Heir of the Sea

Ch. 1 Debacle

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Ch. 1 Debacle

Deep within the bowels of the Flying Dutchman

The Brig

Darkness permeated the hull of the ship. Very little light was available from the lanterns that hung about in the various locations throughout the belly of the ship.

There were creaks and groans sounding throughout the ship. All of the inhabitants of the brig were stuffed into cramped, caged cells, their clothing wet from the moisture in the air. It was also cold, causing most to huddle together, if only to gather warmth from the others body heat.

Many if not all of the prisoners lamented the idea of being prisoners within the ship that was known to ferry the souls of the dead to their final rest. To those long passed and very dead, whom once owed the former Captain of the Dutchman, Davy Jones, it was a cursed sentence.

Deloris Umbridge was just one among the group of prisoners whom found herself with no allies as the prisoners looked down upon her with disdain. To them, she was to blame for Potter taking them prisoner upon his newly acquired ship. The moment they entered the brig, they all felt the power dampening effects fall upon them as if the brig itself had relinquished them the rights of wielding their magic. The squat, little woman whimpered as many witches had shown their displeasure upon her for her crime in attacking Potters family in the only way they could.

Umbridge was curled up in a fetal position within a dark corner all alone, holding her legs to herself, quivering and keeping herself together to the best of her abilities, her clothes torn and frayed from her fellow witches brutally punishing her physically. She had massive bruises, scratches, and more upon her person due to the violence thrust upon her.

In another section of the brig, the Dursleys were held in two separate cells. Vernon Dursley was in a small, single cell of his own while his son and wife shared a slightly larger one.

The ship swayed as Petunia held her son who felt very ill from the ships movements. His head lain upon her lap, fingers running through his hair as she spoke words of encouragement into his ear. He was pale from seasickness, that was for sure, much like some of the other prisoners looked, but she was confident he'd pull through in time.

Suddenly, a familiar voice began to sing aloud. One that caused Petunia to gasp in fear and recognition as the words flowed in a hauntingly beautiful tone.

"The King and his men, stole the Queen from her bed, and bound her in her bones. The Seas be ours, and by the powers. Where we will, we'll roam."

"N-No, it-it can't be." Petunia stuttered. She'd know that voice anywhere.

"M-Mum?" Dudley whimpered from where his head lay, while Vernon tried to drown out the voices by hiding his ears behind his hands.

Many a prisoner came to grasp the bars of the cells they occupied and gazed upon the direction of the voice.

A male voice then picked up the tune, making her eyes go wide with terror, "Yo Ho, all hands, hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die."

A second female voice, making Petunias lips quiver and her body to shake, also picked up the next tune, "Now some have died, and some are alive, and others sail on the sea. With the keys to the cage, and the Devil to pay, we lay to Fiddlers Green." From the entrance of the brig, a host of dark shadowed bodies stepped into view, and yet their identities were hidden by hooded cloaks, not even the light provided by the hanging lanterns could aid in discerning their identities.

Suddenly, a whole host of voices picked up together as if an entire entourage throughout the ship had joined in on the singing, with boots clumping with each step as they entered the brig, "Yo ho, haul together. Hoist the colors high. Heave ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die."

The first female voice resumed the song, "The bell has been raised, from its watery grave. Hear its Sepulchral tone. A call to all, pay heed the squall, and turn yourself toward home."

As before, the next words were followed by more voices as one, "Yo Ho, haul together. Hoist the colors high. Heave Ho, thieves and beggars, never shall we die."

Throughout the entirety of the song being sung, as some of the prisoners tried to hide in the back of the brig in utmost terror, others came forward, grasping the bars of their cells in order to look upon the ones singing the song not heard of in many hundreds of years.

A procession of booted feet slowly made their way towards Petunias cell and that of her husband. The one in the lead, held a lantern in one hand, and a set of keys in another, "Hello Petty."

"Th-That voice. But...But it..it...it's impossible."

"Is it so hard to believe in the impossible in this day and age, daughter?" the second female voice asked as Rose Evans stepped into the light, next to her daughter.

"After all, it's a kind of magic." the male voice said as he stood on Lilys right while Rose stood on her left. Hank Evans was every bit as huge a man in death, as he was in life. Having served in the Royal Marines and left it after serving four terms over seas, over a 25 year period, ending his career as a Colonel with an Honorary Discharge. He had brown hair, somewhat grown out since his Military days, standing at 6'1, under 250 lbs.

Rose Evans stood at 5'8, just under 140 lbs with the same hair and eye color as her youngest daughter.


"All in good time, Petunia dear. All in good time." Hank Evans replied as Lily opened the cell with the key in her hand.

