Chapter Thirty-Nine: Side Story Pt. 7 - Sleepover Stories

Sasuke was glaring holes into his cousin, while Shisui cuddled Sakura's face. "Your so cute!"

He scowled deeper.

Naruto laughed while clinging onto the older boy's waist. "Shi-nii! You said you would finish telling us that story 'bout Tachi-nii!"

"What story?" Sasuke, oh so foolishly asked.

Shisui smirked deviously. "Ne, ne, don't you remember Sasu-chan? The story I told you when you were sick."

"Aniki is going to kill you for spreading that crap around."

"Language~" Shisui beamed. "Now, now, the story isn't about Itachi, Teddy Tachi is a fictional character."

"It sounds like Itachi-nii." Sakura said.

"They're different people."

Shisui cleared his throat, flopping down into an armchair. "Now, settle down little bun's so we can pick up where we left off."

Two out of three shot forward to sit around the older boy.

"Now back to our story... Teddy Tachi and his friends were traveling to a large watering hole where they came upon an odd sight.

"Ah." Said Teddy Taichi. "There you are Inu Kashi-san!"

"Wait" Sasuke frowned. "He found him already?"

"The turtle guy helped track him down and now they've been following him all around the kingdom." Sakura answered.

"Now that Sasuke's all caught up," His grin widened. "Back to our story."

"Maa." Inu Kashi settled his stormy gaze unto his stalk-persistent followers. "Why are you following me?"

"As straightforward as ever my dearest rival!" Kame Gai bellowed. "So hip, so cool!"

"We are playing hide n' seek."

"I never agreed to play this game." Inu Kashi waved his paw dismissively. "Go away now."

"Don't be mean to the little ones, Kashi, they just want to play." Neko Obi teased.

Crow Shi squinted at him. "Aren't you that reject from our clan?"

"...Spur the little bastards."

Crane Rin spoke sardonically. "I'm astonished by your maturity Obi-kun."

"Yeah Obi, Don't be mean to the little ones." Inu Kashi drawled, causing Neko Obi to hiss back some not very nice words.

Teddy Tachi stepped forward and balled his little paws into fists. "We have found you, so now we are friends."

Inu Kashi eyed the child warily. "What is happening right now? Rin, make it stop."

"Why do I have to do it?" She frowned.

"You're better... equipped at 'handling' these... things."

Crane Rin's eyes narrowed dangerously. "Why? Because I'm a woman?"

Neko Obi and Inu Kashi glanced at one another before bursting into uncontrollable laughter. "Sh-she said: 'Because I'm a woman?' Hahahahaha!"

"It's because you've worked with children in pediatrics, obviously." Kashi chortled.

"If we wanted a 'woman's touch' we would've asked 'Ruka instead!" Obi giggled.

That struck a nerve. "Are you implying that I'm not feminine."

Obi whispered to Kashi. "W-was that a question?"


"WELL?!" The two men flinched.

"W-well... It's not- it's not that we..."

"I never implied anything really..."

"And you're really pretty!-Not that that has anything to do with it..."

"You don't lack femininity, per se, you just... hm."

"You aren't helping!" Obi hissed.

"Oh? How is calling her 'pretty' doing anything?"

"It's the truth. Duh!"

"... You're an idiot." Kashi deadpanned. "That's also a truth."

"Why you-!"

"I'LL KILL YOU BOTH! You insensitive jerks!"

The mismatched trio watched as Rin chased them run into the sunset. They could distantly hear Obi screeching for mercy.

"Ah. He's gone again." Teddy Taichi sighed.

"Don't feel too bad Teddy Taichi-"

"Shisui," Said teen felt a shiver of fear shoot up his spine. "What exactly is this nonsense you are filling my little brother's head with?"

Itachi suddenly melded from the shadows, which is... something, because where is there a shadow to melt out of in a well lit room? Damn, he's good.

"I was just telling them a bedtime story..."

"About me?" Cue judgmental eyebrow.

'Excuse you! You're like thirteen, how dare you judge me!' Shisui started shifting away from Itachi's leer. "Uh... It's not really about you... Soooo, Bye!"

The fifteen year old jumped out the nearest window, bolting down the street with what appears to be a wraith chasing after him. Sakura ran to the window to yell down the street: "Hey! You're supposed to be babysitting!"

"Hn. We can watch ourselves." Sasuke crossed his arms.

Naruto squinted his eyes and cocked his head to one side. "I don't think we can do that. Won't we get in trouble?"

The other boy shrugged. "Who cares, let's go get something to eat."

"Ooh! Ichiraku's!" Naruto brightened.

"Are you sure we should go out so late? It's 8 o'clock now." Sakura fiddled with her hair.

"Yeah." Sasuke smirked as he showed what he was holding in his hand. "Besides, that idiot left his wallet."

"Ichiraku's! Ichiraku's! Ichiraku's!~" Naruto chanted happily.

"Well, I guess it-"

The ravenette pulled Sakura towards the door with a feral grin. "Great, let's go."

It was around the third time Itachi had chased his cousin around the village, did they finally realize their mistake. They left three underaged children unattended, in Obito's house, while they were supposed to be babysitting.

If Obito didn't skin them alive for any damage done while the children ran rampant. Mikoto, Kushina, and Mebuki would descend like hell's angels and rip them apart!

After a two hour search, Umino Iruka returned the grinning devils back home. Shisui felt his soul leave his body when he saw his empty wallet in Sasuke's pudgy little hand.

Ever since, the three were never left on their own, and Shisui layers his wallet with genjustu.