"Regy, Moira," Sirius smiled warmly as the couple stepped out of the apparation room.

"Welcome," Severus kissed Moira's cheeks and took Regy's hand.

"Your home is beautiful," Moira smiled looking around the living room.

"Thank you, we are getting it settled to be a little of both of us, which isn't an easy middle ground to find at times," Severus chuckled.

"But it is always fun getting there," Sirius grinned, making the older couple laugh.

"This is for you," Regy held out a couple of bottles to them.

"Oh, Harry has been talking about how amazing your aftershaves are, I think it is part of the reason he likes Rodolphus so much," Sirius grinned.

"I am a little worried to hear that, I may have to buy out all of Regy's stock," Rodolphus said dryly as he, Rabastan and Percy walked out the apparation room.

"It could be a safe thing to do," Sirius teased a little, thankfully having calmed down from the soaking incident.

"You look lovely tonight," Rodolphus said to Moira kissing her cheek after pulling tongues at Sirius.

"I don't often get a chance to dress up anymore, it is a nice change," She blushed a little brushing her hand down her dress.

"You always look lovely though," Regy shrugged.

"Old charmer," Moira smiled fondly at her husband.

"Mother and Father shouldn't be far behind," Rabastan said after exchanging welcomes with the others.

"Were you three together?" Sirius asked Rabastan, Rodolphus and Percy.

"Yes, we were going over some things for the twins' shop," Percy said making himself comfy in his normal spot.

"Harry will be happy to hear you're spending time together," Severus said softly.

"I think it is nice that the family is expanding this way," Sirius said making Rodolphus look at him a little startled. Sirius was looking right at him, Severus settled back in his seat next to him seemingly giving the floor to his partner. "We haven't really said it, and it is probably a little overdue, but with you and Harry obviously so determined to make this a real marriage, but more than that, with the relationship that you both are forming, we want to make it clear that you're part of our family as well, and we want to be a family together. Harry is happy, and that is the most important thing to us, and you are treating him the way every parent would hope their child's partner would treat them. All of you are important to Harry, and becoming more important by the day, and we want to work on our relationships with you all as well,"

"Thank you for saying that. Harry loves you both, more than anything else, and I want to have a good relationship with you, I hope that we're going to have hundreds more nights like this, with our family together. Harry's happiness is of the utmost importance to me, and I want to make sure that we're all happy together," Rodolphus tried to explain. He breathed a sigh of relief at the expressions on Sirius, Severus and Percy's faces, clearly, he had managed to get across what he wanted.

"This looks serious," Gillian said softly as she and Renato walked into the room.

"I am going to go find Harry," Rodolphus said standing and hurrying to the kitchen.

"Honestly, he is so besotted it is amusing," Renato said fondly watching his son leave the room in search of his fiance.

"After the worry of how this was going to go, it is a relief to see," Severus admitted.

"How is Harry doing after Lucius' dig at him?" Gillian asked concerned.

"Better, I think Rodolphus' reaction and the way that they have handled it together has helped a lot," Sirius smiled.

"I am happy that it has gone so well, this could have been a disaster, but they have both handled it well," Rento nodded.

"I have a lot of hope for the two of them and the future that they can have together. I have from the start, but the way that they have handled what could have ruined their relationship has given me real hope for their future," Gillian agreed.

"I think that they have a wonderful future together," Renato hummed taking his wife's hand.

"The way that they care for each other, and can talk to each other is all that matters, the rest will follow as long as they keep that up," Moira said softly looking to the doorway that Rodolphus had disappeared through.

"A ghrá geal," Rodolphus said as he walked into the kitchen, Harry turning with a smile to his fiance right away.

"Dolphus," Harry tilted his head back for a kiss from his handsome fiance, wrapping his arms around his waist as he sank into the kiss, Rodolphus wrapped his arms around Harry, tugging him close to his body, pulling his smaller frame into his own larger one as he scattered kisses over his face once they parted.

Rather than pushing them apart as he had feared would happen when Harry had revealed his worries to Rodolphus, it seemed to have pulled them even closer than they had been before that conversation.

"You look delectable as ever," Rodolphus looked Harry over, grinning when pale cheeks blushed darkly at his comment.

"Rodolphus," Harry whined turning quickly back to the stove.

