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Harry was feeling more than a little mulish as he tugged the robes he was wearing straight and sighed for the hundredth time that day. The robes were not really very him, but his parents had insisted that they were suitable and what he should be wearing.

Apparently, it would offend his new fiance and his family if he were to wear his normal style of robe instead of the more traditional ones. He was not entirely sure that he wanted to be engaged, never mind married to someone who did not want him for himself, even down to something as basic as clothing.

"Harry! Sit straight!" James hissed. They were seated on a second sofa, there were three in the room, one for Lily and James, one for his intended's family, and one for him and for...

"Rodolphus, how lovely to see you," Lily smiled as his fiance walked into the room.

Harry had to grit his teeth. The only reason they were here was that his father could not balance their accounts and had nearly run them into the ground. The man had not even checked the accounts in five years! And he and Lily had been too busy living the high life and enjoying Harry's fame.

It came down to Harry marrying into a wealthy family, or they would lose everything. The money did not bother Harry, but losing his family heirlooms and inheritance. Losing what had belonged to the Potter's for thousands of years, not to mention the humiliation upon their name of being the only of the old Houses to go bankrupt? That he could not allow.

And so he had agreed to this, to selling away his life so that they could keep everything. Under the condition that they sign everything over to him. Upon the day of his marriage, he would become Lord Potter and his father would step down. Until that moment as long as he carried on with the engagement they would also not spend a single knut without his permission.

Of course, the state of the Potter finances was a well-known secret in the wizarding world, which meant that the choices that they had for a marriage were limited. In the end, their best choice had come down to the Lestrange family. Suspected, strongly suspected, Death Eaters, their own choices were limited.

Their marriage would be an equal win win situation for the two families. The Lestrange's would clean their name up by joining it to the Potter one, the Potter's would gain the money they needed to resurrect their accounts. And both families would gain heirs.

He just had to marry Rodolphus Lestrange and spend the rest of his life with him.

Rodolphus Lestrange was powerful, attractive, wealthy and unmarryable due to the damned tattoo he had on his forearm. His Grandfather had pulled them all into this mess, and they were now stuck with the situation, though his Grandfather's sea view out of Azkaban prison at least eased some of the annoyance of how the man had destroyed them all.

His father, Renato, had been forced along with them to take the mark. But he had worked, and he had managed to find a way out for them, and luckily right before the fall of the Dark Lord, and before Rodolphus was forced to marry Bellatrix. He had no idea what his Grandfather had been thinking, trying to marry their Heir of their line to a woman who was clearly insane, highly inbred, and madly in love with the Dark Lord.

Sadly that also worked against him gaining a marriage contract. The Light side did not want anything to do with him because he was an ex Deather Eater. The Dark side wanted nothing to do with him because he had betrayed them. The Grey side wanted nothing to do with him because of both. And lastly, he was unmarriable because he had already broken an agreed and signed marriage contract.

Which left them with those that were desperate.

Even then it was a limited number of contracts that were of any interest to them, that would be of any use to them. And then the whispers had started. The Potter family were in financial trouble. Severe trouble. They were going to go bankrupt very soon, and all because of James and Lily's partying lifestyle.

Rodolphus had watched very interestedly in what was happening, wondering if they would take the only step that was available to them and look for marriage. Harrison was very well known for not really following the more archaic of their laws and customs, and when he had reached 15 and not had a courting gala, it did not seem that he would take a marriage contract.

But it was that, or lose the Potter name and estate. Harry had chosen the contract. The Lestranges had become interested straight away. Washing the dirt from their name would be easy with a marriage to a Potter, and they were more than rich enough that they could take the damage that the state of the Potter fiances would have on them.

It was no surprise that out of a bad lot Rodolphus had been the one they had chosen.

Renato was ecstatic, he had always felt guilty about the way things had ended up for them, he had felt guilty for not being able to protect his sons and his wife from the ruin that his father had reaped upon them.

Rodolphus, well he wasn't saying no.

Harry licked his lips nervously as he watched Rodolphus walk in with his mother and father. All three of them were wearing their Slytherin masks, giving nothing away.

"Rodolphus, how lovely to see you," Lily smiled standing to greet him, and then his parents.

But Harry only had eyes for his fiance, the man that he was going to spend the rest of his life with, the man he would marry and would have to sleep with to produce heirs.

