This story popped into my head on Friday evening, and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it down.

Really hope you enjoy!


Day 1:

Virgil yawned, rolled over, and glanced at the clock. 7am… Too early to be woken by the alarm system going off, warning him that he was needed for another rescue. Dragging himself into a sitting position, Virgil released another yawn before jumping out of bed. "Ouch!"

"Wow, are you alright?" Kayo asked, sprinting into the room.

"Yes," Virgil nodded, rubbing his knee.

Kayo glanced at the offending bedside drawer that had been left open. "You know you really should keep that shut."

"Wasn't me who left it open," Virgil frowned, "but when I find out who's been going through my things they are in deep sh…"

"Virgil Tracy, watch your language!"

"Sorry grandma!"

"Now, hurry up and join your brothers," Sally said, starting to leave the room, "we have an important mission to complete… Kayo, come along."

"Yes grandma," Kayo looked over her shoulder at Virgil who was now frowning at the bedside drawer, "I'll see you in a minute."

Virgil nodded and watched as they both left, he then shut the drawer vowing to himself he would hunt down the offending brother later. Standing up, Virgil released yet another yawn as he grabbed some clean tracksuit bottoms and a top, quickly pulling them on he made his way into the command centre to be greeted by his grandma, Scott, Kayo, Gordon, and Alan alongside the hologram of his brother John in Thunderbird 5.

"Getting slower in your old age Virg?" Gordon quipped. "and where's your usual lumberjack gear?

Virgil whacked his hand around the back of Gordon's head. "What's the situation John?"

"It's one that you're not going to like!"

"Really?" Virgil questioned, wondering what it could be.

John sighed. "I'm afraid so… Oh, and for the record this wasn't my idea!"

"What wasn't your idea?"

"This!" Gordon chirped pushing a large box into Virgil's view.

"No, it can't be?"

"I'm afraid so," Scott answered, looking at his brother sympathetically.

"You sounded the alarm system at 7am, for this?"

"Yep!" Alan replied, shoving a smaller box into Virgil's arms. "How else were we going to get you out of bed at 7am?"


"No butts!" Sally chastised. "Now, as the saying goes… Many hands make light work!"

Virgil put the box down and opened it to reveal some glittery decorations. "Man, I really hate Christmas!"

"Oh, come on Virg," Scott said, grinning at his younger brother, "you used to love it."

"Yes, when I was a kid!"

"You're all still kids to me!"

"That's because you're ancient," Alan joked.

"Watch it kiddo!" Scott laughed, before looking back at Virgil and shaking his head at his continued grumpiness. "Now, hurry up and help. The sooner we get this done, the sooner you can have a mince pie!"

"Fine," Virgil huffed beginning to empty the box of its contents.

"Oh, Virgil…"

Virgil stopped what he was doing and eyed up Gordon, who was the contributor of the suspicious call. "Yes?"

"You're not wearing a Christmas hat, everyone else is."

Virgil looked around the room, everyone was indeed now sporting a red Santa hat with the words 'Ho Ho Ho' on the front. "Okay then, I'll wear one."

Gordon shoved the item into Virgil's hands and then happily skipped away while humming carols.

Virgil shook his head at his brother's joviality, and then looked at the item in his hands. "What the?"

"It was the only one left," Gordon chuckled, from the safety of the other side of the room.

"Put the hat on sweetie."

"But have you seen it grandma?"

"Yes, I have, and with that frown that you've had plastered across your face all morning… Well, personally I think it suits you!"

Virgil huffed and pulled the black Santa hat on, which had the words 'Bah Humbug,' printed on the front.

"It looks great!" John stated.

Virgil glared at John's hologram. "Why aren't you down here helping out?"

"Because I'm on duty."

"Hey, I'm happy to swap roles for a day if you want to join in on the family bonding session."

"No thanks," John laughed, "I'm happy up here!"

"Suit yourself," Virgil sighed, going back to the decorating.

"Why don't you get a coffee Virg," Scott suggested, "you might feel a bit brighter then."

Virgil grinned at his brother. "That's a great idea, I'll go and get one now."

