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Jaune hummed silently as he finished the last patient for the day. After dismissing his staff, Jaune stretched out his arms and legs for a bit before turning towards the computer, pulling up excel sheets of hours logged in for each of his employees as well as his bank book.

"Let's see….. Clementine had to take a day off for that week, using her vacation day….. Arvo's been doing excellent, with a little overtime pay…. Gotta pay out the credit card for purchasing all that inventory….," murmured Jaune as he went through the list before totaling everything up.

"Good, now gotta deduct some of that earning towards rent and Junior," hummed Jaune as he quickly tapped some numbers in his calculator, "And…. still making a profit!"

Jaune was happy to see the numbers still in the black than in the red. In the very beginning, he had some trouble, but now it was stable. Especially when he introduced Aura massage, he noticed a marked improvement in profits.

"Still, is this what I want to do all my life?" hummed Jaune as he leaned back against his chair, precariously tilted and balanced on the back two legs of the chair, "I'm making a living in the end."

Jaune glanced over to where Croceo Mors laid there, the blade shining under the lamp light. He had taken out to polish it recently, just like Pyrrha taught him.

"No. I still want to become a Huntsman," declared Jaune with fire in his eyes, "This is a mere detour for now. I will get into Beacon and graduate, becoming a full-fledged Huntsman and help people!"

His proclamation rang in the air….. Before Jaune lost his balance and fell flat on his back.

The next early morning, Jaune got up early to prepare breakfast for his staff. He had told them all via text that he would be providing breakfast for them as a treat for the staff for being so excellent.

Jaune really loved the fact his staff was competent and well-behaved. He shivered if Kayen had somehow strongarmed herself into the staff. He would've been ruined in a week.

Whistling, Jaune cracked some eggs, quickly whisking them in a bowl in preparation.

"Damn that smells good," whistled Arvo as he came in earlier, along with Clementine and Elen, "Watcha make boss?"

"Quiche," replied Jaune as he set a pan onto the countertop, "The right side has bacon, sausage, and spinach in it, and for those who want something lighter, the left side is gluten-free and vegan cheese with tomatoes."

The boys automatically went for the right side while the girls went for the left one, but it didn't stop them from experimenting with the other flavor. Elen and Clementine shared a piece of the meatier version of quiche and found it to be enjoyable, with the spinach helping to alleviate the meat's flavor.

As they enjoyed their breakfast, watching the sun already rising, they all froze when they heard something

A siren rang throughout the city, notifying Grimm were in the city.

"To the emergency shelter!" ordered Jaune as he raced back upstairs, "Wait for me a little, I'm grabbing my armor and weapons!"

Jaune was so thankful his armor took only a minute to get on, slapping the gear onto his wrist and ankles while putting on the shoulder pauldrons before activating them. Grabbing his gun and sword, Jaune rushed down the stairs.

"Let's go. I'll take point," ordered Jaune.

While the staff would've commented about Jaune's armor and weapon, they were too scared to even do so.

They began to run toward the emergency shelter as fast as they could. Jaune had to slow slightly to make sure Elen and Clementine could catch up.

As they turned a corner, they ran right into a group of White Fang members.

"Well, lookee here, looks like we have some fresh meat!" grinned what seemed to be the leader of the group with…. pig ears? Didn't look threatening if not for the fact he was leering at them and carrying a weapon.

"God damn White Fang," muttered Arvo under his breath before clearing his throat, "Can you please get out of the way? We're just trying to get to the shelter and don't want any trouble. Your fight isn't with the civilians, right?"

Arvo was banking on his Faunus traits in hopes they would be more empathetic and let them go.

"You can go, but the girls stay," cackled another White Fang member with a cackle like a hyena.

"I want the boy," leered the pig ear Faunus, making Jaune realize that he hadn't been imagining the fact the White Fang member had been looking at him specifically.

"Hold up, they're just civilians. At least, Vale citizens," said another White Fang member, "We don't have any quarrel with them, just the higher-ups. We should focus on the primary objective."

"Yea, he doesn't want us to be late," noted another.

Jaune didn't notice, but the two that were trying to draw attention away from them were actually the deer and bull Faunus that had recently gotten a massage at his clinic, and were hoping to let them go.

"Isn't he one of the targets?" asked another White Fang, "The one that says… you know, from the lieutenant and the other guys."

There was an order from the current White Fang lieutenant watching over them in placement of Adam as well as from Roman that Jaune was NOT TO BE TARGETED, or BECOME A CADAVER USED FOR PRACTICE! The words were specifically capitalized to ensure that everyone could read them and had no excuse for 'missing' it.