"Well you do," Rodolphus wrapped himself around Harry, trying not to get in his way, but wanting to be close to him. "How did it go with Farzana?" he asked.

"Well, she is an amazing wedding planner, she is helping me fly through everything that needs doing and choosing now, there were a few things I hadn't even thought of that she has pointed out. We have a couple of things that we need to go through and choose, but she has been brilliant. Thank you for hiring her," Harry kissed Rodolphus' cheek.

"I just want you to be happy, and I don't want you to look back on the build-up to our wedding and just remember it being stressful and you not being happy," Rodolphus kissed his cheek.

"Thank you, I really do appreciate it," Harry smiled.

"What is for supper?" Rodolphus asked curiously looking at the multiple pots and pans.

"We are having ham, barley, orzo and vegetable soup for starter. Then a full roast, lamb, turkey, roast potatoes, mash, vegetables, scurly, Yorkshire puddings and gravy," Harry went through.

"Desert?" Rodolphus asked hungrily.

"Biscoff cheesecake or rice pudding," Harry laughed.

"Merlin I am in heaven!" Rodolphus groaned.

"Rodolphus!" Harry laughed lifting his shoulder when his fiance blew a raspberry on his neck.

"Well, that is a lovely sound," Fred said as he walked into the kitchen.

"We should have known that you were in here," George grinned at Rodolphus.

"He shouted his name you idiots," Percy said dryly. "Here, I checked it out, they brought it," He added holding out a bottle of wine.

"We're highly offended that you do not trust us!" George pouted.

"You remember that we were at Ron's eleventh birthday right?" Percy narrowed his eyes.

"What happened?" Rodolphus asked with so much delight in his voice Harry elbowed him.

"They turned half the guests into some type of animal when they spiked the puddings," Percy told Rodolphus.

"Don't know what you are laughing at, I am putting you in charge of keeping them under control at our wedding," Harry smiled beatifically at Rodolphus.

"Hey!" Fred and George protested.

"Farzana can keep an eye on them," Rodolphus suggested.

"That poor woman is absolutely lovely and does not deserve that torture!" Harry shook his head.


"Rabastan can take that responsibility as my best man then," Rodolphus shrugged.

"What am I being volunteered for?" Rabastan asked walking into the room.

"You are keeping the twins under control at the wedding," Rodolphus pointed his thumb at the devils who were pouting.

"Can't you give me an easier job, like dancing with great-great aunt Gertrude," Rabastan snorted.


Harry grinned as Rodolphus wrapped his arm around his shoulders when he leaned against him even as he carried on talking with Sirius, Remus, Fred and George about the new tricks that the twins were creating for their shop. He rested his head tiredly on his fiance's shoulder, the day catching up with him considering he and Farzana had been running around that morning sorting out the wedding favours and table decorations for the reception and then he had come home to prepare the meal that had gone down so well with their family.

Everyone was chattering around the table, their family mixing well once again. He had to smile a little more when he overheard Renato talking eagerly to Tonks about the baby, her bump well and truly showing now. He met Moira's eyes from across the table who smiled brightly at him and winked before she went back to talking with Severus. She and Regy seemed to have been delighted when he had invited them to the meal, and they had had really enjoyed the night from what he had seen.

It had gone exactly the way he had wanted it to go, and even better. Though...he tried not to allow the worry that had been bothering him from before Lucius gate to ruin his night, but he could not help as it soured his mood slightly, unaware of the pair of eyes that were watching him.

"What the!" Harry spluttered staring at his attacker with wide eyes, unable to believe what he was seeing. "Rabastan!"

"Fucking hell, you pack a punch, remind me to never piss you off, and to be there when Rodolphus pisses you off," Rabastan groaned weakly from the floor.

"What the hell are you doing here at half eleven at night?!" Harry hissed hurrying to yank his dressing gown on before helping Rabastan to his feet, grimacing as the hex...hexes that he had hit his soon to be brother-in-law took effect. He helped Rabastan sit on the bed, working quickly to undo his work.

"By tonb ib nub," Rabastan said with a tone of interest, poking at his numb tongue.

"Stop that," Harry sighed smacking at his hand.

"Oo ibs green!" Rabastan waved his green hand at Harry.