"No, you don't," Sally ordered, "if you wanted coffee, you would have been quicker getting in here this morning!"

"But grandma, I'll be more productive once I've had a cup."

"You are not going anywhere near the kitchen until this is done!"

"Oh man," Virgil responded, pulling a face.

"And don't pull that face… It will get stuck that way!"

Scott placed a hand sympathetically on Virgil's shoulders. "Sorry bro."

Virgil pulled his puppy dog eyes at Scott and gazed longingly at his coffee. "Scott, can I have a sip of yours?"

Scott laughed. "No way, this one's my first, and I was lucky to grab it myself.

Virgil furrowed his brow as his brother walked over to join Kayo for unpacking duties while drinking the coffee.

"Err, Virgil."

Virgil turned at smiled at their resident genius. "Hey Brains."

"You can have my coffee, I've already had one!"


"Of course. You look like you need it more than I do!"

"Thank you, that's very sweet of you, and would be very much appreciated."

Brains pushed his glasses back up and signalled to Max to come forward with the coffee.

Virgil took the coffee out of the robot's hands. "Thank you, Max,"

Max beeped, turned, and wandered back over to the tree which it had been helping to decorate.

Virgil exhaled with relief when he sipped the coffee. "Thank you, Brains."

"Anytime Virgil," he answered, before going back to his own decorating duties.

… …

Several hours later the island home was spiffed out with a big tree, lights, and an abundance of tinsel and decorations. After consuming lunch, mince pies and hot chocolates, everyone had dispersed into their own areas. Alan was now happily killing several Zombie's in an online computer game battle, Brains had disappeared into his workshop, Gordon was swimming, Scott and Kayo had said they were going to check over their birds and had disappeared together. Meanwhile, Virgil happily played on his beloved piano.

"Well, you seem a little bit happier than you were earlier."

Virgil stopped playing and smiled at his grandma. "I've had a chance to wake up."

"Good, then since you're smiling now, you can sample one of these chocolate muffins that I've just finished making."

"Err… You know thinking about it," Virgil began, standing up from the piano and heading towards the door, "I'm feeling a bit tired. I think I'll have a lie down."

Virgil sighed with relief when he reached the safety of his room. That had been a really close call, he normally wouldn't turn down store-bought chocolate muffins, but anything cooked by grandma, especially after having a large lunch was a definite no go, and he would now need to hide out for a few hours until the offending cakes had all gone. 'Maybe I should take a nap,' he thought, seeing how comfy his bed looked. Agreeing with his decision, Virgil literally jumped onto his bed, padded the cushion, and then settled himself down. Suddenly, noticing his art cupboard was slightly open, Virgil jumped back of the bed and checked to make sure nothing had been taken, while muttering under his breath that he would hunt down the offending brother, 'most likely Gordon' he thought, and make them pay. Once he was certain nothing had gone he glanced around the room to see if anything else was out of place. Noticing a fallen book on the bottom shelf, Virgil went over and went to put it back in place when he realised which item had disappeared.

… …

"Gordon Cooper Tracy!"

"Uh oh!" Gordon yelped, his head popping out of the water when he heard his name being yelled.

"Gordon Cooper Tracy!"

"I didn't do it!" He automatically answered, when he saw his giant bear of a brother raging towards him, with a look that was very rarely seen on his face, but when it was you knew it was best to run and hide until the storm that had brewed inside him had passed.

"Where is it?" Virgil growled, yanking his brother out of the pool.

"Where's what?"

Virgil swung around to see his grandma looking at him. "Mum's music box, it's gone!"

Gordon shook his head desperately. "I haven't taken it, I promise!"

"Oh, come on Gordon, it can't just grow legs and disappear!" Virgil snapped.

"No, it can't," his grandma answered, "but if Gordon said he didn't take it then I believe him."

"No, I wouldn't," Gordon confirmed, "come on Virg, I know how much that box means to you!"

Tears began welling up in Virgil's eyes. "Then where is it?"

