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Roy's POV

The moment the wards around the property fell spells began to fly. Roy threw up a shield that he had been practicing. To his surprise the magic held up against several spells before failing.

He ducked and dodged around the spells. Having gone to war was part of his advantage. There weren't many on either side here that had recently fought to survive. Both himself and his men fought and killed to survive recently. They were still dealing with the aftermath of it.

Gunshots rang out causing several witches and wizards to collapse. Their knees blown out from under them. Roy used his left hand to snap his ignition cloth gloves.

Flames sprung from his finger tips going towards the so called Light wizards. His control over the flames had improved with the control over his magic. The flames dodged around the aurors and dark wizards. Screams filled the air and a moment later he let the flames go.

Alchemist or not the orders were not to kill. Wizards weren't stupid nor were most of them suicidal. They would surrender eventually.

Marvolo froze for a moment just ahead of Roy. From the alchemist's position he could see a tall silver haired man. There was no doubt in anyone's mind who it was.

The resistance redoubled their efforts. No doubt given courage by the appearance of their leader. Roy began using more alchemy to keep the resistance at bay as much as he could. Aurors were firing spells left and right. Their cover fire was taking longer now since most wizards looked similar.

Better to be sure you hit the enemy than hit any ally by mistake. They lost too many of their own to careless sniper fire. Ishval made even the most reckless sniper cautious.

Roy sensed rather than saw the magic heading his way. He dodged left and a sickly yellow spell missed him by mere inches. In response he raised his own wand ready to cast a spell back.

A familiar red haired woman stood before him. He bared his teeth in response to seeing her. Molly Weasley. No doubt the woman that supplied the children with the potions to change his brother.

There was no pleasantries between them. No words that normal enemies might have exchanged. Instead they went back and forth curses and spells flying between them. Roy knew that he was outmatched. So far he knew only a handful of spells taught to him by Barty and Marvolo. This woman had several decades of magical experience on him.

While she had an advantage with magic, he had one with alchemy. As he blocked a red spell he snapped his fingers. The surprise on her face was satisfying. They no doubt thought he couldn't use alchemy and magic together.

It became a dance between the alchemist and witch. Flames shot from his glove forcing the woman to dodge or use a water spell. In turn she would use several kinds of spells trying to break through his defenses.

As he turned to avoid another spell this one silver in color a shot rang out. The Weasley Matriarch hit the ground with a thud. Her hands gripped her knee where the bullet had hit her.

He gave a short nod of thanks knowing Hawkeye was watching. She was his eyes in the sky. Forever she would have his back and he hers.

Roy's attention was drawn forward to where a duel for the history books was happening. Marvolo and Dumbledore were dueling. Spells of all kinds were being thrown left and right.

Blue, green, black, yellow. Spells that he never heard of being used like they were children. Roy's green eyes were wide as he watched the skill of the two men. Neither gave an inch. It seemed as if their fight would go on forever.

Roy could feel the fire within his belly reignite. Since he returned to his human form it had almost died. No longer was it so present that he felt like he was going to overheat. Or his dreams where he woke up and the room was a sauna.

He could feel his canines length and his senses heightened. It felt similar to when he was changed into his animal form. The hellhound as he had researched. Changing might give Marvolo the advantage he needed.

He focused on the fire within his belly a mental image of the black puppy. As he focused on it he felt his body begin to change. His face lengthened into a muzzle and his arms and legs shortened. Black fur began to sprout from his body and he let out a loud growl.

The few wizards on the Light Side that still stood stopped to stare. This gave the aurors a chance to stun them.

It took a moment for Roy to get used to running in this form. When he did he took off towards the two wizards still dueling. Aurors stood around them waiting for an opening. Trying desperately to find a way to get into the fight.

It was useless on their parts as the two wizards paid them no mind. They were equally matched it seemed. One was Light and the other was Dark. It would take someone to choose a side for one to win.

Roy dodged around the spells that they cast and blocked. He could feel the air warming with hid magic. To him it was pleasant but from the sweat that began to form on the wizard's faces it was uncomfortable.

When Dumbledore noticed him he began to focus on Roy. It took all the young alchemist had to dodge and avoid them. With the heat sparks began to come. His magic was reacting in unexpected ways. Soon the sparks would erupt into true flames.

Roy ducked around a yellowish green curse only to be hit with a sickly yellow. Blood erupted from the wound and pain went through him. He continued through it.

The flames around them danced with deadly intent. They were fueled by his anger and pain.

Dumbledore tried to raise a shield to protect himself but the flames circle around it. They licked at the old man's skin.

Marvolo snarled his wand pointing at the man's chest, "Surrender, Dumbledore. Your men are captured and there is no escaping capture this time. The more you resist the worse you make it for yourself. Give up before anyone else gets hurt."

Dumbledore said his eyes going to where the aurors were, "You can't win this war, Tom. People will eventually find out who you are. When they do they will turn again you."

Marvolo snarled, "I have given them no reason to turn against me. Unlike you who twists the minds of children to fight in your war."

Dumbledore said his eyes turning cold as he looked at Roy who was trying to find a way around the shield, "There will always be those who fight against the Dark, Tom. I will however take away one of your supporters this day. He is too powerful to leave alive," the wand was then turned on him, "Avada Kedavra."


"Flipendo," Roy was knocked out of the way of a green light. The scent of death hit the grass where he had been just seconds prior.


"Petrificus Totalus!"

A dull thud caught his attention but he was picked up by a set of warm arms. The scent was dark but familiar. His inner fire began to abate slightly. No longer was it trying to attack and kill.

Marvolo's voice spoke gently above him, "You're fine, major. You're fine. We all survived."

For the first time since the fight began, he breathed deeply. The scents of the air were burned but there was still those who were familiar to him. What Marvolo said was true. No one smelled dead or dying. Injured yes but alive. Relief flooded him. It was over.