"Our love was like the wind, you can't see it, but you can feel it"


Water sloshed around my feet, turning them numb with cold. The wind, whistling loudly around me as I looked forward towards the setting sun.

The colours spread around making the sky a light shade of magenta and saffron. The numbness in my feet helped to ease the pain inside me, giving me something else to focus on, as I stared out into the horizon.

"You know Edward," she used to say to me, "Someday you will find her. The one who was destined for you,"

She would then turn her head towards me, the wind lapping around her hair turning it into a wild frenzy while her lips would curl to a soft motherly smile,

"She would be like the sunset, full of life and colour, she would make you feel powerful and you would be able to overcome anything with her by your side, meeting her for the first time would be like taking a deep breath after holding on forever. Her laughter would be oxygen coursing through your veins, her eyes would sparkle, for you and only you.

"But you must remember my child, the sun doesn't wait for anyone, once you lose the chance you will have to wait and who knows it would be the colourful sun you once saw? Just promise me, son, that once you find her, you never let her go," she would then say taking my face with her palms, messing up my hair and laughing.

"Yes, mom," I would always reply.

Bullshit. It was all bullshit.

"Edward,….Ed-, I knew you would be here," said my brother Jasper bringing me out of my trance.

"C'mon man, it's time to let it go, y'know you can't stay here forever," he said tugging my arm towards the beach.

I followed him but I turned around once more, to look at the sun's tip peeking out from the horizon as I turned back and walked away from my painful, childhood memories.


The pages went flying by as I revelled in the warmth of my comfy chair, in the broken-down library.

My eyes went across the page as I drank in every word. This was my favourite place to be, where I could come and read from anything to everything I could find. All I would need is a cup of hot chocolate, and I was good to go for hours and hours.

Just as I was ready to turn the page my phone rang loudly, playing a fast whistling tune making me smile as I picked it up.

"What up Ali-Cat?" I said as I got up from the chair and picked up a book from the shelves.

"Bella! Bella, please help …me!" screamed Alice, I suddenly dropped the book in my hands and started talking fast into my phone. Panic flooded through me as I heard her frantic voice.

"Alice? Alice! What the hell's going on?" I screamed as I picked up my keys and bag, quickly running out and climbing into my truck.

What the hell was happening? Maybe she got attacked by a burglar, or maybe mum made one of her experimental dishes again, oh no anything but that, please anything but that.

I panicked as the truck wouldn't start, I was told many times by everyone to get a new one, but I couldn't part with the last memory of my grandfather.

"Please, please start, I'm begging you! If you won't, I will give into my dad's pleas and buy a new one and throw you in the dumpster." I muttered, banging my head against the steering wheel and turned the ignition on again. And, as if it somehow heard my threats, the ignition fired up, slowly roaring into life, I sighed in relief as I sped off towards my house.

One possible speeding ticket later, I reached my house and burst through the door only to find everything dark and dim.

"Hello, anyone there? Please mister burglar, please, let her go!... Alice?" I pleaded as I cautiously moved around.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I froze, sweat already building on my forehead as I readied myself to scream and knee him in the balls, turning around only for the lights to turn on and a very excited Alice standing in front of my family.

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!' was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

"Bella, oh my god, Bella," I felt spots of water being splashed on my face as I slowly opened my eyes taking in my surroundings. I was surprised to see a load of people bending over peering at me and Alice at the front with a worried but amused look on her face.

"What the hell Alice!" I shouted, "You scared the shit outta me, do you want me to die on my birthday with a heart attack?!" I yelled as I got up, steadied myself and crossed my arms glaring down at Alice.

"I am so sorry Bells. I just wanted to surprise you!" She said her eyes tearing up, and you can probably guess I melted into a puddle at that spot.

"Oh, Ali, I'm sorry, but I was so worried, don't you scare me like that ever again, hell you could say Jake died and I wouldn't be this upset" I smirked to myself, knowing that he was right behind me.

"HEY!" he chuckled as he lifted me and spun me around making me dizzy, Jake was my best friend since I could walk, our parents were best friends, so we practically grew up together, he was basically like the Tweedledum to my Tweedledee.

"Oh, Jake I've missed you!" I exclaimed as I hugged him back, my arms not quite touching at the back because of his enormous torso.

Jake is a professor at Stanford, yes you heard right, though he looks more like a wrestler he was so much more, during high school he used to be top of the class and simultaneously class clown, the teachers would always be amazed by his brain power, so even if he made a snarky remark he was still one of those students you wouldn't forget.

I was his partner in crime and like him, I was also a fairly intelligent person, but only second to Jake. We used to play pranks on the teachers all the time and always getting into trouble. Those were fun times.

Jake was currently visiting for my birthday, and he would be going back tomorrow.

"So Bells, what'cha you been up to? We've been waiting for an hour or so," said my dad, Charlie, as he walked in holding a huge cake.

Suddenly, mom, Renee burst through the door shouting "SURPRISE!" we all looked at one another and burst out laughing, she was a tad bit late.