"What they don't know can't hurt us," snorted the pig Faunus, "As long as you lot don't tell. You can't tell me you don't want to have fun with these humans? That's the point of the White Fang, isn't it? What's the point of listening to those blasted humans anyways, not like they can do anything to us."

The group began to argue, with the majority siding with the pig Faunus.

"Hey, where'd they go?" asked the hyena Faunus.

They all looked to see Jaune and the others had already ran off while they had been arguing.

"After them!" shouted the pig Faunus.

At the Breach

"Yang, be careful with those cars!" shouted Weiss as she watched Yang punching a few vehicles into the Grimm, "They're not yours!"

"They were about to be destroyed by the Grimm, so I figured why not use them!" replied Yang as she punched another towards a Taijuta trying to sneak up on Ruby.

The Grimm Taijuta hissed as it whipped its tail at the incoming vehicle, sending it flying up into the air.

"That better not hit anything, otherwise you'll be responsible for damages occurred!" hissed Weiss.

"Ah, what's the worse that could happen?" shrugged Yang.

In the distance

Jaune's clinic stood there silently, quiet as the wind as everyone around the area had evacuated. All looked calm with the exception of some roaming Grimm when….


Jaune's clinic was hit by a flying vehicle, destroying the front before it rolled through into the rooms. Seconds later, some Grimm Beowolves and Creepers began scouring around the area, causing more damage to the area. And finally, the Atlesian Knights dropped down before firing upon the Grimm inside the clinic, uncaring of the collateral damage it was causing.

Back with Jaune

"Come on, we have to keep moving," warned Jaune as the group kept running, who kept looking back in fear.

Unfortunately, that fear attracted the Grimm nearby, though not that they could be blamed. Though most civilians had an idea that negative emotions attracted Grimm, hardly any of them could remain calm at such a moment. A Creeper and two Beowolves appeared before them.

"Go, I'll take care of them and distract them!" shouted Jaune as he pulled out his pistol to shoot a Creeper, aiming for the head.

The shot hit the Grimm in the shoulder instead, but it certainly drew ire toward him.

"Go, go!" shouted Jaune as he kept firing.

Arvo gritted his teeth before he took Clemintine and Elen's hands, running towards the shelter.

"Don't die boss! I'll get help soon!" shouted Arvo.

"Ok, keep calm, you've been training for this," murmured Jaune to himself, "You've seen Grimm before already, and killed one even if it was by luck."

Jaune took a breath before pouring Aura throughout his body to stabilize his arms as he fired once more, this time hitting a Creeper in the head and instantly killing it. The Beowolves drew in close, forcing Jaune to switch to Crocea Mors.

Jaune blocked a swipe from one of the Beowolves before diving to the floor, dodging a bite from the other Beowolf. In doing so, his sword nicked the other Beowolf in the knee, causing it to howl in pain.

Jaune rushed towards an alleyway while the Beowolves followed before Jaune turned around to face them. Jaune knew he was far from being skilled enough to handle two Beowolves by himself, so he was hoping to limit their movement in a narrow alleyway.

"Come on!" shouted Jaune as he brandished his sword.

True to his prediction, the two Beowolves tried to attack him together, only to crash into each other and the wall. Jaune took this chance and swung his blade down, chopping right through one of the Beowolves while cutting off the arm of the other.

As one of the Grimm began fading away, the other howled as it desperately pounced and bit Jaune's shoulder. Jaune grimaced as he felt his Aura as well as his armor tank the bite, but it was starting to drain. With a roar, Jaune managed to stab the other Beowolf through its throat, killing it instantly.

"Take that!" huffed Jaune as he took some time to breathe in some fresh air before running outside.

"Ok, now I should try to catch up to-" began Jaune before a growl behind him caught his attention. Slowly turning around, he found himself staring at a Grimm Ursa.

"Oookk, you're next huh?" said Jaune nervously as he slowly backed away, "That's fine, that's ok, I've beaten your bigger uglier cousin before."

The Ursa threateningly took a step forward each time Jaune took a step back, leaving Jaune no choice but to fight.

"Alright, totally fine. Done this before, done this before," chanted Jaune to himself as he took a deep breath.

Then, with a battle cry, Jaune began slashing at the Ursa. The Ursa seemed too stunned to even defend itself as Jaune wailed it with slashes. After the tenth slash, Jaune finally paused to take a breath while cautiously looking at the Ursa, wondering why it hadn't moved.

