Pokemon: Sun & Moon- Arina in Alola

Author: AshK1980

Rating: Fiction Rated T

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Episode 03: Pokemon Contest - Hau'oli Conference! Part One

One week has passed since May and Dawn arrived in Hau'oli City and found out that their old friend Ash has now become Arina. They have also spent the last week preparing for the first ever Pokemon Contest in Alola. Arina decided to enter it, but right before Arina went to the Pokemon Center to register for the contest in the Pokemon School Gym, she was stopped by May and Dawn.

"Arina, what do you think you're doing?" May asked curiously as she grabbed a hold of Arina's hand, "Do you have a Pokemon Contest Outfit?"

"Um, well," Arina said with a blush as she shook her head no then continued, "I was going to just enter the contest wearing this, what's wrong?"

Dawn rolled her eyes and whacked Arina upside the head, this caught Lillie and the others off guard as they looked toward the blue-haired Sinnohoan.

"What did you do that for Dawn?" Lillie asked curiously as she was about to panic, "There was no reason to hit Arina upside the head."

Arina put her hands up and shook her head as she remembered something, as of Sinnoh Contests, a trainer had to have another outfit for Pokemon Contests. Arina looked toward Lillie and calmed her down, "actually Lillie, Dawn is right, it's been a long time since I have been in a contest, but I just remembered that if I plan on entering the contest, I have to have a different look and outfit other than what I normall travel in. So, you don't need to worry, Dawn did what she did to remind me about the situation."

"You mean, trainers have to wear a different outfit for Contests?" Lana asked curiously with a confused look on her face and continued, "that seems a bit troublesome if you ask me. What is the point of having a different outfit for contests?"

Mallow then ponders the question that Lana asked for a moment and then snapped her fingers with a revelation, "it seems that Pokemon Contests are quite the formal affair from what I've read about them. They are much more formal than a standard Island Trial or Grand Trial. The object of a Pokemon Contest is to show off a Pokemon and its trainer. A Pokemon Coordinator has to have a different look for a Pokemon Contest. The same applies to a Pokemon Trainer like Arina. The second a trainer enters a Pokemon Contest, he or she is considered a Pokemon Coordinator. So, he or she has to look extra special for a Pokemon Contest."

"So that means," Dawn said with a smile, "we have to find a Contest dress for Arina. It will help her get more used to being a girl. Especially if she's stuck that way for a while or even longer."

Arina sighs as she nods, then speaks up, "I guess you do have a point Dawn, who knows when or if I will be able to change back to my original body. I would be honored if you and May help me with my Contest Dress. And yes, I want to wear a dress. I really like how this skirt and shirt look on me. I honestly didn't think I could pull this look off. Though, I am going to have to have a different Hairstyle for Contests."

May smiles and hugs Arina, "I'm so proud of you Arina. I think we will have Lillie and the others help out too."

Lillie, Lana, and Mallow smile and nod as they agree to help May and Dawn get Arina ready for the upcoming Pokemon Contest.

At the Hau'oli City Mall, Arina tried on a lot of different contest dresses until she finally settled on one. The one that she finally settled on consisted of a one piece dress with white short sleeves, a white collar, and a white bow on her chest. A white chain-link belt around her waist, with white tights underneath it. She also has a pair of blue high-heeled shoes with blue straps around the ankles. Her outfit is completed with a white bracelet on her left wrist and a blue bracelet on her right wrist. She also has a pair of blue star-shaped earrings for her pierced ears. she is also wearing the same necklace around her neck that she wears with her traveling clothes. Her hair is still the same way it is when she travels. "So," Arina said as she posed for her friends to take a look at her, "how do I look?"

May and Dawn were struck in awe by how cute and beautiful Arina looked. They smiled at her and observed her look.

"I think she looks beautiful," Lillie said with a smile, "That look really suits you Arina. However I think there may be something else you have to do with your look though. If contests are as formal as Dawn and May make them out to be, then I think that something else needs to be done. What do you think Lana and Mallow?"

Mallow observed Arina closely as she evaluated her. Something was off though, it really didn't scream Formal Contest. "I think Lillie is right Arina, something else is missing."

