A second last minute treat for you guys! Happy Toretto Tuesday!

***High Security Prison***

Armored guards lay on the floor. A trail of them leading to a certain cell. Cipher's cell.

In front of it was a big, muscular man, currently holding a guard in a chokehold. Within a few seconds, he let go and the guard dropped to the floor. Unconscious and not waking up anytime soon.

Having dealt with him, the buff man went to work on the security lock on the cell.

"Impressive. Very impressive." Cipher said as she walked towards the cell door. "And who do I have to thank for coming to my rescue?"

The cell door unlocked, came out, and slid to the side and the blonde cyber terrorist walked out and was fact to face with her liberator.

"Name's Jakob."

Interesting name. But Cipher knew there had to be more. Otherwise why would he be here? She'd never met or seen him before. So what else was there to this mysterious man? "Got a last name?" she asked.

It took a moment, but after popping his neck and letting out a sigh, he finally replied. "...Toretto."

Whoa. Did he just say what she thought he said? No, she definitely did. But...what?

"Toretto? As in-?"

"As in I'm the brother of Dom." He cut her off.

Examining this man's body, she could see that he certainly had the muscles and build to be Dom's brother.

"Well, you certainly have the right parts to be." She stated, and she wasn't shy about it either.

Jakob shook that off, rolled his shoulders and cleared his throat. "If you're going after my brother and his team again, I want in."

The wheels began to turn in Cipher's mind and she began to entertain this thought. She raised an eyebrow curiously at this. "Really?"

He respond with a sharp nod. The look of hate and determination in his eyes. In him, she saw fiery, raw, and untamed power.

Almost immediately, a menacing smile came to Cipher's face as she thought of how wonderful this would be.

"Well, this is gonna be one helluva reunion." She said with a look that screamed revenge.

Cliffhanger! Jakob is here and now he's working with Cipher! I had to make a way for Cipher and Jakob to meet since he's gonna be in the REAL Fast 9, and this was the best way I could do it.

But yeah, that's it, guys! This was a fun sequel for me to do and I'm glad I was able to share it. Now, I can't to release the next one I have and to see what you all think of it.

Furious 10: TBA

I'm gonna keep the title a secret until it gets released and surprise y'all. I really look forward to it.

In the words of Dom and Hobbs, "Til next time."