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"When war is declared, truth is the first casualty." -Arthur Ponsonby

U.S. Army Sergeant Ben Kerry drove a stolen Tempest truck across the road of Island of Altis into the ancient ruins in grid 200200, the place where Lieutenant James told him to bring the device. "What the hell have I got myself into?" The Sergeant wondered aloud.

It had been months since the Stratis incident, when Altis Armed Forces also known as AAF launched a surprise attack against Task Force Aegis, the US-led peacekeeping forces stationed in Stratis island, forcing the survivors of the extensive attack to fight alongside the FIA(Freedom and Independence Alliance) guerillas while cutting off communications to the outside world.

After months of lack of communication from the Task Force, NATO launched a counterattack against the AAF and its allies, revealed to be the 24th Mechanized Regiment of CSAT (Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty), another major military alliance and NATO's greatest rival. The NATO managed to capture Stratis and its all-important airbase and secure a beachhead on Altis for the main NATO forces, composed mainly by the United States Army's 111st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 21st Armored Brigade Combat Team, Navy's Carrier Strike Group 14, and small elements from Marine Corps' I Marine Expeditionary Force. The next day after a large bombardment by artillery and the clearing of CSAT and AAF AAA sites around the Airport, along with the cooperation with the FIA in the attack, the airport was secured and in the evening the NATO forces moved onto the capital, forcing the remaining AAF and CSAT forces into the northern peninsula. Just one final push remaining to end this conflict.

However, just before Kerry was about to regroup with NATO forces, he was contacted by a dying Lt. James, who pleaded to Kerry to find him.

Officially, Kerry is the sole survivor of the Task Force Aegis. All of his fellow surviving peacekeepers were killed during the lengthy unsuccessful guerilla warfare in Stratis and the failed attempt to escape to Altis where Altis Air Force fighters blew their boats to kingdom come.

However, that's what the official report stated. In fact, there were more NATO survivors around. Those were the mysterious British special force group he had been working with. Lieutenant James was one of them.

Colonel David Armstrong, call sign Crossroad, the leader of the NATO invasion force told Kerry that all British forces had moved off from Stratis many months ago prior to the Start is Incident, confusing Kerry even more. Several weeks later, Armstrong informed him again that NATO MEDCOM had finished their investigation into the Incident and had confirmed the British special forces' identity. Armstrong deliberately withheld information about the UKSF to Kerry, saying it is highly-classified and urging him to avoid all contact with them much to his dismay.

Just before the final assault, Kerry disobeyed the order to regroup and went AWOL to find James. He later found him gravely wounded with several dead UKSF members at a checkpoint near a research facility after having a fire-fight with the elite CSAT special forces. James informed Kerry that Miller was waiting nearby in some ancient ruins in grid '200200' and asked him to deliver a truck with unknown contents in the research facility. James later died of his wounds before Kerry could ask him more about the situation. Kerry managed to fight his way through CSAT special forces at the facility, stole the truck, and drove off to the meeting point.

At the ruins, he saw several British special forces standing around, motioning him to drive closer. Hesitantly, Kerry drove the truck closer to the ruins, letting the Spec Ops check it. As the Sergeant disembarked from the truck he saw a middle-aged man with messy black hair and roughly shaved beard walked toward him. Kerry knew this guy. In fact, he was the leader of the mysterious UKSF, Captain Scott Miller.

"Miller…" He muttered under his breath.

"Ah, Kerry! You certainly do have a tendency to show up unexpectedly," Exclaimed Miller as he smiled and shook hands with Kerry

"Old habits die hard."

"Hmm, well, I'll take it from here," Replied the special force officer as he walked away from the young NCO.

As he approached the truck, Kerry called out."Not so fast! I think you owe me some answers."

Surprised by his sudden outburst, the captain stopped, turning to see the sergeant. "You'd do well to refrain from threatening me."

"This is what it's all about, isn't it? Stratis, Mike-26, the airport, everything. You sabotaged the whole invasion!" Kerry yelled angrily.

"We need more time…." Miller sighed. However, in his expression, there was no sign of feeling guilty for causing a conflict that killed hundreds if not thousands live.

