Well, here it is, the next part of my Ride Or Die series. I honestly didn't expect my last F&F story to be loved by so many. I probably wouldn't have continued making F&F stories after this because honestly, I made that story on a dare. Remember that small piece I made on Roman saying I'm hungry in F8? One person said that it was a complete waste of time and that I shouldn't write. So we made a bet if I made a great Fast and Furious story, I could keep on writing Fast and Furious stories. But anyway, enjoy the first chapter of Going The Extra Mile.

***Los Angeles, California, Race Wars***

'Just a little further," Brian said as stepped down harder on the gas.

The finish line wasn't that far and he was barely holding his lead. Suddenly the car next to him burst forward, obviously on NOS.

"Too early, pal."

Just as he said that the engine of the car in front of his went up in FLAMES and drift off track. Seeing this made Brian laugh as he sped right over the finish line. As he came to a stop, the crowd flocked around him lead by his best friends, Tej and Roman.

"Alright, alright, alright! Pay up, everybody who lost, pay up!" Tej shouted. The crowd slapped their money into Tej's hand, some were happy(not really), most were sad(more like pissed). After they cleared out, Tej gave half of the money to Brian, to which Brian gave half of it back to Tej. "Thirteen years, and you still got that mutual respect for me."

"It doesn't when it comes to family," Brian said taking Tej's hand and pulling him into a bro-hug.

"Well I been knowin' him way longa den you," Roman whined as they started to walk back to the tent. "When do I get some mutual respect?"

"Probably when you start acting like a grown up and stop whining like a three-year-old baby," Ramsey said as they approached the rest of the group.

"Oh that's cold." Brian laughed and hooked his arm around Roman's neck and laughed.

The whole team was sitting under a big tent. Dom and Letty sitting down in the middle with Letty holding Little Brian. Ramsey was sitting next to Mia with Daisy in her lap and jack in Mia's. Leo and Santos were working at a grill, arguing with each other as usual. And Brian, Tej, and Roman came over and sat down with a few cold ones(beers).

"You're driving's getting better, Buster." Dom complimented his brother-in-law.

"Thanks, Dom," Brian replied, "Wait this isn't like that "baby gift" compliment you gave me in Rio, right?"

"Again, I have no idea what you're talking about." Dom slyly said as they sat down.

The team had come to this place as a sort of a getaway. Ever since the deal with Cipher, the team needed some action. The world had seemed at peace for what seemed like the longest time. So Dom suggested that they come to a place where they would all feel at home. Even Hobbs came, despite his multiple protests. Roman and Tej had become somewhat of the referees of the place, Tej more than Roman(kinda like he did back in Miami). And Brian, he'd become one of the best racers next to Dom and Letty. But deep down, all of them were still kinda bored. Maybe they need more than this, maybe... a vacation.

"Hey, Dom?" Letty called out to her husband.

"What's up, baby?" He replied.

"Do you think maybe we need a vacation?"

"What do you call this?"

"A crazya** family reunion with a bunch of girls and cars." Letty replied sarcastically, "Mainly girls."

"Ok. If we did, and by we you mean the whole team, right?" Letty nodded, "Ok then, where would you wanna go?"

It took Letty a while to think of the perfect vacation spot. They'd been just about everywhere on Earth. Working for a secret organization will do that to you. Traveling all over just to save the world was great, but just once, Letty wanted to go somewhere beautiful where they wouldn't have to worry about anybody shooting at them or trying to kill them. Then suddenly, she got it.

"How bout, Miami?" She asked.


Why not? We've never been."


"Actually, we have," Brian interjected motioning to him, Tej, and Roman. "But yeah it's a good place to visit. What do ya say, boys, wanna go back to Miami?"'

"Yeah, it'd be nice to be back on my ol streets," Tej said, "We can see Jimmy Suki, even Justin."

"Who's Justin?" Dom asked.

"This kid I looked after his grandma died. He's a good."

"What bout you, Rome, you wanna mess up the streets of Miami again?" Brian asked.

Hey, as long as I don't gotta deal with Verone and his goons, Elian and Fidel, I'm good." Roman said recalling the last time He, Brian and Tej were in Florida back in 2003.

"How bout you, Hobbs?"

"Wish I could but I promised Samantha I'd do something with her this week," Hobbs replied.

"Well bring her along," Mia suggested, "She'll love it."

After thinking about it, Hobbs answered," Ok why not. Besides, I think she's got a friend there anyway."

"Ok, all in favor, say NOS."

"NOS!" They all said.

"Well, I guess that makes it unanimous." Brian said with a smile, "We're goin' to Miami."

Well there's the first chapter, what'd you guys think? The teams goin' to Miami and it's gonna be great. I'll be taking ideas along the way cause I'm really just making this up as I go along. Also I wanna thank you guys for the love and support you've given me to make this story because I probably would've stopped with F8. But thank you all. Until next chapter.