Blue eyes turned to him and locked onto him, staring at him with as much fascination and curiosity as he was gazing at Rodolphus.

His eyes were sea blue and had a quality to them that made Harry think that he would have to be quick on his toes with this man. Thick black lashes made them look even bluer. Pale skin contrasted with his dark black hair and the goatie, which gave him a distinguished air.

He was wearing very none traditional robes which made Harry glare at his parents a little. He was dressed in black dragonhide leather trousers with crimson red swirls embossed into the material, his red shirt had three buttons undone revealing a fair amount of skin and black chest hair, sweeping robes were lined with red silk. They fell rather nicely from his large shoulders, falling down and shaping strong arms before ending in billowing sleeves.

What really caught Harry's attention, however, was his lips. They were a little thin, but they were turned up on one side in a roguish smirk, a smirk that hit Harry low in the stomach and told him that being attracted to his fiance would not be a problem.

He had not really had much interaction with the Lestranges, despite having a good few friends in Slytherin, but he had seen the eldest Lestrange brother at a few balls and parties. He wondered what type of person he was, what he liked and disliked. What he would expect of Harry.

That smirk got a little wider as Rodolphus finished his own perusal of Harry before he turned to smile charmingly at Lily taking her hand and placing a quick kiss on it as Renato approached Harry.

"Harry, it is a real pleasure to meet you," Renato said pleasantly enough, taking Harry's hand and kissing it. That answered who they would expect to be the submissive in this marriage, not that he expected anything else. Renato was handsome, the same dark hair as Rodolphus, a short trimmed black beard, flecked with grey. His eyes were a shrewd hazel. He too had a strongly built frame that Harry had been able to note ran in the family. His smirk said the same thing that Rodolphus' did, he was good looking and he knew it.

"It is nice to meet you too Lord Lestrange," Harry bowed his head.

"None of that now, we are to be family. Please call me Renato, I think father is a little too soon," Renato chuckled deeply.

"It is a pleasure dear," Gillian Lestrange smiled a little as she hugged him quickly. Rodolphus had her eyes, and they were shining just as much as his were. "So good looking,"

"Th...thank you," Harry blushed darkly.

"Aww, that is lovely! It really is a pleasure to meet you Harry," Gillian smiled. She was an incredibly good-looking woman, her caramel brown hair was twisted into an elegant ponytail falling over her shoulder. There was a layer of coolness over her, the Slytherin mask, but her smile was honest and her eyes gentle. And was more than used to seeing passed a Slytherin mask by now.

"It's a pleasure to meet you as well," Harry smiled despite his nerves and discomfort in his robes.

"Now, may I introduce you to our son, your fiance, Rodolphus," Renato motioned behind himself to his son who stepped forward. Harry forced down the nerves at meeting the man he was selling his life away to.

"Harry," Rodolphus practically purred his name. His Irish accent more distinct than his parents. He reached out and took Harry's hand gently in his, raising it to his lips. His hand felt a little swallowed by Rodolphus' as he held onto it, the kiss lingering a little longer than was normally accepted.

Harry stared down at the dark head, warmth radiating from where his lips were pressed against the skin of his hand. Then he lifted his head slowly, his blue eyes trapping Harry once again. Harry's hand twitched as a dark eyebrow raised smugly at him before Rodolphus turned Harry's hand in his grip and pressed a kiss to the inside of his wrist, causing pools of pleasure to emanate from the contact point.

"Rodolphus," Harry nodded.

"Please, sit," James grit out, clearly not happy at being ignored.

"Thank you," Renato nodded, leading Gillian to the free sofa.

"Harry," Rodolphus purred his name again before gently leading him back to the sofa he had been seated on. Harry smiled a little amused as Rodolphus actually seated him on the sofa before sitting down himself.

"Tea?" Lily smiled tensely in the background, but Harry was focussed on Rodolphus.

"You are staring," Rodolphus pointed out.

"I am trying to figure out how unbearable you may be to be married to," Harry admitted. Their parents turned around to stare when Rodolphus let out a barking laugh.

"You may not be as unbearable as I have been fearing going by that comment," Rodolphus said, scanning over Harry with fresh eyes. "I have of course asked Draco and a few of the others about you,"

"You were picturing the Gryffindor golden boy?" Harry asked.

"Just a little, less so after I spoke to your Slytherin friends," Rodolphus admitted.

