Amelia the blue bird


love hearing singing all types rappers to pop stars. Amelia loves to sing it's simple I love to listen and she loves to sing.

only two people in history named Amelia in my opinion have flew so high, higher than the clouds Amelia Earhart and Amelia the blue bird

so why not use it

"Amelia I could make you a star" Amelia face seemed to sink into the idea her greedy mind working as hard as it ever had before and so was mine.

"you could be a star" I repeated over I kept going "I could put you on a stage" my voice carried over her judgment her mind shut down

I created a table out of thin air by now she knew I was not a producer a chair popped out next a full written contract

she sat down I slowly put the pen in her hand she grabbed it lightly and started to sign.

her or should I say our first show was coming up and the moment she stepped on stage I knew I had found talent.

blue bird ohhhh won't you fly with me ohhh don't leave me so alone I need your wings ohhh

the opening hook played in my head diamonds danced in my vision I was rich rich.

5 years later

"no no no no more singing I'm done Nathan if that's even your real name" Amelia angry voice carried over the small backstage room.

I camly replied "no your not done and my name is not Nathan" I pulled the contract out well there is one way you could give up your daughter soul.

the shock on her face registered " no no okay you win I'll sing but you have to promise swear to me on your dark heart that you will take care of my daughter". I laughed

never make a deal with the devil