New story that I thought up of! Let's see how popular this one is going to be. This time, Jaune DOESN'T make it to Beacon, but doesn't want to go home. Instead, he chooses another path, to live in Vale, and open his own business. Sound like a familiar plot? Inspired partly by Coeur Al'Aran, but I'm taking this in a different direction, only the opening part to be the same, while mixing it with a rather old story that I'm sure quite a bit of people have read before. Enjoy, and I hope this will be a hit!

Glynda Goodwitch walked down the streets of Vale, exhausted from another day of her duties as Deputy Headmistress of Beacon. They had just finished initiation, the teams had been formed, paperwork completed, and her personal daily workout done. She should be relaxing, but there were still a couple of problems; she needed to pick up several important items for the Academy, and her back and neck were aching. Glynda hadn't slept properly, not only due to worrying about initiation and the safety of the students but because of the attack at the Dust store the day before and the fact they had a fifteen-year-old student attending Beacon. She almost threw Ozpin out the window when he decided on a whim to have Ruby Rose attend one day prior to the first day at the Academy. She then had to chase down Taiyang for permission, deal with Qrow, have her records from Signal transferred to Beacon, deal with Qrow again, and finally ensure Ruby would have a ticket to board the Bullhead to Beacon even though tickets had been sold out. All of this within the span of five hours! Only Huntresses and Huntsmen, or those in training at the Academies, were allowed on a Bullhead without needing to purchase a ticket, making it harder.

Finally, her... blessed assets on her chest were also playing a big part of her backache. Add to her natural beauty, she knew she easily attracted attention from both men and woman while she strolled down the streets of Vale, causing necks to turn too fast, creating severe whiplash. Which was why she rarely ventured into Vale. She already had enough from leering students. At least a student knew not to be so obvious, otherwise, they would suffer in combat classes. Civilians would gaze lustfully, and there was nothing she could do about it unless they acted upon their gazes. Being a Huntress as well as Deputy Headmistress meant she had to keep up standards, even if she wanted nothing more than to smite those perverts.

She had just finished her last task when the pain struck her back again. Aura was incredibly useful for healing wounds and blocking attacks, helping empower one's attack. But for all the miraculous wonders it brought, it did nothing against sore muscles. Years of Aura research went into why Aura, as mysterious and powerful it was, couldn't help the body recover from such pain. The theory became that as it was not serious, the body didn't recognize the need to use Aura to heal it. A person could flood their body with Aura, and it would relieve the pain for a bit until it stopped or ran out of Aura. Then it came back with a vengeance, a price for trying to ignore it. So the only reason a person did it now would be if they were to find themselves in a life-threatening situation.

Not only that, but it was a bodily function that let the body know it was in pain and that the nerves were working. Otherwise, Huntsmen and Huntresses would be hitting the gym every day for heavy workout sessions, use Aura to repair the damage, and keep doing it to get stronger. The slight tearing of muscles and healing to create stronger muscles from exercising was a process that was done naturally, and the body recognized it as something natural, so Aura wouldn't heal it instantaneously. The same logic applied to poor sleeping posture and other sources. As she put her hand on her back to relieve the pain and blamed Qrow and Ozpin for these pains in her mind, she looked up to see a little sign with a light on top of it.

Jaune's Massage Parlor

Glynda narrowed her eyes at the sign and quickly looked around. She was sure she wasn't in the shadier parts of Vale, but rather in a more modest place where crime wasn't prevalent, though with all the recent Dust robberies, nowhere was crime free. She looked at the sign again and pondered about it. The sign lead to a two-story building that seemed respectable, but she suspected possible underground levels.

