Hi so this is my first story on here, any helpful critique is appreciated. This story is kind of going to be a mix of one-shots and whole story going into Thor: Ragnarok and afterwards. There will be mentions of other characters from other books, movies, or shows but I am not labeling this as crossover because it is primarily a Thor fiction.

Please enjoy.

I do not own Thor (Sadly), all rights go to Marvel and Disney. Only person I own is my OC.

I push through the clogged streets of Sakaar on my way into the deeper end of the city when I get a transmission over my earpiece.

"The Grandmaster wants to see you," The slow, feminine voice drawls over the earpiece.

"Oh heeeey Topaz good to hear from you!" I make sure to let the sarcasm drip for that one, goodness I hate that witch.

"Sarcasm not appreciated...If you're not here in ten minutes I have the melting stick warming up..."

I want to bite back with a retort but I also don't want to risk death by orange glowy orb.

"Yo, on my way!" I dash back the way I came having to push past many Sakaaran, most of which are not too pleased to have a seemingly half-crazed brunette topple them over in her haste to not be melted.

"Sorry!" I call as a accidentally knock someone over. They yell profanities at me, but honestly names are at the bottom of my "Things Eliza Worries About" list when Topaz says she's got the melting stick ready to go. No need for her to get too trigger happy.

I rush into the arena and grab the first open lift I see and practically punch the button that would take me up to the Grandmaster's throne room. Once inside I quickly pat down my hair and smooth my maroon and black outfit, making sure there are no creases in the leather. I attempt to use the reflection in the lift glass to make sure the paint on my face is not chipped or melting from that awful sun outside. As soon as the lift stops and slides open I slip through and dash down the hallway until I almost run into the guards.

"Hey boys, Grandmaster is expecting me," I pant a bit as the guards give me a cursory glance before allowing me entrance.

"Heeey, there's my favorite non-minion minion!"

The Grandmaster sits on his golden throne..chair? I mean it looks incredibly comfy whatever you wanna call it.


I notice briefly there's a few guards in the room, flanking some guy...who I can't really make out at the moment. I glance over Grandmaster's shoulder to Topaz who is holding the melting stick, though she does put it aside.

"You called sir""

"Yes, yes I did! I have a project for you, You like those yeah?" He doesn't wait for my answer. "This lovely young thing over there needs some TLC, so your mission...should you choose to accept it, and I know you will, is to take him to see Kayin for some mm...new clothes. Make him look a bit less...dirty."

Seriously...that's what he wants from me? Then again anything to get in his good graces...I need that right now.

"Yes sir..."

I look over at the guy and stop...he looks vaguely familiar to me? I'm not sure why. He's incredibly tall and I notice a set of piercing green eyes just staring blankly at me. His black hair is a disheveled mess, his clothes, once fine leather, was torn and tattered. Certainly a fixer-upper.

"Hey, name's Eliza, my friends call me...oh wait I don't have any," I smirk a bit.

Definitely not the best way to introduce yourself...The guy just stares at me.

Grandmaster on the other hand begins to laugh, "See, this is why you're my favorite go-to girl! You're so friendly to the new...recruits, isn't she Topaz?"

She just grunts.

"See she agrees?"

I notice the guy giving me a once over, it makes me uncomfortable but neither of us speaks.

"Oookay well I'll take him off your hands sir," I turn back to the Grandmaster.

"Very good. When you're done bring him back, I'd like a chance to get to talk to him a bit more."

Kinda hard considering he seems pretty mute...

I nod and turn back towards the lift, the man following silently behind. Once in the lift I press the button for Kayin's floor and glance at the guy for a few moments. He's interesting...not sure if he's really handsome or not, but he's certainly interesting. Air of mystery about him.

"Take a picture it will last longer."

I'm thrust from my thoughts by the low timbre of his voice. He speaks! Aaaand he caught me staring. I flush in annoyance, "Sorry to be curious..."

"Does the Grandmaster always employ such...plain creatures? The others I saw briefly had much more character than you,"

I gape at him. What an a-hole! "Excuse me?!"

He gives me a smirk, "The Grandmaster clearly loves beautiful things and you're...well you're certainly something."

"Wow what did I do to deserve the venom?" I frown, "Y'know what never mind. Let's just get you to Kayin so I can get this over with..."

