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Inside the woods on the very outskirt of the villages boarder a shadowy creature was leaping through the bushes. "How far away is the target?" Kakashi's voice was heard through a head set.

"Five meters away and closing. I'm in position." Itachi's voice was heard through the head set.

"Copy that mister emotion. Miss tomato, and mister oversensitive, what about you?" Kakashi asked through the head set.

"I'm in position." Minato spoke through the head set over his right ear and readied a kunai as the shadowy figure was moving towards them.

"I'm in position. And don't call me miss tomato!" Kushina yelled the last part through the head set leaving a ringing tone.

"And that might have killed my hearing…" Kakashi spoke in a lazy like tone.

"Kushina's little outburst might have ruined my hearing as well…" Itachi spoke in a motionless tone.

"Kushina-chan, you almost popped my eardrum…" Minato uttered rubbing his hand over his ear. "Anyway, the target has arrived."

"Okay, go!" Kakashi said through the head set.

Minato in a speed of light threw his kunai and vanished in a flash of light and appeared right in front of the shadowy figure that jumped towards him while hissing in surprise. "Gotcha!" Minato grabbed a hold of a cat with a ribbon on its right ear.

"Remember our quarry has a ribbon on its right ear that says tiger… make sure there's no mistake." Kakashi spoke through the head set.

"Target confirmed." Itachi said as he and Kushina leaped down next to Minato whom was holding the cat while grinning.

"Gotcha, you little fur ball." Minato smirked when suddenly the cat began scratching his face. "Ow! Ow! Ow! That hurts!"

"Good then mission find the missing pet. Is accomplished." Kakashi spoke through the head set and Itachi picked up the cat away from Minato that had scratch marks on his face from the cats claws while crying a little.

The very next moment they were inside of an office building with the cat being almost crushed in a hug by a fat lady that was its owner. In front of them was the Third Hokage and Iruka whom were going over various new assignments that had come in. "Poor Tiger… Good little kitty-kitty. I was so worried about you I could have died!" The woman said as she was hugging the cat that looked like it was crying.

'I wonder how that poor cat puts up with that?' Minato thought as with his teammates they all felt sorry for the cat.

'I don't blame him for running away, if that was waiting home for me I would have run away to.' Kushina thought.

'I agree with the poor Tiger part…' Itachi thought keeping an emotionless expression.

"Now the next assignment for Kakashi's Team Seven will be… Hmm, to baby-sit for the council of elders… To run errands to neighboring village… To help dig sweet potatoes…" The Third Hokage went over the long list.

"No way! No thank you! Boring! Give us something different to do! Something important! Something amazing!" Kushina shouted having had enough of these lame jobs.

"Kushina-chan, we have to be happy with what we got…" Minato tried to calm down the raging red head. 'Although I suppose having a more important job wouldn't hurt…'

'She's got a point.' Itachi thought as he wanted to grow stronger and as fast as possible and he would have a better chance at it on more advanced assignments.

'Be grateful for what you got…' Kakashi let out an inwardly sigh.

"Don't be a fool! You're only a beginner level team! Everyone starts out doing grunt work. It's where you get experience, so you can work your way up to the bigger things!" Iruka shouted.

"We've been on so many small missions already! We want some action!" Kushina shouted back.

"That's enough. Knock it off." Kakashi gave a light punch to Kushina's head.

"Heh, you remind me a lot of the Forth." The Third Hokage, Hiruzen let out a light chuckle being reminded of the blond knuckle head ninja.

"Huh?" Kushina widened her eyes slightly at what the Third Hokage said.

"Let me tell you something. Every day, our village receives many missions… for everything from babysitting to assassination. We take that tremendous variety… and sort them into categories from A to D, based on the degree of skills they require. We also divide the shinobi into classes… based on the level of their skills. After we of the upper echelon have sorted all the requests. We distribute them to those ninja with the appropriate skill level. And if the ninja in question completes their duties successfully. Then the grateful person he has helped pays him a fee. Thus far the three of you have only attained the lowest rank… level D tasks are the best you could aspire to with your rank of genin." The Third Hokage went on to explain.

