Now, after watching an amv about these two amazing characters. I got this idea all the sudden. It may be weird and confusing to some, but I think it's good. Basically, it's the world of Naruto where some people have been aged altered and they have switched places with some other characters. Minato is Naruto and Hinata's son, Itachi is Sasuke's younger brother, Naruto is the 4th Hokage and Sasuke takes cannon Itachi's role as the clan killer (however he is still emo). However, Itachi will not be emo like cannon Sasuke he will deal with the situation the way I believe he would have. Also, Itachi, Minato, and Kushina are the same age in this story and they are in the academy together. So, in short this is an AU story.

This is also a co-written story between me, Michael Shadow and ThatOneAverageWriter.

Chapter 1: An Alternate Story

Two young men faced each other standing on a river beneath a stone bridge, one had thick blond spiky hair with jaw-length bangs and blue eyes, he was wearing a blue shirt with a green vest, he had a headband with the hidden leaf symbol on it. In his right hand formed a blue sphere and in his left, he was holding a triple-prong kunai. This was Minato Namikaze.

In front of him was a young man of equal age, he had long black hair tied into a ponytail with long jaw-length bangs, his eyes were red with a black pinwheel and a red star in the center of the pinwheel. His right hand was surrounded by a flaming drill with lightening flickering around it. This was Itachi Uchiha.

"MINATO!" Itachi let out a war cry and charged at the blond with his fire drill fist raised.

"ITACHI!" Minato let out a war cry and charged at Itachi with the blue sphere. The moment they got close to each other Minato vanished in a yellow flash of light and appeared right above Itachi. Itachi then vanished in a puff of smoke. Minato spotted in the corner of his eyes Itachi with his fire drill lightning fist raised, Minato span his body around and crashed the blue sphere into the fire drill.

You might ask yourself this, how did things come to this? Well it's a very long story. It all began about 17 years ago, when the Nine-tailed fox attacked the village.

Inside the village known as Konoha, the village hidden in the leaf. A rampaging Nine-tailed fox was growling around in the village. As the shinobi fended off this tremendous beast. "Where is the Hokage?!"

"We don't have time to wait for him! Push the Nine-tails out from the village!" An old man wearing a samurai helmet and a black combat outfit, carrying a large scroll said, and performed a set of hand seals.

Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb!

The old man spitted out a wave of fire at the large fox, but it didn't even face it. Suddenly a large puff of smoke appeared and out came a large frog that pushed into the fox sending it back out of the village border. "I will not let you destroy the village, dattebayo!" A man with long spiky blond hair tied into a spiky ponytail similar to that of a certain white-haired sannin, his bangs were also jaw-length, wearing an orange shirt and a white coat with letters on the back that spelled "Forth". The man's eyes then suddenly changed as they looked frog like. He formed a blue sphere in his hand that began increasing in size until it was massive enough to be the size of the fox.


The blond man slammed the sphere into the fox pushing it further away from the village. Later, after this battle the Fourth Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, lost his life in this battle, sealing the fox spirit inside of a little newborn baby with blond hair.

Several people were gathered at the graveyard, grieving the Hokage's death as well as several others. A woman with black hair that reached her shoulders, with white like soulless eyes. She had tears running down her eyes as she held the blond-haired baby that was now the host of the Nine-tails close to her large chest. The baby then began to cry. "There, there, Minato-chan. It's going to be okay… mommy's here." The woman that was Naruto Uzumaki's wife, Hinata Uzumaki formerly known as Hinata Hyuga.

Behind her was everyone else also gathered some of them looking at the newborn child Hinata held with disgust. Right behind her was a young man with black hair, the back of his head looking like a duck's butt, his eyes were black, and in his arms, he held a young baby with black hair. And next to him stood a young woman with short pink hair and green eyes, this was Sakura Haruno whom was in love with the man standing next to her however, he seemed to mostly ignore her. This young man was Sasuke Uchiha and in his arms, were his younger brother Itachi Uchiha. "Naruto…" Sasuke uttered in sorrow at the loss of a man that was not only his best friend, but his former teammate, as his eyes turned red with three black tomoes that suddenly morphed into black eyes with a red star in them. Sasuke widened his eyes in surprise and then concentrated turning his eyes black again.