Jaune got his answer as the Ursa slumped down to the ground.

"... Sweet, I beat another Grimm!" cheered Jaune.

"Good for you, now you should come with us," said a leery voice.

Jaune turned to stone as he slowly turned around to see the White Fang members once more, with the pig Faunus in the lead, looking at him with eyes that he didn't want to see.

"Don't worry, we'll….. protect you," continued the pig Faunusm, leering at him.

'Welp, time for my secret technique my grandfather told me about!' thought Jaune as he prepared himself, taking a deep breath.

"No thanks I'm good, gotta go bye!" breathed out Jaune as he began immediately ran away.

"Chase him!" shouted the pig Faunus, "He's panicking and not heading towards the emergency shelter!"

Jaune was indeed not rushing towards the emergency shelter made for public use, but rather the private one Roman had suggested.

"Don't you think that's enough already?" asked the bull Faunus, "He's not a threat to us. We have more important stuff to do than slaking your damn lust."

The pig Faunus was about to retort when they saw Atlesian Knights coming their way.

"You'll get your punishment afterward for going against my command," snorted the pig Faunus as he waived his men to escape to another area.

Jaune huffed as he kept running, thanking his luck that the White Fang wasn't chasing him for some reason. Taking a look at his Scroll, he noticed that the emergency news was noting that the breach site where the Grimm had invaded was being repelled.

"Should I head over to take a peak?" hummed Jaune before shaking his head, "Let's get to safety first. Roman said that his hideout was around here."

Jaune made it safely to the hideout, punching the code into the hidden pad before entering inside.

"Let's see, Roman said to lift this flowerpot up…. Found the key! Now to use the key behind this painting to unlock this…. But don't take this key as it's a trap. Instead, take four steps to the left and look up… ah there's a hidden panel here. Press down on it and…. A passageway opens up! Dang, he's really serious about this hidden stuff. It's like an escape room," hummed Jaune as he walked down the stairs.

He had no idea that if he hadn't done everything as told, he would've activated traps designed to kill. Nor did he realize the room he was going in, which was very well refurbished, complete with bed, refreshments, and entertainment, had thick steel walls designed to block out almost any sort of attacks.

After what seemed to be hours, Jaune yawned as he took a sip of his soda. He had called Arvo to confirm that his staff was safe, and reassured them all that he himself was safe, too. He turned on the TV in time to see the news being broadcasted, with Lisa Lavender reporting in front.

"As you can see, the breach has been contained, the White Fang members and the Grimm have been routed, all thanks to the quick response of the Atlesian force as well as some local Huntsmen and Huntresses," reported Lisa Lavender, "Luckily, the Atlesian military were able to apprehend one of the main culprits behind this attack."

"Oh, nice," hummed Jaune as he took another sip of his soda.

"Roma-" began Lisa as a photo was about to pull up, only to cut as the holoscreen suddenly lost power.

Jaune blinked in surprise, wondering what happened before a tap could be heard from behind. Jaune looked back to see Neo standing there with the holo remote in hand.

"Neo, what gives? And are you alright, you seem a little frayed. And was that Roman on the news?" asked Jaune, the last statement being more of an accusation.

Neo sighed as she pulled her scroll out, pulling up another video before sending it to the holoscreen. She had hoped to stop Jaune from seeing the news about Roman, but was too late. Still, Roman had contingency plans for this.

Seeing Neo pointing to the holoscreen, Jaune turned to watch what she wanted.

Roman appeared in a recorded video, taking a deep breath for a minute.

"Well, I supposed it was about time you figured out that I was a major criminal. I mean, c'mon, I helped forge your transcripts for Beacon, and when that didn't work out, I helped forge all the credentials you needed to open your massage clinic. Granted I feel bad the former didn't work out, and the latter you would've most likely resolved on your own with time, but still! All you had to was search my name online, and I'd been like the top hit on crimes. At least I should be. But anyways, you've probably found out that I've been arrested. Don't worry about me or yourself, I've made sure that there isn't anything trail between the two of us. I'll be fine in jail, it'll be more like a cozy getaway from all those slackers. Junior already agreed to take care of you, and Neo is more than enough to make sure some idiots don't disturb you. So take care, alright? And Neo, you know what to do."

Roman's message soon ended, causing Jaune to look up to the ceiling, overwhelmed by the information he just received.

Roman actually had another video that Neo was to play if Jaune somehow didn't manage to find out his involvement with the Breach, stating that he would be taking a long-term trip out of Vale to do a cross-continental Dust conference. With Jaune's naivety, Roman was sure he could have played it off.

