felt and heard the call.

"Please, Captain. I beg of you, what must be done?" James asked in desperation.

The Captain as James knew him as, looked on with pride as he removed a small, aged knife from the belt around his waist, held out the weapon and answered, "Cut out his heart, and place it within the chest."

"Hi-His heart? Are you mad?" James roared.

"Who are you?" Harry cried out over the loud voices in his head, now being cradled in Lilys lap as he held his head in both hands.

"A touch of Destiny. The one to unite the Earth and Sea has been found." a powerful voice had spoke when the voices inside of his mind ceased their chant.

"So he has, Calypso." the Captain agreed aloud.

"We will be together again in the world beyond the living, my love." the voice, now recognized as female in origin, spoke.

"Listen, and listen well, Master Potter. The Dutchman has chosen its new Captain. The question I ask of you now, do you fear Death?"

As his mother made to aid him to his feet with his father looking down upon the blade within his hands, Harry struggled to ask again, "Wh-Who...are y-you?"

"My name is Davy Jones. Long ago, I was charged by the Goddess Calypso, to Captain the Flying Dutchman."

"For...what re-reason?" Harry stuttered.

"To ferry the souls of the dead to the afterlife or offer those who wish to join my crew the chance to do so under my command. For many years, I served her well, until my death at the hands of William Turner. He took my place for many years afterword until his son freed him from Calypsos curse. I was recently revived and petitioned with finding you."


"Because, you are his legacy Harry." came the answer from his mother. "You are the last of the blood-line of both Calypso and Davy Jones."

"No...No, that can'...that can't be right."

"It is Harry." said his father with a lowered head. Like Lily, his head was so wet, that his messy mane of a ravens nest of hair stuck to his entire head. He had a look of defeat abut him that when he looked to his son, he could see his father spoke the truth.

"And in order to be able to finally return to my rest, a new Captain must take his place aboard the Dutchman. The ship has chosen you, pup." Jones finished in his usual snappish tone.

"And in order to be Captain, my heart has to go into that chest?" Harry asked, with a hint of fear.

"If you become the Captain, you will be immortal, and able to gather a crew to avenge yourself upon those who have not only wronged you, but finally be free of the destiny the so called Wizards have laid out for you. Free to make your own choices in life." Came Jones reply.

"Freedom." Harry gasped. At last, he had found his only means of being free to do as he wished when he wished. It took him only moments to come up with an answer, "So long as I have my parents with me, I will do as you will it, Grandfather." turning to James, with his head held high, his right hand ripping open his shirt with a strong pull, Harry then said, "Do it."

"I am proud of you, my son." James said as Lily held her son from behind, James resting a hand on his left shoulder. As Harry nodded with an expression of both fear and elation, James raised his armed hand as the skies thundered, and with his arm quickly falling, there was a scream.

Sometime later in the day

As the rain came down heavily over Privet Drive, an entire puddle rippled, growing in length, when the Flying Dutchman rose from the depths. A pair of flying creatures in dark, hooded robes, flew out of Number Four, screeching into the sky when a set of small cannons appeared from the front of the ship, a mighty blast from both followed by a pair of harpoons connected to spike ended chains, flying off and snagging the creatures from the very air. The Dementors, fresh from feasting on the souls of the residents of Number Four, screeching in pain and terror as they were captured, not having the strength to free themselves of the metal that had pierced their bodies.

The aim was spot on as the creatures were both hit, metal hooks made of iron, impaling them. Via the chains, they were then slowly pulled towards the ghost ship until many a hands grabbed them and pulled them in, onto the deck of the ship.

The crew, all human, rudely manhandled the creatures into submission, despite their loud screeches or cries, dropping them as if on their knees. Forcing the monsters heads downward, their arms behind their backs, the creatures heads were lowered as if to kiss the deck.

A set of boots were heard stepping close to the soul sucking fiends until they stopped before them. A blade was heard being unsheathed from its scabbard as the tip of the said blade forced the head of the first Dementor on the right, to rise. Its hood was lowered roughly by one of the crewman, allowing everyone the chance to gaze upon its faceless husk with a small mouth, used for consuming souls.

"Who sent you?" the voice of the new Captain of the Dutchman asked, pressing the tip of the blade hard against the creatures throat. "Who sent you to attack the residents of Number Four, Privet Drive?"

When the fiend refused to speak, the Captain, Harry James Potter with his father on his right, and his mother on his left, pulled back his sword arm, and stabbed the creature into the stomach, twisted the blade, and brought it upward, cleanly slicing through the Dementors sternum, or what would pass as one.