Arina gasped as she thought to herself, 'What could be missing? I did everything I was supposed to, I guess being a girl is more complicated than I initially thought.' "What is missing Mallow? Do you have any idea Lana?" Arina asked her other two friends. She couldn't figure out what was missing from her Contest look.

May and Dawn then gasped as they pulled out some hair-styling tools, May was the first to realize her mistake, "Um Arina-Chan, what is something that Dawn always did for her contests in Sinnoh, that I really didn't do at all for the Pokemon Contests in Hoenn and Kanto?"

Arina pondered for a minute, then gasped as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, "I never thought I would hear myself say this in a million years, but I hate my hair! It really is in no shape to be shown off in a Pokemon Contest." This caught Arina by surprise, she realized she said something out loud that she never in a million years thought she would say. She then covered her mouth and then blushed out of embarrassment.

Dawn giggled as she spoke up, "Now she remembers, as of the contests in Sinnoh, Pokemon Trainers that wished to participate in Pokemon Contests had to create a completely different look for contests. Arina, girls, let's head back to the Pokemon Center and we will decide what do with Arina's hair there."

The group of girls, including Arina nodded in acknowledgement and understanding at what Dawn said. With that they agreed to go back to the Pokemon Center to create a Contest-Type Hair Style for Arina.

Once the group arrived at the Pokemon Center, they rented a room. Once the group was in a room, Dawn pulled out her hair-styling tools. With Arina sitting in a chair with her back to the mirror, she just pet Pikachu and Litten, who were sitting on her lap. She was a girl for the time being, so she had to act like a girl, a girl that wasn't into romance, but wanted to look impressive enough to gain the attention of the contest judges and the audience of the contest. She did have to admit to herself she certainly made a very pretty girl, so why not take advantage of it. She knew she would have to be a girl for a while at least, but she wasn't ever going to give up on her real dream, being a great Pokemon Master. If she became a great coordinator as well, all the better. She never was one to turn down a challenge.

Dawn tried several different looks and so did May. The two coordinators even tried to create one together. Arina didn't like any of them. Finally, Arina, Lana, Lillie, and Mallow put their heads together with May and Dawn. The five girls then came up with something. Arina then sketched it on a notepad. She smiled as she handed the sketch to Dawn and May. Lana, Lillie, and Mallow also looked at it. All five girls finally settled on a look for Arina's hair in the Contest.

When all was said and done, Dawn and May turned Arina to face the mirror and held a hand mirror behind Arina's head revealing both sides of her new look. Arina's hair was styled in the most beautiful set of Quad-Tails. On the sides of her hair was a pair of long Twintails. While in the back of her hair was a pair of smaller, shorter Twintails. Both sets of Twintails as well as the long hair in the back took full advantage of her now long Golden Locks. Arina blushed and smiled at her reflection. "Is this really me? Wow! Thanks Dawn and May! You too Lana, Lillie and Mallow!" Arina then hugs all four of the girls happily.

The four girls blush and smile as they break apart and each give Arina an individual hug.

Once Arina's style for the Contest was set, the group headed to the Pokemon Center to freshen up.

The girls had some time before the contest. They would spend it catching up on everything that has happened. The contest was that evening. Arina smiled as she explaine everything that has happened to her since they parted after the Wallace Cup. That was the last time that Arina, when she was still Ash saw May. Arina also explained to Dawn everything that has happened to her since their time in Eastern Unova and the Junior Cup Tournament, besides the obvious of course. Arina was happy to be with her old friends and her new friends as well. Arina, May, and Dawn made sure to let each other know that none of them were going to give an inch. They agreed to do the best they could to make it to the Semi-Finals together. This was going to be a great contest!

To Be Continued...

Next Time: The Preliminaries of the Contest are about to get underway, will Arina go with her Current Alola Team, or will she bring some of her other Team Members to Alola. Find out when this story continues.

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Author's note: I know this is a really short chapter, but I'm still trying to figure out which Pokemon Arina will use. All of her Pokemon that she has will obey her despite her appearance. I felt I should at least post something. Real Life this year has been hectic to say the least. ~AshK1980