"Would you have changed your mind even if I had been the Golden boy?" Harry asked.

"You already know the answer to that," Rodolphus gave him that dangerous smirk again.

"I do. You don't care who I am, just my name," Harry shrugged.

"Harry!" Lily and James snapped while Rodolphus, Renato and Gillian stared at him a little stunned.

"I care who you are. Sadly, what I think doesn't matter. Though I would like for this to actually work," Rodolphus shrugged.

"Work how?" Harry asked curiously tilting his head.

"For us to try being husband and husband," Rodolphus said firmly. Harry met those blue eyes, absently watching as he placed secrecy spells around them to allow them privacy. "I have done the loveless, empty arranged marriage before, and even though yes we need this marriage to be able to carry on the family name, I have no intention of being stuck in that type of relationship again,"

"Bellatrix," Harry nodded.

"Yes, she was cold, empty, cruel and we hated each other. Escaping that marriage arrangement with the luckiest day of my life. I do not want to be stuck in that again, trust me, it is miserable," Rodolphus sneered.

"That is not the type of life that I want either. I will put effort into this if you will," Harry nodded.

"It's agreed then. Just because this is an arranged marriage, doesn't mean that it can't work. I have seen arranged marriages fail, but I have seen them work too. My own mother and father were an arranged marriage, and they love each other," Rodolphus said making Harry turn to look at Gillian and Renato, the two were sitting pressed shoulder to shoulder, straight-backed and poker faced. But Renato's hand was resting over Gillian's on her knee, and there was just something about them that said couple.

Harry turned back to look at Rodolphus who was once again watching him assessingly. He was sitting sprawled on the sofa, leaning against the arm of the chair and watching Harry intently, his legs were parted, and with a blush, Harry had to fight with himself to stop his eyes drifting low. There was just something...sinful about this man. And something that gave him hope.

"I don't want to be stuck in a loveless marriage," Harry confessed quietly.

"Well then, we promise to try our best," Rodolphus reached out and tucked Harry's hair behind his ear, before trailing his knuckles over Harry's cheek. "You blush so easily," He said amused.

"I always have, I can't help it," Harry blushed even darker. "The monetary issue..."

"If you need money before the marriage it will be given to you, and we will, of course, fund the wedding. I think all of us can agree that this is not going to be a long engagement, yes?"

"That's not what I meant, but thank you," Harry smiled at the earnestness the other had shown. "My parents and I have a deal. I agreed to the engagement on the understanding that they would not spend a knut without going through me, their lifestyle is to get under control. On the day of...our marriage I will become Lord Potter, and they will not touch the accounts,"

"Impressive, how did you get them to agree to that?" Rodolphus asked with that half smirk.

"By pointing out that the only person that could fix the mess made was by me agreeing to marriage, and if they did not agree then I would leave the country and they would have nothing," Harry shrugged.

"Very impressive. Things can't be easy between the three of you," Rodolphus said.

"No, it is not," Harry's tone was sharp and made it clear that that line of conversation was done.

"Children, heirs will need to be provided, at least two children to take our family names," Rodolphus moved the subject on.

"Unless we decide to combine the families officially," Harry suggested.

"You do not want more than one child?" Rodolphus frowned.

"What?" Harry asked confused.

"You are trying to get out of having more than one child," Rodolphus said sharply.

"No. We were talking about taking this marriage seriously, most marriages choose to leave their names combined for their heirs rather than separate them between two children, especially considering the feuds that happen between siblings and who gets the richer estate, made more complicated by the fact that your vaults will technically be restocking the Potter ones," Harry explained.

"Oh, right," Rodolphus ran his fingers through his hair, grimacing a little.

"Do not jump to conclusions! I happen to want a large family and in our contract would be asking for two children minimum," Harry said sharply.

"I am sorry, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions," Rodolphus held his hands up in appeasement.

"No, you shouldn't have," Harry glared slightly. He was thrown when Rodolphus raised his eyebrow again and smirked at him. "What?" He asked confused and thrown off of his stride a little.

"You are beyond attractive when you are glaring, has anyone ever told you that. Your eyes are amazing," Rodolphus leant closer, his own blue eyes intent as they looked closely at Harry's.

"I...er...erm... they're just like my mum's," Harry shook his head.

"No, they're not. They're just yours," Rodolphus shook his head. "Your eyes burn with a fire and emotion I don't think I have ever seen before. You are something quite different," He hummed.

