The Enchantress Chapter 3

Kyoko nestled happily in Harry-nii-san's arms. She never got hugs, not really. Kyoko couldn't remember her Mother holding her like this. Sometimes Yayoi-obaa-san gave her small, quick ones before she had to hurry off and help a customer. Harry-nii-san's hugs were warm and felt like he covered her from head to toe. He wasn't pushing her away and was careful that he didn't hold her too hard. Kyoko didn't want it to end.

"Kyoko-chan?" an alarmed voice came from behind her. Pulling her head out of Harry-nii-san's shoulder, Kyoko peered back over her shoulder, turning slightly. Kyoko blinked in surprise at Yayoi-obaa-san, wearing her usual pristine kimono. She was staring at Harry-nii-san with narrowed eyes. Before Kyoko could say anything, Harry-nii-san stood up, letting his arms settle back at his side even as Kyoko made an aborted attempt at moving back.

"Ohayo, Fuwa-san," Harry-nii-san said with a mostly nice smile. There was something in the back of his eyes that seemed to not want Yayaoi-obaa-san to leave and the way his smile had a lot more teeth than he usually showed Kyoko. "I had run into Kyoko-chan out in the rain and when she told me she was staying at your ryokan as well. I offered to escort her back seeing as I am a guest here as well." Harry-nii-san's eyes looked like they were following Yayoi-obaa-san as she moved closer. Kyoko watched as Yayoi-obaa-san glided closer and took her hand as Yayoi-obaa-san smiled back at Harry-nii-san the same way.

"Thank you very much for your consideration, honored guest," Yayoi-obaa-san said as she squeezed Kyoko's hand before looking down at her. "Kyoko-chan, why don't you go inside and get changed?" Yayoi-obba-san quietly ordered her as her eyes softened and Kyoko saw a glimmer of worry before she looked back up at Harry-nii-san and released Kyoko's hand. With a nod and a soft "Hai," Kyoko moved to go inside, but before she crossed the threshold, she peeked back over her shoulder.

Looking a bit more relaxed and more like how Harry-nii-san looked when they had talked instead of his slightly scary smile, Harry-nii-san was talking quietly with Yayoi-obaa-san who looked as tense as she had when she had first walked up to Kyoko and Harry-nii-san who suddenly nodded and they headed for Yayoi-obaa-san and Kensuke-ojii-san's office. Biting her lip, Kyoko slipped through the doors and silently went to her room, unobtrusive as she always tried to be.

Harry followed Fuwa-san across the receiving area and towards the office, thinking a bit more of how Fuwa-san had reacted to a strange man hugging her ward. Truthfully, he couldn't complain. She had brought Kyoko-chan closer to her by holding her hand, looked like she had wanted to roast Harry over an open fire, politely at that (She'd probably get along great with Andromeda, Harry thought idly), and sent Kyoko-chan away from the questionable man as quickly as she could.

Fuwa-san did care about Kyoko-chan, then, but to what extent? Harry believed that even his loving Aunt Petunia would have stepped in if she had seen what she thought was a child predator near him, just more roughly than Fuwa-san did. But did she do it the way she did because of her care for Kyoko-chan or because she cared about appearances? The conversation he had aimed for should shed a bit more light on the situation, especially once they brought in Kensuke Fuwa-san into the office as well.

With a tight smile for Fuwa-san as she led him to one of the few chairs in the office around a table, Harry slid into the one Fuwa-san had elegantly gestured to (Like Andromeda tends to do when she's hosting Harry). Politely ignoring the way she offered no refreshment before she excused herself to find her husband before she glided out of the room, Harry leaned back in his chair as he thought back on the many similarities he was seeing between Andromeda and Fuwa-san. Was she truly like Andromeda or were her refined actions just reminding him of her? Because to be fair, Narcissa had many of the same mannerisms, it came of etiquette and high class attitudes.

So was Harry seeing Andromeda or Narcissa from this woman? Reformed the Madam Malfoy may be, but she still believed that there were many beneath her, she simply didn't show it in the new political climate that England now enjoyed. Andromeda was much more accepting of others and had a warmer core to her that Narcissa lacked. So who was he seeing in Fuwa-san? A caring, cultured woman or a colder, more aloof one? Placing it out of his mind for now, since he would have more time to figure it out once both Fuwas were available to talk to him, Harry started planning out what he would need to say and what he would need to find out.

This wasn't a conversation he was expecting to have. He was expecting to talk with Mogami-san and inform her about what happened to Sirius and what Kyoko-chan stood to inherit. After that, Harry had been determined to have visits with his little cousin, in whatever manner made her mother most comfortable. Now how was he to explain this matter in a way that respected Mogami-san's privacy until he figured out what the hell was going on in her head, leaving Kyoko-chan with the Fuwas and ruining her self-esteem.

Unless Mogami-san is just an overworked, loving mother who needed someone to watch her kid while she worked elsewhere to support them and the Fuwas were the cause of Kyoko-chan's self-esteem, in a parody of the Dursleys. If that's the case, then he'd have to present his concerns to Mogami-san before he felt comfortable leaving Japan.

In any case, he had to approach this … probably not too gently because then Harry wouldn't know when to come to the damn point and they would definitely think he was up to no good and keep him away from Kyoko-chan. But how to say it? Not having a plan of action definitely won't –

Harry's train of thought came to a halt as the office door reopened, an older man wearing a well-made yukata entering before Fuwa-san. Silently, Harry rose to his feet as he nodded at the pair in greeting, cursing internally as his mind desperately flailed about, trying to make a plan. Fortunately, Harry didn't have to say anything else as the man spoke; calm, confident and controlled.

"Potter-san, what are your intentions toward our ward?"

Harry froze momentarily in shock. That was not what he had been expecting.

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