With the sound of metal on metal, and the inner workings of a door suddenly 'clinking', the cell door opened with a 'creak'.

"After all, Petty, you and your family have all the time in the world to pay off the debt you owe my son." Lily Potter growled as the Hank Evans picked up Dudley and Petunia by the arm and hauled them to their feet.

"On your feet, boy." Hank Evans growled as the boy known as Dudley Dursley tried and failed to look small, and yet, even in Death, was a heavy teen.

"M-Mummy!" Dudley cried. "Help me."

"Lily, why are you doing this?" Petunia demanded in a pleading tone.

"This is for all the freedom you enjoyed in enslaving my grandson, Petunia." Rose replied in her daughters place. "The abuse, both physical and mental, starving him, beating him, forcing him to cook and clean as if he was the House cook and maid, with little food to eat except bread and water. I thought you better than that, daughter. And now, it's time to reap what you've sown."

Hank roughly pushed both of them from their cells while a pair of metal bracelets were slapped upon their wrists by both Evans women.

The former Royal Marine made to go for Vernon who cowered in his small cell, when the voice of James Potter spoke up, "Oh no, Mr. Evans, fatso's mine."

Lily held out the keys to her husband who gladly took them, and proceeded to open the cell, "Get on your feet, you fat bastard." he said as he grabbed Vernon by the neck of his shirt and hauled him to his feet, only to slam a fist into the mans gut.

Vernon felt the rush of air leave his lungs as he doubled over in pain, falling to his hands and knees. He didn't get a moment to contemplate further when a painful blow to the side of the face dropped him to the floor, completely. "I said, on your feet, Dursley." James hollered as he once again forced the man to his feet, even if it took a few moments, due to James assault upon him.

With a bit of help from Hank, James roughly placed a set of bracelets on Vernon Dursleys wrists. The overweight walrus of a man, was heavily winded and in too much pain to think as he was fitted with a set of metal bracelets when James shoved him forwards, "Move walrus, I said move."

As much pain as he was in, Vernon couldn't find the strength to refuse as he began to stumble forwards ahead of his whimpering wife, with their son following beside her. James and Hank hung back as their other halves marched the prisoners to the door of the brig. Looking at his Son In-Law, Hank said, "Admit it, you enjoyed that."

"Oh aye." James replied with an eerily evil-like, cheshire grin. "It's been a long time coming for Vernon. Damn, did it feel good to get that out." he rubbed his fist as only a small spark of pain came from his hand, but it was a pain well worth having since joining the ship as a member of Harrys crew.

Then, both men were joined by Fleamont and Euphemia Potter, both of whom many of the prisoners recognized right away, and began to murmur amongst themselves in hushed tones, "Bring out the toad."

The female prisoners within the cell all turned and stared at Deloris Umbridge with pity, some looked at her with no expressions except righteousness at last as they stood to the side and allowed easy access to the woman.

Seeing that she'd get no help from her fellow witches, Umbridge tried threatening the Potter men and Evans by claiming her position within the Ministry of Magic, but they wouldn't hear of it. "You can't do this to me." she screamed as James and Fleamont entered the cell and grabbed both of her wrists, hauling her to her feet. "I-I am the Undersecret-..."

"You'll be shy of a tongue dearie, if you don't shut that trap of yours." Euphemia said a bit louder. The once Matriarch of House Potter then proceeded to slap a pair of manacles upon Umbridges wrists and tightened them so the woman could not escape. Deloris screamed as the bracelets tightened around her wrists.

Her screams were silenced when she was slapped by Euphemia with a backhanded strike, "That, was an attention getter." she said. She then smacked the woman again, this time with an open palm strike, "That, was for trying to kill my grandchild. Instead, you killed my daughter, her husband, and my other grandson before he could have a chance to atone for his mistakes brought on by the mental brainwashing of his parents. His fate, was to work on being a better person and in time, work on getting his cousin to forgive him, as was his destiny. You robbed him of that chance, and for that, you deserve what's coming."

All four were marched out the doors of the brig, the wooden and metal hinged doors closing behind them with a loud 'Slam'.


Number 12 Grimmauld Place

The entirety of the dining room was chaotic. Shouting o loud, it was a surprise that the neighbors weren't alerted to a house for all intents and purposes, should not exist.

Albus Dumbledore had called an emergency meeting with the Order Members. With the children safely upstairs, hopefully in their rooms and not finding ways to listen in, the aged Wizard explained what had occurred within the Wizengamot. Once he explained and sat down to gather his bearings, the shouting started.

