Chapter 10

Note: " Parseltoungue and familiar talk"

Harry was a little nervous. He knew all that was taught to the first years, no that was not what troubled him. He was an heir to the house of Black and his sin-seanathair expected him to behave like it. By making friends and connections with other heirs of pureblood houses.

He had had no friends over the years, his familiars had been his only companions. So it was natural for him to hesitate to make friends.

" What troubles you master?" Pearl asked as she slithered around him.

" I am just worried about Hogwarts. What if I don't make friends? Or what if I screw up everything I have worked for? I don't want to have anyone manipulate my life again. And there I will be under Dumbledore's nose all the time." he said pouring out all his worries.

" Worrying like this is unbecoming of you. Where is our strong, confident master? You shouldn't worry so much. Your sin-seanathair will take care of everything and we are here too." trilled Ignacius from his ruby encrusted gold perch.

" But that is not what really troubles you, is it? Tell us. Will you not talk about it with us?" asked Valerious.

" The truth is just thinking about that old coot, I remember my earlier life. Because of my photographic memory I can't forget about it. It comes back to haunt me" Harry confessed.

" They are your old demons. I doubt you will be able to get over it completely unless you see there dead bodies. The only thing that you can do is trust yourself and talk to us, we are always here for you." Tamara trilled to him.

Harry smiled at them. He had not wanted to worry them. They worried too much. He remembered the incident three years ago which had triggered their overprotectiveness.


Three years ago

Harry always kept to himself not really mixing with the other children. He was reading his own book when a football hit him.

" Pass us the ball, idiot." one of the big boys shouted. Harry passed it to them and was going back to reading when the boy again shouted, " You think you are too good to play with us, do you?"

" I don't like to play football. It has nothing to do with you. I don't even know you." Harry said knowing this boy was a known bully who liked to pick fights with his gang and beat others up.

" Oh yeah, do you think I am an idiot. I will show you football." Saying so all the boys started hitting him with the footballs kept nearby. Unfortunately for Harry, he was reminded of the way Dudley used to beat him up.

What he didn't know was that his familiars had felt his fear and panicked. The next thing he knew he woke up in the hospital where he was informed that he had frozen the whole field in his fear and his familiars who had been very angry had taken it upon themselves to punish the bullies.


Harry's ice powers were another of his anomalies. They were something he couldn't control. When his tutors had tried to help him control them he would accidentally freeze them. None of his teachers or tutors knew what to do as they had no idea about someone with such a strong affinity of elemental magic.

So ,Harry had learned meditation to try and keep his emotions in control. His powers didn't frighten him like they would to others, no they intrigued him. He was fascinated by them.

Another thing was that he could see magic. His mage sense was different and more powerful than others or so his teachers had told him when he described how he saw magic. He found that when he concentrated it appeared as a web of threads that he could weave. He had weaved and experimented but he knew there was far more to it than what he knew. He knew that there must be someone like him, he couldn't be the only one with such powers. Unfortunately for him, only that person could teach him completely.

Today was the day Harry went to Hogwarts. He was wearing beautiful expensive royal blue robes with dark black trousers and a snug fitting blue shirt underneath. He also wore his hippogriff-hide boots. His hair was in a low ponytail with no hair out of place. He wore his Potter and Black heir rings on his right hand. All in all he looked like a perfect pureblood.

He and Arcturus had flooed to Platform Nine and Three Quarters at Kings Cross station in London. Before letting him go, Arcturus reminded him, "Remember your lessons son and make me proud. Don't be afraid. Understand?"

" Yes sin-seanathair. I will make you proud. Don't worry." he reassured.

" And don't forget to write to me. I want a letter at least every week although I won't object if you send it everyday too." Arcturus said giving a rare smile.

" I didn't know you would miss me that much. But I will send one every three days for your sake." he said cheekily.

" You little brat. Get going now." Arcturus said lightly cuffing him on his head.

Harry smiled and started toward the train. As he put his foot on the first step he stopped and looked back at Arcturus and said," Screw ettiquette" and ran back. He hugged him quickly and ran inside. Arcturus just smiled fondly and flooed back home. The little boy had taken over his heart.

Harry found a compartment and sat down. He enlarged his trunk and took out a few books for himself to read, locked it and then sat down to read. He could hear the other children chattering due to his enhanced senses as a lion.