"I don't care! The three of us are easily stronger than any of the other genin! Kakashi-sensei even said so!" Kushina said and huffed to the side while pouting.

"Well fair enough that is true, these two are easily already chunin level and Kushina is close to that level herself." Kakashi said rubbing the back of his head as he didn't really want to talk back to the Third Hokage.

"Hmm, guess I can't argue with that." Hiruzen said with a small smirk on his wrinkly old face. "I will permit you to go on a C-class ranked mission. Usually reserved for shinobi of the journeyman level. The protection of a certain individual."

"Who is it?! Some great lord?!" Kushina questioned with excitement.

"The Daimyo?! A princess?!" Minato questioned in equal excitement.

"Compose yourself. I'll perform the introduction straightaway. Please invite him in." The Third Hokage, Hiruzen said and the door behind Team Seven opened an in cam an old gray haired bearded man with a pair of glasses. He wore a sleeveless V-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals, he also had a towel around his neck. He was holding a bottle of sake and his face was slightly red.

"What's going on here? They look like a bunch of wet-nosed brats. Especially the one that looks like a tomato. It's a joke, right? You kids aren't really ninja, are you?" The man asked looking condescendingly at his so-called guards.

"Oh no…" Minato uttered looking over at Kushina whom glared at the old man in anger.

"Imma kill 'em! Dattebane!" Kushina was about to charge at the old man with her fists clenched but she was being held back by Minato.

"Kushina-chan! We can't kill him! We're supposed to protect him!" Minato struggled to hold his crush back from tearing the old man apart. While Itachi and Kakashi looked at them with their eyes narrowed and a stoic expression.

"I am Tazuna. A bridge builder of ultimate renown. Until I am safely back in my own country, where I'll be completing my next bridge, you'll all be expected to protect me… even if it costs you your lives!" The old man introduced himself.

And the very next moment they were at the boarder gate to the village with the bridge builder. "All right! Road trip! " Minato cheered in excitement.

"Why are you so excited?" Kushina asked with a raised brow.

"This will be the first time I have ever been outside of the village!" Minato replied looking around outside of the gate to take in the scenery.

"You don't have any need to get this excited from exiting just the gate though." Itachi pointed out.

"Am I really expected to place my life in the hands of these brats?" Tazuna looked at Kakashi while pointing at Minato, Itachi and Kushina.

"No need for concern, I am an elite ninja and I can assure you that these three are not your average children." Kakashi said while smiling beneath his mask.

Kushina looked annoyed at the old man for underestimating her, and the others, she didn't like that this old geezer was this condescending towards them. "Listen here you old geezer! You better not mess with us ninja dattebane! I am going to become the first female Hokage! So you better remember me! it's Uzumaki Kushina dattebane!"

"Hokage eh? You? The lord of your village? I don't think you have it in ya little girl." Tazuna drank from his sake bottle while giving her a look that said "yeah right" and this made Kushina even angrier.

"Your old and stupid! When I become Hokage, you're gonna wish you showed me more respect!" Kushina shouted and Minato looked at her with a smile as he liked her spirit.

"Respect you? I don't think so. Not even if you did become the Hokage." Tazuna mocked the little redhead.

"That's it! Imma kill him!" Kushina was about to charge and Minato once again grabbed her holding her back.

"You can't Kushina-chan! We have to protect him!" Minato said while holding back the redhead. "And you shouldn't mock us ninja, old man Tazuna! Because I'm going to become Hokage too!" Minato declared with a wide grin.

"Heh, yeah right. A childish brat like you, give me a break." Tazuna took a drink from his sake and Minato twitched his eyes, with a slight temptation to release the red headed beast of a girl on the man.

"Kakashi-sensei, if my knowledge is correct, the Land of Waves doesn't have any Shinobi, right? Unlike the five great nations like Konoha." Itachi said while looking at his sensei.