Sirius Black in the meantime, having aided the kids back downstairs as he felt they deserved to know about their friend, having overridden Mt. Molly, reminding her who ran the house, had disappeared for several minutes, before returning with a book in hand. He was thumbing through the pages when he entered the chaos within his home. Pausing in his reading, he looked upon the scene before him when he raised his voice high enough for all to hear, "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Seeing he now had everyones attention, he then cleared his throat with a dash of drama by placing a hand near his neckline, "Now, I know that you are all wondering, worrying, and or both, about Harry. Gods know I am right now myself. But if what Albus here has informed us is true and Harry has indeed inherited the famed Ghost ship known as the Flying Dutchman, then there is a something within the Evans bloodline linking Harry to both the Goddess Calypso and Davy Jones." with that said, Sirius placed the open book he had in hand, a rather large book it was too, on the table before everyone.

"The Black Family weren't just a family of dark Witches and Wizards like we all would like to believe. Believe it or not, they dabbled in Piracy just as well for a time. In fact, I believe there are two, immortals currently living today that may provide the answers we need regarding this mystery, whom are in some way or another, related to the Black Family, however distant that idea may seem."

Hermione, who until this moment remained silent, pulled the book to herself in order to study it as she flipped a page or two, but not before looking up with a questioning gaze upon her face that Sirius gave a reply via a smile and a nod.

"And who are these two 'Immortals', Sirius. And how would they know anything that may have to do with Harry and his mothers bloodline?"

"Because neither the Potters nor Peverells ever had a hand in Piracy. It was against everything they believed in." Remus answered from where he sat next to an Pink Haired Auror.

"Exactly. Whatever connection regarding the 'Dutchman' Harry has, it had to have come from his mothers side of the family." Sirius said as he sat at the head of the table. "And, as for the Immortals, let's just say, they were among the best and the worst pioneers of Pirate history."

"Who were they, if you don't mind me asking?" Arthur Weasley.

"And do you honestly believe it has to do with Goddesses and a dead pirate?" Molly asked with a scoff, but when she got nothing but silence, she looked around and noticed every eye on her giving her a scathing look, some with raised brows, "What? It's impossible. There is in no way, that Harry and Lily shared any connection with those two people."

"Whenever you've eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sirius said as he leaned back in his chair, leaning on an elbow with a shit eating grin.

"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle." Hermione said in shock.

"Lily used to loan me copies of her Sherlock Holmes stories. It's what got me and James so interested in joining the Aurors. Wanted to be just like Holmes and Watson. Course, I would have made an excellent Holmes, if I do say so myself."

"Sadly, he'd be right." Remus stated. "James was more Watson then Holmes."

"Which would have made you more..."

"Yes, yes, Mrs. Hudson. We all know you're a braggart like Holmes was known to be as well, Padfoot ol boy."

"Well, it would be 'Elementary!', my good man."

Hermione had to stiffle the laugh she gave off, followed by others including the pink haired Auror.

"As deplorably fascinating as this all is Black, you still haven't explained how this connects Potters and Lily's family roots to this supposed Goddess and a deceased pirate. And you haven't given the names of the 'Immortals' you speak of, either."

"No, I didn't, did I. Hhmmm, well let me explain it in the only way you can understand it Snivellus..." here, more sniffles were heard, with Severus Snape eyeing each of those failing to hide their laughter, "Ever heard of Keith Richards or Johnny Depp?"

"Oi, I have." the girl with the pink hair answered as she waved a hand in the air.

"See, ol' Nymphy has."

"Sirius." the girl warned. With a slight growl and a frown.

"You can't be serious." Hermione said with a huff.

"Of course, I'm Sirius. I'm always Sirius." he replied with a grin that would make the comic book villain Joker proud.

Many a groan could be heard throughout the room.


"Yes Moony?"

"Please stay on point."

Sirius made to say something smart in return, but received many a stink eye from almost everyone, causing him to deflate and pout, "Fine, spoil my fun. Keith Richards, lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, Johnny Depp TV and movie actor. Both famous and both Immortals with plenty of tricks up their sleeves in order to disappear and reintegrate with society using different aliases and personas thanks to their unnaturally long lives granted unto them by powers which even I do not know of nor am willing to speak of should the Black Family ever have known. Which is very unlikely. But as it stands, those two men, just so happen to be among the last of the Pirate Lords of Shipwreck Cove, still living today."

"I've never heard of such a place." Dumbledore said.

"Not surprising. You're not a pirate, and chances are, have no ties to any. Shipwreck Cove is a heavily warded and armed location, known only to a few, in this day and age, with wards so strong that its claimed to be greater than even Hogwarts herself, no doubt. Keith Richards, alias Captain Edward Teague, Pirate Lord of Madagascar, Keeper of the Pirata Codex, as set forth by the Pirate Lords Morgan and Bartholomew."