"So what now?" asked Jaune.

Neo whipped out a sign, stating 'Massage please!'

Jaune chuckled before shaking his head, "Not today. I had to fight some Grimm as well as run away from some White Fang members. One of them was giving me eyes that I did not like being stared at. I'm still shaking a little."

As to emphasize his point, Jaune lifted his hand to show that it was slightly shaking from the adrenaline rush he felt earlier.

Neo's eyes narrowed when she heard that he had been confronted by the White Fang with intentions she was sure were harmful. Both she and Roman had made it clear to the White Fang residing in Vale that Jaune was not a target. Clearly, somebody hadn't gotten that message or decided their ego was more important than their lives.

"Looks like the invasion is over," hummed Jaune, "I'm going to head back. I doubt I'll get any appointments for the next few days, so feel free to swing by!"

With that, Jaune walked back up the stairs, intending to head back home. Neo pondered for a bit before deciding to follow him, using her semblance to put disguise herself so she wouldn't be recognized.

"Whew! Not only did we expose a major White Fang plan, but we beat them, sealed up the breach, and best of all, got Roman Torchwick! Not a bad first mission, eh?" grinned Yang.

"But we don't know if Roman was the mastermind behind all this," sighed Blake, "But it's a good start."

"We should celebrate!" cheered Ruby.

"I wouldn't mind doing so, but I recommend we get some sleep first," yawned Weiss, "We've been up all this time now."

"I say we should head over to Jaune's place for a deep tissue massage!" exclaimed Yang, "I could use a good Aura massage. I doubt anybody is going to show up to his place today, so we might have the whole place to ourselves!"

"Yang!" whined Ruby, "We can't just think that's going to happen!"

"I would agree with Ruby…. But a massage would really hit the spot," said Blake.

'Followed by a dinner cooked by him,' thought Blake privately to herself.

"While I doubt he would be open today due to the incident, we can at least go over there to check his well-being as well as make some reservations," suggested Weiss.

"Fine..," huffed Ruby as she noticed their feet had already been heading towards his clinic.

"Pretty sure if Nora was still at Beacon she would've enjoyed coming too," hummed Yang.

Team PLN, Sky, and Dove had taken off at night with Aureville, so they hadn't been around when the breach occurred. Aureville had been confident as he had a safe location in the area they would be hunting, letting them get plenty of rest beforehand.

"His clinic should just be around this corner," said Weiss.

They turned in time to see Jaune staring blankly forward.

"Hey, what's up?" asked Yang, "Why so shocked? Is it the Grimm?"

Jaune didn't seem to even respond when Yang put her hand over his shoulders, bringing him in close while pushing her chest against him.

"Jaune? Are you alright? You're making me nervous," asked Ruby, seeing his lack of reaction.

Blake and Weiss also looked at Jaune with concern.

Jaune merely pointed forward, causing the girls to follow his finger before freezing at what they saw.

Jaune's clinic was a mess for sure. The front was ruined, with bits and pieces of Atlesian knights inside, signifying that Grimm had gone in. But what was most damning to them was the giant vehicle lodged into the building. Only the underside of the car and the wheels could be seen, but it seemed to be the exact size vehicle that Yang had been punching towards the Grimm. A clear memory of one of the vehicles that Yang had been punching could be seen playing in the mind of team RWBY. The one that the Taijuta had slapped away into the distance, one they didn't pay too much attention as there were plenty more Grimm to fight.

Yang herself was trying her best to not sweat, as she was the primary instigator. She prayed that this vehicle wasn't the exact vehicle that had been knocked into the distance, a pure red one to be exact.

"Guess the Grimm got my clinic good," sighed Jaune as he finally knocked himself out of his own trance, "Let's see what the damage is. It looks like it's mostly the front of the shop. The inner load-bearing walls are still standing….though it looks like the Grimm wreaked havoc on my storage closet. Hopefully, my insurance will cover all this."

"Do… do you need any help?" asked Ruby nervously.

"Wouldn't mind getting this vehicle out of my clinic," replied Jaune.

"We can help you with that," nodded Ruby as her other teammates, especially Yang, started to shake nervously.

The team slowly walked up, as if walking into their doom before they finally brought up the courage to look at what color it was.

Yang almost fainted when she saw a hint of red, but upon further inspection, the team noticed that it was the brake light that threw them off. The vehicle itself was actually white, causing them all to breathe a sigh of relief as they pushed the vehicle away.

"So what are you going to do now?" asked Ruby as Jaune came out from inspecting the rooms.