"Yes that is correct, so on this job we shouldn't have to worry about encountering enemy Shinobi." Kakashi replied.

They then walked passed a water puddle and Kakashi and Itachi looked at that puddle before they kept on walking. "Shouldn't is the word, but people from villages with no Shinobi can still hire Shinobi."

"That is true, although you only encounter other Shinobi on B rank missions or higher." Kakashi kept up his normal bored look although he was amazed at the knowledge of this one genin.

"Then this is a B rank mission then." Itachi stopped as two cloaked young men with gas masks and a claw on their right arms with chains coming out from them. The two figures aimed for Kakashi with the chains, but then Itachi tossed shuriken towards each of the chains stabbing through one of the holes and then threw a kunai to attach the shuriken holding the chains into a tree each. Minato appeared between the two-cloaked shinobi and delivered a powerful spin kick to the one on the left in the cheek knocking him out.

The one on the right tried to break free but was then he got a powerful kick to the chin by Itachi, making the cloaked shinobi fall over the other one and then fell to the ground making their chains go over each other, and then Itachi threw one final kunai stabbing into the ground through both the chains.

Kushina couldn't even react she just looked in awe same as Tazuna whom was shocked at the skills of the two boys, he didn't even see Minato move an inch, yet in less than a second he was between those two cloaked men. "Well aren't the two of you sharp." Kakashi complimented his two students. "But you know I could have dealt with them on my own."

"Thought it would be good to reassure the old man that we know how to fight." Itachi said with his normal stoic expression as he and Minato stood over the two knocked out Shinobi. "Judging by from their headbands they are from the hidden Mist." Itachi looked at the headbands on the two cloaked men that had four wavy lines on them with two lines over the other two.

Kakashi grabbed the two cloaked men and tied them up together with their own chains. "Tazuna."

"Wha-What is it?" Tazuna asked with a little hint of concern and fear in his voice.

"I need to speak with you." Kakashi gave Tazuna a serious glance. "Our attackers appeared to be journeymen level ninja of the Hidden Mist village ninjas, they are shinobi renowned for their willingness to fight on until their goal is achieved. Even at the cost of their own lives."

"How did you know we were watching you?" One of the cloaked Hidden Mist ninjas asked sending them a nasty glare.

"The sun is out, not to mention it hasn't rained for several days. So there shouldn't even be water puddles in the ground now. You guys aren't that smart, are ya?" Minato said with a smirk that looked kind of condescending for the Hidden Mist ninjas.

"Precisely, although I would wish the two of you would let me find out who their target was." Kakashi said looking over at Itachi and Minato, whom the latter rubbed the back of his head with a nervous smirk.

"No problem." Itachi said with a stoic face and walked up to the two Hidden Mist ninjas and looked them in the eyes. Then his eyes flared up in a red glow, he looked at them with the sharingan and the two Hidden Mist ninjas widened their eyes in shock before they looked drowsy as they were under Itachi's genjutsu. "Tell me, who was your target?"

"The bridge builder… Tazuna…" One of them uttered in a drowsy like tone.

"Got all you needed?" Itachi asked looking at Kakashi from the corner of his eye.

Kakashi then looked sternly at Tazuna. "The request that was relayed to Lord Hokage was that you have an escort to protect you against any roving bands of thieves and brigands. Not dealing with other ninjas. In any case, it's clear that this is more of a B rank mission. To protect you from ordinary dangers until you complete the bridge you're currently constructing… would be a simple thing. But if you expected to be the target of a ninja assault. Then it is beyond question that this would have been classified and priced as a mission for elite ninjas. You may have had your reasons, but it's never a good idea to conceal the facts when you are asking for help. As it is this task falls far beyond the boundaries of the job we were assigned. This is complicated…"


"We can handle it! Kakashi-sensei, please let us still do this mission!" Kushina pleaded wanting to become a greater shinobi fast so she could one day become Hokage. Itachi and Minato also wanted to still go on the job, Itachi so that he could become stronger as fast as possible, Minato for the same reason as Kushina he also wanted to become Hokage.