We get off the lift and walk into what I can only describe as very, very...colorful. The room is filled with fabrics and mannequins of every color and material. Most of the cloth lying around were actually garments, just not in use. A beaded curtain in the back of the room swished open as a man dressed is bright colors came rushing out.

"Eliza my dear, to what does the humble designer owe your presence?" Kayin is dressed in an odd mix of yellow, pink and...leopard print? He pushes the heart shaped sunglasses back up his face.

"This guy needs some new threads. Grandmaster asked me to handle it and told me to come see you so, here I am."

Kayin comes and grabs my shoulders, quickly kissing my cheeks. He then turns with a flourish to the guy and examines him thoughtfully.

"Hmmm...he is very different from what I've dressed before,"

Gesturing to my relatively normal looking leather and cloth outfit, "You gave me these, do something similar I guess?

"That can be accomplished." Kayin reached over and grabbed the man's arm, "Step into my world, and we shall take you away!"

I follow them deeper into the shop, settling on a pink couch to wait.

"Oh, there's a bottle of wine there if you'd like any Eliza!" Kayin rushed by with a bundle of clothes in his arms.

As they work I lounge on the couch, sipping my wine and flipping through my holoscreen for anything interesting to read or look at. I've been sitting there for almost an hour when Kayin finally reappears, dabbing at his eyes with a lace handkerchief.

"I've done everything I can! He's perfect!"

The beaded curtain is moved aside as the guy reappears looking well groomed, his hair neatly combed and his face cleans. Kayin's choice in clothes was..impeccable; simple blue leathers, a blue cape with yellow lining on the underside, and boots.

Wow...I mean seriously wow. Anyone with eyes could have told before that he was attractive, but man does he clean up nicely.

"Kayin, you did amazing!" I'll be sure to tell the Grandmaster to give you a bonus when he sends the units,"

"Ah that would be wonderful!" Kayin claps. He gives me a few more kisses on the cheek before I manage to disentangle myself.

"Well, we should be getting back," I awkwardly glanced at the guy who turned and headed for the elevator and I quickly dashed after.

Well damn...looks even better from behind. I blinked out of those thoughts, my face burning and hurried after the guy into the lift. I leaned against the wall, eyes closed and resting until.

"Don't think I didn't notice you looking at my ass."

Well that happened. My eyes flash open and I give him a look.

"Heh...hardly I was merely admiring Kayin's handiwork, how he can make even a space floozy look nice..."

The man stiffened, his eyes flashing annoyance, "Excuse me?"

I grin wryly, "Oh did I hit a nerve hun?"

"I'm quite persuasive and I already have the Grandmaster wrapped around my finger. I'm sure a word from me would remove you from the picture in a heartbeat."

I pushed off the wall and advanced towards him, well as much as one can in a tiny lift. I had to stand on my tip toes to even reach his chin, "You don't scare me. The Grandmaster may seem like an idiot at first glance, but he's incredibly clever. He doesn't trust as easily as you seem to think, take a loooong time for someone to get his good graces. So, unless you want to become a gladiator, I suggest you lay off..."

I let the threats hang in the air, staring him in the eyes.

He seemed to weigh his options but doesn't say a word. I move away as the lift stops at the Grandmaster's floor and we step off returning to his throne room.

"Oh good, you're back and-oh my what do we have here?" He gives the guy a once-over, "Lovely...yes very lovely,"

I stand off to the side but watch that little...parasite lay on the charm, "I am quite grateful, Grandmaster, to your designer. He has a wonderful selection,"

"I know, I know," He nods, very pleased.

"If I may be so bold as to suggest giving your designer something of a bonus for his hard work. He is very efficient and willing, and in such a short time frame as well,"

Oh my gods, he is a parasite! He stole my idea! Gods I needed those good graces from the Grandmaster, and now what? I start to rethink my plans.

"Wonderful idea! It'll be done immediately," The Grandmaster snaps his finger, "Topaz if you would take care of that for me. Oh and Eliza, my favorite go-to girl, you just earned yourself a promotion,"

Well that makes this better.

"To scrapper!"

Aaand less good...

"An honor, sir," I incline my head thoughtfully. At this point anything that can get me higher up and access to more things is a plus.

"Of course it is. Now, Eliza you may go. You start duty tomorrow, have Val show you around."

I gave a quick bow and turned, looking at the other man with apprehension and yeah a bit of a threat. As I leave I hear the Grandmaster address him.

"You know I never did get your name."


"...Space floozy..." I mutter under my breath as I walk out.