All the while, the Dementor that had yet to be interrogated, screeched in anger as its fellow Dementor was skewered. With the creatures demise as its carcass fell apart as if made from dust, the untold number of souls that resided within, all gathered together in great numbers, finally dispersed.

As those aboard the deck of the Dutchman watched, among those souls, finally freed of the Dementor, the souls of both Dudley Dursley and Petunia Dursley rose up.

Turning to his mother, he said, "Take them."

Lily nodded as she snatched the souls of her sister and nephew, giving them back their human forms as the rest of the souls flew off into the dark, cloud-filled skies, that continued to rain down upon the deck of the ship. The souls were as tiny orbs of light that ascended into the night skies. As the bodies of the two Dursleys finally regained their flesh, both fell down upon the deck of the Dutchman unconscious.

"Have these two taken to the brig. I will speak to them soon."

"Aye Cap'n." an unknown voice spoke as several men gathered the two unconscious forms and dragged them below into the depths of the ship.

Removing the hood of the second and final Dementor with a flick of his blade, Harry said, "You, same question. Who sent you? I want a name."

"Uuummmmbbbrrrriiiiddddggggeeee..." it wheezed.

"Who?" Harry asked.

"Deloris Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic." the voice of Cedric Diggory spoke as he stepped forward.

"I remember her. A right peace of work, that one." James spat.

"That toad? How did she get as far within the Ministry as she did? She barely passed her OWLS and NEWTS by the skin of her teeth." Lily said.

"Still, the matter of the fact is she came after my kin, ending the Dursley line. Whatever reason, her life is forfeit, as is every Death Eater I find within the Ministry of Magic. Voldemort and the Ministry want a war, they're going to get one."

"What of this one, Cap'n?" another crewman holding the last Dementor asked.

"It has the soul of my so called loving Uncle, I want it." With a swipe of his sword, the Creatures head fell to the deck as its body fell to the left as the men released its headless body, and as before, the Dementors robed form and head, dispersed into a black dust-like substance as the souls of its victims flew off into the night sky, like small orbs of light. Harry watched as James snagged the soul of Vernon Dursley and like his wife and son, he too took on the form of what he looked like before his death. When he regained his human flesh, he too was dragged to the underbelly of the ship.

Looking up into the skies as they kept on heavily dropping the rain, Harry turned as he looked at his fellow Hogwarts champion, now sporting the outlook of a pirate, much like Harry and the two other Potters, Lily and James. Diggory sported a pair of trousers with an open white, long sleeve shirt, a cutlass sheathed at his hip, his wand strapped to his right wrist.

"Mr. Diggory," Harry called out.

"Yes Captain." Cedric replied, standing at attention.

"I have a mission for you. I'll brief you on what that plan is in a moment. Let's just make sure we leave this Godforsaken place first. Merlin knows I've had more than I can take of it." Making his way to the helm of the Dutchman, he hollered out to the crew, "Prepare yourselves, we're going under."

A moment later, the ship lurched forward as the water flowed forward as well ahead of it. None would be the wiser as Magic from Calypso herself, hid the Dutchman from the eyes and ears of the mundane throughout the entire community. It then began to descend into the water until the entire ship disappeared. The water that had surrounded the ship then began to thin until nary a puddle existed, and yet, the only witness to the existence of the ship and the Dementors being captured and detained, ran into her home, summoning the Headmaster of Hogwarts, via a floo call.

August 12th, 1995

Wizengamot Meeting

Disciplinary Hearing for Harry James Potter

"All those for the arrest of one Harry James Potter, for the murder of his guardians, the Dursleys?" the loud voice of the Minister of Magic Cornelius Oswald Fudge, called out.

The doors of the Wizengamot Room for the Hearing of Harry Potter, slammed open as Amelia Bones, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, or the DMLE, walked in with a squad of her Aurors walking behind her. She had showed up just in time as Albus Dumbledore, for once, called for her aid when he discovered the soulless husks of the Dursley family. Preliminary examination reports showed that their souls had been removed, as if kissed by a Dementor. This did not sit well with her as she had Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt do a discreet investigation by checking with Azkaban. He'd returned with the information he sought as Amelia then had entered the office of the Undersecretary of the Minister of Magic, Deloris Jane Umbridge, finding the damning evidence she needed, as the witch was obviously dumb enough not to destroy the evidence in which will convict her, instead, she had it locked in a vault within her office.

