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Hello FanFiction readers! I'd like to welcome you all to the very first fan fiction story I've ever written, let alone published. Actually I went back and forth about whether I should actually post it, however finally I decided there was really no reason for me not to. I had noticed a while back that there were no crossovers in this particular category while I was looking for a new story to read and that struck me as odd. Then, before I knew it, I was writing one myself!

Now, I don't think that there is any real need to have watched the Trollhunters tv show, as this story mostly focuses on Harry, however I am sure there will be spoilers for both Harry Potter up to Book 5 and Trollhunters so please keep that in mind. Also, this story shouldn't have anything too mature, besides the occasional curse word, and fighting. Nothing however should be much worse than what has appeared in Harry Potter and Trollhunters. Rating this story 'Teen' might be overkill honestly, compared to other stories that I have seen on this site. Also, please keep in mind that since this is a crossover, I have taken certain liberties with the characters and certain concepts in order to merge the two more flawlessly and to help develop plot. I hope that I have been able to keep the characters mostly in character, however over time, they may begin to develop in different ways than they did in their original stories.

As for the progress of this story, I already have book one completely plotted out and the first couple of chapters finished, so I should remain on time for updates which I expect will be around once or twice a week. I have no beta however, so please forgive any grammar errors I might overlook.

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Harry Potter and the Glory of Merlin

Chapter 1: And so it begins…

The hot afternoon sun glared down on Harry Potter as he sat in the dappled shade of the trees in a small park. It had been less than a month since he had returned to the Dursley's for summer break and it thus far had been almost unbearable. Every time he shut his eyes, and even sometimes while he was awake, his mind was tormented with the events that had transpired in the graveyard only a few weeks ago.

He had tried multiple times to reach out to Hermione and Ron, but they seemed determined not to talk to him. All he had received from them so far were short little responses that did nothing to tell him what was happening in the Wizarding World, nor did they do any good at taking his mind away from the dark topics it always tended to return to. Of course, Sirius would always readily respond to his letters, but he too seemed very cautious about how much information he revealed. Dumbledore it seemed, was determined to ignore Harry this summer. He had not even taken the time to respond to a single one of Harry's letters asking for information. Harry, however, was pretty sure that Dumbledore was having someone keep an eye on him, seeing as he had been getting the feeling all summer that he was being watched.

His relatives had actually been tolerable so far this summer, so he supposed that was a plus. Well, he amended, they had been tolerable in the fact that they seemed to be avoiding him, and did not seem to care what he did, so long as his list of chores were done on time every day and he did not attract any of the neighbors' attention. Since sleep brought nightmares, and chores were a way to take his mind off his depressed thoughts, the daily list of chores he received was something he almost found himself looking forward to.

It was sad really.

Harry knew he needed to snap out of his funk, and start being proactive. But how? Voldemort was back, his friends and allies in the Wizarding World wouldn't let him help or even keep him updated on what was going on, and finally, he was stuck with relatives that hated him. What could an almost 15 year old kid hope to do in his circumstances?

Beyond completing his summer homework, Harry had tried to review the material from previous school years. Honestly he had, but eventually he gave up. While Harry knew he was above average smart, he was not Hermione. He was much better at learning from doing rather than from reading books, its why he excelled at Defense against the Dark Arts as much as he did. After all, he did seem to get plenty of hands on practice in DADA, despite three out of four of the classes' professors being horrible. Unfortunately, since doing magic outside of Hogwarts was not allowed, he couldn't exactly work on the practical side of magic. He didn't dare attempt to brew potions outside of class either, lest he accidentally blew up his room. Something told him that that wouldn't exactly please his relatives.

Thus, Harry spent the majority of his afternoons/evenings in the neighborhood park, sitting amongst the trees, lost in his thoughts. He would often either pack a lunch, or buy a sandwich out so that he could skip having dinner with his relatives and not return to their home until dark. Sometimes Dudley's gang would come and taunt him, but he mostly ignored them and with a few thinly veiled threats, Dudley would typically get his peers to leave him alone. Both Dudley and his peers were far more keen on beating up the younger kids they happened upon in the play area of the park anyways. Easier targets, Harry supposed.