The reason for her suspicions? Massage parlors were sometimes another code word for underground brothels. Those places were quite well known in Mistral, and yet almost impossible to eliminate due to how many would use and support them, and some of those with power and influence used them to relax. In the major parts of the Kingdoms, Vale and Atlas outlawed these places, but it was a difficult task to enforce those laws. There were still some existing within Vale's shadier districts, but the police were overburdened with other tasks to even attempt to try to find them. They also usually hid themselves pretty well but managed to attract customers daily. Their source of income not only came from the customers but most likely the owners also had other businesses to help cover it. Ultimately, there were other less onerous tasks to care about than finding these houses of ill repute that may or may not exist. But Glynda had never seen one so brazenly held out in a decent part of Vale. It was her duty as a Huntress to put a halt to such a place! Whipping out her crop, she confidently strode into the parlor, opening the door and entering in, ready for anything. She ignored the closed sign, wanting to catch them all by surprise put them in jail before they could even attempt to do anything.

Glynda blinked as she took in the sight she was met with. She found herself in a waiting room quite like a clinic's room where one waited to either see a physician or dentist. The wallpaper was a light teal color, something pleasant to the eyes and tasteful. On the walls were photos to help the patient to relax, along with a magazine cabinet filled with magazines of the latest trends, news, etc. There were even a few comics, such as Pearls Before Swine and Calvin and Hobbes. In a corner was a vase of flowers on a table that added to the decor, along with a few rather comfortable chairs for waiting patients. And of course, in the front of the room was a window and a door next to it. All in all, it certainly wasn't something Glynda expected to see, but she kept her guard up. It could be just a front to trick the authorities from investigating further.

Suddenly, the door opened up in front of her, and a blond teenage boy walked out of the room, struggling to carry a rather large sign. He saw her and muttered, "Hmmm, I thought I put up the closed sign? Well hold on, let me finish this first."

Glynda blinked as she watched the boy struggle to carry the sign up to the wall next to the window before realizing he was trying to put it the sign on two nails and a mounting tape. She flicked her crop out and used her Semblance to lift the sign out of his hands and mounted it perfectly onto the wall.

"Thanks for the help!" grinned the boy.

Glynda was about to reply it was no problem when she remembered her original mission. But taking a look at the teenager, she couldn't help but feel that this wasn't what she originally thought it was. The boy's appearance screamed innocent, kind, socially awkward, and even clumsy from what she could observe.

'Keep it together, that's what they want you to think,' thought Glynda, shaking her thoughts of such things. Of course, they would employ somebody who looked innocent to man the front. It was the perfect way to push away the police and any prying eyes!

"So, can I help you?" asked the blond boy.

"Ah, yes," coughed Glynda, "I'd like to speak to the manager of this place."

"You're looking at him. The name's Jaune Arc! Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue. Ladies l... I should stop there."

"Wait, you're the owner?"

"Yes, is that a problem?"

Glynda blinked as she tried to process what she had heard. Jaune was so young! There was no possible way this boy would be in charge of a bordello! She glanced at the sign to see it listed types of massages, prices, and hours. Perhaps this boy really was just opening a massage parlor by the literal sense. Still, she had to make sure of it.

"Are you open?" asked Glynda before she winced once more, her back flaring up.

"Technically no, I just finished unpacking and preparing everything. Grand opening was supposed to be tomorrow," replied Jaune.

Glynda had the decency to blush a little as she remembered she had just barged in here when the sign on the door had said closed.

"Is your back affecting you?' asked Jaune, "I saw you wince a little. Do you need a massage?"

Glynda thought about it and glanced at the prices. The prices were reasonable, but she had her suspicions, still. Then again, there was nothing to lose in accepting the offer, as it would allow her to look further inside, and if there wasn't anything suspicious she could just leave. She glanced at her Scroll to see it was barely ten.

"I'll take the 30-minute basic massage, focused on the back and neck with the oil."

Jaune led her to the changing room, told her to take a quick shower before coming out, and to wrap herself in a towel. As this happened, Glynda's eyes were darting everywhere, trying to spot anything remotely suspicious. She saw his certification as a masseur on the wall, but at first glance, it appears legitimate, but those could be faked. She would need to take a closer look, but it would pass, for now.