Now within the Wizengamot chambers, she stormed her way towards the podium, "Objection Minister."

"Bones!" the Minister blustered, his facial pigmentation turning red, "What is the meaning of this?"

"Aurors, arrest Deloris Umbridge."

Sputtering, the Minister demanded, "On what charge?"

As the Aurors entered the podium and surrounded the Undersecretary with their wands drawn and held at level with her, the woman obviously scared as she looked around and saw she was surrounded, Amelia coldly replied, "On the charge of Murder and the attempted murder of 'One' Harry James Potter, Heir presumptive of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter." she slammed the necessary documents before the Minister as the sickly dressed woman in pink who looked like a cross between a toad and a human was disarmed of her wand when she tried and failed to wield it, forcing the partner of the Auror who summoned her wand to slam a set of Magic suppressing metal bracelets upon her wrists.

The Minister took the evidence and began to read, and as he did so, began to go from a blustering red hue, to a pale green as he continued to read the reports.

"I did it for you, Cornelius. He had to be silenced." she shrieked as she was being led down from the seat in which she sat.

Albus Dumbledore who took the moment to walk in, made his presence known as the Minister turned and lowered his head with a groan, "Do you now see what your lust for power has done, Cornelius?"

Before the Minister could raise his head to speak, the Wizengamot doors slammed shut, causing all within to turn and look upon the doors. Suddenly, from the ceiling of the chambers, a lone coin fell, and hit the ground with a 'clink'.

Amelia cautiously approached the coin with her wand drawn, and after waving her wand over it, not finding any suspicious form of magic or fowl play within the said coin, she summoned it into her hand.

Dumbledore and another Auror approached as Amelia looked it over, "What is this?" she asked warily.

"May I?" Dumbledore asked as she nodded and handed it over. Raising it to eye level, he looked it over from both sides, "A piece of eight. Fascinating."

"A piece of eight?" Amelia queried, looking at Dumbledore with her monocled eye raised.

"Ah, forgive me. A piece of currency not seen in over quite some time. I believe this coin may have come from the late 1600's to the early 1700's. I would need to look over my books back at Hogwarts to be sure, but I am almost positive this coin is a piece of eight."

"But how did it fall here, and why?" she asked.

Before he could answer, the coin flew from Dumbledores hand, to the hand of an unknown whom was concealed beneath the hood of a large, dark cloak that seemed to be soaking wet. Said person caught it with a single hand extended, palm out. Amelia and Dumbledore, as well as a few others within the Ministry chambers, drew their wands towards the unknown person.

"Who are you?" Bones demanded.

The still unknown person then pocketed the coin with the same hand before raising both to lower the cloaks hood, causing all within the chambers to gasp aloud as there standing before the rooms inhabitants, was none other than Cedric Diggory, himself.

"Boo." he said a bit humorously, causing a few people to faint, and he himself to chuckle since some of the Wizengamots peerage fainted.

"Ce-Cedric, my son." a man, Amos Diggory whispered as he quickly jumped to his feet and rushed to the chamber floors. Rushing past Dumbledore and Bones, Amos Diggory ran up to and pulled his son into his arms. Cedric embraced his father just as warmly, despite his body being completely wet and pale.

"What magic is this?" Amelia Bones demanded. "How are you alive?"

Slowly pulling away from his father and having him stand at his side, Cedric, seeing the wands pointed at him, replied, "Who said I was?"

"What?" Amos gasped in shock.

"It is true, father. I am not alive, at least, not completely."

"Wh-What do you mean?"

"It's best if I show you." Pushing his father towards the Head of the DMLE and the Headmaster of Hogwarts, he then raised both hands and brought them outwards as if pushing something out on both sides. It was then that everyone within the Wizengamot chambers noticed the room growing much larger by many degrees. The doors of the chamber looked as they were pushed so far back outwards, that none could make them out. Those sitting within the chambers as well as those whom were standing before the Ministers podium seemed to have been pushed backwards as well. Once the room had been expanded, Cedric then turned and with a single hand, began to fill the chamber floors with water.

"H-How are you doing this, son?" Amos asked in awe.

"Magic." was his answer with a cheeky grin.

It was Dumbledore whom recognized the scent of salt in the air as he said to no one in particular, something that Amelia caught as she looked at him suspiciously once more, "Salt water?"

