Chapter 5

I took my seat looking down at the desk in front of me, not wanting to make eye contact with any of the people likely looking at me. My phone buzzed and I quickly looked down at it, a Facebook messenger request from Alice Cullen had come through. I took a deep breath before opening up the message, I knew this was coming, I guess.

Alice We need to talk. After the exam meet me outside the gym.

Before I could reply, the examiners asked for phones to be turned off and put away, I looked up and found her, I nodded before looking back down at my papers.

The exam was easy enough, three hours and something like twenty pages of essay writing later I was done. Unfortunately, I had gone past the time when they allowed people to leave and so I had to wait the ten minutes until the end of the exam to leave.

While waiting, I looked up for the first time in three hours and found that only myself and four others remained; him and Jasper and Mike and Eric who were doing their PE final.

I looked at him, taking in everything about him, he was obviously stressed, his hair was a mess- he had obviously run his hand through it a few times in the last few hours. His clothes looked like he had slept in them, and though I couldn't see his face him sure that would show just the same; tired, dishevelled and anxious. As the time ticked down, I began tapping my foot anxiously.

"TIME!" the examiner yelled after what felt like hours. After collecting the rest of the papers, we were released. I left the exam room, but before even taking a step out the door my wrist was grabbed tightly, and I was pulled into a different room. Regaining my balance once I was let go, I looked around. He was here, so was Jasper and Alice was standing by the door.

I looked up at the love of my life, the man who had completely destroyed me only months ago and felt only a resounding sadness. He looked broken, he looked lost.

"Hi" I said quietly.

"Is that all you've got to say? Hmmm" Alice muttered angrily. I looked up at my best friend with sadness.

"Alice don't" he said quietly. I looked at him and caught his green eyes, I was caught, and I couldn't move, I couldn't look away even if I tried.

"What do you want me to say Alice? You ignored me in my time of need, I needed my best friends and you both turned your backs on me! Yes, I made a decision that hurt your brother, it hurt me more, and you know what? I couldn't do it, I couldn't destroy something I loved so completely and irrationally, I tried to talk to you both and you, you were hateful. I ran, do you know how hard it was for me? That day I lost my sister, my soul mate and my child. That day you called me those names? Hmmm remember that? Yeah, I left, I went to the one place I could be left alone, the one place that made me feel as close to him as possible and I cried. Eventually it started raining, day became night and night became day. I was found in a pool of blood. My baby was gone, you were gone, and he was gone. I had nothing left, I wanted to die. I realised I couldn't stay, and I left, I've been with Renee in Florida, I couldn't stay in the one place that caused my heart to break in a million pieces." I stopped for a second, wiping the tears away and gathered my composure. "is that what you wanted to hear? That I am so completely broken that I couldn't even protect my child? You know, when they brought me to the emergency room and I looked into your fathers' eyes as he told me, my child was gone, I couldn't do it anymore. So yes, I left. Sorry to burst your little bubble of perfection." I blinked and realised I was still looking at him, our eyes hadn't moved away from each other. The only difference now, he had tears streaking down his face and was pulling furiously at his hair.

"Bella-" Alice began, her voice croaking, but I stopped her. "Don't even." I muttered angrily.

The room went silent, my eyes stayed looking at Him.

After a while, I looked away and ran. I bolted through the door, down the corridor and out to the red car, jumping in, I raced down the streets. Once home, Charlies cruiser was still gone, I ran to my bedroom and stripped, changing into my lululemon black 7/8 tights, hot pink sport bra, I put my hair into a ponytail and tightened my running shoes, it was still light out, not exactly tropical, but warm enough that I didn't bother with a jacket. I scribbled a note to Charlie that I was out running, left a key under the pot plant; I put my sunglasses on, stuck my earbuds in and turned the music up as loud as possible, whilst putting my phone on do not disturb mode. I stretched a bit, before starting my run, I didn't know where I was going or how far, I just knew I needed to run and run hard I did.

After running through the town, I ended up in the forest, jumping over obstacles such as fallen over trees and flipping over shrubs, I only came to a stop when I ended up in a familiar looking clearing, the flowers in full bloom, and a hunched over man sitting in the middle. I pulled out my headphones and turned off my music, it was then I heard the sobbing. I walked closer and as I did, I saw hair the colour of coper, pulled and standing up at all ends all over his beautiful head. He looked up, mouth wide and I looked into his mesmerising sad eyes.

"Bella" he said softly before a fresh bout of tears rolled down his beautiful face.

"Edward" I sighed, I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him.

End of Chapter 5

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