"Although you may have the skill, you guys still don't have the experience." Kakashi pointed out the obvious to his pupils.

"But isn't this the best way for us to gain experience then?" Minato asked showing that he also wanted to still go on the mission.

"Mm." Kakashi rubbed his head and let out a sigh.

"Master… Sensei-san… sir. I... have something I need to say…" Tazuna said looking a little nervous. "Uh—there is something you should know… about the request for help I made to your village. As you probably guessed, this job is more dangerous than you and you students were led to believe. There's a real scary man who wants to see me dead."

"A real scary man…?" Minato questioned with a raised brow.

"Who is he?" Kakashi questioned.

"You've probably heard of him. He's a billionaire in the field of marine transportation. His name is Gato!" Tazuna said with a serious look.

"You mean… Gato… of Gato Shipping and Transport? The Gato? They say he's the richest man in the world!" Kakashi said with a slight shocked look as his one eye that was visible widened.

"That's the one of the surface, he looks like a legitimate businessman. The truth is he's a ruthless, murdering, criminal who employs gangs and teams of Shinobi, and traffics in drugs and contraband. He starts out taking over companies… and ends up running entire countries. He lives by every low and vicious trade known to man. It was just one year ago… that he set his sights on the land of waves. He came under the guise of a business venture. Then the violence began, and in no time at all, he'd take over our entire marine transportation and shipping industry, and we were all under his thumb. Gato now has a stronghold on all forms of transportation, the lifeblood of an island nation, and a stranglehold on all the wealth. The only thing he has to fear is that which has been underway for some time… the completion of that bridge." Tazuna explained.

"I see, and since you're the architect of the bridge and overseer of its construction he sees you as a burden in his way." Kushina said.

"That would mean the two that attacked us earlier are some of the ninjas this Gato has hired." Itachi said.

"Hmm, I wonder if he has hired anyone more dangerous than those two? They were kind of weak." Minato said.

"But I still don't understand… if you knew you were the target of a ruthless thug with ninja at disposal. Why didn't you hire more high ranking shinobi?" Kakashi questioned as he had a good clue as to why, but he needed to be sure.

"The Land of Waves is a very poor nation. Even our local Lords are poor… And I have no money at all. An elite B ranked bodyguard would be a lot more than I could afford… But if you all turn away from me now… Then I'm as good as dead. But… But oh well! That's not your concern! You won't be there to see my daughter and ten-year-old grandson cry all day like their hearts are breaking! Oh! And you won't mind if my daughter vows eternal hatred of all the ninja of your village as she lives her life alone! Heck! Well, it's not your fault!" Tazuna said while letting out a laughter and giving them a guilt trip.

'Wow, guilt trip much?' The three genin thought in unison with narrowed eyes and a sweat drop.

"Well… I suppose it can't be helped. We'll continue to protect you at least until you return to your country!" Kakashi said nervously while thinking this was the worst mission ever.

They went on until they reached the sea where they were met by a man onboard a rowboat. After some time, a thick fog surrounded them. "Wow, this is some fog. I can barely see a thing." Minato said trying to see if he could see anything in the fog.

"We'll be able to see the bridge in a minute. On the other side of it is the Land of Waves." The boatman said and then they saw a bridge that was under construction came to view through the thick mist.

"Whoa! It's huge!" Minato and Kushina looked at the bridge in awe.

"Hey keep it down!" The boatman scolded. "This mist will keep us hidden. But from this point on, we have to turn off our engines and row. We'd be in big trouble if Gato caught us."





"We'll be there soon! Tazuna… so far it looks like we've been overlooked. Just to be on the safe side we'll take an inland waterway through town to a point where we can make landfall under the cover of mangroves." The boatman said to the old bridge builder.

"Thank you." Tazuna bowed his head slightly.

They rowed in to a rundown dock next to a rundown house. "This is as far as I go. Take care of yourself." The boatman said before he started rowing away.