This was another thing he found weird. He was able to use his enhanced senses as a lion, basilisk and raven even while he was human. He had heard it was hard to do for beginners but adults acquired it after transforming for years.

He heard the train whistle and start to move. He felt amused seeing all the teary eyed parents waving furiously as the train left the station.

He had settled in completely when suddenly the compartment door slid open. A pudgy fat boy looked towards him and apologized in a little voice," Sorry, I didn't know anyone was here or I would have knocked. Can I sit here?"

"Sure, settle yourself right in." Haraldr said.

" I am Neville Longbottom." he said sitting on the opposite side after putting his trunk down.

Haraldr saw this as a good opportunity. He knew about the alliance between the Longbottom and Potter families.

" Nice to meet you Neville. I am Harry Potter." he said.

Neville's eyes widened to a comical size and he sputtered," You're Harry Potter. But but you don't look like him."

Harry grimaced. What were pureblood children taught nowadays? First the boy wears such simple robes not fit for his station as an heir and now he talks with little to no subtlety. And the boy believed nonsense too.

"Those pictures in the newspapers and magazines are fake. I have no idea who designed them, but I do not look so horrible." he told Neville in a calm voice.

"Oh, I am sorry, its just very unexpected" Neville apologized.

Haraldr smiled," No worries Neville but please don't assume things about me from now onwards. Ask me but don't assume it."

Neville nodded and smiled knowing he was forgiven. Haraldr was returning to his book when he saw Nevile tense.

" Oh no, I lost Trevor again." he exclaimed in a panicked voice.

" Calm down Neville. Whose Trevor? Maybe I would be able to help you." Haraldr asked knowing full well he could.

" Trevor is my toad. I am always losing him. I had a good grip on him but now I don't even remember losing him." he confessed eyes filling with tears.

Haraldr saw him get teary eyed and knew he had to act fast. "Don't worry, we can just summon him." saying so he took out his wand and said," Accio Trevor, the toad." A toad zoomed in the compartment after five seconds and Neville caught him.

" Thank you so much Harry. But how do you know how to do magic?" he asked curiously.

Haraldr knew this boy could be trusted, his aura said so. So he decide there was no harm in telling the boy.

" I attended The American School of Magic since I was five so I knew a lot of spells, so when I bought a wand this month I practised a few spells." he said lying partially.

" That must have been so exciting. I only know herbology and thats because I love plants. My grandmother and Uncle Algie were worried that I would be a squib so they were ecstatic when I got my Hogwarts letter." Neville told him.

" I could teach you a few spells if you want." Haraldr offered.

" Really woud you? I would love to." saying so Neville reached for his wand but yelped and cradled his right hand.

Haraldr saw a big black bruise on his hand and knew it must be very painful.

"What happened? Where did you get that briuse. It looks very painful." he asked

" It is. I got yesterday when I fell down the stairs." Neville said.

" I can heal it for you." Haraldr offered

" But how. Aren't healing spells fifth year material." he asked grimacing in pain.

"I am not going to use simple healing spell. I am a Parselmouth and I will use Parselmagic to heal you." he said carefully, waiting for his reaction.

"A pareselmouth! " Neville exclaimed.

" Yes I am a parselmouth. But I am also your friend aren't I Neville? Don't you trust me?" Haraldr asked.

"Friend! Of course you are my friend and I trust you" Neville said happy about having a friend.

Haraldr then delicately took his hand and cradled it between both of his and said," wound, heal" and let Neville's magic gather there. Neville gasped at his hissing as the pain went away and his bruise healed completely.

A little time passed and as they started talking Haraldr realized he liked Neville more and more as he became comfortable and a little more confident.

The compartment door slid open and Haraldr saw three boys. It was obvious they were purebloods from their stance and clothes. One was a platinum blond and looked like the leader while the other two had a dumb look on their faces.

" I am Draco Malfoy. Who are you? " he said pompously and Haraldr immediately disliked him but refrained from doing anything to insult him as he was the Malfoy heir. Not that it mattered, the Malfoys were nothing compared to Potter and Black families.

"Greetings, Heir Malfoy. I am Harry Potter, and this is Heir Longbottom." he said formally so as to ensure that they did not mess with them. But apparently the Malfoy heir was not taught and said," So you are Harry Potter... Come with us. You will find out soon that some families are better than the others. I can help you there." This was a direct insult to Neville

Haraldr wanted to gape at his foolishness but instead said in a dangerous voice, "You do know that you just insulted a pureblood heir and not just anyone but one who has a long standing alliance with the House of Potter, right?"