Glynda found herself in the changing room, placed her clothes on the complimentary hangar before she began to wrap the towel around her naked body. She quickly looked around the changing room but didn't see anything suspicious at all. Perhaps talking with Jaune would get him to loosen his tongue and let something slip.

Glynda had to admit, the shower was nice and clean and it felt good to rinse up after a long day. She exited the room, clothes in hand, to see Jaune already waiting. She smirked as she saw him blush a little before regaining a professional look and guided her into another room. During their walk, she had spied a few more rooms and stairs leading up to the second floor, but none leading down.

"Go ahead and lie on the bed face down," said Jaune, gesturing as the massage bed, "And go ahead and put your clothes on the clothes rack.

Glynda glanced around, still finding nothing suspicious, thought tastefully designed. She hung her clothes before approaching the bed. It was a finely crafted massage bed with a hole for the head to put in, and not usually used but she decided it would be fine, she got on the bed and placed her head down into the hole. Her whole body was ready for anything, though, in case this was a trap.

"Would you like some music before I start the session?" asked Jaune.

"I'm fine, thank you," replied Glynda, "I'd rather be able to talk to you while doing this."

Jaune nodded before warming up his hand, asking if there was any preference or if she was allergic to anything in the massage oil, as he had a generic scentless brand. Glynda replied with a no to both questions and prepared herself. Jaune unfolded her towel with professional care, placing another towel over her rear end and elevating her legs slightly with a push of a button on the massage table. Glynda was glad Jaune couldn't see her face as she blushed lightly once more, as this would be the first time she was practically naked in front of someone, a young boy no less!

"If you feel any discomfort, inform me immediately," said Jaune as he put some massage oil on his hands, "I will be starting now."

Glynda felt Jaune slowly spreading the oil on her back and neck, feeling the warmth spread all over her. This would be the perfect chance to interrogate him without arousing suspicion!

"Tell me, how old are you Jaune?"


"And you already have a license to do this? You're quite young to have one already."

"I got it early on in life. Having seven sisters, several of them Huntresses, who wanted massages from me helped me learn fast," chuckled Jaune, "My family always said I had magical hands."

"I see.. I Ahhhh~"

Glynda didn't get to ask her next question as Jaune began pressing down with the palms of his hands.

"You have quite a bit of muscle knots and tension here," commented Jaune as he moved his hands in a circular motion.

Glynda didn't really hear it as she felt a brief amount of pain before the mind-numbing sensation of pleasure kicked in. She felt him kneading her back, relieving the tight spots that had been bothering her for a week. Still, she needed to press on.

"Do you (ahh~ that's good) work here alone? (Oh Oum that feels good.)"

"Yeah, it's just me. I live on the second floor."

Glynda was about to continue her questioning when Jaune started to use his thumbs and press in.

"Mmmmm~" moaned Glynda.

'I can always ask him more questions later,' though Glynda as her mind floated away.



"Miss Goodwitch!"

Glynda snapped her eyes open when she heard her name and immediately lifted herself up. She looked around her before remembering where she was at, what she had been doing, and most importantly, what she wasn't wearing. She quickly grabbed her towel to cover herself, her face reddened, but the embarrassment lessened when she saw Jaune had the decency to wear blindfold before he woke her up.

"Sorry about that," apologized Glynda, glad to see Jaune was wearing a blindfold, "Why are you wearing a blindfold?"

"No worries," said Jaune with a thumbs up, "And the reason for this? Let's just say I've gotten enough experience to use this after I'm done massaging someone and then trying to wake them up. Just get dressed. I'll be waiting outside in the front office for you and give you the receipt there."

He quickly left, but not before bumping into the wall for a second, allowing Glynda to disrobe in private and quickly put her regular clothes back on before exiting the room. As she quietly observed everywhere and even got a closer look at the certificate, but everything seemed to be in order. This really was just a massage parlor. She sighed as she took out her Scroll before almost jumping in surprise. She had received the massage at around ten, and it was already past midnight! She noticed that something else about her body.