Kerry understands now. From everything that happened, Kerry thought it wasn't a mere coincidence that the UKSF managed to survive the attack despite being in the base. The reason why AAF attacked the Task Force 'unprovoked', the sudden UKSF withdrawal from most of their guerilla operation, the failure of communications equipment at Air Station Mike-26, the reason he didn't stop the NATO from attacking the FIA in the airport that killed Stavrou, and the reason why Miller sounds so fishy every time he talked via comms. Everything was planned. The Stratis Incident was caused by a false-flag operation, committed by Miller and his team.

"For what? To find this?" The sergeant pointed at the truck. "What is it?"

"It's classified," Miller's simple answer angered Kerry even more.

"Fuck you it is!"

"Kerry, I swear, once more and I'll drop you where you stand!" He threatened the young sergeant, pointing his finger at him. His finger gripped his MX 6.5mm rifle tightly. "Think about it. When was the last time this region experienced tremors like these? There's been at least a dozen in the last few days alone."

Miller was somewhat right. This unknown, AC-like device was probably the one that caused those fishy earthquakes. But still... "What? No…Miller, that's not good enough. I-"

"Question time's over!" Miller turned around, leaving the dumbfounded and furious American before a flight of four CSAT To-199 Neophron light attack aircraft flew overhead, stopping him in his tracks.

"All units we've got multiple contacts approaching the northern coast!" Crossroad yelled from the radio, prompting Kerry to open the wide NATO channel. "Stand by. We might have a problem here."

"I'll tell you what," As explosions and gunfire sounded off in the distance, the captain told him again. "I like you, Kerry. If you're still here, I'll give you a way out."

"Things are about to get ugly. I'd suggest you keep your heads down," Miller finished, taking the truck with his team and leaving the sergeant by himself.

Still shocked and tried to ingest everything that happened, Kerry listened to the chaos within the NATO force via the radio.

"All units, multiple hostile aircrafts inbound!"

"This is Echo 2-1! I, confirmed! We're trying to p-"

"Mayday! Mayday! Golf 4-1 is going down!"

"Copy, 4-1!"

"Crossroads, we are under heavy assault! We can't-"

"1-1, say again! Over!"

"All units! All units! Tactical withdraw! I say again! Get your guys out-"

"Jesus Christ…." Kerry gasped. In just a few minutes, the hostile forces completely wiped out the NATO forces. Suddenly, the sound of rumbles got his attention. "Hmm?"

In a split second, a flash of lights blinded him as he hopelessly tried to cover his eyes.


A surge of strong energy struck his entire body, causing everything around him to disappear and the young sergeant lost his consciousness.

Slowly opening his eyes, he felt soft winds greased against his skin. As he sat up and groaned, he checked his surroundings. His backpack and MX3GL assault rifle still by his side. His body was still clean from any wound just like before that flash.

He didn't know what the hell just happened. Kerry thought he knew who was responsible for this. It's always them. "I'm blaming CSAT for…. What the literal fuck?"

He found himself in a vast, green expanse of the lushest, softest-looking grass he had ever seen. Tentatively reaching down to brush against the grass blades, his eyes trailed around the field he was on. Something alien and otherworldly to him who grew up in Oregon yet at the same time, fascinating. Sounds like something straight out from Tolkien's works.

"Where the hell is this…?" The young soldier gasped, upon realizing the coast of northern Altis nor the ruins are nowhere to be seen. The sergeant stood up, checking his radio and contacting Miller.

"Falcon, it's Kerry, do you read me?"

No response.

"I say again, Falcon, do you copy?"

"Goddammit, Falcon, do you read me?!" He tried to contact him for the last time to no avail, causing him to lose his temper.

"Are you fucking kidding me?! Fuck you, Miller! You son of a bitch!"

He hesitantly changed the channel to the NATO-wide channel. He knew if Crossroad is the one who hears his transmission, the colonel would throw him to the deepest shithole.

"Sergeant Kerry to all nearby units, does anyone read?" However, after more than a minute waiting for a response, the only thing he got was static. "Please respond! Anybody!"

And now, when there's no one answered, he knows he's more fucked up.

"Jesus-fucking-Christ…." The sergeant muttered. He held his head with both his hands, trying to calm himself. "Okay, stay calm, Ben. First thing first, check equipment."

Kerry began checking his equipment.