Apparently realizing his mistake Malfoy's eyes widened and he paled knowing that this could have disastrous results. He quickly apologized and scampered out with his buffoons.

Neville looked at Haraldr with something akin to worship and asked," How did you do that? He is always taunting me at functions and I was unable to do anything."

" Hmmm,No offence but did you not have classes about pureblood ettiquette and such things. It even helps in improving your confidence."

Neville blushed and said," My grandmother said that those classes were for people who discriminated between purebloods and muggleborns. So I didn't attend them."

" Alright then, I will just have to teach you all about it. It is not just about ettiquette you know. It teaches you how to present yourself at social functions, your responsiblities as an heir and a head of the house and a little about how to manage your finances." Haraldr explained.

"Well my grandmother was not an heir so she didn't attend them nor did my father who is the head." Neville's face grew sad as he talked about his father.

Haraldr kicked himself mentally. Of course he would be sad. He had read about how the Longbottoms had been tortured to insanity by Bellatrix Lestrange in old newspapers.

To lift up his spirits Haraldr talked to him about the different plants he knew. It had the desired effect. Neville immediately brightened and talked about the plants in his greenhouse.

As they were talking, they were interrupted by the compartment door being slid open by a red haired freckled boy. " Have you seen Harry Potter?" the boy asked rather rudely. Haraldr had the urge to throw him out but he composed himself and said," I am Harry Potter. Who are you?"

"I am Ron, Ron Weasley. I was searching for you. Come on Harry, you don't have to sit with the squib anymore. You can sit with me and my brothers and friends." the boy said pompously.

Haraldr couldn't believe the nerve. How dare he insult Neville? Who did he think he was to tell him what to do?

"How dare you call Neville squib? Are you an idiot? He is going to Hogwarts, obviously he is not a squib. And who the hell are you to tell me what to do? I am not coming with you. Now get out!" Haraldr snarled.

Weasley stepped back but said," You are Harry Potter and I am a Weasley. Of course you are supposed to be my friend. The Weasleys are a light family and so you being you are supposed to be our friend." he said rather pompously.

Now Harry had had enough. He snarled in a deadly voice," Get out Weasley or I will make you and beleive me when I say you won't like it."

Ron saw his angry face and was so frightened that he stumbled upon himself when he ran out.

"Are all the people going to be like this in the wizarding world?" he asked a very amused Neville.

" The Weasleys are big supporters of Albus Dumbledore who is the icon of light , the leader of the light. That is why he did this. As for others, yes, people are going to be like this. Its not me but the people have already decided that you will be an auror when you grow up, marry a girl from a light family and have lots of brave children." Neville told him seriously.

Haraldr was disgusted. What the hell was wrong with everyone? All people were telling him what he was 'supposed' to do. It was his life, he would live it however he wanted. He would put a stop to these rumors very soon, he decided.

An hour later as they would soon be reaching Hogwarts in half an hour, both of them changed into their robes. As they were sitting after changing, the door slid open and they saw a bushy haired brunette step in. Haraldr signed. What was it with people barging in?

" You should learn to knock. Didn't your parents teach you to knock before entering someone elses room or in this case compartment" He asked calmly.

" I am sorry for that but I was informing everyone that we would soon be reaching Hogwarts so they should change in their robes. There's nothing wrong with that." she said rather conceitedly.

"Not another one" Haraldr thought.

"Well anyway, I am Hermione Granger. I just found out two months ago that I was a witch you see. I have read all our books and some extras. I just hope it will be enough for now." she rambled.

Haraldr could see Neville gaping.

"What are you waiting for? Won't you introduce yourself? Now thats rude." she said pointedly to Haraldr.

"I am Neville Longbottom" Neville introduced himself.

"And I am Harry Potter." Haraldr said, a little wary of what her reaction would be.

Hermione's eyes widened and she giggled, "Well why didn't you say so silly. I was waiting for you to come to me. Its not right to keep your bethroted waiting like this."

"What bethroted? What are you talking about? I am not bethroted to anyone." Haraldr said shocked at what she said. He was not expecting this.