Here, Sirius reclaimed his book and turned several pages until the image of a hand drawn face came into being of what a pirate from that period would have looked like, badly aged skin due to many years of toiling under the sun, long black beard with knick knacks adorning his facial hair. A standard pirates attire and all adorned with pistols and cutlasses, and more.

"And his son, Johnny Depp, alias Captain Jack Sparrow." Another turn of the page showed a much younger man, with similar looks, but more youthful. "Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea. These two men may hold some if not, a lot of information regarding what we now know about Lily and Harrys familial background and their connection to the Sea Goddess and her lover, the late great, Captain Davy Jones."

"Does this book say how such a union was even possible?" Dumbledore asked.

"It does. But it even says that because of her traitorous ways, Calypso angered Jones to the point where he revealed a dangerous form of magic to the Pirate Lords that would meet up at Shipwreck Cove every few years or so, and aided in binding her into her mortal form before she was released many years later due to a war brewed between the Pirates and the East India Trading Company led by none other than a charlatan by the name of Cutler Beckett whom dared call himself a Lord of the Realm when he was nothing more than a mass murderer and a thief, even worser than a pirate, some would say, could hope to become. He used cunning and guile to get his many stations and positions in life. Bartering with the lives of both the innocent and the not so innocent in order to attain his goals." Sirius spat.

"Thankfully, with the then newest Captain of the Dutchman, William Turner and Jack Sparrow, the world was well rid of that man, for good."

"William Turner?"

"Aye, but that man only Captained the ship for a time, cursed like Jones, but not betrayed as his then wife stayed true to him, even to the end. 10 years at sea, one day on land. That was his curse, as set forth and charged by Calypso herself. Turners wife, Elizabeth stayed faithful and true, gave him a son who met his father a handful of times as a boy, who began a desperate search for lost secrets of the Sea, no matter where thee secrets came from, until he became a man, and found a way to end his fathers curse."

"How?" someone asked from among the crowd.

"By destroying the Trident of Poseidon." collecting his book, he flicked to a page and revealed the tridents hand drawn image, "It was a necessary thing to do in order to also defeat another man whom threatened all that pirates held most dear, and one whom also was cursed with an unnaturally long, grotesque, life by the devil himself. Captain Armando Salazar."

A gasp could be heard from among the group as a young woman was looked upon by all. Her expression turned murderous as she remembered the name spoke only in whispers to unruly little boys and girls. She spat at the ground before speaking.

"Zat...Zat monster murdered...many of my Countrymen." Fleur Delacour said with heat in her voice. "I am glad Sparrow ended him when he did with the aid of the son of William Turner."

"Actually, according to the book, it was Captain Hector Barbossa who did that, but it was at the cost of his own life in order to save what meant most in his life. His treasure. His daughter, Carina Smyth-Barbossa who went on to marry Henry Turner months later." Sirius said. "Barbossa was also a Pirate Lord. I believe he was the Lord of the Caspian Sea if I'm not mistaken."

"Sirius, I'd like to borrow this, if I may." Dumbledore asked, his hand reaching for the book.

"Absolutely not." the Black Lord replied as he took the book back, "It stays here. It's Black Property, and so remains in this house."

"Sirius, please. I implore you."

"Implore all you like. Let's face it. You failed us. All of us. You imprison my Godson with Magic hating muggles, you leave me to rot in prison, knowing I was innocent. How many times since Harrys been in our world, has his life been in peril, at Hogwarts of all places? Then you send him back to the Dursley as if you were escorting a prisoner back to his jail cell, with a pat on the head, and then retrieve him when it's time to go through the motions, yet again."

"Sirius, you don't understand..." was as far as Dumbledore got when a dagger was embedded before him, in the Black table, just inches from the old mans outstretched wrists that wrested on the said table, in an upturned pleading gesture.

"I missed." a female voice spoke up, "I must be getting rusty, because I never miss. More's the pity."

"M-Mum? Is that you?" Sirius stumbled as he rose to his feet at the same time as Remus Lupin and others.

Walking into the room with another dark cloaked individual behind her, the woman lowered the hood of her cloak, allowing those who knew her in her past life, to see her once more, "Hello Siri dear."

"MUM." Sirius cried as he pushed his way through the crowd and bound into the open arms of Euphemia Potter. With hair as silver as from the last he saw of her, with hazel eyes, the short woman standing at just 5'9, welcomed the man who then dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"It's me Siri, it's really me." She said softly into his ear as she ran a hand through his hair, all the while, holding his now trembling form by the head to her bussom.