In front of two graves was a man with long white spiky hair tied into a long ponytail same as the dead Fourth Hokage, his eyes were decorated with a line of red paint going down his cheeks. Next to him was a pale looking man with long black hair and purple eyelash around his eyes that looked like that of a snake. "Tsunade…" The white-haired man clenched his fist. "And my son…" The man cried as his wife Tsunade used to be the Nine-tails Jinchuuriki but mysteriously died during child birth along with the child, and the Nine-tails was unleashed upon the village. This man was Jiraiya and the man next to him was Orochimaru.

Naruto Uzumaki had died at age 18 protecting the village and was written down in history as a hero.

6 years later

A young boy with black hair tied into a ponytail, wearing a black shirt with a red white fan on the back threw kunai knifes into the dead center of a board in front of him, and another young boy with spiky blond hair, wearing a white hoodie threw kunai knifes into the dead center of his board as well, with one of them no quite hitting the mark. "You really are skilled with shuriken jutsu more than I am, Itachi-kun." The blond spiky haired boy turned to his friend.

"Hn, you're quite skilled as well, Minato-san." The black-haired boy known as Itachi complimented his blond friend known as Minato.

"Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to do something after school?" Minato asked with a hopeful expression.

"Can't, I have training with nii-san and Shisui-san later." Itachi shut Minato down with an emotionless expression, as Minato sank his head down looking rather blue.

"Ohhhhh, damn…" Minato uttered as Itachi sweat dropped a little.

"How about tomorrow?" Itachi sighed.

Minato gained a smirk and wrapped his arm around Itachi's shoulder. "Yeah!" Minato cheered so loudly that Itachi had to cover his ears.

"Please, not so loud." Itachi said with a deadpan expression making the blond chuckle nervously.

"Why is that boy hanging around with, that kid." A mother of one of their classmates whispered to another.

"I don't know, he's an Uchiha should we really trust him to be hanging around with him, knowing what he is?" The other mom whispered.

"They're whispering about it again." Minato said with a sad smile. "About me being the host of that fox." Minato placed his hand over his stomach.

"They can talk all they want for all I care." Itachi said emotionlessly and threw five shurikens hitting five different boards in the dead center.

Minato figured out that he was the host of the Nine-tails around the time when he started at the academy, after hearing several people whispering about him being a fox demon and telling their kids to stay away from him. The only other kid in the whole village that knows what he is, is Itachi whom was his very best friend. They had been equal in their academics and fighting skills ever since they started at the academy. In fact, they could have graduated when they were 6. But since the Third Great Ninja War was long since over, there was no need for kids to graduate early and the Third Hokage forbid anyone from doing so.

Itachi and Minato, although they were about equal still outranked each other in certain fields. For example, Minato had more chakra, Itachi was better skilled at genjutsu and shuriken, Minato was slightly physical stronger, they were both equally intelligent with maybe Itachi having a very small edge. They both tended to get equal scores on tests, but Itachi would sometimes leave a clone behind and go train when classes were about to start, while Minato didn't want to get into trouble so he just stayed in the classroom.

Also, what Itachi considered to be a little idiotic was Minato's little crush over a certain girl in class. A red-haired girl with a round face, with her red hair framing both sides of her face making her resemble a tomato. Her eyes were blue, she wore a sleeveless kimono-style blouse that was yellow and held close with a green obi over a short-sleeved mesh shirt with a pair of dark blue shorts and brown sandals. This girl was a member of the Uzumaki clan like the Fourth Hokage only a more distant member, her name was Kushina Uzumaki. Every now and then she would make a ruckus in class when some boys would bully her for looking like a tomato. Which would result in her beating them up. Minato would sometimes look over at her in class, and when she would notice thinking he was making fun of her, she would yell at him and say. "What do you want!?" Which would make Minato look away with a faint blush. Minato although comes from Uzumaki blood, he was unknown of his heritage since the Third Hokage had decided to keep it a secret that Naruto was Minato's father. Also, when Naruto died Hinata went back to using her family name, and since Naruto's mother came from the Namikaze clan she decided to give Minato the Namikaze clans name instead since she knew the Hyuga clan would never acknowledge Minato as a Hyuga.