"Yes you are. Your magical guardian, Headmaster Dumbledore made a marriage contract for us. He was worried you would be a prankster like your father and need someone to keep you in line and help you with your studies so you don't fail." she said as if it explained everything and sat very near to Haraldr and started giggling.

" I don't need anyone to help me in studies or keep me in line. I have no idea what you are talking about but I am not bethroted to anyone especially to you. Now get out." he said trying to control his anger.

She looked at him angrily and started spouting things about how he was being disrespectful to Dumbledore but Neville interrupted her seeing the anger on Haraldr's face.

" Just go will you? This is our compartment"

She stomped out closing the door with a loud thud.

Haraldr tried to calm himself. He couldn't belive it. The old coot had made two marriage contracts for him. Not that it would ever happen. He could as the head of house refuse it. He was after all heir only to house Black but the head of other eleven houses including Potter.

A little while later they reached Hogwarts and got out. At the station a giant man escorted all of them to a lake. Haraldr saw that the older students were going by carriages whereas the first years would go by boat. There were nearly fifty boats as there were nearly 250 first years.

" No more n four in a boat. Come on now get in, fast." the giant man shouted.

Haraldr and Neville got in with two girls who looked like twins. They introduced themselves as Padma and Parvati Patil.

When Haraldr introduced himself they started giggling after staring at him for a long time. What was it with girls and giggling?

As they neared they saw Hogwarts castle. It was huge and majestic and Haraldr could feel the magic around it. After getting out of the boats, they were taken up the marble staircase where the man knocked three times on the door. It opened and a strict looking witch came out.

"The first years Professor Mcgonagall." the man said

"Thank you Hagrid. I will take it from here." she said.

After he was gone, she looked towards them.

"Good evening students. Welcome to Hogwarts. I am Professor Mcgonagall. Now, there are four houses in Hogwarts- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. You will all be sorted in a house where the members of your house will become your family. Your misbehaviour will have you loose house points whereas your model behaviour will have you gain house points. Now get into a line and wait for me." she said after which she went in.

As she went in the children who had never seen a ghost screamed as a barrel of ghosts came and went inside the Great Hall.

After Professor Mcgonagall came out she led them in the hall where they all gasped at the size of it. Haraldr could see nearly a total of thousand students sitting at their respective house tables. The ceiling of Hogwarts was enchanted to look like the night sky and lots of candles hung in the air above them. He could hear Hermione Granger tell anyone who would listen about how she had read about how the ceiling had been enchanted.

They were made to stand near the head tables wher the teachers sat as a stool and a very dusty hat was brought.

Suddenly a rip came in the hat and it began to sing,

Oh, you may not think I'm pretty,

But don't judge on what you see,

I'll eat myself if you can find

A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,

Your top hats sleek and tall,

For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat

And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head

The Sorting Hat can't see,

So try me on and I will tell you

Where you ought to be.

You might belong inGryffindor,

Where dwell the brave at heart,

Their daring, nerve, and chivalry

Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true

And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,

If you've a ready mind,

Where those of wit and learning,

Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps inSlytherin

You'll make your real friends,

Those cunning folks use any means

To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!

And don't get in a flap!

You're in safe hands (though I have none)

For I'm a Thinking Cap!"

" Now I will call each of your names after which you are to sit on the stool and let the Sorting Hat sort you." Professor Mcgonagall told them.

" Abott, Hannah" was called. She was a little freckled girl who was looking very nervous. She sat on the stool and the Hat was put on her head. Suddenly a rip came in the hat which took the shape of a mouth and shouted "HUFFLEPUFF". The students and teachers started clapping as she went and sat at the Hufflepuff table.

" Bones, Susan" became a HUFFLEPUFF. "Finch-Flentchy, Justin" became a HUFFLEPUFF. " Patil, Parvati" became a GRYFFINDOR. "Patil, Padma" became a RAVENCLAW. "Macmillian, Ernie" became a HUFFLEPUFF. " Boot, Terry" became a RAVENCLAW. "Malfoy, Draco" became a SLYTHERIN . "Crabbe, Vincent" became a SLYTHERIN. "Goyle, Gregory" became a SLYTHERI . "Weasley, Ron" became a GRIFFINDOR. "Granger, Hermione" became a GRYFFINDOR. "Thomas, Dean" became a GRYFFINDOR. "Greengrass, Daphne" became a SLYTHERIN. "Finnegan, Seamus" became a GRYFFINDOR and so on it went until "Potter, Harry" was called.

