It's How You Play the Game

Ok, so earlier in this fic, I said that Ex-Aid would only get 4 of the 5 Level 3 Gashats, so here they are.

Gekitotsu Robots

Jet Combat

DoReMiFa Beat

GiriGiri Chanbara

He will get additional levels and powerups, but these will be the main ones he uses until he gets Level 5 and onwards. I have all his powerups planned out, so I won't unfortunately be accepting any suggestions for powers and levels. Sorry.

Disclaimer: Monty Oum created RWBY and Toei owns Kamen Rider.

In the aftermath of the battle at the docks, the rest of Team RWKBY had arrived along with several authorities that took the members of the White Fang into custody, while the Beacon Students were taken back to the school. Penny had mysteriously disappeared, leaving the rest of the team to be lectured by Ms. Goodwitch, though strangely enough, Blake and Kazi, were kept back by Ozpin once the rest of the Team was sent back to their dorms.

The two Faunus were put in two separate rooms that were furnished with only a metal table, two chairs, and an overhead light, and left to wait. Kazi sat in the room alone for a few minutes, before the door opened and a man wearing a well-tailored Atlas military uniform walked in, leveling a stern look at the teen as he moved to stand opposite of him.

"So, you're the one I've heard about," said the man in a level tone, "the one called Kamen Rider Ex-Aid."

"I don't believe we've met," said Kazi, "though from looking at your uniform, you're obviously a member of the Atlas Military."

"Indeed," said the man, "I am General Ironwood, Commander of the Atlesian Military, and I have several questions for you."

"Considering my position here, I don't think I have much choice," quipped Kazi as he gestured around to the plain empty room they were in.

Ironwood nodded and placed a scroll on the table in front of the Faunus, activating it to show a series of surveillance recordings of Kazi's fights against the Bugster Grimm and against Kamen Rider Noire, as Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. Included in the footage, were recordings of Kazi's transformation sequence and the activation of his Driver.

"This all comes from the Beacon security cameras," said Ironwood, "and considering recent developments, it raises several questions. A main one being the capabilities of the equipment that both of you use to fight."

"Why does Atlas have such an interest in my gear?" asked Kazi warily, "I mean I doubt you'll be asking Ruby for details on Crescent Rose."

"Miss Rose's scythe does not have significant similarities to a unique weapon that a terrorist is using as well," snapped the General, before composing himself.

"To be precise," said Ironwood, "we are interested because a member of our enemies' faction has powers that have similar origins, or so I am told."

"Told by who?" asked the Faunus warily.

Before Ironwood could respond, the door to the room opened and Ozpin walked in, his signature coffee mug in one hand and his cane in the other, giving a sharp look towards the Atlas General as he walked up.

"James," said Ozpin sternly, "I would appreciate you remembering that Mister Carter is my student, and not a prisoner to be interrogated."

"Ozpin," protested Ironwood, "we need to know as much as possible about these Kamen Riders, especially since one of them is allied with her."

"Indeed we do," said the Headmaster, "but Mister Carter here is not an enemy or a prisoner, merely a student in the wrong place at the right time."

"Now then," said Ozpin, "if you could tell us more about the gear you use, it would be most appreciated."

"Fine," sighed Kazi, "but I think I'd better start at the beginning."

Pulling out his Scroll, the Faunus typed a passcode into it and used the camera to scan his retina before interfacing with a secure server that housed important data and backups from Hyperion, a sort of black box if you will. Tapping some buttons on the display, he placed the scroll on the table, placing his Driver next to it, before tapping a final button, which caused a holographic display to project from the Driver that showed various design specifications and concepts for the Gashat designs.

"The Gashat system was originally intended to be a new type of Augmented Reality gaming system, involving a complex Data Storage and Projection system that is built into the Gashats," said Kazi, "using the DSP, we could store game data onto the Gashats and have them project said data onto the world around them, turning an ordinary room into a complex gaming environment filled with Mobs and Loot Crates to use. The system was still incomplete when the attack on Hyperion happened and Dad sent me his message with the encoded software for the Gashat system, containing several alterations to the hardware and software to allow the Games to become even more real."

"Is that how you are able to transform?" asked Ironwood.

"Yeah," said Kazi as he brought a blueprint of the Mighty Action X Gashat forward, "the data for the game is stored in a special matrix within the Gashat along with a sample of my Aura. By plugging it into my Gamer Driver, I can infuse my body with the data, shifting my body to that of my Rider Form."

"You infuse yourself with this Data?" asked Ozpin, "And you also have found a way to store Aura onto the Gashat?"

"To an extent," said Kazi, "the Driver is powered by my Aura in order to keep it stable, and the Data is filtered through the Driver so that it does not forcibly rewrite me and make me a part of the game."

"And what of the mutated Grimm?" asked Ironwood.