"Don't worry sweetheart," Sally said placing a comforting arm around him, "we'll find it… Gordon go and round up the others and get them to start looking."

Gordon nodded, grabbed a towel so he could dry himself on the way, and went to fetch the reinforcement.

Meanwhile, Virgil was led indoors and made to sit down in the kitchen. "Right, coffee or another hot chocolate?"

"Chocolate please grandma," Virgil sniffed.

Sally nodded and began making the drinks.

… …

Five minutes later Scott hurried into the kitchen, causing Virgil to look up hopefully. "Any luck?"

Scott shook his head causing Virgil's own head to sag into his hands. "Don't worry, everyone is looking, we'll find it!"

"Hope so," Virgil muttered miserably.

Scott pulled Virgil into a warm hug. "I'm sure that whoever as taken it will realise how much they have upset you and return it."

Virgil nodded. "Well, if you do find out who it is then let me know so I can throttle them."

… …

Half an hour later, Virgil sat in the lounge with Scott's arm around him while the rest of the family continued their search.

Eventually Sally stepped in the room. "Found it!"

Virgil jumped up and wiped away a few tears before taking the item out of her hands. "Thank you, grandma… Where was it?"

Sally waited for everybody else to return and then looked around the group. "It was sitting outside your bedroom door, obviously whomever took it decided it was best to return it."

"I'm just glad it's back." Virgil stated, opening it to reveal a beautiful ballerina inside.

"It's a shame it doesn't work anymore," Sally sighed, "didn't the ballerina used to dance to the music as well?

"Yes," Virgil nodded, "I was about 12 when it completely stopped working, but I can still remember the song it used to play, it was so beautiful"

"Could you play it sometime?" Alan asked.

"Of course, Alan… Not today though, I'm not really in the right mood."

"Well, I know what will cheer you up," Sally announced.

"What's that grandma?"

"The chocolate muffins that were baked earlier, I'm surprised no one's tried one yet."

"There's a reason for that," Gordon chuckled under his breath.

"I heard that," Sally said, looking at Gordon with a sly smile.

"Sorry grandma," Gordon replied.

"So, do you want one Virgil?"

"No thanks grandma, I'm not that hungry."

Sally smiled knowingly. "Don't worry, I had help baking them from Max."

"You did?"

Max, who was next to Brains beeped his confirmation.

"Well, in that case," Virgil smiled, "I think I could go for one or two."

"Great, Max will you go and fetch them."

Max beeped and went to get the muffins.

Everybody's mouth watered when less than a minute later, Max came back in the room carrying two trays of delicious looking double chocolate muffins.

"Wow, they look delicious grandma," Alan stated reaching out for a muffin.

"Put it down Alan," Sally ordered, "Virgil gets to try the first one."

Virgil reached out with his hand, picked up a muffin and bit into it.

"Well, how are they?" Kayo asked.

Virgil swallowed the bit he was chewing and nodded approvingly.

Everyone's face lit up at this news and they all went to reach for one, but instantly stopped and put them back down when Virgil suddenly spat out a piece of the cake.

"Virgil, what's wrong?" Scott asked.

"Is there coconut in here?" Virgil questioned, beginning to turn a slight green.

"Max picked out the ingredients" Sally said, looking at the robot.

Max beeped an affirmative.

"Oh god!" Virgil mumbled.

"Okay Virgil, come with me," Scott said, putting an arm around his brother and leading him out the room.

Max beeped at Brains wanting to know what was wrong.

Brains glanced down at his friend. "Oh Max, we need to get to the infirmary to help Virgil… He's allergic to coconut."

Max released a series of very sad beeps as he followed Brains to the sickbay.

"It's okay Max," Brains said, rushing into the room, and going over to Scott to help him get the injection ready, "y…you didn't know, I should have t…told you."

Max beeped some more.

"I'll be okay Max," Virgil muttered, "like Brains said, this isn't your fault… And it's not yours either Brains!"

Brains smiled. "I just hope you remember that in a few seconds."

Virgil was going to question why, when he saw Brains stepping towards him with a needle in his hands. "Is that necessary, my reactions are never that severe!"