First there was only silence and then everyone began talking.

"Harry Potter"

"The Harry Potter " .

Haraldr went up and sat on the stool. As the Hat covered him, he could see everyone staring at him.

"Hmm, difficult, very difficult. Where to place you." Haraldr could hear the Hat musing. He sat quietly letting it do its work. "Would you remove your mental sheids so that I can sort you?" the hat asked. Haraldr hesitantly took the shields down. The hat started going through his head although he didn't feel anything. There was complete silence as fifteen minutes passed. Then suddenly the hat shouted, "RAVENCLAW" .

The cheers from that house were loud as they shouted, " We got Potter". Haraldr looked towards the head table and he saw the headmaster who was barely trying to contain his ire. The Sorting Hat had told him that it had been ordered by Dumbledore to put Haraldr in Gryffindor. Not that it listened.

Neville was sorted to Hufflepuff and after the other remaining students were sorted , the headmaster stood and said, " First years welcome to Hogwarts. I have to make a few announcements. The Forbidden Forest is like always forbidden to the students. Also this year the third floor corridor is forbidden to everyone excluding those who wish to die a painful death. Now let the feast begin. I have just four words for you- Nitwit, Oddment, Blubber, Tweak."

Suddenly the plates were filled with all imaginable tasty things.

While eating Haraldr's gaze fell on a crook nosed teacher who was looking at him with eyes full of hate and anger. When he asked who it was, he was told that it was Professor Snape. He was confused. Why would Proffessor Snape look at him with anger? He had done nothing to offend him. Right?

After eating a scrumptious dinner of roast and smashed potatoes, roasted and fried chicken, gravy and peas and a nice dessert of treacle tart, choclate cake, pudding and other yummy things, the prefectswere ordered to escort them to their respective common rooms.

The Ravenclaw prefect, Penelope Clearwater led all the first year Ravenclaws to the second floor where their common rooms were located.

" The password is Emerald this week. Be sure to remember the password." Penelope told them. The Ravenclaw common room was decorated in beautiful shades of blue and bronze.

" Now all first years listen, blue and bronze are our house colours. There is a reason for that. The Gryffindor house colours, red and gold are connected to fire, the Slytherin colours, green and silver are connected to water, the Hufflepuff colours, yellow and black representing wheat and soil are connected to earth and the Ravenclaw colours blue and bronze are connected to air.

We have a big library here at Hogwarts but Ravenclaws have a separate library here in the common room which has some books from the Restricted section. The books are not to be harmed as they are very precious. You will be allowed to issue one book at a time.

The boys dormrooms are to the right and the girls to the left. There is a list here of the students alongwith their dormroom numbers. You are to go to the room that has the number as the list. Now come on get going."

All the students looked at the list and started towards their respective dorms. Haraldr was in dorm room no 12 with three others who were a first year like him and two fourth years.

Haraldr knew he would have to inform his head of the house Proffessor Flitwick about his familiars. He decided he would do that and meet Proffessor Snape now. It was not too late afterall. The curfew was at 10 pm and it was just 9 pm.

So he adjusted his things properly in his room tidying it up and took the letter given by his sin-seanathair to be given to Proffessor Snape with him. He also took the map of Hogwarts that he had found in his father's vault. It was called the Marauders Map. It was a truly wondrous thing. He muttered the password to activate it and started towards the dungeons to Proffessor Snape's office.

Haraldr knocked thrice on the door of Professor Snape's office after reaching there.

"Enter" came the professor's voice in a deadly whisper. If it was anyone else they would have run away, but Haraldr was not deterred.

He entered the office. It had the smell of newly made potions, something that he liked. The whole room was decorated in black and white. To others it may have seemed like black and white horror movie scene but Haraldr thought it had a homey feel.

Proffessor Snape was sitting on his desk at the back of the room with rolls of parchment on the table. Must be grading something? Haraldr thought.

"Good evening Professor Snape. I am Harry Potter." he said introducing himself.

"And why are you here Mr Potter. Do you think yourself above the rules? You should be in your common room." Professor Snape barked at him. Yes, barked.

"No Professor. But I had to deliver this letter to you. It was important." he said calmly.

