Chapter One: Konoha

These are just shorts that I started on awhile back and decided to put them here, no use having them sitting in the back of my computer for all of eternity. ¯\(ツ)/¯

''Konan and I will be traveling to Konoha, We will be gone for two weeks.'' Nagato announced.

''We're not going, un?'' Deidara asked.

''You all can't act productivley when we leave the base together.'' Nagato glared.

''That's not true! We are very productive when it comes to leaving the base.'' Karin argued.

''Maybe in sets of two or three, but as a unit, you all are destructive.''

''We don't even go out as a group that fucking much!" Hidan spat.

''And now you see why.''

''We can't be that bad,'' Kisame said. ''I know a lot of us argue and fight... I see where you're going with this.''

''Way to argue our case Shark Bait.'' Suigetsu piped up.

''Shut up you moron!'' Karin slapped the back of his head.

''Hey!" He whined.

''You guys are just proving his point.'' Obito pointed out.

''Zip it two-face!'' Suigetsu snarked.

''Leave Obi-Nii's face out of this!'' Sakura jumped up and slammed her hands on the table causing a long crack to form down the middle.

''Sakura, calm down.'' Sasuke pulled her back into her seat.


''There's no point in arguing Sakura, It will just drive us away from the topic at hand.'' Itachi said.

''I, for one, don't care nor want to go.'' Kakuzu said as he continued to re-count his money.

''Can't you put that shit down for one fucking moment?'' Hidan yelled. ''You counted those fucking useless pieces of paper ten fucking times already.''

''I'm sorry, Am I not giving you enough attention? Too damn bad, now shut the hell up! You made me loose count.'' The miser shot back.


''That's it! Bring it bastard!'' Hidan tackled Kakuzu.

''Please stop!'' Jugo tried.

Zabuza just scoffed at the scuffle to his right. ''You don't want us to embarass our organization in front of Konoha's Hokage.''

''Essentially?'' Konan raised a thin blue eyebrow. ''Yes.''

''Wow.'' Obito scoffed.

''That's fucked up.'' Hidan said from under Kakuzu's foot.

''Look at all of you, you fight constantly! And Naruto isn't even awake for this meeting!" Nagato pointed at the whiskered blonde.

His head was tilted back against his chair, snoring and drooling. Sasuke kicked his chair over making him clatter to the floor in a heap.


''It's fine when we're at base, but the last time we went out together was a complete disaster.'' Konan added.

''Last time?'' Deidara frowned. The blonde bomber turned to the others in question. ''Wasn't the last time we went somewhere together at the mall in Tanzaku Town, un?''