"Mom, you're late," said Alice as she lit the candles, Alice was my baby sister, she's only a year younger and one of the craziest people you can ever meet. She had short black hair, bright blue eyes, and holds a strangely, great love for coffee.

"Bells came in, passed out and woke up just about now," said Jake as I threw him a glare.

"Oh, sugar! I knew it was too loud, anyway happy birthday honey, come and cut your cake!" My mum squealed clapping her hands. You could guess where Alice got that character trait from.

I quickly put my keys on the table and saw the cake that read out 'Happy birthday Bellsy Boo!' in curly handwriting with a huge number 24 candle sticking out of it.

"Bellsy Boo?" I asked Alice with a smirk "Erm, well I was in a rush and I accidentally told the cake lady that it was 'Bellsy Boo's Birthday'," she said with a shrug.

Shaking my head, I turned around, "Ah adulthood," I thought to myself as I blew the candles with a huge smile on my face as confetti and wishes were thrown and shouts broke out all around me.

My eyes welled up at the sight before me everyone was laughing and smiling as they ate heartily.

What more could a girl be missing from her life, am I right?

I was lost in my thoughts as I stared at our fireplace, the same one that me Alice and Jake used to sit on before and roast marshmallows while Renee told us spooky campfire stories.

The flames flickered in the darkness making my face glow, I revelled in the warmth and closed my eyes as I began to realize everything was changing, the flames made crackling sounds as the wood burnt up slowly but discreetly.

I was waiting for my mom to come to sit down, so I could unwrap all my presents, Alice was currently on the phone with her fiancée and total charmer Jasper. At first, he was interested in me but after meeting Alice, he fell in love with her personality instantly.

He really was a good man and there was nothing more which Alice could've asked for, especially with his cute southern drawl that could melt anyone's heart.

He couldn't make it to my birthday as he was picking up his older brother from the airport but he decided to go there and collect him instead as a surprise. I could clearly see that Alice misses him, but she prioritizes me before mostly everyone.

As I sat there, my dad came and sat down next to me and stared at me with a slight smile.

Ah. Dad.

He was a tough man with a soft heart, I had always been a Daddy's Girl. We both had the same personalities where we both enjoyed to keep to ourselves, reserved and quiet, complete opposites to mom and Alice. He was the best father that anyone could ask for.

"What are you thinking about Bells?" He questioned as he leaned back and gazed at me.

I took a deep breath and averted my eyes from the flames and looked at my dad. Everything's changing dad, isn't it?" I asked with tears in my eyes.

"Yes honey, it is, after Alice is gone, it's just going to be just me, you and mom," he said, "I still remember the both of you as toddlers." He sniffed blinking off the tears in his eyes.

"Ah, you big baby, stop crying, " laughed my mom as she sat next to me, with Alice joining us, on the floor at my feet.

"I always knew you guys would grow up; it was only a matter of time until both of you would be going your own ways," She sniffed as Alice cried silently staring at the fire.

"All we need now is Bella to find that someone special and then it's you and me, against the world Charlie," mom said, smiling slowly.

"Yeah, right mom just leave me be," I said.

I have had plenty of boyfriends thanks to my mom. She even tried to set me up with Jake, after that, I put a stop to it, way too much. She tries to set me up with every hot guy she sees and it's a bit tiring for me and dad, mostly for him cause he has pull out the old gun collection.

"Now listen to me young lady, you will find someone, and you will get married, I don't want some old cougar as my daughter," she laughed as I glared at her.

"Mooommmm," moaned Alice who finally broke from her reverie and groaned at mom and her dirty jokes.

"What?" Mom asked with an amused look, we all exchanged glance shaking our heads.

We all spent the rest of the night huddled up on the sofa watching Mamma Mia, a family favourite we sang along to all the songs and right now we were in the middle of dancing queen and my mom was busting some moves with a groaning Charlie.

This was the last time our family would be together as tomorrow we would all be leaving to a little palm island resort in Florida, one of the most expensive wedding venues in the world.

You see, my dad and Jasper's dad were thick as thieves since high school, the same goes for our moms, they were best friends since both pairs started dating, and as a result, we all had met frequently but us kids were always busy so it was the parents that did all the meeting, we met Jasper two or three years ago and then the rest is history.

Carlisle, Jasper's dad, and Charlie co-own a law firm, one of the best in the world, each of them managing their own branch in their different countries. My mom is a retired chef, who loves to keep the dining table occupied as long as possible.

All of us are going there, including family friends and cousins, staying at the resort for two weeks for the wedding planning and it will take place on the 14th of October, as you can imagine I am the maid of honour and Jaspers brother the best man.

Oh, it's going to be one helluva month.

I heard the pitter patter of raindrops against my window as I sat on the airplane, waiting to reach there as soon as possible. Alice was across as she bullied me into getting first class tickets (insert eye-roll here).

I always hated planes. Since I was about 3 years old, I've had air-sickness and no one and I mean not even doctors can cure me, like literally, I'm the worst case ever.