"Well," said Kazi, "as I said earlier, the Driver filters the Aura infused data into my body, causing a controlled transformation when it interacts with my own Aura. If the data was injected into a being without Aura, then, because the beings have no Aura themselves for the Data to interact with, the combination overwrites their very existence, creating the mutated creatures we know as Bugsters."

"That is most troubling," said Ozpin, "what if the data was not filtered and applied directly?"

"It's hard to say," said Kazi, "theoretically, it would permanently merge the data and Aura stored within the Gashat with that of the subject body, the results of which, would be unknown."

"I see," said Ozpin, "thank you for your time Mister Carter. I'm sure your Team misses you. You might want to go and rejoin with them."

"Thank you sir," said the Faunus as he grabbed his gear and left the room. Once he was gone, Ozpin sat down in the now vacant chair and steepled his fingers.

"Oz," said Ironwood, "I know what you're thinking, and it's too big of a risk. We don't know enough about his technology."

"Then perhaps we should learn," said Ozpin, "Amber is in a critical state as things are now, and our enemy knows this. If she passes, or they manage to locate her before a successor is chosen, then all will have been for naught."

"That is why the transfer device is primed and ready to go," protested Ironwood, "we can transfer the powers in an instant."

"But who to transfer it to?" countered Ozpin, "We have yet to find a suitable candidate to inherit the power, but if we could extract it and hide it until we do…"

"Learning how to use and build the equipment that we'd need would take too much time," said Ironwood as he slammed his fist onto the table, creating a fist shaped dent in the metal, "we don't have the time!"

"Perhaps…" said Ozpin before rising and leaving the room, Ironwood following after him after a moment.


"Oi Cinder," called out Roman as he walked into their base of operations, "your attack dog here flopped on his assignment! We barely made it out of their at all!"

"One," said Kaito as he walked up to Roman, placing the blade of his Bugvisor against the man's throat, "I'm a cat, not a dog."

Lashing his arm out, he extended his claws and stopped short of striking a petite female figure that had been sneaking up to strike him. The girl was dressed in a white, pink, and brown outfit and had hair of similar color and made no sound as she gazed at the claws that were inches away from her face, but her mismatched eyes widened in fear as she dropped the parasol she had been holding.

"And second," said Kaito, "I do not work for Cinder. We operate as equals under the same master."

"Really?" asked Roman, "A kid like you equal to her?"

"I'm more dangerous than you know, Roman," warned Kaito as he lowered his arms, "I earned my position in this operation, and I won't hesitate to prove it, so do not push me. This was just a minor setback, but the game is not over yet."

"You really have a weird view on everything," muttered Roman as he stepped back, "you can chill Neo," he added, causing the petite girl to step back as well.

"It is effective," said Cinder as she walked up with a strange Grimm that took the form of a floating sphere with tendrils hanging down, causing it to resemble a jellyfish, "and it serves our purposes."

"Oi Cinder," said Roman as he pointed the barrel of his Melodic Cudgel at the Grimm, "why is one of those things here?"

"Roman," said Cinder calmly, "you and Neo will have to leave."

"What?" exclaimed Torchwick with his companion crossing her arms angrily, "Why?"

"Because if you witness what is to come, I'll have to kill you," said Kaito seriously.

Roman glanced at Cinder and she gave him a look confirming that if Kaito didn't, she would.

"Fine," huffed Roman, "c'mon Neo. Maybe Junior will be willing to pour us a few rounds."

The girl spared a final glare at Kaito before the two of them left the warehouse, leaving it empty save for Kaito, Cinder, and the Grimm.

"A message?" asked Kaito as he retracted his claws.

"Apparently," said Cinder as the Grimm floated forward, and an image appeared in its murky body, one of a woman with white skin and hair, and eyes that were like deep pits of darkness with crimson irises that glowed like burning coals in the pits of blackness.

"My Lady," said Cinder as she and Kaito bowed, "to what do we owe this honor."

"Cinder," said the woman with a small smile, "I merely wished to check in on your progress."

"There may have been a few…incidents, but our plans are proceeding on schedule," said Cinder to the mysterious woman."

"Tell me more about these, 'incidents,'" said the woman.

"One of Ozpin's students is the son of the CEO of Hyperion," said Kaito, "he's managed to develop his own Rider powers and is proving to be a thorn in my side."

"Is that so?" asked the woman, "I assume you will be handling the removal of this thorn?"

"As you say, ma'am," said Kaito, "I shall be transmitting the latest data I have gathered to Arthur for the creation of the Final Game. Once I finish adjusting my Driver, he shouldn't pose too much of an issue."

"I shall inform Arthur of that," said the woman, "do not disappoint me, both of you."

With that, the image in the Grimm faded and the creature floated off into the shadows, leaving the two alone in the warehouse.

"You seem sure about your success," said Cinder.

"Don't worry," said Kaito, "I won't get in your way. Once I finish the patch for the next level, Ozpin's little Rider won't be able to stop us. I won't let our Queen down."