Adrien looks around the elevator hesitantly. Every inch holds a button, labeled with something incredible... And dangerous. He stares at the walls, wondering what would be the best for survival...

"What's your favorite room, Mr. Plagg?" he asks hesitantly.

"Hmm," the man taps his chin. "I quite enjoy the Bloodberry room, the cheese candies room, the Television room..."

Félix's ears prick up. "Television room?" If they can get to a place with communication software... "I want to go there. Please."

Plagg scoffs down at him. "You always did strike me as a lazy bum."

"You just said it was one of your favorite rooms..."

Plagg rolls his eyes, pressing the button marked "TV."

"I hope you know what you're doing," Adrien whispers.

"I do. I always do."

Adrien cringes as the elevator lands with a thud, and it's not until they're being ushered out that he sees the button... the button labeled "Up and Out."

He had to find a way to press that button...

"Wear these," Plagg orders, handing Félix and Adrien each a pair of glasses. "Otherwise your eyes will fall out."

The two boys glance at each other nervously, sliding the glasses on. "Really hope you know," Adrien murmurs.

The room is extremely brightly lit, and Adrien can't tell the purpose of it. A small, box-like television set sits in the corner, and a tall platform stands across the room from it. "So, what's it do?" Félix asks, faux casually.

"A way to distribute free samples, of course," Plagg grins. "See, Tikki and I were thinking about television."

"That Nino boy does love it-"

"Nino?" Adrien asks in confusion.

"He was supposed to be here, but there was a bit of a screwup after someone," Tikki shoots Félix a harsh look, "hacked his ticket."

"So... who got the tickets was fixed," Félix says softly. "I wasn't selected. Is there a reason why you didn't intend to torture me, or was it just an accident?"

"Nino Lahiffe was good friends with a girl called Alya Cesaire. Her mother was a famous pastry chef," Tikki explains cheerfully. "Was."

"Chloé Bourgeois cared for Alya quite a bit as well," Plagg comments. "And Bridgette Dexter was close with Allegra Mellodie, the daughter of a man who made delicious hot cocoa, better than anything anyone else could."

"Manon Chamack was babysat by a girl called Marinette Dupain-Cheng, who's parents were bakers, and she'd been on the news begging for the girl's safety one too many times, you know how it goes. Adrien here... he knew Miss Marinette as well. Didn't you, Adrien?"

Adrien freezes, a smile plastered on his face, eyes blank, trying to fight tears. "I think I knew a girl called Marinette, but that was over a year ago now. I don't know what that has to do with the golden ticket..."

"Don't play dumb, Adrien. We know you looked for her. We know you begged your father to send search parties. We know you talked to her, and we know what she told you about this place."

"Just as Nino and Chloé fought to continue the search for Chloé's missing girlfriend. Just as Bridgette researched obsessively for nearly a year on everything related to Allegra's disappearance, and came too, too close."

Félix stares in abject horror at the two confectioners. "You aren't letting us out alive."

"Untrue," Plagg tilts his head. "One of you will be the one to take over the factory. The least rotten child. The one willing to obey. Willing to continue tradition."

"And that's never, ever going to be me." Félix looks up. "So. What's this room do? You never answered."

Plagg raises an eyebrow. "It's for commercial use. See, we were thinking, if tv can take a picture, break it up into a million tiny pieces, send it through the air, and make it appear on a television screen..."

"Why not do the same with candy?" Tikki finishes with a giggle.

Félix frowns. "Waves aren't tiny pieces, they're incorporeal..." He trails off. "Then again, after what I've seen today..."

"Bring out the chocolate for demonstration!" Tikki calls.

Félix's stomach turns as the Sugarkids enter, carrying a giant candy bar. Manon's there, and he can hear screaming from the door they came out of.

Marinette stares at Adrien harshly. "Up and out," she mouths again, angrily. Like he doesn't know.

The candy bar is placed on the stand, and suddenly, a laser shoots down from the ceiling, as the television flickers on.

"Miraculous chocolate is the best in the world!" the man laughs. "Don't believe me? Try for yourself!"

The laser hits the chocolate bar, and suddenly, the candy appears onscreen. Plagg nudges Adrien. "Go on. Take it."

Adrien reaches out, hesitantly pulling the bar out from inside the screen, unwrapping it.

Pure chocolate.

Félix glances up at the stand. "That... sends things into commercials?"

"Into television, yes."

Félix takes a deep breath, before racing up to the stand, slamming the "All Channels" button, and then, "Start." "I'm going to tell everyone," he hisses. "I'm going to make sure all those kids are freed, and this place burns!"

"Sure you will," Tikki smiles encouragingly as the laser is pointed down at Félix. "And you're gonna be the world's first astronaut president too!"

For a moment, uncertainty flickers in Félix's eyes, but it's too late to go back now... he's already been hit.

He appears on the screen, two inches tall, a moment later. "Listen, everyone!" he cries. "My name is Félix Evan Malheur, I won the fourth golden ticket and I'm here to tell you that the Miraculous factory is not what it seems! They kidnap children and force them to become slaves, and they've mutilated three of us already. Save us! Please!"

Tikki smiles sweetly. "Are you done yet?"

Félix looks up in confusion. "Shouldn't you be running right now?"

"No. Did you actually think the candy was ready for broadcast? It's only sent to the one tv set," Tikki giggles. "You, on the other hand..."

She flips the channel, and suddenly, Félix turns to see a large stone rolling down the tunnel towards him. He cries out, dashing away, eyes wide, until he finds a hole in the wall, only to turn and see a man with a knife, who's blade he ducks, before being hit by a giant fighting robot.

Tikki idly flips through the channels. "Stop fighting," she smiles. "Children, how about a so-?"

"NO!" the door bursts open, and a horrible sight meets their eyes.

Bridgette is blue, and retains quite a bit of juice, particularly around her face and midsection. That isn't what frightens Adrien, though... the thing that scares him is that the skin is stripped from her arm, neck, and half her chest, partially painted over with blue frosting. Her nails are gone, the few that aren't covered by candy corn leaving bloody wounds, and her hair has been torn out, replaced by sugar floss. A Sugarkid, midway through the making.

Bridgette spits blood, sprinting as fast as she can to where Félix is dodging bullets, reaching in. "I won't let you hurt him!" she cries out, pulling him out of the television, and holding him close.

"Bridgette..." he whispers. "Bridgette, what have they done to you?"

"Better than they have planned for you."

"We aren't going to lie down and take it anymore!" a voice calls out, as a horribly burned girl steps out the door, hand-in-hand with a Sugargirl with red licorice curls. "What do we want?"

"Freedom!" the kids come rushing from the doors.

"WHEN DO WE WANT IT?" Chloé screams.


And for one, shining moment, it looks as though the kids could overpower Tikki and Plagg...

Then that moment ends.