August 18,1993

A beautiful woman with fine dark brown hair with hazel eyes lied upon a hospital bed wailing as she was trying to push out her first child.

"You're doing great miss Jackson," the doctor commented,"I can see the head!"

"Oh, Gods get it out!" miss Jackson shrieked. The woman's fine hair now matted and damp stuck to her forehead with sweat, her hands were clammy from them being bawled up into tight fists. With one last hard push, Manhattan's population grew by one. The silence in the room was broken by the ear-piercing wail the newborn baby let out.

"Congratulations miss Jackson Its a girl!" the doctor declared smiling at the new mother, the doctor handed the newborn to the nurse to get her cleaned up. Another nurse was preparing her birth certificate.

This is to certify that.

Weighing. lbs. Oz. Was born on the 18th day of August to and

In the year of 1993.

The first nurse brought the clean warbling baby back in the room to her mother. As the mother held her new baby girl she looked at her with love awe and adoration in her eyes, the baby was asleep so the woman had yet to see her baby's eyes but that was about to change when the nurse spoke up.

"What would you like to name her," the nurse asked. The woman did not have an answer she was expecting to have a boy because according to her baby's father he never had girls just boys. The baby's eyes shot open shining sea green eyes met hazel a name popped up in the woman's head.

"Prudence," miss Jackson addressed her baby and the nurse, " Prudence Artemis Hera Jackson." The nurse handed the woman the birth certificate so she could fill it out.

Birth certificate

This is to certify Prudence Artemis Hera Jackson weighing 3lbs.10oz. Was born on the 18th day of August to Sally Jackson and blank in the year of 1993.

~~~~~~~ a week later~~~~~~~

A week after the birth of Prudence Artemis Hera Jackson the daughter of Sally Jackson at midnight, the apartment where they lived was still the occupants were asleep. Then with a flash a handsome middle aged man with dark hair and green eyes appeared in a infants room(room above) and crossed the room over to a crib where a beautiful baby girl with black hair rested. When he reached the crib he looked down in shock in awe when he saw that the little being in the crib was female he'd never had a demigod daughter.

"My brothers will never harm you even of its the last thing I do" Poseidon vowed. The baby opened her eyes and staired at the man standing above her then gave him a gummy smile,he smiled back in awe he still couldn't believe he had a daughter. He took time to admire her she had black fuzzy hair with bright green eyes and slightly tanned skin she was wearing a green onesie. About 30 minutes later he knew he had to go and instantly got sad not knowing it he would ever see his daughter again. His daughter noticed the change and her eyes started to water. Poseidon gave her a sad smile and kissed her forehead.

"Don't cry my little princess" Poseidon softly spoke. He stepped back and left the room then flashed away. After he left the baby started to wail her mother woke and raced to her daughters room.