"Thanks… for taking such a risk. I shouldn't have asked." Tazuna said feeling truly grateful. "Ok! Now if I can just make it home in one piece…" Tazuna said as he started walking with his new bodyguards.

"Yeah, yeah." Kakashi said knowing there was bound to be another attack, this time by a superior ninja even. As they were walking through the woods they came across a lake and suddenly Kakashi felt killing intent coming from somewhere close, and so did Minato and Itachi, even Kushina looked like she felt it a bit. "Everyone! Get down!" Kakashi shouted and they all quickly got down as something big flew spinning over them, it was a massive sword and it got stuck in a tree having missed its targets, and suddenly someone jumped onto the hilt of the blade.

Team 7 widened their eyes as they looked up at the tall muscular light grayish skinned man, he had short dark black spiky hair and light brown eyes, and small eyebrows. He wore bandages around the lower half of his face like a mask, he wore his Hidden Mist headband sideways. He was shirtless with all that covered his chest being a belt, he also wore baggy pants with striped pattern, and mimetic wrist-warmers extending up to his elbows and matching leg-warmers. He glanced over at Kakashi viewing him as the only threat to him from the looks of it.

Kakashi glanced back at the man, looking like he knew who this man was. "Well, well… if it isn't Zabuza Momochi, the kid who ran off and left the Hidden Mist." Kakashi didn't take his eyes of this Zabuza. "Get back you guys, this guy is on a whole different league than those other two we encountered. And if I have to face him, it had better be… like this. This may get a little rough." Kakashi placed his hand over the part of his headband that was covering his eye.

"Kakashi of the Sharingan eye, I presume? If it wouldn't be too much trouble. Could you surrender the old man?" Zabuza said as they both stared each other down.

'Sharingan? Why did he call Kakashi-sensei that? Only members of the Uchiha clan possesses the Sharingan…' Itachi thought and looked at his sensei with a slight confused expression that was shared by Minato and Kushina.

"Assume the manji battle formation! Protect Mr. Tazuna…" Kakashi ordered. "All of you stay out of this fight. That's the kind of teamwork this situation demands. And now… Zabuza. Shall we?" Kakashi lifted up his headband and revealed a red glowing eye with three black tomoe and a black dot in the center and a scar going over his eye. Itachi widened his eyes and looked like he demanded some answers, the only other way someone not from the Uchiha got get a Sharingan was through an eye transplant.

"Ahh… To face the legendary Sharingan so early in our acquaintance… This is an honor." Zabuza said.

"Sharingan? What the heck is it anyway?! Databane!" Kushina questioned feeling left out.

"Shinboi who have the sharingan… have mastered a form of ocular ninjutsu. It enables them to penetrate and see the reality behind any illusion. And to reflect the power back at those who cast them. It also grants the user the ability to see through taijutsu and ninjutsu and even go as far as to copy the ninjutsu as long as it's not a gekkei genkai. The Sharingan is the gekkei genkai of the Uchiha clan." Itachi explained it to the red head.

"Wait, but why does Kakashi-sensei have it?" Kushina questioned.

"That's what I'd like to know…" Itachi glanced over at Kakashi whom gave him a look saying that he would explain it later.

"Indeed, that is exactly right." Zabuza gave a light dark chuckle. "When I was an assassin for the Hidden Mist… I possessed the usual Bingo Book a list of who's who of out enemies. It had quite the extensive write-up on you… including a mention of your impressive record. The man who copied over a thousand jutsu, Kakashi the Copy Ninja."

"Over… A thousand?" Minato uttered in amazement.

"Enough. Pleasant as this conversation has been. The time for talk is over. I'm on a very tight schedule to polish off the old man." Zabuza glared over at Tazuna whom began to sweat out of fear. "But… Kakashi… it looks like I'm going to have to kill you first." Zabuza grabbed onto his sword hilt and both him and the sword vanished and he appeared standing on the lake, with his left arm raised up and his right hand brought up to in front of his face.

"Over there!" Minato grabbed onto a triple prong kunai.

