Team SuperArrow gets the rundown about what's been happening with the Legends, and Kara can't believe what she's about to say.

118 parts later, and here's the ending of the book! Enjoy, all!

Kara Danvers/Oliver Queen

"I'm sorry, run this by me one more time," Kara shook her head, rubbing her temples. "I thought the goal was not to let the demon out of his prison?"

"And how badly does that mean the timeline is messed up now?" Oliver asked.

"Well, yes, initially the goal was to fix anachronisms and keep Mallus sealed inside the prison created by the Zambesi tribes," Martin Stein nodded from where he was across from them. "However, Sara and her team learned that perhaps the way to ensure Mallus was no longer a threat was to release him so that they could destroy him when he emerged."

"And for some reason, Sara trusted Damien Darhk with the Death Totem?" Malcolm's eyebrows shot up.

"It sounds bad, I know it does," Ava Sharpe sighed. "We don't know exactly what happened, either. But the Waverider sent out a message through history asking for help against an army Mallus has gathered, and I already have two others waiting back on Earth-1. We came here to ask for you, too."

Oliver looked at Barry and Cisco. "And you two are going?" he asked.

"I told Sara if she needed help, I'd be there if I could be," Barry nodded. "Ava says that she can get us right to the moment in the past we need to be, and then it would be right back to Central City, barely seconds after we left."

"And considering we're almost in the middle of a crisis of our own, that's really the only reason we're helping," Cisco admitted. "We'd only be gone a few seconds from Central."

Kara chewed her lip. "That would make it easier for me to leave," she said.

"Are we forgetting that every time we switch Earths, God only knows how much time will pass before we return to the other?" Dig raised an eyebrow.

Kara dropped her forehead onto her hands again, and Dinah shrugged. "Then not all of us have to go." Everyone looked at her, and Dinah raised an eyebrow. "I mean, do all of us really need to help the Legends face a time demon and his army? We can basically throw Barry and Kara at them, and there you go."

"She's right," James nodded. "Most of us can stay here and keep an eye out for these Kryptonians. If something happens while you're gone, we can contact you and let you know."

"OK," Kara finally nodded. "If we go with that, then I'm good with going."

"Me, too," Oliver nodded. "But the moment something goes wrong – "

"We'll let you know," Winn promised.

"All right," Kara clapped her hands. "I'm going, Oliver's going. Who wants to fight a time demon?"

To no one's surprise, Slade, Malcolm, Laurel, and Alex put their hands in the air immediately. Mon-El and Imra were only a few seconds behind them. "Well, that leaves us down a few supers," Felicity frowned.

"I'll stay," Alura volunteered, looking at Kara. "I'll protect our family."

Kara smiled widely and hugged her. "Thanks, Mom."

"Whoa, wait," Curtis did a double take. "Mom?"

"Yeah," Kara grinned widely. "My mom."

"Keep my extrapolator," Oliver nodded to the device he skidded to Dig. "If you need us, use the communications function."

"Will do," Dig nodded, frowning at the device. "I'm not sure how to use that, though."

"Just ask Ruby," Cisco smiled. "She's the one who figured it out."

Sam smiled proudly. "That's my girl."

"Sisters in arms?" Kara grinned at Imra.

"Sisters in arms," Imra agreed, accepting the fist bump offered.

"Try not to burn the planet down while I'm gone," Alex smiled at Lucy.

"I'll try not," she chuckled.

"I'll make sure she doesn't," Max grinned.

"Oh, God," Alex deadpanned.

Slade snickered. "What a vote of confidence."

Alex punched him in the arm. "All right," Kara turned around. "Let's go fight a time demon." She blinked. "I can't believe I just said that."

"I can't believe we're doing that," Oliver snorted.

"OK," Cisco opened a breach. "Wild West, here we come."

"Wait," Laurel's incredulous voice asked as they headed through. "They're in the Wild West?!"

Kara took a deep breath, then Oliver squeezed her hand. "Think we can fight this?" he asked with a smirk.

"Together?" Kara grinned. "Absolutely. Human or alien, powers or not, we are in this together."

Oliver nodded. "Till death do us part."

Kara snorted as they headed towards the breach. "A little early for wedding vows."

"Please," Oliver shook his head. "We've lived by that vow for a while."

"Touché," Kara nodded. "Right. Let's go save time."

A/N: To be continued with the season finales in "Till Death Do Us Part!"

Yeesh, this book has been so much fun to write, but I'm also very happy it's done. We finally get a Legends episode and another huge team-up, and (hopefully) a happy ending.

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