The bigger individual behind her removed his own hood as his eyes locked onto Remus, "Boy, you going to just stand there or are you going to get over here and join your family."

"Fleamont!?" Remus remarked, stunned that the deceased now stood in Sirius' family home. That didn't stop him from gradually walking over to and also joining in the family reunion as he embraced the old man who returned it in kind. Despite the smell of the sea upon the elder Potters, his wolf senses also picked up the familiar scent they gave off when last they spoke. Remus then released Fleamont and when Sirius was able to return to himself after getting to his feet, the old wolf embraced the woman whom was like a mother to him all those years ago.

Sirius was embraced by Fleamont at this time. The entire family then noticed the quiet and broke off. Fleamont looked murderously at Albus Dumbledore.

"Dumbledore." he said through gritted teeth.


"Give me a reason to not to cut you down in front of everyone here, and now, and send your black soul to the depths of the Locker itself."

"If even it were necessary, would my death really make such a difference? We must..."

"Oh spare my your hypocrisy, you lyin' half-breed bastard. The dead see all and know all. Isn't that right, Ariana?"

A ruffle of a cloak was heard as a shimmering form dropped a more than familiar shimmering cloak, and the blond haired visage of a young blond haired girl came into being before everyones eyes. "Thank you, Lady Potter." she said as she handed the cloak back to her.

"Of course dear, Harry did loan it to you, once he had Dobby retrieve it and his familiar."

The girl known as Ariana wore a blue dress with a white, long sleeve top. Her hair, much like the Potters, was wet as it fell all over her face. But with a brush of a hand, she pulled it back, letting all see her face, before her eyes locked onto Albus' own.

"Hello brother. Been a long time."

"Ariana!" the old man whispered in horrifying shock.

"At least, since you killed me with the Killing Curse all those years ago, which would make you a murderer, would it not?"

At this accusation, many had looks of horror about them at the claims of the girl before them as she stood on one side of the table, facing off against her brother. Many a collective gasps and guffaws were heard as everyone backed away from the old man.

Said old man then wore a murderous expression, "You dare?" he growled as the room began to get heavy, the house begin to shake. "You dare conjure up an image of my late sister and try to..." he roared.

"They tried nothing, you bastard." she hollered just as loud. "I came willingly. If only to see justice done this day. And it will be, brother. Believe me, it will be. After all, your lover was the first to face justice by my hands. Gellerts only wish, was to see you rotting in Hell right along side of him so he wouldn't be alone for the torment you made him suffer for a mellenia in that prison you left him to rot in in Germany."

Dumbledores power suddenly broke at hearing this as he paled considerably, "Ge-Gellert?"

"Is truly dead. Eye for an eye, a life for a life. Now it's your turn, brother dear."

"We welcomed you as a friend of our family. Fed you, laughed with you, and all this time, you were conspiring against us all. Playing everyone here and about as if they were mere pawns on a chessboard." Fleamont stated. "Why not ask Gideon and Fabian Prewitt, I'm sure they'll confirm how you allowed them to die, in order to accomplish your goals."

"Did someone say our names?" two plumes of red smoke rose up simultaneously, and when they cleared, standing on either side of Molly Weasley, were two, identical red heads. Twin Brothers to be exact.

"Gi-Gideon? Fabian?" Molly asked forth with hope in her voice.

"Hello, dear sister."

"Did you miss us?"

"Oi, she missed me more than she missed you."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yeah, it's so. Wanna make something of it?"



Both men proceeded to push each other around when their foreheads were slammed together. Both men cried out in pain, rubbing their foreheads as no doubt, even dead, they hurt something fierce.

"Seriously Molly, that hurt."

"Yeah, what he said."

"You're really real?" she said in sudden realization.

"Aye sister, tis truly us."

"Back from the dead, so to speak."

"Well, not really."

"Ugh, even dead, those two are still headaches." the scarred Ex-Auror known as Mad-Eye Moody grumbled.

"Admit it, Moody..."

"You missed us..."

"Or is it really us?"

"I don't know, brother. What was that thing he always used to say?"

"Hhmmmm, oh yeah, now I've got it."

"Constant Vigilance!" both Prewitts shouted at the top of their lungs at the same exact time.

"Albus, is what the Potter's and your sister saying true? Have you been playing us all as pawns?" Arthur Weasley as he turned his attention from the emotional scene of his wife reuniting with her brothers. "Are you really the man you claimed to be, or are you a liar? Is anything you claimed to have done, true? Have we done any real good, at all since creating this so called 'Order'?"