"The finest of the ninja art…" Zabuza uttered as a thick mist gathered around the area.

Hidden Mist Jutsu!

And then Zabuza vanished leaving only a leaf floating on the spot in the lake where he stood. "He will come after me first… Zabuza Momochi… of the Hidden Mist's assassin corps… is a famous master of the art of silent killing. Letting your guard down around him buys you a ticket to the afterlife. You all need to stay on your toes." Kakashi warned as the three genin had gone into a defensive formation around Tazuna.

"What's with all this mist?!" Kushina questioned.

"There are eight targets." Zabuza's voice echoed from the mist making the three genin keep up their guard. "Throat, spinal column, lungs, liver, the jugular vein, the subclavian artery. Kidney, heart so many choices what vital, vulnerable place shall I choose?" Zabuza chuckled trying to freak them out, Kushina seemed a little frightened while Minato and Itachi kept their cool.

Kakashi then released his bloodlust to counter Zabuza's bloodlust. This made Kushina look even more frightened and Minato and Itachi looked like they were affected by it as well as this was the first time they have encountered bloodlust like this. "Don't worry you guys… I will never let my comrades die." Kakashi looked over at the three genins with a smile from the looks of his eyes.

"I wouldn't be so sure on that." Zabuza said as he appeared right in between the three genin and old man Tazuna. "Game over." Zabuza was about to spin his blade when suddenly Kakashi moved at high speed and stabbed Zabuza in the side with a kunai knife. But then Zabuza appeared to be standing behind Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei! Behind you!" Minato shouted as the Zabuza Kakashi stabbed turned into a puddle of water.

'A Water Clone?' Kakashi thought as Zabuza sliced his body in half, but then Kakashi turned into a puddle of water as well.

'A Water Clone?! He was able to copy me even in the mist?!' Zabuza thought with wide eyes when suddenly he felt a cold blade pushed up against his throat.

"Don't move… Game over." Kakashi stood behind Zabuza with a kunai knife directed at his throat.

"Awesome!" Kushina said in awe.

Zabuza then began chuckling and they all looked at him in confusion. "You think it's over? You just don't get it… it will take more to defeat me than copy me like a monkey… a lot more. But you are good. In that short time you duplicated my Water Clone technique… And by making your clone say something you'd have said yourself… you ensured all my attention would be focused on it… While you yourself used the Hidden Mist Justu of hiding in the mist, watching my every move. Too bad for you… I am not that easy to fool!" Zabuza appeared behind Kakashi as the one Kakashi had his kunai knife up against his throat vanished in a puddle of water.

"He made two Water Clones?!" Minato questioned in shock.

Zabuza swung his massive sword at Kakashi whom ducked to dodge, but then Zabuza kicked Kakashi across the field sending him crashing into the lake. 'And now…' Zabuza ran towards Kakashi but stopped as caltrops were in his path. "Foolishness!" Zabuza vanished.

'H-He kicked Kakashi-sensei across all that way…?' Kushina thought with wide eyes and sweat running down her forehead.

"Sensei!" Minato shouted.

"His physical strength is outstanding…" Itachi uttered.

Kakashi popped up from the water. 'This water… why is it so heavy?' Kakashi thought as Zabuza appeared behind him.

"Gullible fool!" Zabuza held his hands towards Kakashi whom widened his eyes in shock.

Water Prison Jutsu!

The water gathered around Kakashi trapping him in a sphere of water. "That prison is inescapable you're trapped. You running around free makes it too hard for me to do my job. I'll finish you later… after I've dealt with all the others." Zabuza made a hand sign with his free hand.

Water Style: Water Clone Jutsu

Zabuza created a water clone to deal with the three genin and Tazuna. "Little ninja wannabe. Trying so hard to fit in, you even wear a headband. But a true ninja is one who has crossed and re-crossed the barrier between the lands of the living and the dead. Clothes don't make a shinobi, you need skills good enough to rate a list in my Bingo Book of enemies… Before you deserve to be called ninja. We don' call your kind ninja. We call them… brats." The water clone moved at immense speed towards Minato and delivered a kick to the young blond genin, but then Minato vanished in a puff of smoke making Zabuza raise his brow. "What? A Shadow Clone?" Minato appeared behind Zabuza's clone and pushed his palms forwards.