"Her hair is really pretty, isn't it?" Minato whispered to Itachi whom was sitting next to him.

"Seriously? Well I wouldn't argue saying it's not. But shouldn't you focus on studying instead?" Itachi asked with a deadpan expression. Suddenly the red head started beating three boys into a bloody pulp when they mocked her about her hair.

"Itachi-kun, I think I'm in love with her." Minato whispered with a small faint blush.

Itachi looked over at Kushina beating the boys, and back at Minato, back at Kushina, and back at Minato again. "… What are you, suicidal?"

"No, why?" Minato asked confused tilting his head to the side.

"… No reason."

Once, school was over Itachi bid farewell to Minato. Itachi then walked over to the training grounds where he was supposed to train with Shisui-san and nii-san. Once he got there however, in the center of the training grounds was a body of a young man with short black hair, wearing a black shirt with the Uchiha fan symbol. "Shisui-san!" Itachi ran up to the body and began shaking it. "Shisui-san!"

"I-Itachi-kun?" Shisui questioned, as both his eyes were gone.

"Wh-What happened to you?" Itachi questioned with wide eyes.

"My r-right eye got stolen… I d-destroyed the left one…" Shisui uttered weakly.

"Where is Sasuke nii-san?" Itachi questioned.

"I-I don't… know…" Shisui uttered. "I-Itachi… could you do me a favor?"


"Grow up to become a shinobi… willing to protect the village in any ways necessary… and carry on the honor of the Uchiha name…" Shisui uttered with a weak smile as he drew his last breath.

"Shisui-san…? Shisui…" Itachi uttered as a trail of tears ran down his eyes, then his black eyes turned red with two tomoes in them and a black dot in the center. He had awakened the sharingan. Shisui's body laid there, lifeless. Itachi didn't know what to do, his mind was filled with questions as to why something like this has happened. He should report this to his father, and get the police force to investigate.

Itachi rushed back to the Uchiha's compound as the full moon shined upon the village. As Itachi entered through a gate at the edge of the village with two red white fan symbols decorated on the side. 'Why are the lights out? It's still too early for bedtime.' Itachi thought looking at the houses, he felt someone looking at him. Itachi turned around and looked at telephone pole only to see no one there. 'Strange I thought someone was there.'

Itachi ran over into an alley way and widened his eyes in horror as he spotted several dead bodies on the ground, with several different kunai knifes and shurikens stabbed on the walls and the ground. Itachi stepped forward when he felt he stepped in something wet, he looked down and saw a pool of blood beneath his feet coming from a body. "Wh-What's going on? Who could have done this?" Itachi began shaking and then realized. "Father, and mother!" Itachi ran past multiple bodies of people he used to know, his family, his clansmen. He arrived at his house and a shiver ran down his spine.

"Somethings not right here…" Itachi forced his body to walk into his home, everything was dark and quiet. "Father? Mother? Nii-san? Anyone here?" Itachi walked around the house and didn't see a soul. He walked towards his parent's room and felt a presence in there. "Someone is in there…" Itachi pushed the door open and what he saw made his blood run cold. "Father? Mother?" Itachi uttered as he saw his parent's dead bodies on the floor. "No, this can't be happening…" Itachi uttered and saw a shadow behind his parent's bodies. "Who's there?!" Itachi got in fighting stance as the moon light shining through the window shined upon the shadow revealed to be Sasuke in his ANBU gear. "Nii-san? Wh-What's going on?" Itachi questioned and spotted Sasuke's emotionless expression. "Don't tell me… What have you done?"