"Why don't you tell him Albus?" One of the Prewitts said as he moved away from his sister, and was slowly approaching the old man from the left side of the table.

"Why don't you tell them all how you allowed me and Gideon here to die alone, fighting for our very lives, only..." began his approach from the right.

"Only for an hour to pass before you arrived with Molly, Arthur, and the rest of the Order, to find us dead."

"Very dead. And you didn't even lift a wand in time since it was Fabian who was able to send a Patronus to you, just before he died, with me following shortly thereafter."

"I-It...It was for the...Greater Good."

Both men stood on either side of him, with their wands drawn, but not positioned in a defensive posture yet.

But they needn't react as a screaming banshee known as Molly Weasley herself did. With a scream and a single shot of her wand, reduced the old man to a pile of bloody ichor. He never stood a chance.


A tic.

A tac.

"Did...Did that..." One of the Prewitts ask in terror as he wore part of the old mans remains and blood on his clothing.

"Just happen?" The other said as he too wore some of what remained of Albus Dumbledore.

And once more, Grimmaud Place devolved into chaos and pandemonium. As the screaming started, Ariana Dumbledore wore a look of relief, as if a weight had been placed upon her shoulders so very long ago, had finally fallen. With a sigh, she then said, "What were the odds of that?"

Aboard the Flying Dutchman

The Brig

"Look!" a male voice cried out as within the right far side of the brig, in a single small cell, the full visage of Albus Dumbledore took form. It was as if the very particulates in the air gathered and reformed into the shape and being that everyone of the prisoners within the Dutchman loathed, and at one point of their lives, feared and respected.

"It's bloody Dumbledore."

"What's he doing here?"

"What is this? What happened? Where am I?" the old man demanded as he came to the doors of his cell and shook them, unable to open them. He tried mentally reaching out to Fawkes, but even the blasted bird either refused to answer his call, finally freeing himself of the old mans control, or he couldn't connect to him.

Someone seeing this, snorted as he realized what the old man was trying to do, "You're wasting your time, Dumbledore." the prisoner said as he sat down and rested his back on the cage bars. "You're a prisoner, just like we all are. We're here for the rest of our natural lives."

"So, if he's here, does that mean...?"

"He's dead? Yeah, that about be the only reason Potters ship would take his soul. You all saw how Potter and his family reacted back in the courtroom. Can you all seriously tell me you didn't see this coming?"

"Yeah. Well yeah, but I didn't expect it so soon."

Dumbledore, realizing his predicament, slowly backed away from the bars of his newly acquired cell and sat upon the floor, began to contemplate a plan of escape.

But as he sat down to think, the doors of the Brig opened with a 'BANG'. Boots could be heard stomping towards the now occupied cell. Every one of the prisoners moved to the forefront and sides of their cell to observe the scene before them as Harry Potter with most of his family behind him as his entourage, looked and beheld in shock, before them, the last person he expected to see so soon as Albus Dumbledore, aboard and imprisoned in the Brig of his ship.

"Bloody Hell!?"

The Dutchmans Bridge

Earlier before the Grimmauld incident

The struggling form of Deloris Umbridge and the Dursleys were dragged before the bridge of the ship. Their eyes had to squint a bit to adjust to the brightness of the sun and sky. With his back to them, the shackled individuals watched as speaking to several red haired men in a hushed tone, was the reason for all of their troubles, Harry James Potter himself.

To Umbridge, the two men standing with the girl and talking with Potter, were familiar, but she could not put a finger to remembering just whom the men were.

"I wish to join them as well, Harry." a short statured person, hidden beneath a brown hooded robe with the voice a young girl, said.

"You sure?" he asked the girl as h turned to her with concern in his voice and worry in his eyes. "It would mean seeing him again."

"I'm sure."

"Don't worry, Harry luv'. She's in good hands." Euphemia Potter said as she came up behind the girl and affectionately rubbed her arms.

"Watch over her Grandmother. You know well the kind of manipulative person he is."

"Which is why we'll be the first to make ourselves known, Harry." Fleamont said as he stepped up to the left of his wife slinging an arm over her shoulder and pulling her close.

"Alright then." Turning to the closed doors leading to the Captains Cabin, Harry raised an arm, and a hand, and with a snap of his fingers, turned slightly back, and with a nod, watched alongside everyone else as the group of five walked to the doors, with Euphemia grasping the handle, and with a turn the door opened to reveal the entrance to the home of Sirius Black.

Just one of the perks of his many times over Grandmother, the ability to open doorways to hidden locations so long as he was thinking of a certain someone and letting his magic do the rest. Once the five entered, the doors closed behind them, Harry sighed when he noticed he had company.