There were no more aches and pains from all the cumbersome tasks! She quickly turned her back, stretching her muscles and feeling none of those sores that had restricted her earlier!

"He really does have magic hands," muttered Glynda, already typing in her scroll to remember this place. She suspected Professor Peach could also use a place like this to relax.

Glynda reached the front office where Jaune was waiting when her stomach growled. She groaned as she remembered she hadn't eaten yet, and now it was so late that no restaurants besides the old shopkeeper's food would be open, and she didn't feel like eating noodles.

'Looks like it's microwave dinner tonight,' sighed Glynda in her mind before a wonderful smell reached her nose.

"Here, I thought you might not have eaten, so I whipped up a little something for you," offered Jaune, "It's not much."

Not much? Glynda could barely hold her saliva at what she deemed heavenly food. Not to say that the cafeteria food was so horrible that it was inedible. It was just that the cooks there weren't passionate, and most of the food was subpar. The bread was usually hard enough that it could be used as a weapon, for Oum's sake. All the ingredients they could have and the students ended up eating fast food or simple things that were difficult to mess up, like rice. It was sad to see more and more

Ozpin and the others had tried to petition the council for better cooks in the budget, but they refused, saying it wasn't needed. Glynda growled at that thought, as most of the people in the council were rather greedy people who liked to stuff their pockets. Giving the growing Huntsmen and Huntresses a proper diet was crucial, but as usual, they were ignored. The other alternative was to sacrifice the coffee budget, which none of the staff were willing to part with.

Glynda quickly took the plate, thanking Jaune for the food before digging in. Jaune had made a simple Shepherd's Pie, but as soon as she took a bite, her taste buds ascended to the heavens above. She brought herself back down to Remnant before deciding this would be a great time to ask a few questions without arousing suspicion. Before she could ask, Jaune was already firing his question.

"So why were you looking all around my place? Did I do something wrong? Are you a Huntress?"

'So he did notice,' thought Glynda, 'He's sharper than he looks.'

"Yes, I am a Huntress." Glynda replied before asking "I was wondering why a young man like you opened his own shop in Vale? Where did you come from?"

"Well, I came out to Vale for... other reasons. When they failed...," Jaune stopped at this, taking a deep breath. Glynda saw his eyes water slightly, making her feel guilty.

"You don't have to say it," said Glynda quickly, "I'm sorry if I offended you."

"It's okay. I just prefer to avoid that topic."

"Understandable. I should be going anyways. The last Bullhead departs soon, and I don't want to miss it."

Jaune smiled before handing her the bill for the treatment. Glynda glanced at it, making sure that everything was correct. It came out to a total of 45 Lien, a reasonable price. Instead of paying that amount, she gave Jaune 100 Lien instead, refusing the change Jaune quickly grabbed out.

"It was rude of me to just barge in when you were closed, and not only that, you let me sleep in past the time and even fed me. I cannot pay you for just the massage," said Glynda firmly.

"Thank you," said Jaune after Glynda convinced him to keep the Lien, "Then perhaps as my first customer, you could... give me some advice on whatever I can improve on?"

Glynda pondered about it before deciding she could do that. She could confirm that the boy really was just an innocent soul that just wanted to help others.

"I have multiple rooms set up as I didn't want to finish and make the patient wake up when it's done. I don't know why, but every time I've finished massaging someone, especially my sisters, they end up falling asleep. So I was considering once I finish with a patient, I just move to the next one while letting the first patient get a good sleep for at least... half an hour? I let you sleep longer since it seemed like you really needed it."

"An hour would be better. And your idea is sound, just make sure you don't overbook yourself. You have an appointment system, correct?"