"I killed them, I killed them all." Sasuke said with an evil grin.

"You killed them? Why? Why did you do it?" Itachi questioned in confusion.

"Why? To test the limit of my ability, to test how strong I truly am." Sasuke morphed his eyes into his red star mangekyou sharingan as Itachi gained images of Sasuke killing everyone in their clan and cutting down their parents. Itachi fell to his knees panting and shaking. "Now little brother, do you hate me? Do you despise me?"

"I-I… can never hate you… Sasuke…" Itachi uttered weakly and Sasuke narrowed his eyes in annoyance.

"I killed our clan, yet you don't hate me? Why?!" Sasuke questioned.

"I know you… there has to be a better reason…" Itachi replied.

"A better reason? You are such a fool, I killed them to prove my power and nothing more! Get that through your head." Sasuke threw a shuriken that cut Itachi's shoulder. "Now, hate me."

"Ugh!" Itachi clenched his right hand over his shoulder and looked at Sasuke whom was smirking. "Why are you so obsessed with wanting me to hate you? It doesn't make sense…"

"Heh, it's quite simple actually. We Uchiha get power from hatred, and if I want to test my power to my limits I need a challenge. And you alone have that unique potential. I thought Shisui had it, but sadly he was already so beaten I just let him be there. So, I will spare you so that you one day may reach that level of strength." Sasuke said with a wicked smirk.

"Hatred? Is the source of our clan's power?" Itachi questioned.

"That's right, not only that you might be one of the few with the potential to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan. That's more than enough of an interesting reason to let you live. But there's a condition to awaken these eyes." Sasuke said.

"A condition?"

"Your best friend, you must see him die before your very eyes. If you want to speed up the process you must kill him!" Sasuke declared

'Minato…' Itachi thought with wide eyes. "In that case… I will never want that power… And I won't hate you…"

"Foolish little brother. You will hate me, I will make sure of it." Sasuke appeared in front of Itachi at high speed and punched Itachi in the gut making him cough up blood. Itachi fell unconscious as trail of tears ran down his eyes as the last he saw was his parent's bodies.

With Minato

Minato woke up as the sun shined on his face, he let out a yawn and walked downstairs. He then saw his mother Hinata greeting him with a sad look on her face. "What's wrong, kaa-san?" Minato questioned.

"… Well, you see… last night the Uchiha clan was massacred." Hinata spoke with tears forming in her eyes knowing that Minato's best friend was an Uchiha, she of course knew he was the only survivor.

Minato widened his eyes in shock and horror. "Huh? Wh-What about Itachi-kun?! He, did he-"

"Itachi-kun was the only survivor." Hinata informed as Minato gained a small look of relief for his friend's safety but also a look of sorrow and concern.

"Where is he?!" Minato questioned.

"He's at the hospital, Lord Third has taken measures to make sure his safe." Hinata replied. Minato rushed towards the door and put on his shinobi sandals. "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to see Itachi-kun at the hospital." Minato declared.

"They won't let you in, he's being guarded by the ANBU black ops. Don't worry, he will be fine in time to go to the academy later today. You can talk to him then." Hinata placed her hand on her son's shoulder.

"But… he's my… my best friend… I…" Minato uttered.


A 4-year-old Minato sat on the swing at the playground as everyone else were playing, and he couldn't play with them as their parents had told them to stay away from him. He widened his eyes as he heard someone sat down on the swing next to him, he turned around and saw a boy at his age with short black hair, black eyes, wearing a high collared black shirt with the Uchiha fan symbol on the back and shorts. He had an emotionless expression as he read a book while gently swinging back and forth.

"It's impolite to stare." Itachi pointed out not taking his eyes of the book.

"Umm, sorry… but why aren't you, playing with them?" Minato questioned.

"I'm studying, and I find the concept of running around aimlessly to be unnecessary." Itachi replied with a deadpan expression.