So, I take sleeping pills, which knock me out for a good few hours, watch a good movie and then knock myself out again. I never eat anything because food always makes me throw up, although the OJ on flights is really nice. I have a couple of glasses of that to stop me from dehydration.

"Psst," said Alice as she called me from nearby.

"What is it, Alice?" I murmured my voice still drowsy and croaky.

"Bells, we land in about an hour, please don't take another pill, you're gonna kill yourself if you carry on, remember last time when we practically had to carry you home? Poor Jake." She chuckled as I huffed in annoyance.

"Fine, I won't take any more", I said as I gulped down another glass of OJ, possibly my favourite drink in the world. I put the phone down and turned back only to fall asleep.

"Bells. Bella. BELLAAAA!" I heard someone scream in my ears, I startled awake to the annoying sound of my sister's voice.

"What do you want Alice!" I screamed only to attract the attention of many people around me, I blushed as I turned to Alice.

"We're getting off now, pop queen," she said as I glared at my nickname. Everyone calls me that because I sing in the shower. Loudly. Very Loudly.

I grimaced as I got up and stretched. The old lady next to me was trying to pull her giant carrier bag towards the exit and when I offered to help, I was met with a glare. Jeez, shouldn't she be in a care home or something?

"Honey are you alright? Do you need some water? How about some orange juice?" my mom asked fervently as we stepped out our eyes blinded by the sunlight and bodies heating up due to the intensity of heat.

"Mom honestly its fine, I had a glass of juice before we came out," I said as my legs started to sweat due to the fact that I was wearing shorts. I pulled on a sun hat that covered my eyes and walked to the taxi waiting for us.

We arrived at the resort shortly, it was a large mansion of sorts and the rooms were like nothing I've ever seen before. It was simple but gorgeous and I specifically loved mine and the view from my balcony out to the ocean.

Long wispy curtains were draped on the entrance, the wind making it ripple ever so gently, the whole room was a midnight theme, dark blue walls with cream coloured rugs and furniture. The bed was made of some dark wood and was very comfortable, besides it was a small table, possibly made from the same material, next to it a window.

The toilet was en-suite with the door made of thick glass painted beautifully so that no one could see inside. And only a wall apart was the walk-in closet, bare but beautifully set.

It'll only take a short amount of time for Alice to fill it up though.

I decided to take a shower to try and take away my cranky mood. I stepped into the scalding water burning my back, giving a soothing sensation to my aching muscles. I lathered strawberry shampoo into my hair as I softly hummed to an unknown tune that I heard on the radio two days ago.

After my shower, I wrapped myself in a bathrobe and walked out only to find a short jean skirt and a tank top on my bed along with a pretty headband and a note telling me that my family was in the lobby.

Smiling at Alice's gesture I slipped on my clothes drying my hair and slipping on the headband.

"How Jasper was going to deal with her, heaven knows." I chuckled as I checked myself out in the mirror.

Satisfied with myself as I tugged on some flip-flops and made my way out.


"But, don't you want my number Ed?" asked the air hostess as I zipped up my jeans after a quickie in the flight's small, but enjoyable bathroom.

"Nope, thanks for the help though," I said as I flashed her my infamous smile.

Just before leaving I popped my head back in "Oh, and its Edward, by the way," I smirked at her shocked expression before making my way back to Jasper.

"Soo….?" asked Jasper, with this weird smile on his face that was starting to slightly creep me out.

"So, what? She was a good fuck and it was a one airline-stand," I shrugged as I lazily picked up a magazine flicking through it.

"Edward, one day I swear, you're gonna have to stop fucking around like this," he chuckled.

"Yeah, the day I die...actually no, I heard that angels are quite the hotties, although their damn wings might be a tad bit of a problem" I muttered. He laughed loudly to that.

"I miss Alice."

Well, that was random. Everything about Jasper was random these days, random phone calls, late night sleeping, well it wasn't a question of who the reason behind it was. He was just whipped as fuck.

"We are going to meet her in a day. So, please do me a massive solid, and calm down, you sad, sad person," I groaned.

Ever since he went on that family trip about two years ago and met Alice he's been a total pussy, it was always Alice this, Alice that and THANK GOD, I'm never getting hitched.

Jasper has his mind fixed that mom's stupid predictions will come true and I will turn into the "perfect boyfriend". Yeah fucking right, Edward Cullen has to be reborn for that ever to happen, and honestly? My last bitch-of-a-girlfriend, Tanya, was a real pain in the ass. She was always asking to take our relationship a step further.

I ended it before she got fed up and proposed herself, now that would have been a predicament.

She was really hot though, so the relationship had its perks. So were her boobs. Ha. Get it? perks...perky? Oh, dear god, I really need to stop hanging out with Eric, but still. Damn, she didn't even have plastic surgery.

To be honest, I was pretty happy for Jasper. My brother was a complete sap when it came to Alice and she's quite the person alright, I'll give her that. How her crazy self, ended up with t Jasper? It's truly, beyond me. It really is.

Yet, somehow, they made it work and I guess that's all that really matters in the end.

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