"I'm nothing special besides my name," Harry shook his head. He blinked a little when Rodolphus quickly reached out and cupped his jaw, tilting his head up so their eyes locked again.

"That is far from true," Rodolphus shook his head. "You actually are shy," He added with a hint of wonder in his voice.

"A little, I can't help it," Harry frowned a little defensive.

"Then you are definitely special, I don't think I have yet to meet one lord heir that is genuinely shy," Rodolphus chuckled.

"I am..." Harry bit his lip looking to where Lily and James were holding what looked like an uncomfortable conversation with Gillian and Renato as they gave them privacy.

"What is it?"

"I am not really comfortable in the political ring, that is part of the reason I am interested in combining our names. I would not really have an interest in politics," Harry admitted.

"I will admit, I am shocked, but that is not a problem. What is it that you do want to do with your life?" Rodolphus asked with genuine curiosity.

"I... don't really know," Harry averted his eyes away from Rodolphus' intent ones in a show of reaching for his glass on the table. When he had taken a sip and placed the glass back down Rodolphus had not said a word, and when he turned to look at him he had that half smirk and damned raised eyebrow again.

"You know, but you don't want to say, why?" Rodolphus asked intently.

"It's not a generally accepted desire, and something that nearly all Lords would not be interested in," Harry said softly tugging at his sleeves.

"Why don't you try me, and trust that I can be a little different too," Rodolphus smiled. Merlin the smile was even better than the smirk, and that was saying something. It somehow turned him from this rakish, seductive man, to a slightly more open, boyish and even better looking.

"It's not what an heir Lord is raised to want, but Remus and Sirius were really the ones to raise me, and they encouraged another part of me," Harry hedged.

"Harry, we are going to be married. If you can not trust me with something like this, how can we build a proper relationship?" Rodolphus said. Harry eyed Rodolphus as he turned the words over in his head, and realised that they were true. He wanted to build a relationship with Rodolphus. If they were to be married and tie their lives together for the rest of their lives, then he would try his best to make this work, he would try with all his Gryffindor determination to make a good marriage between the two of them, despite their differences, and his fears.

"Don't laugh," Harry warned.

"I won't laugh," Rodolphus frowned, and his eyes flicked to James and Lily briefly.

"I want to be a stay at home dad. I don't want a mansion, I want a house, and to look after my family there," Harry blurted out.

"I will confess it is quite different to what most Heir Lords would like to do. And it is not something that I ever imagined for my spouse and marriage, especially not living in a house. But I definitely not adverse to the idea... coming home to you and our children... definitely not a bad image," Rodolphus said slowly.

"You would be willing to discuss it then?" Harry asked shocked.

"I am willing to discuss everything with you," Rodolphus said seriously.

"Ok," Harry smiled honestly.

"There is one demand that I have," Rodolphus leant forwards, leaning his elbows on his knees.

"Yes?" Harry asked uncertainly, wondering what was about to be said. Rodolphus looked the most serious he had seen him this whole time.

"I don't want you to show up to any of our meetings, or spend any of our time together as anything but yourself," He said firmly reaching out to tug at Harry's lapels.

"What?" Harry asked bemusedly.

"This...is not you," Rodolphus said softly, motioning to the clothes Harry was wearing and around them, the official situation that had been set up to greet them in. "I am interested in getting to know my future husband, exactly as you are, no one else, not who your parents think I want to meet, you!" Rodolphus said firmly.

"I think I can manage that," Harry smiled softly, looking at Rodolphus with new eyes.

This man was not what he had been expecting, he was not what he had been fearing. Suddenly the pressure and dread of the upcoming wedding lessened just a little. He was not happy about this still, but perhaps it would not be as much of an ending as he had been fearing. Perhaps, with work and time, this could be a beginning for him in a way he had not thought possible.

"Are you ready for me to take down the privacy charms? We have a little time left, and should probably spend it talking with our parents. I should reassure them that I have not mucked this up," Rodolphus smirked breaking Harry from his thoughts.

"Yes, that's fine," Harry nodded.

"Well, everything ok? Harry can be a little unusual, but he..."

"I would ask you not to insult him so easily. I am quite taken with Harry," Rodolphus said sharply, making Harry stare at him a little stunned. No one had stuck up for him against Lily and James quite so bluntly before.