"I…I'm afraid it's needed Virgil," Brains replied, "It's better to be safe, rather than sorry!"

Scott shook his head at Virgil's reaction. "You know being the medic of the family, you'd think you would be used to needles!"

"Giving them is never a problem, I just don't like being on the receiving end!" Virgil complained, wincing away from Brains and the needle.

"Now, come on Virgil, stop complaining and look at me."

Virgil made a groaning noise, but did what Scott had asked. "Ouch!"

"All done," Brains announced.

"Can I go to my room now," Virgil pleaded.

"Nope, you know the score," Scott stated.

"Brains, please?"

Brains fiddled with his glasses. "Sorry Virgil, your b…brother is right, you need to stay here where we can m…monitor you."

Virgil pouted, but nodded his agreement.

Brains smiled and with Max left the room.

"Are you alright bro?"

"Yes," Virgil exhaled, "It's just today's been a bit shitty!"

"How so?"

"Well, being woken at 7am by the alarm system, and not being able to start the day with a coffee. Well, until Brains kindly offered me his. Then being forced to do Christmas decorations.

"Which you secretly love!" Scott announced.

"No, I don't!" Virgil answered giving Scott a cheeky smile.

"Mm… Sure you don't," Scott countered. "so, what else as made this a bad day then?"

"Well, there was also the incident with my music box disappearing, and then this."

"Yes, I'll allow those last two." Scott said, turning to the door. "I'm just going to get myself a coffee… You stay here, and maybe get a nap!"

"I will," Virgil agreed, "oh Scott."

"Yes bro?"

"Can you make sure Alan doesn't have any of those muffins. His reactions are always much worse than mine."

"Don't worry I'm sure me, Kayo and Gords can finish them all off."

"Yeah, I'm sure you can." Virgil chuckled.

Once his brother had gone Virgil settled himself down for the much-needed sleep he felt he had needed all day.

… …

Virgil yawned and rolled over, he could hear the alarm system going off, but he knew there was no point getting up, there was no way Scott would let him out on a rescue after having the shot.

"Hey Virgil, what's taking you so long?"

Virgil groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. Suddenly realising he was in his own bed he sat up and looked at Kayo. "What's going on?"

"What's going on… We've got a mission, that's what's going on!"

"But I was just in the infirmary!"

Kayo raised an eyebrow at Virgil. "Have you been having weird dreams?"

"Yes, I guess so," Virgil replied, releasing another yawn before jumping out of bed, "ouch!"

Kayo glanced at the bedside drawer that had been left open. "You know you really should keep that shut!"

Virgil gazed at the offending drawer his mouth wide open.

"Virgil, are you not dressed yet," his grandma chastised.


"No butts… Now, hurry up and join your brothers," Sally said, starting to leave the room, "we have an important mission to complete… Kayo, come along."

"Yes grandma," Kayo looked over her shoulder at Virgil, "I'll see you in a minute."

Virgil glanced around looking for some clothes when he spotted the tracksuit bottoms and top he had been wearing. Shaking his head in disbelief he quickly pulled them on and headed out of his room, hoping his theory wasn't correct. Virgil reached the command centre and stared in shock at his grandma, Scott, Kayo, Gordon, and Alan alongside the hologram of his brother John, in the now non-decorated room. 'This can't be happening,' Virgil thought, stepping forwards to join his family.

"Getting slower in your old age Virg?" Gordon quipped. "and where's your usual lumberjack gear?

Choosing to ignore his brothers remarks this time, Virgil glanced at John "What's the situation?"

"It's one that you're not going to like… Oh, and for the record this wasn't my idea!"

Virgil gulped at the familiar nature of this. "What wasn't your idea?"

"This!" Gordon chirped pushing a large box into Virgil's view.

"No, it can't be?"

"I'm afraid so," Scott answered, looking at his brother sympathetically.

Alan shoved a smaller box into Virgil's arms. "Come on Virg, join in the fun."

Virgil placed the box on the floor and opened it to reveal the glittery Christmas decorations inside. "Oh god… Not again!"