"What letter?" the Professor asked.

Haraldr handed the roll of parchment to him and stood quietly looking around as he read it.

"So you are somewhat of a potions prodigy are you Mr Potter?" Professor Snape asked with less bite in his voice.

" I like to brew potions Professor and great grandfather has taught me a lot about it."

"Great grandfather?" Professor Snape asked raising an eyebrow.

"I consider Lord Arcturus Black as my great grandfather. I have known him since I turned nine years old." Haraldr said poorly trying to cover up. No one was supposed to know that he was Arcturus surrogate great grandson.

"Intresting. But I will ask you a few questions to see if I should really do this." the teacher waving the scroll.

Haraldr just nodded. He had anticipated this.

"Tell me what are the main ingredients of the Blood Clotting potion."

"The main ingredients are lacewing flies, tamerine slugs and the juice of tiger lily flower." he answered promptly.

"What is the use of lavender petals in fever-reducing potion?"

"One of its ingredients, the moonflower plant leaves are highly explosive, the lavender petals help in stabilizing the potion."

"How do the petals of ravenhood plant differ from its leaves?"

" The petals are a key ingredient in wolfsbane potion whereas the leaves are used in skele-grow."

"What would happen if you mixed the stem of monkshood plant and the blood of a thestral?" asked Snape informing him that this would be the last question.

"Both of them are highly explosive so if not added in proper amount they may even result in an explosion that may take someone's life, but surprisingly when they are added to each other the balance each other out and stabilize the potion. But this technique cannot be used always as some potions require only one of these and adding the other results in the failure of making that potion." Haraldr answered. He added a little more for good measure.

"Hmm alright you will do. But I expect you to keep up your work." Professor Snape said. Haraldr nodded.

Then almost hesitantly as if it was physically painful for him to say this he asked Haraldr, "Would you like to help me prepare potions for the hospital wing? They are mainly fifth year potions."

"Yes sir, I would love to help you prepare them." he answered in a heartbeat. No way was he going to loose this chance. He may have gushed a little but he would deny it if anyone asked.

"Alright then be on your way. Bring a sixth year potions book tomorrow. You do have one right?"

"Yes, I do. I will bring it tomorrow."

" Bring a simple notebook or parchment to write the extra notes that I will give you." the Professor told him.

After wishing Professor Snape a good night, Haraldr started towards Professor Flitwick's office.


Severus signed. The boy was nothing like he imagined. He looked nothing like James Potter and had no arrogance in his voice. Instead the boy was soft spoken like Lily and even had Lily's brilliance in potions if the letter was any indicator.

It was almost impossible to hate the child after talking to him. How could he hate someone who was not only a piece of Lily but also exactly like her.

But what was this about Arcturus Black being his great grandfather? Should he tell Albus about this? No he wouldn't be telling any of this to him. He already looked angry when Harry was not sorted in Gryffindor.

Wait a minute. When did the boy become Harry to him? That was the moment he decide that he would not be treating him badly. Let Albus go to hell. He was not making the boy hate him.


Haraldr moved quietly towards the Professor's office and knocked softly on it. After being told to come in he went inside.

"Mr Potter, to what do I owe the pleasure of seeing you. Aren't you supposed to be in your common room?" Professor Flitwick asked.

Haraldr smiled and said, " Sorry Professor, but I had to inform you of something. I did not want you to find this out from someone else"

"What is it Mr Potter?" the Professor asked curiously.

"Well Professor, I have four familiars and I wanted permission to keep them in Hogwarts. They have never been away from me." he said a little nervously.

"Four familiars. My, my. But of course you can keep them since they are familiars not pets. But just for curiosity's sake what are they?"

" My familiars include two phoenixes, a magical wolf and a magical snake." he told the teacher.

"Two phoenixes, a magical wolf and a magical snake. I can understand the phoenixes and the wolf but the snake . Is it poisonous?" the Professor asked worried and amazed at the same time.

"Yes she is poisonous. But she won't bite anyone if I say so."

"How do you communicate with the snake. Does she understand English?"

"Oh no Professor she dosen't. But I speak parseltoungue. "

"What?You are a Parselmouth?" the teacher asked his eyebrows disappearing into his hairline.

"Yes, Professor. Is anything wrong with that?" he asked innocently.