Suddenly, to the horror of some and amazement of others, a massive ship arose. All of those outside of the podium such as Bones, Dumbledore, and the few Aurors, alongside of Cedric and his father, quickly ran up into and passed the pew of the chambers as it was beginning to get rather crowded down below due to the massive ship.

To most, it looked like a ship right out of everyones nightmares with the prow of the ship looking as demented as it did. The image of the Grim Reaper upon the front of the ship did not help matters either. The beam of the ship or 'prow', was mere meters from the Minister, who looked ready to shit himself, he was sickly pale.

A roped ladder fell from the side of the ship, as three people began to climb down. After the second person touched down, both stepped forward, allowing all to see them. This made everyone pale considerably, matching the Ministers skin tone as James and Lily Potter was recognized by many within the Wizengamot.

"James, Lily?" Dumbledore gasped as he stepped forward with his wand in his hand. Raising it and not knowing whom to attack first, he growled out, "How dare you wear those faces..." Before he could say more, his wand flew from his hand and sailed past the two Potters as it landed in the raised hand of the one and only Harry James Potter.

Harry felt a warmth in his hand and in his magic as he lowered his arm and gazed upon the wand, "De wand of Destiny, my child." he heard within his mind as his parents separated to let everyone look upon him, for most, it would be the first time, for others, it was more.

"The wand of Ignotus Peverell. My thanks for returning this to me, old man." came the voice of the Captain of the Dutchman as he raised his head and let the Headmaster see him for the first time since he was forced to return to the Dursleys after the first of July.

Dumbledore paled at these words as he gasped, only to say the young mans name, "Harry!"

"The one and only." the boy said with a mock bow. He was wearing a heavy white shirt that looked two sizes too big for him, the front of which was open, showing a somewhat red, jagged scar for where his heart resided. He also wore form fitting pants that were held by a belt with another holding a sheathed long sword or cutlass as his side, and dark boots. A black bandanna was wrapped upon his head, holding back his hair and hiding the scar that no longer existed thanks to his new position. "Greetings." he said to the many esteemed members of the Wizengamot.

Many began to whisper after hearing these words, "Why Albus, you look like someone just walked all over your grave." James Potter spoke when Lily walked up the podium steps and stood before the aged Headmaster, and punched him in the nose, dropping him on his ass.

Shaking her hand out as Amelia winced, causing the former matriarch of the Potter family to snap her head at her, Lily walked up to her old friend, "Hello Amy." she said as she grabbed the woman by the arms and embraced her.

"Lily?" she whimpered as she quickly returned the embrace, crying into the neck of her friend. When the women managed to gather themselves, they pulled apart as Lily turned her head to look upon the woman dressed in the pink cardigan of a dress, recognizing the toad of a woman.

"Amy, I demand you hand over that woman to my son." Lily said as she pointed at Deloris Umbridge.

"Wha...Lily, why?"

"Because her soul and the souls of several of your so called...Esteemed Members of this able body, belongs to me." Harry Potter replied as he stood next to his father.

"Souls?" Amelia asked in shock.

"Amelia, remember those days when we were young, how we girls used to play pirates instead of dolls at my parents home?" Lily asked.

"You really are Lily?" the Proxy of House Bones said in realization. She remembered as it was one of the best times of her life as she and Lily and some of their female friends used to have fun at the Evans home, playing pirates and such. Her father, Harold Evans even used to tell stories when the girls spent the night at the Evans House.

"Remember the story of the Flying Dutchman?"

As Lily said this, Amelias eyes widened as she finally understood, "So you're..."

"Really dead, yes, I am." she summed up with a saddened nod. "Not many knew of my families true past, if any. Not even me or my sister. My son, as was my families entire bloodline, including myself and Petunia and her son, is descended from the coupling of the Sea Goddess and her lover, Davy Jones."

There was an uproar at this announcement that was quickly silenced as a single cannon blast sounded from the now raised wand hand of the last Potter. The tip of the Elder Wand smoking a bit from having used the cannon blast charm. "My mother speaks the truth. I am, the last living descendant of Davy Jones and the Goddess Calypso, and I am also the newly made Captain of the Flying Dutchman. And I sense many souls within these chambers, marked souls who have been found guilty by the Gods and Magic, of many indescribable and grotesque crimes too heinous and too numerous to speak of, and I demand them all."

"Who are you to demand anything?" a voice within the Wizengamot chambers shouted.

"Who am I?" Harry asked as he looked to the voice of the one whom spoke, a person he recognized from the night Voldemort returned, "I am the SEA!" Harry hollered at the top of his voice as many men and several women jumped from his ship with cutlasses, knives, pistols, and wands in hand, attacking and gathering those Harry had demanded, disarming them and placing iron shackles with runes on them, upon the captured individuals wrists.

