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Aramis gasped as his back painfully hit the ship's railing. His eyes frantically searched for Anne, his vision slightly blurry from the water dripping down his face.

When locating her, he lunged forward just as the ship shifted in another direction. He jumped on top of her and pulled her into his arms, just a lightning struck their vessel.

Hearing her cry out quietly, Aramis quickly got her up, helping her along with him. "Come on, Anne," he yelled through the pouring rain. "I am sorry, but we will have to jump!"

And without waiting for his Queen to reply, he dashed for the ship's edge. He took a quick look to try and find the lifeboat, and when he did, he took a deep breath and, while still holding onto Anne's hand, jumped into the cold, stormy waters.

Almost immediately, the two of them were tossed back and forth over and over again. Aramis held onto Anne throughout the entire time.

Finally, he saw the lifeboat.

He began swimming towards it, looking back at Anne every once in awhile. Soon enough, he reached the surface. The two of them gasped for air, holding onto the lifeboat for deal life.

"Get on the boat," said Aramis, jerking his head towards the dark sky. He inched himself closer to her, and pushed her up top. Then, once hearing the faint thud of body hitting ground, he pushed himself on top of the small boat, collapsing once he succeeded in his goal. He closed his eyes, all his energy leaving him. Cold water surrounded him; he began to shiver.

He suddenly felt a gentle hand on his shoulder, and he jerked. He forced his eyes back open, smiling weakly when he saw a concerned Anne in front of him.

"Aramis?" she asked.

The Musketeer sat up, reaching out his hand. "Come," he said.

Anne happily obeyed, nesting herself in Aramis' chest. The Musketeer moaned quietly, and she quickly looked up.

Aramis smiled weakly. "I probably damaged a rib," he explained. "But I will be just fine."

Anne nodded and closed her eyes, feeling her protector trembling against her. She couldn't help but push herself further into his embrace. Soon enough, she began to grow tired, and couldn't stop herself from falling asleep.

The last thing she remembered was Aramis, planting a gentle kiss to her head.


When she woke up, she had thought that all of this was a dream. But when she heard water crashing and felt herself rocking back and forth, she understood that this was all dream. It was still raining, although the previous storm had turned into a small drizzle.

Looking up, she saw Aramis above her, sound asleep.

His hair was was still slightly damp, drops of water making their way down his handsome face. Shivers traveled up and down his slumped body, and his 'damaged' ribs were causing him to breath raspily. He looked so tired. He had probably tried to force himself to stay awake so that he would be able to keep her safe.

Anne sighed, taking his limp hand and pressing it close to her chest. She studied his calloused fingers, his blistered skin. She wondered how such a hard working hand could be so gentle at the same time…

"Did you rest?" His sudden voice made her gasp. She looked up to find Aramis watching her. His eyes were soft and full of kindness, but carried plenty of sadness and pain as well.

The Queen nodded, sitting up. She looked around and noticed that they were nowhere near their destroyed ship. "The crew did not make it, did they?" she asked as realization hit her.

Aramis shook his head. "Even if they did survive the shipwreck, they most definitely did not survive the storm," he said sadly, his eyes falling unfocused.

After a moment of silence, Anne finally said, "Aramis, I'm afraid."

Hearing this, Aramis' eyes refocused. He let out a breath before saying, "Anne, everything will be just fine. I will do everything I can to get you home. I promise you." He brought his lips to kiss her forehead gently, trying to provide her with some kind of reassurance. "Right now, all you can do is save your strength. We will probably need it for later."

Anne hung her head. "And to think that all this happened because I wanted a break … from everything," she muttered. Guilt began washing over her. It was because of me that the ship's crew is dead, she thought to herself.

Aramis sighed once more and turned himself around, looking at the boat's bench seat. He opened it, thankful that it was filled with the provisions he had asked for before they left. He took out a water skin and opened it, letting Anne take a small sip. "We will have to save our food, drink very little. We do not know how long we will be out here," he explained, tilting his head back to let the water slide down his throat.

When he finished, he put the skin away and looking back at Anne, who was patiently waiting for him. He reached for her hand, pulling her into his arms once interlocking his fingers with her own. He threw his head against the wall behind him, closing his eyes. "Just sleep," he said. "I will keep watch."

"But … but you need sleep…?"

He smiled at her concern. "I will be alright," he replied.

"Aramis, you cannot protect me if you are too exhausted to even stand," Anne said in a slightly scolding tone. "Right now, I am in no danger. That means you can sleep. Do not make me order you to rest." She smirked at her last sentence, gently taking Aramis' face in one hand. "Please," she continued. "For me."

"You know, you are very persuasive, Anne," said Aramis. He kissed her ever so gently. "I will try to rest. But no promises."

Anne kissed him back, running her hand through messy brown locks. "Thank you," she whispered, pulling away and resting her head against his chest. Once again, sleep claimed her. She only hoped that it would claim Aramis, too.