"Okay, I've got five six-five mags, three pistol mags, two frag grenades, four rounds of forty mike-mike, a smoke grenade, and a bunch of IFAKs. My compass and NVG works just fine, but there's no signal for the GPS."

After making sure all his equipment is accounted for, he began observing his surroundings.

"Everything is fine. Step 2, find the nearest settlement," He said to himself before noticing a hill in the north-west of his position. "Maybe, I can find something by getting on that hill."

He then smiled upon noticing a pick-up truck several meters behind him.

"Thank, God. There's a truck over there," He entered the truck which was in a worse condition with its left door lost and low on fuel but still working engine. He started the engine and began to drive the truck through the field of grass toward the hill.

This is going to be another misadventure of survival for Ben Kerry, also known as what the grunts called him, The Guerrilla Man.

The dawn sky was filled with smoke and screams of panicking citizens.

Everything was burning. Every building she stared at was burning. The whole fortress city of Ansur was burning.

Maia, one of the Shield Princess and the former Black Dogs mercenary, wildly swung her dual swords around, killing any mercenaries that dared to touch her and harm the group of civilians behind her.

She glared fiercely at the enemies, biting her own lips.

"This is just an insane joke of yours, right…. Volt?"

Centuries ago, within the continent of Eostia, a war broke after the black fortress appeared in the Badlands in the north of Eostia. The dark elves and monsters under the command of the Dark Elf Queen, Olga Discordia invaded Eostia, causing havoc on the continent.

After what seems like endless fights, this conflict managed to reach its final stages with the decline of the Dark Elf queen's power. Under the High Elf's calling, the Seven Shields Alliance was formed to stand against the Legion. Their stronghold, the fortress city acted as the first bastion against the savages from the north.

The Alliance issued a request to the group of mercenaries which acted as the vanguards for an all-out-war to put an end to this conflict. They called themselves Black Dogs and were led by Vault, a veteran mercenary who had slain a countless enemy. He is also known for being a brilliant strategist and tactician.

However, the mercenaries that the Alliance called forth to fight for them now rebelled and betrayed the Alliance, turning against their former ally.

During the first time the Shield Princess of Ansur heard the news that the mercenaries began invading the land of Eostia and proclaimed the founding of the so-called Sex Empire, she thought it was just some silly fake news by some drunkards in the inn. There's no way that Volt, the caring & friendly man that she admired and looked into did something unbelievable like this, right?

But, she was wrong. She was terribly wrong.

But despite that, she still tried to deny everything around her, until the Black Dogs, her former comrades, those who once she called and knew as family set their eyes on the fortress city she swore to protect.

Maia panted heavily after fighting so many enemies by herself. Most of the troops and mercenaries that protected Ansur probably had been killed, captured, or even defected. She ordered those who survived to evacuate the civilian while she made a last stand to hold the invader. She must protect this city and its citizens no matter what.

She kept herself fighting against the seemingly countless enemy, forcing her already tired bodies to fight, until he noticed a large, muscular man with unkempt hair and beard marched toward her with a claymore in his back. His shirt and body armor had worn-out after years of fighting. The mercenary girl's eyes widened as she saw the man.


"Yup, it's me, Maia," He glanced at the destruction around them and smiled sadly. "Quiet a bad place for a reunion, eh?"

Maia focused her attention on the large guy, glared fiercely at him. "What do you want, Volt? Why are you doing this?!"

"Of course, every one of our kinds, every mercenary knows why I did this," He told her patiently.

"For what? So you can satisfy your animalistic carnal desire?"

"Heh, it seems that the so-called goddess and her cronies had corrupted your mind with those bullshit idealism and self-righteous thinking, making you forget your origin," That answer left her dumbfounded.

"What do you mean?" She asked, lowering her blades.

"Nevermind," The older mercenary sighed. He extended his hand to the girl. "I'll tell you about that if you come with me."

The girl gasped. Her thought went back to ten years ago when she was still a frail teen and inexperienced, she sat and wept helplessly on the battlefield after her legs were injured and her weapons thrown away. She watched her comrades fight bravely against Olga's henchmen before they were slain in those monster's hands. She was about to die when a monster raised its sword on her….until another mercenary blocked the attack with his claymore and killed that monster. He then turned around to see Maia and with a friendly grin, extended his hand.