"It depends on how fast I can get the insurance agent to inspect the damage, and the workers to start reconstruction," said Jaune, "I don't think I'm going to be open for a while. Hopefully, the land owner will be understanding."

Considering Melanie and Miltia loved Jaune's massages, Jaune would most likely be safe from Junior, otherwise, the two nieces would….. not be nice to their uncle.

Nightime after Breach

Cinder, Emerald, and Mercury were walking into a secret White Fang base with Adam Taurus, intending to discuss what to do next. The breach had been too early, but the primary objectives had been accomplished. The White Fang lieutenant that was responsible for their hideout was guiding them through the security checks before they all walked into the building in time to see a hazing going off.

"What's going on!?" shouted Adam, his commanding voice carrying through the building.

Inside the middle of the hazing was the deer and bull Faunus that had tried to steer the group away from Jaune, as well as a few others.

"Just dealing with some traitorous sympathizers," snorted the pig Faunus as he spat on the deer Faunus.

"What did they do?" asked the lieutenant.

"Countermanding my orders as well as trying to save some pathetic humans," replied a hyena Faunus.

"We were trying to get back on track to the general order," roared the bull Faunus, lifting his head with blackened eyes, "We weren't there to help slake your damn perverted thirst! Especially on someone who had nothing to do with our mission as well as being a non-tar-"

His words were interrupted by another Faunus who slammed a bat into his head.

Adam gave the group an expressionless stare before turning away. Anyone who sympathized with the humans deserved no mercy. Not to mention it was unlikely that any humans would be a non-target. It wasn't the White Fang way.

The lieutenant turned to follow before pausing for a second. Though it was true they hated humans in general, and the fact they were working with a few disgusted them, there was one that Roman had insisted on as part of their partnership, one that was enforced by Neo zealously.

"And just who was this non-target?" asked Cinder with a sultry tone.

"The masseur from Elysium Oasis!" shouted the deer Faunus before the pig Faunus could dismiss the subject.

"A masseur as a non-target?" said Adam with disgust, "What value could he possibly even bring?"

Before anyone could say anything else, the sound of a sword could be heard, followed by the sound of flesh being cut, along with the sound of a pig squealing in pain.

Everyone looked over to see the pig Faunus missing both arms, falling to the floor, writhing in pain as Neo cut his legs from underneath him.

"How dare you!" roared Adam as he brought his sword up, only to pause as his lieutenant held his arm out to stop him.

The lieutenant coughed before quickly talking, knowing if he didn't do so Adam would probably cut him down, "The masseur is actually under Roman's protection and insistence. One of his conditions for working with us. I've been there to ensure that it couldn't be used against us, and agreed to it. It seems like the group targeted him despite my orders to leave him alone. We wouldn't protect him, but at the same time we can't target him."

"Someone cut this bitch up!" squealed the pig Faunus, "I'll show her what it means to mess with me once she's underneath my-"

The pig Faunus squealed even louder as Neo stabbed him right where his manhood was, showing no mercy. It was clear from Neo's eyes that she intended to make him suffer.

"A Faunus that acts like a pig, looks like a pig, and squeals like a pig," stated Cinder with cold amusement as she lifted her finger, a spark of flame forming at the tips of her finger.

Neo saw what she intended to do, and wanted to disagree, but relented as she knew the squealing could attract unwanted attention. With a simple gesture from Cinder, flames converged on the pig Faunus, burning him alive until there was nothing left.

"Was wondering if he cooked like a pig," hummed Cinder, causing Emerald and Mercury to turn around as they tried to stop themselves from laughing.

Adam felt his nails piercing through his hands as they clenched in anger at Cinder's blatant acts but knew he couldn't risk an all-out fight here.

"Allow me to be very clear," continued Cinder as dancing flames revolved around her hands, "That masseur is not to be touched. Any other attempts will be met with death, though some may not be as swift, for example."

Before anyone could ask, the hyena Faunus found it rather hard to bleed as something wet began to pour down his chest. The hyena Faunus slowly put his hands towards the source of it in time to find out his throat had been slit open by Neo while everyone was distracted.

"And don't think that we won't notice," continued Cinder, "Neopolitan is rather protective of her little friend. And I'm sure you all know how slippery she is."

What was unsaid was that if they continue to target Jaune, Neo might just spill everything about their operations just to spite them. Her semblance was powerful and made it almost neigh impossible to track her if she wanted to escape.

Cinder merely reasoned that to be the main factor, not wanting to use the fact that she wouldn't have access to Jaune's massages if he was gone.

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