"Honestly," Harry sighed deeper.

Ten minutes later he finally had his hexes under control, only a few side effects still on show. He settled down on the bed next to Rabastan and eyed him.

"Don't look at me like that, Merlin you are a natural bearer, I feel sorry for my future nieces and/or nephews," Rabastan snorted.

"Why are you sneaking into my bedroom at night?" Harry raised his eyebrow.

"It isn't for notorious reasons." Rabastan huffed dropping himself backwards onto Harry's bed, throwing his arms out. "You are worried about something,"

"What…" Harry straightened, his expression clearing.

"Something has been bothering you," Rabastan turned to look at Harry. "Is it Lucius?"

"No, no, that is...that was something completely different to what Lucius actually said, and I have dealt with that with Dolphus," Harry shook his head.

"So it is something else then?" Rabastan poked gently at Harry's back getting cautious green eyes to look at him. "Want to share? I might be able to help," he offered carefully.

Harry licked his lips nervously as he looked at him, weighing up his options quickly, before dropping onto the bed beside Rabastan with a loud sigh. "I...I want to be able to get Rodolphus something, he buys me all these lovely, thoughtful, wonderful things, and does all these lovely things, and I love them, mainly because I love the thought behind them and it shows how well he knows me...but I can't reciprocate, because no matter what I do, I have to borrow the money off of someone to be able to get something for him and it just feels...it is so frustrating, and I just wish I could get him something in return to show how much I appreciate him and am coming to feel for him, and it makes me more frustrated than ever with my parents and the situation that they have left me in, and I am fed up of having to go to people to ask to borrow money to be able to get things or do things," Harry said nearly in one breath, leaving Rabastan blinking at him as he tried to process everything that he had just said.

"You know, you don't have to buy him something, the muggle book that you gave him means a lot to him, and you are very creative, why don't you make him something?" Rabastan offered slowly, not sure whether he was giving the right advice.

"Do you really think that would work?" Harry perked up.

"I think it would, more than if you went out and bought him something fancy Harry. That's what he likes about you, that it is the small things, the thoughtful things rather than about money," Rabastan assured him.

"Hmm...I think...I have a couple of ideas," Harry hummed thoughtfully.

"Good," Rabastan looked pleased with himself before his eyes widened as Harry started firing off ideas at him, grilling him on the types of things that Rodolphus liked, colours that he liked...he even got a pad and quill out and started taking notes!

"I...am not even going to ask," Severus shook his head when he poked his head into Harry's room hours later to wake him up, only to find Rabastan passed out and snoring on Harry's bed, while Harry was sitting at his desk surrounded by paper.

"Not the Lestrange I expected to find in his bed," Sirius snorted.

"Not asking," Severus repeated moving down the hall to start their breakfast.

"Five more minutes," Rabastan whined burrowing into the covers before letting out a loud shriek when he opened his eyes for a second and found Sirius crouched down at the side of the bed inches away from his face.

"You ok there?" Sirius asked amused as Rabastan jumped up from the floor, looking around the room wide-eyed.

"He kept me up so late," Rabastan whined yanking the covers around his shoulders.

"That sounds dirty," Harry muttered still scribbling away.

"I was only trying to help," Rabastan pouted.

"Still sounds kind of dirty," Sirius shrugged.

"You're all evil, I am going to find Severus," Rabastan huffed storming out the room with the blankets still draped around his shoulders.

"Everything ok?" Sirius asked Harry, a little bemused despite his teasing.

"It is now!" Harry grinned tiredly, but happily, at his godfather.

"Good...now I think you need to eat and have a nap," Sirius shook his head looking around at the mess of Harry's bedroom.

"Hello Rodolphus," Severus said smoothly through the floo connection.

"Severus, is everything ok with Harry?" Rodolphus asked concerned.

"He is fine," Severus smiled a little honestly at him. "He is currently napping, you might want to come and get your brother, he has been drooling on our sofa for the last two hours, his snoring is starting to get annoying," Severus said and then withdrew from the floo.

"Rabastan…" Rodolphus blinked before flooing over, curiosity eating at him.

"Harry?" Rodolphus called out confused.