However, something in her head clicked the wrong way.

The Volt in front of her isn't the same Volt that she used to know.

"Never!" She snarled, pointing him with the edge of her blade.

"You're still as stubborn as ever, Maia…." Volt sighed. He then smirked evilly and yelled at his mercenaries. "Men, get her!"

All of the mercenaries gathered around them charged at the Shield Princess at the same time. As Maia braced for the attack, the sounds of repeated cracks were heard thundering behind her, causing her to flinch and cover her ears. She expected it must be the work of the enemy to distract her. But however, all of the men who attacked her suddenly dropped to the floor with their stomach bleeding.

"What the-" The other Black Dogs exclaimed before also being hit by an unknown force and slumped to the floor whilst holding their body where blood poured from.

The mercenary girl looked behind and saw a man in strange clothing hiding behind an alley with a...weird looking crossbow aimed at the Black Dogs. That man must be the one who is responsible for those thundering cracks.

"Quick! Get over here!" He called out. Maia stared at the strange man as he connected some box under his crossbow, then back to Volt who quickly retreated and had a completely shocked expression, even shocker than her. She saw a small bomb was thrown into the crowd of mercenaries, killing many of them with sickening blood and body parts thrown around. "There's no fucking time, come on!" The man shouted again as he fired another volley.

The Shield Princess quickly rushed toward the alley and hid behind the man as he threw another bomb into the mercenaries. This time, instead of exploding, it spewed dense, thick smokes that quickly covered the whole street. Thicker than any smoke bombs she had ever used.

"Let's go!"

The man quickly pulled her hand and ran deeper into the alleyway. Maia almost tripped because of how rough he pulled her.

"Tripwire! Jump!"

"E-eh?!" She yelped and jumped as he shouted, barely missing an almost invisible string. Looking behind her, she saw several Black Dogs pursuing her.

"Get the-" The alley behind her suddenly exploded. The Black Dogs who chased them screamed in agony as they got thrown like ragdolls.

The two ran across the alley. The alley in Ansur does look like a maze, giving them more advantages. They finally reached one of its ends which led to the market and shopping district. The young girl looked at the man who began to talk, but not to her.

"Red team! Green team! This is Kerry, if you had finished your job, regroup at Checkpoint Charlie as planned. How copy?"

Maia didn't know who he's speaking with, but it seems he had telepathic magic because she noticed he held his ear as he spoke.

As they ran across the street, he roughly yanked her to the inside of a ransacked shop. They hid behind the counter, letting the mercenaries pass the shop. Breathing heavily, the mysterious man looked at her.

"Looks like they lost us," He told her, before noticing he unintentionally grasped her in the stomach which was exposed from her clothes, causing both of them to blush heavily. He quickly released her and recoiled away. "Um, sorry…."

With a still visible faint blush painted on his cheeks, he went to the back door. He opened it and checked the surrounding of the alley it led into with his 'crossbow' aimed before motioning Maia to follow him.

Using the chaos around them, they silently reached the southern defense wall where there was a small hole, enough for several people to cross if they crouched.

Maia crouched down, finally managing to escape Ansur. The man soon followed before they made their way deeper into the forest in the south of the city.

Maia noticed the man chuckled nervously. "To be honest, I hate forest, but Checkpoint Charlie is deep inside it. So-"

"Wait!" She called out. The man stopped in his tracks and stared at her questioningly. This time she can get a good look at this strange man who had saved her.

He wore a set of weird-looking clothes. His helmet isn't like anything she had ever seen because of its weird shape, the small tubes attached to its front, and the fact it did nothing to cover his face, exposing his young yet scarred face. His armor seems to be made from leather with many pockets attached to it. His shirt was mainly green and tan in color with some kind of brown and white patterns that looked like leaves and clouds.

A flag of black and white stripes with many stars on its upper-left corner printed on his left arm. He probably from some kind of guild or mercenary group since she never saw a country with that flag.

Maia snapped herself from her thought and pointed at the burning city. "The citizens! I'm in charge of this city! I can't leave them alone!"

"Calm down, miss! Don't worry, my team is getting that covered. They are now escorting the citizens into the forest," The man said reassuringly before he sighed and continued. "But only a handful, not all of them, sorry."