"Oh, yes, I erm, good that's good," James flushed at the telling off.

"Your parents were telling us that you want to become an Auror," Renato queried.

"Ah..." Harry grit his teeth a little. They wanted him to become an auror, and while he enjoyed Defense, being an auror was not want he wanted to do.

"An Auror, interesting," Rodolphus drawled, clearly thinking of their conversation on Harry's desire for his life.

"We were just discussing the wedding, obviously there is the traditional time of 5 months engagement before the wedding. But planning something like this, takes time. Do you have anything in mind that you would like?" Gillian asked.

"I would actually like a quite traditional wedding," Harry said, glancing cautiously to Rodolphus.

"Which ceremony?" Renato asked interestedly.

"The family/friend blessing ceremony," Harry answered.

"Interesting, that would forge a powerful bond. Who would you consider standing for you?" Gillian asked intrigued.

"Sirius and Remus, my friends, I have a few that are quite powerful, though focussed in their magic type,"

"Oh?" Rodolphus asked, throwing his arm over the back of the sofa, fingers just brushing Harry's shoulder.

"Well like Neville Longbottom,"

"Longbottom, I have heard that he is not quite as powerful as Frank and Alice are, they are quite skilled Aurors are they not?" Gillian asked. Harry would normally bristle at the insult to Neville, but it was done in a way that was not really an insult and more of a question so he could not really become angry and the comment about Neville. He took a breath and thought about how to explain this to them.

"Neville's magic is exceedingly focussed on Herbology. Yes, he may not be the best spell caster or charms creator, however, his skill in Herbology is exceptional! He has the highest marks in it than has been seen for nearly 156 years, and I have no doubt as he gets older it will just get stronger," Harry explained proudly.

"Harry is quite fond of Neville," Lily nodded. "He always has liked backing the underdog," Harry closed his eyes. She had been doing so well until then.

"Herbology is quite a difficult subject to have a natural skill in, I am quite interested in meeting him," Renato frowned a little.

"His mum and dad have really encouraged him in it. His greenhouses are exquisite," Harry smiled fondly.

"He sounds very interesting," Gillian nodded.

"I believe that you are close to the Weasleys?" Rodolphus asked curiously. Harry shot him a suspicious look though, it was no great secret how those that were tied to Voldemort felt about the Weasleys and families like them, and even though the Lestranges had left Voldemort before his fall, they were still of that pureblood mind though not fanatically, and there was a good chance that they would not approve of the Weasleys. Or Remus for that matter.

"Yes, I am quite close to Percy, he's one of my closest friends, and I am very fond of Mr and Mrs Weasley. Remus and Tonks Lupin as well," Harry narrowed his eyes a little at Rodolphus who smirked right back at the challenge making Harry roll his eyes. When he looked around Renato and Gillian were watching their interaction with amusement.

"Percy Weasley, he has quite a promising career in the Ministry does he not?" Gillian asked.

"He is doing well in the Ministry yes. He has a really good mind for details," Harry smiled thinking about his intent and serious best friend, who when he wanted had a sharp sense of humour and an even sharper tongue.

"And Remus and Tonks Lupin, they are quite good friends of yours are they not?" Renato turned to Lily and James who had been sitting silently until this point.

"Yes they are, well Remus was a good friend from school, Tonks is actually Sirius' cousin. Remus and Tonks met and fell in love," James nodded.

"Interesting," Gillian nodded.

"Well, I think we have made good steps today, shall we arrange a lunch for you both in a couple of days time? And perhaps around this time next week, we can meet in Gringotts to iron out the full contract?" Renato suggested.

"That sounds fine to me," Harry nodded.

"I will owl you to arrange the place," Rodolphus stood smoothly, his eyes locked once again on Harry, drinking in as much of him as possible before they had to leave. Harry was absently aware of their parents exchanging pleasantries and farewells, but his own focus was on Rodolphus as well and the hand that he extended out to him to help him from the sofa.

Closing his fingers around Rodolphus' warm hand he allowed the older man to guide him to his feet, suddenly stepping closer so that was within Harry's personal space and he could suddenly smell oranges and spice flooding through his senses. Merlin the man even smelt good.

"I will see you in a couple of days," Rodolphus promised.

"Yes, ok," Harry nodded.

Rodolphus leant down to press his lips to Harry's cheek, lingering slightly, the feeling of the bristle of Rodolphus' stubble tickling his cheek. "If you need me, owl me or call me, for anything," He said softly.