"Why not, it's a whole lot of fun." Minato said.

"Correction, it's fun for them. This is fun for me." Itachi said and kept reading his book.

"What are you? A machine?" Minato asked with a sweat drop.

"I'm human, like you, and them. But all humans are different." Itachi said emotionlessly.

"…" Minato sweat dropped even more at that response. "You sound like and old man."

"Whatever." Itachi said and kept reading, he slightly peeked over to Minato seeing him looking at the other kids with a depressed expression. "What about you? Why aren't you playing with them?"

"Their parents won't let me… and I don't even know why…" Minato clenched his hands.

"Huh? Strange? Could it be that your strange?" Itachi for once looked away from his book and looked at Minato.

Minato almost fell of the swing. "That's rude!"

"Well there has to be a reason. Is your family strange? Or messed up? Or are you just strange and annoying?" Itachi asked once more.


"Or could it be you're not cool enough?" Itachi asked.

"I don't know…" Minato said with a teary cartoonish expression and a trail of snot coming from his nose making the young Uchiha sweat drop.

"… You're really sensitive, aren't you?" Itachi asked and Minato nodded. Itachi let out a sigh. "Do you want to-"

"Yes!" Minato replied with stars in his eyes having recovered almost instantly.

"That was quick… I didn't even get to finish my question…" Itachi sweat dropped over the fact that Minato was able to switch moods so quickly, perhaps he was a strange one. "… Do you want to do something?"

"Aha! What do you want to do?! Play hide and seek?!"

"Won't that be a little boring with only two people?"

"Play ball?!"

"Again, there's two of us."

"Oh! Oh! What about cards?! Chess?! Truth or dare?" Minato said the last one in a deep voice.

"Pretty sure we need at least a girl for that." Itachi said as Minato wiggled his eyebrows. "Oh, you mean we find some girls and play that." Itachi said and Minato nodded and once again wiggled his eyebrows. "… no." Itachi shook his head as he could already imagine his fangirls all barging in on the game which would only result in a headache.

Minato let out a pout. "Then what do you suggest?"

"Training." Itachi replied.

"Training? Awe, dude come on that's no fun…"

"Being violated by girls isn't fun either." Itachi bluntly said.

"How about a race? Loser buys the winner lunch!" Minato jumped of the swing and began running.

"… What did I get myself into?" Itachi asked himself and sighed and ran after Minato towards the Hokage stone face wall.

Flashback end

Minato was sitting at his desk in the academy and then Itachi walked in the room, and the whispering from their classmates began. Itachi casually walked over to Minato and sat down. "Hey…" Minato greeted.

"Hey." Itachi responded.

"Are you feeling alright?" Minato asked not sure what to say.

"… Everything's fine."

"I heard what happened… you don't have to pretend to be brave." Minato said with a look of concern.

"It's sad… but there's nothing I can do about it… grieving in sorrow and despair will not bring the dead back. At first I thought it was all just a nightmare, so I ran back to the compound after they released me from the hospital… but it was all reality…" Itachi clenched his fist as Minato widened his eyes as he saw drops of tears fall on the desk, he had never seen Itachi cry before.

"… I'm truly sorry, Itachi-kun…" Minato uttered.

"Thank you…"

6 years later

A 12-year-old Minato snuck into the Hokage's office by jumping through the open window. "Where's the old man? Guess I will wait for him to come back." Minato said but curious as he was he walked over to the photos of all the Hokages, he then noticed that the second Hokage's photo was tilting to the side a little. "Hmm, let's fix that up Lord Second." Minato smirked and tilted the photo straight, but then a secret compartment opened beneath the photo containing a giant scroll. "Oh! What's this?!" Minato lifted the giant scroll and opened it seeing various kinds of jutsu listed on it. "Ohhhh! Interesting." After browsing through it for several hours he did not notice the Third Hokage Hiruzen standing behind him.

"Minato, what are you doing?" The Hokage asked.