"Here," Harry smiled, stepping out from around the garden. Rodolphus' breath caught in his throat, Harry always looked stunning, he always looked perfect in Rodolphus' eyes, but he looked even more so tonight. He was wearing white trousers and a large white jumper, his black hair neatly braided, it was simple, but there was something about the simpleness of it that made his breath catch, he was practically glowing in the moonlight, especially with the white fur cloak that he had thrown over his shoulders, the cloak Rodolphus had bought for him only last week having seen in and known that it was perfect for Harry, especially with winter coming.

He looked as stunning as Rodolphus had expected him to.

Harry smiled a little softer at him at the look that he was giving him, and when Harry reached out his hands to his fiance Rodolphus took his hands and allowed Harry to pull him forward. He wound Rodolphus' arms around his waist before wrapping his own arms around Rodolphus' shoulders, leaning up onto his toes for a kiss.

The kiss was gentle and tender, Rodolphus losing himself in the warmth of Harry, the scent and taste of him filling his senses, and the feeling of him in his arms, pressed against his body. Harry ran his teeth over Rodolphus' bottom lip in a slow drag, humming into the kiss when his partner groaned softly into his mouth and held him even closer.

"I have missed you," Rodolphus sighed. "I am sorry I have not been able to see you,"

"You have been busy," Harry shook his head.

"Now you have me pretty much all to yourself until after our honeymoon, I promise, with the exception of only a few meetings," Rodolphus smiled.

"Good, the wedding will be here soon," Harry smiled back.

"You're feeling good about it?" Rodolphus asked tightening his arms around Harry and pressing their foreheads together.

"Honestly, the attention of the actual wedding day I am not looking forward to, especially because we both know that there will be people there just to have a gawp at the 'unexpected arranged marriage of the century',"

"I love when you quote the Daily Prophet to me,"

"...but the result I am looking forward to. I can't wait for us to be married and start our life together. I am growing bored with having to control myself in fear of Sirius walking in, and hovering in the awkward wait we have. I promise, my wobble from the other day has eased," Harry rolled his eyes.

"I am glad you're looking forward to our life together, and it doesn't matter how many wobbles you have, as long as we keep talking to each other," Rodolphus kissed Harry's cheek.

"I am lucky to have you," Harry said softly.

"And I feel the same way," Rodolphus said against Harry's lips before drawing him in for another kiss. "You need to tell me what this is about before I jump the stunner on our wedding night," he sighed pulling away from Harry.

"I had a…I was feeling bad, I wanted to be able to show you how much you mean to me, but I didn't want to borrow money off of Sirius and Sev or Remus to buy you something, that didn't feel right, and I didn't know what to do to show you,"

"You don't have to…"

"I want to. Rabastan helped me," Harry smiled wider.

"He did?"

"Don't sound so worried!" Harry laughed. He stepped back out of Rodolphus' hold but took his hands again and started leading him further into the garden.

"I take it this has to do with your sleepover together?" Rodolphus snorted.

"Yes," Harry grinned. "This is my favourite of the Potter Houses, and thankfully one of the few that James and Lily did not sell off, mainly because my great grandmother actually had brains and made sure that no Potter for seven generations would be able to sell it. I want to have our first Yule here. You, me, Rabastan, Percy, Sirius, Severus, Renato, Gillian, Remus, Tonks, the baby, Fred, George, Moria and Regy. I want to cook a big yule supper, have everyone stay at our home for a week, celebrate together, as a family," Harry said softly as he led Rodolphus around a hedge and his fiance could finally see the beautiful, large three-story building made of silver granite that made the building look as though it were glowing in the moonlight. The roof was covered in a picturesque covering of snow, warm light spilling from the windows.

Ivy grew up on one side of the wall, and around the large oak door, red roses bloomed filling the night air with a beautiful scene as Harry led him to the front door.

"That sounds…perfect. Our family," Rodolphus repeated.

"Our family," Harry nodded. "I wanted to do something special for you, I wanted to share this place, and I have cooked a meal for us," He was looking a little nervous now, and Rodolphus couldn't have that.

He wrapped Harry in his arms again and pressed their lips together, pressing Harry up against the front door he kissed him deeply this time, this beautiful young man always taking him by surprise.