"Oh, they're here. Thank you, if you will kindly give me a moment." he said as he walked over to the left side of the ship, placing his hand on a banister and gazing out over the vast ocean that was actually located within 'The Locker'. He then reached into a side pocket and pulled out a gold coin that he looked at at first, then began flipping it into the air and catching it.

He stood there, a hand on the hilt of his sword while the other rested on the banister, he breathed in the air before calling out, "Bring me Deloris."

The struggling of her fighting her captives hold on her was sounded off by the groan of the wood beneath her feet and the chains on her person.

Turning around, Harry with a white owl flapping to his right shoulder, while still flipping the coin in his left hand, petted the bird affectionately with his right. "You must be counting on the soon to be Ex-Minister of Magic to come and deliver you from evil as if he was some armored Avenger riding in on a noble steed, wand in one hand, sword in another, aren't you Deloris?"

"W-What?" the squat woman scoffed in a haughty tone, with a hint of confusion. "I-I don't know what you want. I am Deloris..."

"Yeah, yeah, Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic, blah, blah, blah. Doesn't mean much to me. I don't want to imagine what the first half of the term, 'Under' means." he shuddered.

"Oh thank you Harry, I so didn't need that image in my head. Now, I'll have to see if drowning myself in Firewhiskey will help rid me of those images." His father, James Potter said. His skin tone paling even further at the thought of what Umbridge has been getting up to with Cornelius Fudge when alone.

Others too had the same thought in mind as they went about their various jobs aboard the Dutchmans deck, hoping the work will help in removing the said images from their minds as well.

With a shrug, he replied, "Meh, couldn't be helped. Prank one Potter, gotta prank them all, I say." Turning his attention back to the pink suited, toad-looking woman, Harry then said, "You must be conceited. After all, in your desire to kill me, you killed the last of my kin, bringing down the protections that Dumbledore placed on the house."

Pointing a finger towards the people just behind her, she turned as one of the other prisoners, the tall, bone thin woman with golden curls, slightly graying, widened her eyes at the revelations that the pink wearing woman before her, was the reason why she was here.

"You, you sent them?" Petunia Dursley growled out. "You sent those...things to kill him, only to kill us instead?"

"You're just a worthless mug.." was all she got out before Petunia jumped to her feet and tackled the woman.

The Potters on the bridge made to move and separate them, but a hand raised from Harry, stayed their feet as both women rolled all over the deck of the bridge, screaming, shrieking, with pulling of hair, until Petunia got the upper hand. Managing to roll to a stop on top of the foul creature responsible for her situation, Petunia unleashed her angst by beating on Umbridge with what power she could.

She had never thrown a punch before, but it sure felt invigorating as Petunia continued to lay into the woman. Using the cuffs around her wrists, she smashed into Umbridge with unbridled fury, only to stop and wrap the chains connected to the cuffs around the toads neck, and began to pull back while laughing with insanity in her eyes, until a pair of arms wrapped around her and pulled her off.

"No, let me go. Let me go." Petunia demanded as she fought the man whom was her father, "I want to kill her. She killed my family."

"Damn it girl, enough. Enough I say! You got her. It's alright Petunia, it's over. I got you, it's over."

"They've taken everything from me." Petunia wailed while in her fathers arms. Hank Evans pulled her to him and held her close. "I know luv. I know." he said in soothing tones as he held her with both arms, her mother and sister coming to her side.

Dudley looked to his cousin as if to ask for permission. Harry nudged towards them with his head, letting Dudley walk over to his mother and her family that he never knew.

Looking eye to eye with Vernon Dursley, he said, "Get her up." Neither men broke eye contact as James and a few other Potter looking men aided the bloodied and mangled woman to her feet, where she swayed a bit, but had the strength to speak still.

"Are you going to kill me?"

"Maybe, maybe not. Let's just say we're of two minds of the subject." Harry said as he looked to the coin, and began to smile as an idea came to mind, "Do you gamble?"

When she didn't answer, he lifted his eyes to see her gulp before he continued, "What say we flip for it?" Harry then let her see the coin. It was gold, but seemed to be heavily burnt and damaged on one side, while the other was smooth and clear, the image of the magical brethren on the other side of it. Walking towards her, he then spoke, "One man is born a hero, his brother, a coward. Babies starve, politicians grow fat. Holy men are martyred, and junkies grow legion. Why? Why, why, why, why?" he patted her, almost to the point of knocking her over, "Luck! Blind, stupid, simple, doodaa, clueless, Luck." He laughed a bit as if touched a bit by madness, but it was just a bit of theatrics needed in order to throw her off and increase the uneasiness she already felt.