After he finished, he began to jog toward the forest, but the Shield Princess grabbed his arm, telling him to stop.

"What is it?" The man turned around with his voice raised, evidence that she had irritated him.

"My name is Maia, who are you? Why are you saving me? Why are you bothering to save us?"

"Is that your 'thank you' for getting you out from that clusterfuck of a shithole?" He countered her with another question, but Maia kept her stern face. She then noticed his lips curved upward as he replied not in his usual irritated tone, but in the playful one. "It's Ben Kerry. Let's just say….will you believe it if I told you that my little, peace-loving heart is the one who moved me?"

Maia wasn't sure what this man planned and the real reason he saved her and her people. But one thing is clear, that genuine, thin smile in that rough, bruised face told her that everything is going to be okay.

Author's Note: Finally, I did it. I don't really know what happened, but I did it. My hands wrote on itself. I don't know what just happened. God, pls forgive me….

Anyway, this is going to be the second ARMA series crossover fanfic and my first ARMA 3 and Kuroinu fanfic. Sorry for my shit-ass grammar, English isn't my main language.

For those of you who don't know, ARMA 3 is an open world, military simulation tactical shooter video game developed and published by Bohemia Interactive. ARMA 3's storyline takes place in 2035 during a military conflict after a civil war in fictional Mediterranean island country called 'Republic of Altis and Stratis' against 'Eastern coalition' referred to as Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty (CSAT), led by a resurgent Iranian military with a coalition of other Middle Eastern and Asian nations. The main 'Eastwind' campaign was split into 3 parts; Survive, Adapt, and Win.

I choose ARMA 3 instead of any other shooter games because of how underrated this game is despite having a pretty good campaign and great, 'realistic' game mechanics perfect for military simulation games for real men...and masochists. If you think you're good enough at Call of Duty, Battlefield, and CSGO, play this thing. Trust me, you'll cry in blood tears and beg for mercy('coz that happened to me, LOL).

And, maybe many of you think I'm a weirdo for making a crossover with the Kuroinu series. Kuroinu is...well, Hentai anime split into 4 episodes of OVA adapted from an Eroge with the same title. It was recommended by my friend in real-life after I asked him about H anime with Fantasy-setting, big tiddies, and Ahegao. It kinda surprised me with the straightforward plot, good worldbuilding, and diverse interesting(and fappable) female characters. But well, I don't like the ending since I'm not into rape and I bet most author who had written Kuroinu fanfics share the same opinion with me. That's why I thought about 'What if (crippled) modern armies who were at war with each other suddenly teleported to Eostia?', and thus, this fanfic was born.

I haven't read the VN because I 'ain't nobody got time for that'. But at least, thanks to Dante Crailman, the good guy who wrote a Fate x Kuroinu fanfic on this site, I got the bigger view of world-building and some hidden male characters. And about Maia having some kind of 'feeling' to Volt, if you rewatched Kuroinu OVA episode 3 and paid attention to Maia's part, you'll get what I mean.

The story started during the 'Win' part of the campaign before the non-canon 'Game Over' ending where Kerry chose to find James, steal the Eastwind Device, and deliver it to Miller and his CTRG team instead of joining NATO's final offensive. It caused the NATO forces to cripple by a CSAT massive invasion who returned to retrieve the Eastwind Device. But instead of NATO getting the floor wiped with their asses and Kerry struggling to escape the Island, some (un)natural phenomenon sent all combatants along with their ground and aerial assets in Altis to Eostia.

Well, the fight with the Black Dogs won't be a walk in the park, so NATO and the new BLUFOR faction -of course, the Seven Shield Alliance- must struggle to defeat the Dogs. For the other factions, the Black Dogs will be the main OPFOR while the Legion is the main Independent faction. CSAT, AAF, FIA, and several additional OC factions are going to appear but I'm still deciding whether they'll be a BLUFOR, OPFOR, or Independent. If you are unfamiliar with ARMA terms, let's just say the BLUFOR is the 'good guy', OPFOR is the 'bad guy', while the Independent can be either one of them depending on the situation.

Also please tell me who are your favorite characters in Kuroinu and/or ARMA series, so I won't have them killed or raped. But however, I'm not a guy who'll keep his promise though, LOL.

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