The Enchantress

Summery: Kyoko's father has never been a part of her life. Before she was born, he had died defending his godson. In her 6th year of life, a stranger enters her life and immerses her in the world of magic she had only known through Corn and makes almost all of her dreams come true. What more could she ask for? Maybe making a name for herself.

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Sirius was enjoying his freedom. Women, booze, fun in the sun, what more could a guy ask for? Well… he was itching for a challenge. His life had been filled with challenges and he had beat them all. Eventually. Now, things were getting monotonous. He wanted to shake things up a little.

Smiling flirtatiously with his borrowed face, the woman manning the desk at the library gave him an atlas in a daze. With a smirk, Sirius disappeared into the bookshelves. This may not be his face, but he still had it!

With a pleased hum, he opened up the atlas to a random page.

"Japan, huh?" Sirius murmured as he looked at the page he had landed on. "Let's see what city I'm going to," he said as he flipped to an enlarged version of the map. Closing his eyes, he stabbed his finger to a spot on the pages. Opening them, he was smug to see that he chose a city on the first try.

Dropping off the atlas back at the front desk and spending a bit of time flirting with the beauty at the desk and securing a date for the night, he left the library to buy a ticket to Japan.

He gave another grin as he stepped out into the street as he said "Kyoto, here I come!"

7 Years Later

"Excuse me, could you repeat that?" Harry asked faintly as he stared a bit wide-eyed at the goblin who sneered at him. The goblins still didn't like him, Ron or Hermione and were difficult to deal with, even through a third party. Unfortunately, the matter needed his attention personally.

"I said," the goblin let out a more pronounced sneer, "that during the checks we perform every decade, a discrepancy occurred. There was a child under the previous Lord Black's name. According the Master Tapestry in the Black Vault, before Lord Sirius Black died, he conceived a child. According to the Lord Black's will, you were named his heir. At the time, there was no knowledge of the child. Now, the line of succession is unclear at this point. As you are now 21, you are eligible to inherit both the Potter and the Black Lordships. Bringing the child into the matter, however, muddies things. The Black line is known for following primogeniture in the matters of inheritance, although Lord Black was unaware of his child, some would say that the Heir should be his firstborn. However, he had named you specifically as his Heir in his Will. Now, how would you like to resolve this?" the goblin said calmly as he watched Harry try to process this information.

Padfoot had a kid? Harry remembered one conversation that they had when Sirius was reminiscing about James Potter. That any children they had would want for nothing, any little princesses they had would be kept safe from the world and any boy that dared believe themselves worthy of them and any boys they had, they would build up and turn them loose on the world and sit back and watch the havoc. Either way, the children would have been raised as Marauders, with the older generation as their godfathers. They had expected to at least have enough children between the two of them to make a Quidditch team. Instead there was only Harry. And now, this child of Sirius'.

"What's their name?" Harry asked, dazed as he was lost in memories of his time together with Sirius. With a disinterested look, the goblin read out the name in a monotone.

"Kyoko Mogami."

All right! This has been crossover has been haunting my mind since I started rereading Skip Beat! I can't take it any more, I have to write it. Especially since I haven't found any like it before. So! I'm still a little unsure of the entire plot, so if there's anything you'd like to see happen, leave a comment in the reviews and I might add it in if it meshes well with my story. I'll probably set up a poll for this eventually, but let me know what you think so far!