It's How You Play the Game

So I've recently been watching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and decided to recreate my other story in this category as this (considering that I'm finding that the original premise was full of holes).

So I'm going to be using a similar setting for the first chapter, so I apologize if it seems boring. It just means I can pump out chapter two faster.

Disclaimer: Monty Oum owns RWBY and Toei owns Kamen Rider

It was nighttime in the city of Vale and a figure stood atop a roof looking out at the land. His piercing grey eyes gazed out at several figures that were marching through the streets without a care as they headed to a Dust shop. He wore a black leather jacket over a red shirt and black pants and looked to be about 15 years old. The teen pulled out a neon yellow device with a pink lever and placed it on his waist, causing a belt to form that held the device to him, before pulling out an object that resembled a game cartridge. Holding it out in front of him, he pressed the button on the device, causing a pixilated wave to flow out as several brown cubes appeared in random places.

[Mighty Action X!]

"It's time to work," said the teen as he twirled the cartridge and slotted it into his belt before pulling the pink lever across the belt, "Henshin: Second Shift."

[Gachan! Level Up! Mighty Jump! Mighty Kick! Mighty Mighty Action X!]

A light covered the teen and a holographic screen appeared in front of him that moved to envelop him. When the light faded, the figure was wearing a pink outfit with black highlights and a cybernetic breastplate with a digital gauge over the left pectoral. His face was a silver helmet with orange eyes and pink spikes that resembled hair.

Taking a running start, the teen jumped down into the street to deal with the crooks.


Rewind things a little bit and we find ourselves at the Dust shop, From Dust Till Dawn. As the broken moon shone high in the sky, several men in black suits with red ties walked toward the shop with a man holding a cane and wearing a white suit and black bowler hat in the lead. The men walked into the shop and approached the counter where an elderly man was manning the register.

"Well well," said the man in the bowler hat, "looks like we hit the jackpot boys Hand over the Dust, old man, and we'll leave without breaking anything...important."

The old man nodded and the thugs began to collect the powdered Dust from the tubes on the wall, while one pulled out a gun and pointed it at the shopkeeper.

"Crystals," said the thug, "Burn. Uncut."

The shopkeeper nodded frantically and handed the man the Dust Crystals he asked for. While the other thugs were cleaning out the shop's Dust stores, one guy noticed a figure in the back by the magazine stands. Walking closer, he saw that it was a girl wearing a black dress with a red hooded cloak that was listening to some music through wireless headphones as she looked through a weapons manual.

"Hey kid!" said the man as he leveled his gun at the girl, "Hands in the air, now!"

Unfortunately for the man, the girl was too into her music to hear him, so he spun her around, causing her to start in surprise as she saw the man. Taking her headphones off, she glanced at the thug curiously.

"Hands in the air kid!" repeated the man.

"Are you mugging me?" asked the girl in an almost amused tone.

"Yeah," said the man as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"Oh," said the girl, who's name was Ruby Rose, before she blurred into motion.

The next thing the black suited thug knew was that he had been sent flying through the store, only coming to a stop after crashing through the window of the Dust shop and bouncing several times on the hard pavement of the road.

Ruby leapt out after him and landed lightly on her feet before spinning and unfolding her weapon of choice, a mechanical sniper-scythe that was colored red and black. The man in the bowler hat, a known criminal named Roman Torchwick, walked out of the shop with the rest of the men, having heard the commotion.

"Trying to play hero, Red?" asked Torchwick, "Get her!"

Several thugs attacked Ruby, swinging their swords at her, but she only smiled and pulled the trigger on her Scythe, activating the rifle function so she could use the recoil as a boost forward, allowing her to slam her boots into a thug's chest before flipping back and knocking out a second one with a swing of her scythe. She continued this combo by firing several more rounds, taking out two more goons while using the recoil boost to slam her weapon into her opponents' bodies, sending them sprawling onto the ground.

"Dear Monty," swore Roman, "what am I paying you for?! She's just a kid! Take her out!"

The thugs rushed at the girl in a swarm, but she displayed considerable skill and agility with her rather large weapon and dispatched most of the men before taking a shot in the side, her Aura being the only thing keeping her from getting a hole blown in her hip.

"Sorry Red," said Torchwick as he prepared fire another shot from his cane/gun, the barrel still smoking from the shot he landed in her hip, "but playtime's over."

Just when Roman was about to pull the trigger, a pixilated wave flowed over the street, causing brown cubes to appear.

"Damnit," swore Roman, "not this again."

Just as Roman was about to act, the armored figure landed between him and Ruby with a strange hammer-like weapon in his hand. He quickly dispatched the rest of the goons with strikes from his weapon and several kicks and punches.

"Who are you?" asked Ruby as she stared at the figure.

"Kamen Rider Ex-Aid," said the figure, "Roman Torchwick, I won't let you leave with that Dust."

"Kamen Rider?" frowned Roman, "You're the one that's been disrupting our operations for the past month. Well boys, we've got what we need. Let's bail!"

Roman pulled out a Fire Dust crystal and threw it in the air before shooting it to create a flash-bang to cover their escape, "Better luck next time."

When Ruby and Ex-Aid uncovered their eyes, they could see Roman escaping via a fire escape and heading toward a rooftop. Ruby immediately used her Semblance to speed after the thief, landing in front of him on the roof.

"Gotta say Red," said Torchwick, "you got spunk."

Suddenly a Bullhead airship rose up behind Torchwick, allowing the man to hop aboard while Ruby shielded her face from the winds it whipped up.