"Harry." a bloodied Dumbledore said as he rose to his feet and held his nose, but a short blade at his throat quickly silenced him for a moment as he turned to the red haired woman with green eyes, "Lily, please. See reason, these people deserve to be tried and a chance to redeem themselves."

"They had their chance." Harry spoke. "So long as a man and or a woman bares Voldemorts mark, they belong to me. As of this moment, I am declaring war against not just those who follow that murderous coward, but the snake faced bastard himself."

Those whom were captured were marched up a wooden plank upon the ship that extended outward past the podium to come to rest beside the Minister. This allowed the many gathered to be marched to their fate while many others were held back by the remaining crew of the Dutchman. Dumbledore recognized Fleamont and Harold Potter right away as he paled upon seeing them, alongside their wives. He also recognized the paled and wet forms of the Evans family whom were murdered by the Death Eaters long ago. James walked from beside his son, and stomped his way towards the woman whom tried to murder his son, "The Lockers waiting for you, toad. Start walking." James said as he held a wand against the back of the womans neck.

As Deloris Umbridge wailed and cried out for the Minister to save her, only then to beg for mercy, the Minister was too terrified to even speak as the hardened eyes of Harry Potter bore into his own. The Boy-Who-Lived, now the Captain of the Legendary Ghost ship many within the Wizengamot had heard of from stories of their ancestors told to them by their parents, up to and including the Minister himself, slowly made his way towards the said Minister until he stood mere inches away from him.

"You have three days to resign from your office, before I come for you. You are unfit to be seen as the Minister of Magic and a coward." At these claims, Lily handed a heavy brown brooch to Amelia containing evidence against the Minister that her son made sure to gather. "You are also to retract any and all statements regarding the negative publicity concerning me from within the Daily Prophet. Refusal, would not be wise. One far off day, your soul will be mine. Count on it. Until that day, I will be watching."

With those words, Lily looked from her friend and grasped her by the shoulder as the Wizengamot chambers were now quite a few members shy as the crew of the Dutchman slowly and most cautiously, returned to the ship. With a sad look that Amelia knew all too well, Lily walked up the plank, with her son slowly following. He stopped before the said plank and turned as Cedric said his goodbyes to his father who tried and failed to hold onto his son. As Cedric walked past him, Amos Diggory cried out to Harry, "Please," he cried. "show mercy. Take me instead."

"I am sorry, Mr. Diggory." Harry said in response as he turned to the man whom was now on his knees, pleading with shed tears, "Even I cannot ignore the laws of Death. He died, defending me. He also chose to join my crew willingly, so that he may see you one more time, if that."

"Please." the man whimpered once more.

"I am so, so sorry. There is nothing I can do. You may see him again one day soon, but for now, we must go. Lady Bones," Harry called out as he then looked to her, and she to him. "Send word to the masses, the Sea has come to collect its due. Make sure that the papers know, the Dutchman sails once more. I want Tommy to know, I am coming for him."

"Tommy?" she queried with her head cocked at an awkward angle.

Harry shot a look at the old man before looking back to her as he raised a hand and with his index finger, traced the name, 'Tom Marvolo Riddle' in the air in solid wisps of air, and then began switching the letters at random until the phrase, 'I am Lord Voldemort' was seen by all within the Chambers.

"He's a half-blood cockroach with delusions of grandeur, a cockroach that I will step on when next he and I meet. He stole my parents from me, he stole my blood in a dark ritual to return to a full body. His arse belongs to me, and I plan on collecting. Everything you need to know about his parentage and more, and I do mean, everything, is in the brooch for your eyes and those you trust. Word of warning though, don't trust that man, as he will stab you in the back just as soon as you turn your back to him, just so he can take what information he wants to use for his own ends. For his so called 'Greater Good'. Isn't that right, Professor?" he said with a dark look, his eyes glowing with power as he pointed at Albus Dumbledore. "Good day, Director Bones." Harry finished as he then turned and walked up the plank that then retracted after he walked aboard the ship.

A moment later, and the ship began to move back, sinking as it moved along towards the doors until a minute later, it was gone. The water upon the floor began to recede until it was barely wet and the room returned back to its original size.

"Well, that happened." came the voice of Edmond Greengrass, Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Greengrass, and a member of the Sacred 28.

And then pandimonium ensued.

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