"The random toss," he flipped the coin in the air where it then landed back in his hand, "the only true justice. Let's see what Justice, has in store for you." he lightly touched her nose, causing her to flinch as he said the last word. He then flipped the coin once more into the air where it landed in his open palm that he then slapped down on the back of his opposing hand. With a chuckle at her now quivering mess of a form, he made to draw ever near her and then take a peek at the coin beneath his palm, only to slap his hand back down, "Ooohhhhhhh, it's like a touch of God, wait, wait, wait."

Looking once more into his hand a bit slower this time, he squealed as if he won a prize, "Oh, what do you know, your fortune doesn't smile, so no tea and crumpets for you." he laughed as he showed her the side that rested on the back of his hand and saw the damaged side of the coin.

She was then roughly shoved to the banister that Harry had leaned against before pulling out his coin that he now pocketed once more. In his place was a stepping stool and a long plank of wood, leaning over the waters.

Turning back around, he said to the bleeding woman, "Get on."

"Wha-What?" She looked at him now with confusion and sudden fear.

"I said, get...on!" He then roughly forced the woman upon the stool and then onto the plank. Unleashing the cutlass as his side as he too stood upon the board, he summoned fire to the blade giving it an etherial look.

"Now, walk." he said, pointing the flaming sword at her.

"But, I can't swim."

"Not my problem. You saw no problem in hurting and bringing pain and Death to others."

Her eyes widened at the words as if he must have known more than he was supposed to.

"Oh yes, Deloris Jane Umbridge. I know everything. The Assassinations, the blackmails, the laws put in place because of your illogical stance on anything not human or pure blood when you yourself are a half blood. So long as you were on my ship, I knew everything there was to know about you. Your secrets, are secrets no more."

While trying to balance herself on the plank, the small shrewd woman tried to plead with Potter as she began crying and wailing. Dropping to her knees slowly, she brought her hands up, "Please, I implore you, have Mercy. Spare me, please. I beg of you." she cried.

With her head down, Harry lowered his heated blade, "Mercy?"

She spared a glance, hoping he would let her go, when he smirked, looked to his family who could only look on before he turned back to her, "Potter's don't do mercy!"

With an arm pulled back, he brought it down and brought the burning blade through the wood, cutting through it as if it was paper, just meters from where the woman knelt.

It was like slow motion, watching her fall into the abyss as she cried out, her manacled wrists raised to catch onto nothing as she fell.

Many cheered upon her decided fate after she fell into the waters below.

Her screams fell on deaf ears as she fell, the currents pulling her under as none dared to watch as the darkness of the waters took her to her final judgment.

Looking at Vernon, he walked off the plank and hopped back onto the deck of the bridge, "And now Uncle, it's your turn. Question is, do you deserve the same rewards as the toad, or do you deserve something more...productive?"

"You can't do this to me, boy." the fat elder Dursley replied. "You don't scare me."

Harry snorted at this, "Defiant till the end, eh Uncle Vernon? I can respect that. No matter." sheathing his blade, the fire long having gone out of it, he continued, "I've already got a punishment set aside for you. Grandfather Henry..." Harry called out.

A man standing at 6'1, with brown tussled hair like all Potter men, and brown eyes, stepped up, "You called, Grandson?"

"I need you to see to this...Dursley. Make sure he knows what real work is. Do to him, what he's had me do for over a decade."

"Understood." Grabbing the overweight man by the scruff of his neck, he then said, "I know just what to do with you."

"Unhand me, you freak. You can't do thi-augh." Vernon screamed as he fell down the flight of stairs leading to the main deck of the ship.

With the second to the last of the current problems dealt with, Harry turned his gaze to the Evans who were now softly speaking with Petunia, who now seemed to understand the severity of her situation.

He was beginning to come up with the right words to use for Petunia and then Dudley, when he felt a new presence materialize within his vessel. A presence both old and very familiar, given to him by Death itself.

"You got to be kidding me?!" Making his way to the belly of the ship and to the Brig with James and others following, Harry roughly pushed open the door of the room and stormed up to the cell holding the person in question.

There in the barred cell, was none other than Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore himself, "Bloody Hell!?"

'Now isn't that ironic?'

Here's the next, much anticipated, installment to this crossover. Yes the old man is dead, and no, I am not done, not by a long shot. I intend to drag this one out because I intend to have Harry and his mostly ghostly family enact a much needed war for justice upon those who would threaten and kill those of their blood. I know after this is posted, I have more to come, so stay tuned. Hit me up, let me know what you think. Until next time.