"A night with you, eating food you have prepared for us, in a house that means so much to you. I would far rather this than a bauble you may have bought me," Rodolphus said so honestly that Harry could not doubt him.

"Come on," He shook his head, pecking Rodolphus on the lips before opening the door and leading Rodolphus into the house, peeling off his cloak one-handed as he held's Rodolphus' hand with the other.

Rodolphus smiled to himself as he made his way through the corridor to his bedroom. He had had a wonderful night with Harry, talking about their future plans, the wedding, they released that they had not come up with what they wanted to do for their honeymoon and had spent hours talking about the places that they wanted to visit, and things that they wanted to do. Rodolphus was fairly sure that they were covered for holidays for the next ten years of their lives.

Their shared interest in history and enjoying natured had ensured that, and they had both been happy and excited at the fact that they would enjoy the same things for holidays and trips out, though Rabastan would no doubt tease them even more, he found it funny how many of their dates had been to different museums, they had thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and Rodolphus felt as though he knew Harry even better.

Happily, he walked into his bedroom, stripping off his cloak and dropping it over his coat rack before wandering into his bedroom in a content, though slightly tired haze. he paused in the doorway before hurrying forward to his bed to look at the item that was sitting in the centre of his bed. kicking off his shoes he climbed onto his bed and sat on the mattress, reaching out to touch the wrappings of the large gift sitting waiting for him.

He gasped happily when the wrappings uncurled from around the gift, the scent of Harry's aftershave emanating from the wrappings. The fabric floated up into the air and danced around him a few times before settling around his neck and he realised that the wrappings were in fact a scarf. Going by what Harry had said to him earlier he realised quickly that it was homemade, and then he realised why the fabric looked familiar.

The scarf had been made out of the robes that Harry had been wearing to their first meeting together. His clever fiance had cut up the emerald green robes and had embroidered a detailed geometric pattern onto the fabric with a shining golden thread, the scarf was beautifully made, and something that Rodolphus knew that he would treasure. Harry had managed to find something good from the robes that he had been forced into for their first meeting, and even though the robes had been so not Harry, Rodolphus would treasure it as a memory of the start of something that he hoped would be a long and happy marriage.

His attention finally turned to the item that the scarf had been wrapped around, and he had to marvel at Harry's magic once again as he looked at the item that was fairly humming with Harry's magic, something that Rodolphus was becoming familiar with. The glass of the jar was engraved in gentle sweeps and curls that caught the light that terminated from inside the jar, at the centre of it was a large, round silver moon, and flying in gentle and soothing circles around the jar in front of the moon where four small black crystal figures that danced and spun in the air as they flew, and darting around in more whimsical and fluttering movements was a smaller golden figure that had golden sparks coming from it. Light glittering from the moon and sparkled from inside the jar itself illuminating the scene.

The scene was from Peter Pan.

"He spent hours and hours creating them for you," Rabastan said as he walked into the room and leant against one of the posters on Rodolphus' bed, "he spent even more time trying to come up with the perfect gifts for you,"

"They're perfect," Rodolphus smiled lifting the bell jar to watch the figures dancing inside.

"He cares for you, a lot," Rabastan smiled.

"I am falling in love with him," Rodolphus admitted without looking away from his gift, the scent of Harry's aftershave surrounding him from the scarf.

"Already?" Rabastan asked surprised.

"Yes. He is everything that I have wanted for myself, and something that I never thought I would get. I want to make him happy, I want to make him smile every day, and I want to give him the life that he deserves," Rodolphus looked at his brother with intent blue eyes as he held his gift close to his chest.

"You already do," Rabastan shook his head gripping his brother's shoulder. "I do not think that Harry is far off falling in love with you as well, the way that he set himself to making this for you. These were made to show how he feels about you, and how you make him feel, how he feels about your relationship together,"

"Thank you," Rodolphus smiled.

"I just suggested he make something instead of stressing about the fact that he couldn't buy you something. Then listened to him ramble about all his ideas before falling asleep," Rabastan shrugged. "Touch the star on the base," he said over his shoulder as he made his way to the door, waving before he left.

Turning back to the jar Rodolphus twisted it and noted the sparkling green emerald star at the bottom of the jar, pressing his finger to it he blinked and then started laughing when the tune of Let's Misbehave played by piano music came from the jar.