Jaune nodded before explaining that he already had someone help him set up with all the paperwork and other mind-boggling things, even creating a website for others to reserve online. Glynda made sure to take note of that website, already planning to reserve a 90-minute massage and planning to see if he had more options. They talked for a bit before Glynda really had to go, otherwise, she'd miss the Bullhead.

"One last advice," smiled Glynda, "Change the name of your place. The reason I thought this place was suspicious was because I thought it was a den of vice."

"A den of what?" asked Jaune, completely confused.

"A house of assignation. Cathouse. Bowdy house?"

"Still not ringing a bell."

Glynda sighed before going for the more direct word, "A whore house."

Jaune turned crimson at this before begging Glynda to why she thought of that.

"You have your sign as Jaune's Massage Parlor. Massage Parlor used to be a keyword for those type of places."

"I didn't know! No wonder people were giving me weird looks! I thought my sign just literally meant a place for massages!"

Glynda chuckled before volunteering to help Jaune take down the sign. Luckily, Jaune had yet to have his windows painted with words, so the damage wasn't too bad.

"Thanks for being my first customer," said Jaune as he began to close up the shop.

"I'll be sure to spread the word about your workplace. I enjoyed the massage, and I'll definitely come back here when I need another one," said Glynda as she said her goodbyes and left.

"You were out quite late."

Glynda turned around to see Ozpin walking towards her with his trusty cane. Glynda had arrived at Beacon and had been heading towards her room when Ozpin called to her.

"Did something happen in Vale again? I didn't see or hear any reports about any crime that would cause you to be this late."

"No, I decided to get a massage to get rid of the kinks in my backs. Ones that I can blame you for it," glared Glynda.

"Ah. Still a bit angry about me enrolling Miss Rose?"

"You enrolled her the day before initiation! I had to grab the paperwork and permission slips for you, while dealing with Qrow on the Scroll and in person!" huffed Glynda angrily.

"And I apologize, but I thought it was necessary. Especially if what I suspect is true, our enemies have seen the silver eyed girl. Best to have her enrolled here where she can be safe. Not to mention she's certainly qualified for it."

Glynda sighed before deciding to let it go for now. She still wouldn't forget about this, though. And she had to admit, Ruby Rose certainly was skilled from what she saw on initiation. Enough to become the leader, even though she was a whole two years younger than her classmates. Though she suspected Ozpin made Ruby leader because he couldn't resist the pun when the team name came out to be RWBY. Though she doubted it was the primary reason for such a thing. Most likely 40% the reason why, though.

"How was your massage?" asked Ozpin, trying to change the subject now. He didn't want to be in the dog house, so to speak. He and other staff had annoyed Glynda enough that she actually constructed one and forced them in there to live for about a week.

Glynda blushed slightly and coughed to clear her throat, "It was excellent. I think I'll be able to sleep easily tonight with no pain."

"He's that good? Perhaps the rest of the staff should give him a try. Port's been saying his right arm hasn't been feeling right lately, Oobleck looks like he could use some time off to relax, and Peach has been saying her leg muscles keeps cramping too much. What's the place called, who's the owner?"

"It doesn't have a name yet, as the owner had to change it after I pointed out an error. And the owner/masseur is Jaune Arc. A young boy who I can't imagine managed to open a business alone. I do hope he didn't get a loan from one of those shady dealers."

"Hmm Jaune Arc, you say?" asked Ozpin with an eyebrow raised.

"Yes, why?"

"Oh, nothing. Just curious."

Glynda stared at Ozpin before dismissing it, saying she would be heading to bed. Though it didn't leave her mind that Ozpin knew something about Jaune. She decided to find out later. Right now, sleeping without any pains called to her.