Harry blinked big green eyes up at him, confused by the serious words. Rodolphus brushed his fingers over Harry's cheek, his touch lingering before he stepped back.

"It really was lovely to meet you, Harry," Gillian gently kissed his cheek.

"We look forward to having you in the family," Renato kissed his cheek as well.

"Thank you, I look forward to it as well," Harry smiled at them.

The three Potters watched the Lestranges flooing out, and Harry stood there feeling more than a little stunned and bemused at what had happened.

"Well, you are going to need to be a little more careful. You were far too outspoken during that. You want to make sure you come across as demure, and quiet, honestly that comment that you made at the start, what were you thinking!" Lily ranted.

"We need this to go through Harry, I don't care what you do once you are married, at least then it will be sealed and done with. Really, think, this is far too important for you to go in bull-headed and blunt. And really a family/friend blessing ceremony!" James scolded.

Harry grabbed the book he was currently reading on marriage and bonding agreements from the tale by the sofa he had been sitting on and moved towards the fire himself.

"Where are you going?!" Lily snapped.

"Out," Harry snapped back. He quickly flooed out to the Leaky Cauldron, then onto Sirius' house.

"Pup? You ok? How did it go?" Sirius stood quickly from where he had been sitting in front of the fireplace knawing on his thumb and waiting for Harry to come over. He quickly had Harry wrapped in his arms, the familiar warm hug and scent of Sirius released the tight spring in Harry and he drooped into his godfather's arms with a content sigh.

"Better than I thought. He's..." Harry drew off gripping Sirius' robes as he tried to sum up with the words to describe Rodolphus Lestrange.

"Yes? Was he ok?" Sirius asked concerned.

"He was intense," Harry started. "I'm not sure how he made me feel," He scrunched his nose when Sirius pulled back to look at him.

"In a good way or a bad way?" Sirius smiled a little.

"Can I get back to you on that one?" Harry grimaced.

"Ohhhhh ok," Sirius grinned a little more.

"Siri!" Harry whined.

"Did you get on with him?" Sirius asked, trying and failing to drop the smirk.

"We will have an interesting relationship I think," Harry finally settled on.

"I'm glad it wasn't awful. I will cancel the plane tickets to New Zealand then," Sirius brushed his hair gently behind his ear and kissed his forehead.

"Yup, they're definitely not needed," Harry laughed wrapping his arms back around Sirius and snuggling in again. "Renato and Gillian were very nice to me as well,"

"They need this wedding, even if you weren't the easiest person to love in the world, they would make the effort," Sirius hummed.

"I do believe you are a little biased," Severus' drawl had Harry snickering into Sirius' chest, as did Sirius' mock gasp of offence.

"Here, I will block the floo so Lily and James can't find you," Sirius stepped back and Severus stepped into his place, combing long, clever fingers through Harry's hair, his black eyes concerned as they scanned over Harry's face. The younger man smiled and wrapped his arms around Severus, burying his face in his chest instead, the herb and smoke scent surrounding him and making him relax as much as Sirius' leather and honey scent had.

"Here, drink this," Severus pulled back after a few beats and held out the tea he had clearly been making in the kitchen to him.

"And you will have to tell us how it went," Percy's voice made Harry turn with a grin for his best friend. The two of them settled on the sofa, and Harry automatically snuggled into his friend's side, drawing his legs up and holding his tea close. Percy huffed good-naturedly and wrapped his arms around Harry. No matter how old Harry got he would still be the little boy that had followed Percy around like a little chick.

The sight of Severus and Sirius sitting together on the sofa together was not a new one, Sirius' arm wrapped around Severus' shoulders was a new sight.

"So, tell us how it went," Severus demanded making Harry smile. He couldn't hide the concern in his eyes, no matter how much his tone said differently. Taking a breath he started telling them what had happened with his future husband. He would have to tell the story another couple of times to his concerned friends, to Remi and Tonks, but he had been more prepared for this from when he had had to announce his plans to marry.

And he had his lunch with Rodolphus coming up. That would be...interesting to say the least. And the words he had spoken into Harry's ear were echoing round his mind continually even as he spoke out loud to the others describing their interactions.

'If you need me, owl me or call me, for anything'

For some reason every time he thought about it, it made his heart beat just that little bit faster.