"No Mr Potter, of course not. I was just a bit surprised. Now off you go, its time for bed." saying so the Professor shooed him out.

After Haraldr left, Professor Flitwick was left to his thoughts that this would be a very intresting year.


In his chambers, Albus too many names Dumbledore sat eating his calming drought laced lemon drops. How had this happened?

The boy looked well informed about the wizarding world and not at all very fascinated after seeing the Great Hall. He had even been sorted in Ravenclaw. All his plans were going haywhere.

Ronald Weasley had not succeded in befriending the boy and the Granger girl had been sorted away from him. He had to think of something fast.


In another place, on Asgard Odin had banished Thor to Midgard and fallen into Odinsleep and Loki was declared as the temporary king. Loki paced in front of the throne as he tried to think of a way to bring his brother home. Why couldn't he listen? How many times had Loki warned him not to fight with father when he was angry.

At first Loki had been so angry after finding out what he was, he had wanted to destroy everything and not listen to a word his father said. Afterall he had been wronged and his children had been banished for no reason,( though after the end of the prophecy Odin had lifted the banishment but he didn't have the courage to face them. He had failed them after all ).

But something had compelled him to listen to his father and he had realized that no matter what had passed his father really did love him and he had forgiven Odin and hugged him ( he hadn't in a long time).

As Loki paced, Thor's four friends came to him to ask him to lift Thor's banishment. He already was worried and the way Sif applied that he did not wish to lift Thor's banishment rubbed him in a wrong way.

"Enough Lady Sif. I have had enough of your disrespect. It would do you good to remember your place. I am still the prince of Asgard. I have no idea why you think that I do not want my brother to come back but let me correct your assumptions. Since the moment I became the temporary king I have been trying to lift Thor's banishment. But I can't . The fact remains that I do not have the power to counter the Allfather's decision" he snarled at the little hag. She always seemed to rub him wrong.

Lady Sif looked properly chastised and apologized. Hogun said, " My king, how will Thor survive there. At least let us go to him."

Loki signed trying to control his annoyance at the stupid request, " You know very well that I can't do that. But don't worry, you may not be able to go but nothing stops me from going there."

The four looked satisfied with his answer and went away.

Loki went to the Bifrost to go to Midgard when Heimdall stopped him," Are you sure this is a wise decision my king?"

"Stop calling me 'my king'. I was still a child when you became the gatekeeper. Do you know how weird it sounds?"

Heimdall chuckled and said," Alright Loki, I know that you worry about your brother but right now you need to be in Asgard."

"I know Heimdall and I promise I will come back soon but I need to see through my own two eyes if he is alright." Loki confessed.

Heimdall signed. He had known it wouldn't work. It had always been Loki who looked after Thor and covered up for him even though he was the younger one. He just hoped this banishment would make Thor wiser. Loki couldn't always be the wise one.

Loki reached Midgard and spread out his magic to find his brother. He felt another headache coming when he saw he was sitting in a room where the humans had confined him.

He appeared before his brother who was so startled that he fell over the already small chair. He took him by the arm and transported them away to a house somewhere in Mexico which he had bought on one of his trips to Midgard.

"Brother, What are you doing here? Are you here to take me back?" Thor asked in a strange vulnerable way. Loki thought this was because of the banishment. Figures.

"No I am not here to take you home and you won't be coming home for some time. Father has fallen into Odinsleep and although I am the temporary king I am unable to counter the Allfather's decision."

"So I need to stay here on Midgard." Thor said as if it would be a big chore.

" Yes you do. And what were you thinking brother? How many times do I have to warn you to make you listen to me and not antagonize father when he is already angry?When will you learn?" Loki scolded him.

Thor listened to him. In a long time he actually listened to what his brother was saying and realized how foolish he had been.

After that Loki told Thor about how he discovered what he was and his reaction to which Thor promptly hugged him and said," No matter what, you will always be my brother". Loki would disagree later but he felt as if a great weight had been lifted off of him.

He taught Thor about how money was on Midgard and gave him enough to last him a year, explained some basic things to him about how he should behave( he was not there for a day or two) and told him that no he couldn't go back to New Mexico as the humans would be searching for him there. Thankfully Thor didn't insist much.

(Remember he hadn't fallen in love with Jane yet)

After that Loki left for Asgard reminding himself to tell Heimdall to keep a strict eye on Thor. Hopefully everything would work out.