"Oh, old man. I found this scroll containing various kinds of awesome jutsus! I even learned two of them!" Minato beamed with a smile.

"You… learned two of them?!" The Third Hokage questioned in shock.

"Huh? Yeah, something called Shadow Clone and Flying Raijin. Although I haven't fully mastered the last one yet. This will be awesome when tomorrow I begin my new life as a genin!"

"… Minato… that's a forbidden scroll…"

"Huh?" Minato paled.





Minato grabbed onto the Third Hokage's leg and began to cry cartoonish style with a trail of snot from his nose and watery eyes. "I'm sorry, Hokage-sama! I didn't know! Please let me still become a shinobi! Please!"

"… I guess there's no harm done… You're not in trouble."

"Oh! Thank you! Thank you!" Minato instantly recovered back to his normal expression.

Later, every one of the new graduating academy students were gathered in the classroom, all of them wearing their new headbands. "What's with that goofy grin on your face?" Itachi asked Minato.

Minato began chuckling a little deeply. "You see, Itachi-kun… I have officially mastered two new awesome jutsus. I'm a totally new shinobi now, it may take a while my friend." Minato placed his hand on Itachi's shoulder and gave him a thump up while smiling. "One day, you might reach my level!"

"For some reason, your starting to piss me off." Itachi said with an emotionlessly expression.

"You see my dear, Itachi-kun. I have mastered the Second Hokages, Shadow Clone-"

"The seconds Shadow Clone Jutsu. Oh yeah, I mastered that a few days ago, myself." Itachi replied as Minato paled a little.

"I-Itachi-kun… did you find the forbidden scroll?"

"Of course, out of all the photos the Second's was tilting to the side, anyone could have figured that one out." Itachi bluntly replied.

"D-Did you master anything else?"

"No, Lord Third came back so I fled and left the scroll back where it was." Itachi replied.

Minato then began with the deep chuckle again. "Well you see, I also learned the Flying Raijin!"

"Huh, good for you. I have now fully evolved my sharingan." Itachi said as his eyes turned red with three black tomoes and a black dot in the center

"You just have to show off, don't ya?!"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but you were doing the same thing." Itachi sweat dropped as Minato avoided his gaze.

"Alright now! We will divide you into a three-man squad!" The teacher Iruka declared, he had long brown hair tied into a ponytail that looked like a pineapple, he had slight tan skin and a scar over the bridge of his nose. He called out various names until he reached Team 7. "For Team 7, Minato Namikaze! Kushina Uzumaki! Itachi Uchiha!"

"Oh, yeah!" Minato cheered not only because he was in the same team as Itachi, but Kushina as well.

"Hmm, that moron, at least Uchiha is tolerable." Kushina uttered.

"Hn." Itachi simply hummed.

That's the end for now.

Now, like I said at the start some characters are going to be aged reversed and some are not. Now give us some ideas for whom should be aged reversed in the reviews if you want. We're already thinking Killer Bee would be a good one. The Akatsuki will remain as they are, with the only exception being Sasuke will take Itachi's place. I know this is a strange idea and all, but hey it's fanfiction! Sometimes things get a little crazy!

Also, this will only be the case with Minato, Kushina and Itachi, they will have some different nature element releases.

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Itachi abilities (start):

-Three tomoe-sharingan

-Fire, wind, lightning release

-Clones/Shadow Clones (5 max), crow substitution

-Taijutsu expert, genjutsu expert, shuriken expert, super speed, above average chakra reserves and stamina.

-Highly intelligent.

Minato abilities (start)

-Shadow clones (500 max)

-Lightning, wind release

-Un-Mastered Flying Raijin

-Taijutsu expert (gentle fist), shuriken expert, genjutsu average super immense speed, tremendous chakra reserves and stamina.

-Highly intelligent

Kushina abilities (start):

-Unnatural strength

-Water, earth release

-Taijutsu above average, shuriken average, genjutsu below average, high speed for genin level, tremendous chakra reserves and stamina.