Gale Palm!

A powerful blast of wind hit Zabuza's clone in the back making it dissolve back into water. "What? This brat took out my Water Clone?" Zabuza looked surprised, he then noticed Itachi throwing a kunai up in the air and then, Itachi leaped up and threw another kunai into the first one making it change direction towards Zabuza. Zabuza quickly raised his sword to deflect the kunai, once he moved the blade from his face, he saw a massive ball of blazing inferno coming towards him.

Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!

Zabuza widened his eyes and swung his massive sword down across the blazing ball of inferno cutting it in half. "Him too? What is with these brats?!"

Water Style: Liquid Bullets!

Kushina spit out a barrage fire of water shaped bullets towards Zabuza, he tilted his head to the side to dodge the bullets and then deflected the rest of them with his massive sword. "This girl is not half bad either, but these two boys… they are not normal brats…" Zabuza created two more water clones to take care of the genin that he had started taking more seriously, Kakashi even looked taken aback and couldn't speak. "I do apologize for my comment earlier, seems that you are not complete wannabes after all. But your still far away from being called shinobi. And without your master to help you, you will never become real shinobi as you will all die here." Zabuza smirked beneath his mask.

Minato narrowed his eyes making them look cold and calculative. "Itachi-kun, take care of these clones, will you? I will rescue Kakashi-sensei." Minato held out a triple prong kunai.

"Hn." Itachi nodded and leaped in front of the two water clones. "Kushina, keep staying close to Mr. Tazuna, I need you to be my back up in case one of them slips past me." Itachi said and Kushina nodded and stood in front of the old man on guard.

Zabuza began to let out a small laughter. "You three really think you can defeat me? And even come close to rescuing your sensei? You three are such fools."

"It will only take a second." Minato said with a smile and readied his kunai.

Itachi activated his Sharingan that flared up in a bright red color making the two clones widen their eyes in shock. "Sharingan? He is an Uchiha?!" The two water clones charged at Itachi, whom was able to dodge all their attacks as their movements looked like they were slower with his sharingan predicting each move the clones made.

Minato threw the triple prong kunai, Zabuza tilted his head to the side as it flew right beside his head, however, Zabuza did not notice it had a special mark on the handle. In the flash of a split second, Minato vanished and reappeared next to Zabuza.

Gale Palm!

Minato sent a blast wave of wind directly into the side of Zabuza's face sending him flying to the side, dissolving the water prison around Kakashi. 'I didn't even see him move! This brat is fast!' Zabuza thought as he regained his balance and stood on the water. Minato then fell into the water and popped his head up while inhaling his breath. 'Despite his speed, he still hasn't learned how to walk on water?' Zabuza thought and readied his sword. "Perfect." Zabuza charged towards Minato but was kicked in the gut by Kakashi whom stood on the water, and his body was drenched wet. "Ugh!"

"Looks like Minato is done, guess I should finish up here as well." Itachi leaped up as both the water clones swung their swords at him, Itachi leaped between the blades as one swung over him and one beneath him, he then threw two kunai knifes to the side, right into the clones, and then Itachi landed on the ground and leaped back, as the kunai knifes had paper bomb tags attached to them. The two Zabuza water clones widened their eyes as they exploded and were reduced to puddles of water.

Zabuza widened his eyes in shock as he looked at Itachi and then over to Minato whom was being helped up by Kakashi. "There brats are definitely not ordinary…" He uttered and lifted his massive blade over his shoulder and released even more killing intent. "Guess I should take you all more seriously." Zabuza declared.

That's the end for now!

Team 7 have encountered Zabuza, one of the 7 ninja swordsmen of the Mist! And now that he has realized that he is not up against normal children, plus the legendary Copy Ninja, Kakashi. He is starting to get serious.

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