"Too bad it won't be enough!" yelled Roman over the roar of the engines before he raised his weapon and fired another shot at the girl.

Ruby closed her eyes, knowing she wouldn't be able to defend herself against the attack, but when the explosion happened, she felt no pain or heat from the blast. Looking up, she saw the armored figure that called himself a Kamen Rider was standing in front of her, having shielded her from the shot with his own body.

"Tch," said Roman, "damn interloper. I don't know who you are, but I'm not gonna be stopped by some freak in a suit!"

The man grabbed two more Dust Crystals and hurled them at the Kamen Rider before hitting them with two shots from his weapon, causing a massive explosion.

"That'll take care of um," muttered Roman, "…wait."

The crook squinted his eyes to see through the debris cloud, and when he could, his eyes widened in shock. For standing on the roof, shielding the Rider and Ruby with an intricate Dust Array, was a woman with blond hair holding a riding crop in her hand. The woman, whose name was Glynda Goodwitch, snapped the crop forward, sending a barrage of energy blasts that slammed into the aircraft.

"Damnit," said Roman before he turned to the person in the pilot's seat, "we got ourselves a Huntress!"

Torchwick switched places with the female pilot and she moved to the open door. The designs on her dress began to glow like fire and she prepared to fight. Just as she did that, Glynda cast another technique, causing a storm cloud to form over the ship that rained jagged daggers of ice that embedded themselves into the Bullhead's hull. The woman countered by sending blasts of fire from her hands that exploded against a shield that Glynda quickly erected around herself. Where the embers struck the ground, they began to glow like magma, causing Glynda to move the three of them out of the way as the embers exploded violently.

To counter the woman's attack, Glynda used her power to manipulate the rubble around them into sharp fragments that formed into a spear that shot at the Bullhead. The woman aiding Torchwick waved her hands, creating several explosions that shattered the spear, but Glynda used her power to reform it and slam it into the airship before splitting into smaller arrows that slammed into the hull again. The woman managed to counter by using her powers to detonate the shards, leaving only ashes.

Ruby decided to help out and fired several shots from her weapon that the woman aiding Torchwick blocked with ease. The woman then waved her hand, creating a blazing ring under their feet, forcing Glynda to move the group out of the way as the roof detonated, allowing the Bullhead to escape with ease.

"Dang," said Ex-Aid as he removed the game cartridge-like device from his belt, dispelling the armor on his body, leaving him in his civilian clothes, "that was a bust."

He watched as Ruby eagerly asked the older woman for her autograph, and sighed as Glynda glared down at the two of them.

'This night is going well,' the teen thought sarcastically.


"I hope that you realize that your actions tonight will not be taken lightly, young lady. You put yourself and others in great danger," said Glynda sternly as she chastised the two teens as they sat at a table in a darkened room, where they had been taken after the incident.

"They started it," protested Ruby, getting a chuckle from the other teen and a glare from Glynda.

"If it were up to me, you'd be sent home with a pat on the back…and a slap on the wrist," said Glynda as she punctuated that statement by slamming her crop onto the table, causing Ruby to yelp, "but... there is someone here who would like to meet you."

The teen and Ruby looked up to see an older man wearing green walking into the room with a mug and a plate of cookies.

"Ruby Rose," said the man as he looked closely at the girl's face, "you have silver eyes."

"Um…" said Ruby, unsure how to respond.

"And you," said the man as he looked over the male teen, "I don't believe that I've seen abilities like yours before."

The teen shrugged, "My father developed it."

"Your father?" asked Ruby.

"Aloquin Carter," said the teen, "CEO and chief developer of Hyperion, the game and software company. I'm his son Kazi Carter."

"Your father is Aloquin Carter?!" exclaimed Ruby, "The games he develops are amazing! My sister and I love playing Gekitotsu Robots!"

"It's no big deal really," said Kazi, "but yeah, he designed my gear and gave it to me."

"I see," said the man as he showed a recording of the fight, "so, where did the two of you learn to fight like this?"

"Signal Academy," said Ruby nervously.

"They taught you to use one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed?" asked the man as he raised an eyebrow.

"Well," said the girl, "it was one teacher in particular."

"I see," said the man as he placed the plate of cookies on the table, causing Ruby to quickly begin eating them, "I've only seen one other scythe-wielder like you before. A dusty old crow in fact."

"That's my uncle!" exclaimed Ruby happily.

"I see the resemblance," said the man, "now what about you, Mister Carter?"

"I guess you could say that I'm self taught," said Kazi.

"So you've never attended any combat schools?" asked the man, "You look close to Miss Rose's age, yet you handled yourself quite well in that fight."

Kazi simply shrugged, "It's amazing what you can learn by analyzing the mechanics of video games and how the players move."

"Well," said the man, "I must say I'm impressed and would like to offer you two an opportunity."

"What kind of opportunity?" asked Ruby.

"Well," said the man, "do you know who I am?

"You're Professor Ozpin," said Ruby, "the headmaster of Beacon Academy."

"Yes," said Ozpin, "that is correct."

Pausing to take a sip from his mug he gave the two teens a mysterious look, "How would the two of you like to attend my school?"

And thus ends Chapter 1 of the rewrite. Please tell me if you think this one was better than the original.

Also to note: my OC Ex-Aid will not have access to the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat, but he might get the level 99 mode later…much later. He will also have access to 4 of the 5 Level 3 Gashats and the Level 5 Gashat. There will be an OC villain too using a Buggle Driver.

Anyways, enough spoilers. Please come back for more. :)