Jaune Arc sighed a breath of relief. His first customer had gone well, and he hadn't even officially opened! Though granted, he'd have to change the name of the place. No wonder his web designer had put off writing the official name on the website. He sighed as he looked at the certificate he had posted on the wall. While it was true that was good at massages and even got a certification back at his home village, it was only valid at his home. He knew the more advanced massaging techniques thanks to countless hours of research on massaging techniques just to improve on it so he could help his sisters. Unfortunately, because of this, he had no time to train himself, and his parents were too busy to train him. It wasn't that they didn't love him, but raising 8 children was certainly a hassle. Not to mention, household chores were usually given to him to do as he excelled in it. Heck, he was even the accountant for the family for the while until they finally learned to balance their own budget.

After Jaune had arrived in Vale just to find out he wasn't going to be able to fulfill his wish to become a Huntsman, he didn't want to go back home. The letter of rejection was still in his apartment, unable to get past his guilt. His parents didn't believe he could make it out here and told him they would always welcome him back home. That was a heartbreaker for Jaune, so instead, he opened this shop. Then, he contacted the man who told him that the forged transcripts would surely get him into the school and had him forge a certificate for becoming a masseur. Trying to get one officially recognized in the kingdom would force him to take a few classes for several months, something he didn't have time or money for. Seeing as how the man failed his first forgery, he agreed to make this one without charging any Lien. He was also the one that was helping him design the web page. After that, he managed to get a loan from a guy with a beard and a red tie, with a lot of men wearing the same style black suit. He knew it would've been hard to even get the loan from a regular bank, though he wasn't sure why this man was so willing to do so. All he knew was his forger put in a good word for him.

Speaking of the forger...

Jaune felt his Scroll vibrate before picking it up to see he was calling him.

"Blondie! How goes your business? Have you thought of another name for the shop? Please tell me you did."

"Yes, Roman, I'm changing the name. Why didn't you tell me that a massage parlor was another word for a bordello!?"

"I thought you knew! And I thought you were actually going to bring high-class ladies instead of being an actual masseur! Would have been a great cover, especially with your innocent look! I would've hooked you up with some ladies, and for those who want it, Faunus girls!"

"If I knew, I wouldn't have even thought of that name!"

"Alright, alright, sheesh, calm down. Anyways, I've got you a full booking for tomorrow!"

"How? I'm just opening!"

"Junior, the guy you took the loan from, has some people that are in need of your talent. He also needs one himself, apparently. Something about a blonde female wrecking his bar a few days ago."

"Really? Oh crap, I'm panicking! What if I'm not good enough? What if he decides to call my loan back because of that! I.. I! I can't breathe!"

"BLONDIE! Calm down, boy! From what I've seen the way you gave Neo her massage to show your skills, I'd say you'll be fine. It was from that performance that I was willing to make that certificate for you! I even got your name inside the national masseur index, so everything seems legit!"

"I thought you did it because your first one where you said it was a guarantee into Beacon failed?"

"...Must you remind me of that? I told you, I'm sorry! I don't know how or why it even got rejected! I've done it to a couple students before!"

"Yeah, sorry for bringing it up. Actually, I just had my first customer, though she thought this place was a whorehouse and wanted to shut it down. I think she was a Huntress, from the way she kept examining everything."

"Geez, not even opening and you're already getting in trouble," chuckled Roman, "Did she do anything?"

"Luckily, no. She gave me some good advice, though, and promised to spread word of my place."

So, what's the official name of your place going to be? I'm just one click away from creating your website."

"Hmmmm... I got it! I'm going to call it-"

And done! Hope you guys enjoyed this, I plan on continuing this story, though not going to update it as often as my other story. Also, I could use some help about naming the store. I have one in mind, but if someone comes up with a better name, pm or review it! I'm looking for store names that start with E,M,N, or A. Reason why? It's going to play into my story.

Before people ask, I did pm both H'tarpee and Coul that I was making this story. As for this story, I plan on Jaune on trying to find his way to still becoming a Huntsman while having his clinic open. It's shaping up, but yea. Makes you wonder what happened to Pyrrha and the others muhahaha. Speaking of which, I haven't officially decided the paring, but I am leaning on Arkos. Probaly cuz I've always been a fan of that pairing.