Harry blinked and looked around, as a soft breeze ruffled his hair. He could have sworn he had heard his name, however now he wasn't so sure. He was completely alone in this area of the park with only the birds above for company. Perhaps he was finally going crazy. That honestly wouldn't surprise him after all he had been through. Giving a small chuckle, Harry leaned his cheek against the coarse bark of the tree he was currently propped up against and closed his eyes.

'Harry… Potter…'

Harry's eyes sprung open and he quickly stood up. He reached for his wand before realizing he wasn't carrying it. Since coming home to his relatives, he had taken to only carrying it around about half of the time. It wasn't like he was really allowed to use magic outside of school anyways. Besides, he felt it was safer stashed below the broken floorboard in his room. It was where he kept all his most precious belongings. That way none of his relatives could find them and steal them from him. Now he realized just how dangerous it could be for him to wander around without the wand for protection. Cursing his stupidity, Harry cautiously walked in the direction the voice seemed to be coming from.

"Hello?" he called in a hushed tone as he crept forward, "If this is some sort of a joke, Dudley…" he trailed off as he stepped out of the trees and noticed a pile of rocks. It was partly shaded by the trees from the late afternoon sun and seemed entirely out of place amongst the fields that lay beyond for football practice. Even more out of place was the unnatural blue glow that seemed to permeate from the center of the rock pile. He stepped forward until his feet were inches from the rocks and peered into the pile.

'Harry. Potter.'

With a yelp, Harry fell back onto his butt. Taking a moment to compose himself, Harry moved forward and began to shift the rocks to uncover what seemed to be both calling for him and emitting the strange blue light. With a final heavy rock shifted away, Harry saw it. A pristine glowing circular object, which was about the size of his palm sat innocently before him. Carefully, Harry reached forward and picked it up, turning it over in his hands.

It was an odd artifact, that was for sure. The center of the relic was defiantly where the blue glow had been coming from, as it seemed to glow with something otherworldly and almost alive. In front of the blue glare was a metal dial of some sort that was designed in a style he did not recognize. Further, on the forefront of the dial, was a picture of some sort of creature, however it was not something he could recall ever hearing about from his time in the wizarding world. Perhaps the most eye catching were the glowing runes that were etched around the edge of the dial. Not for the first time, Harry cursed his decision to take Divination instead of a more useful class like Ancient Runes.

"What are you?" Harry muttered to himself, as his eyebrows knitted together in focus.

"Who are you talking to, freak?"

Dudley's voice behind him caused Harry to spin around, quickly standing up and shoving his find into his back pocket. Luckily, neither Dudley nor his rat-faced friend Piers, who stood by his side seemed to notice what he had done.

"What does it matter to you Dudley?" Harry countered, a touch of indignation seeping into his tone. While he was loath to admit it, Harry was enjoying being able to channel his frustration at the other boys. Besides, he knew Dudley was too afraid of what he could do to actually dare lay a hand on him.

"Hey! Watch your mouth!" Piers chimed in, taking a step forward, "Big D asked you a question! So you'd best answer it!"

"Why should I answer anything that pig asks? And 'Big D'? Really?" Harry snapped back, His eyes flicked from Piers to Dudley, and he noticeably reached into his pocket, pretending to grab his wand. Dudley's face paled, and Harry smirked inwardly. Too easy.

"Y-you aren't allowed to use that thing here!"

"What thing?" Piers asked, glancing over at Dudley.

"Yeah," Harry chimed in, "What thing, Dudley?"

"Never mind." Dudley huffed. "Come on. The freak is not worth our time. I mean just look at him. I could blow on him and he would fall over. Hardly a fun fight." With that, Dudley turned and started heading over towards the play area of the park, not even granting Harry a final glare. Piers looked between Dudley and Harry before finally stalking after his leader with the other boys following closely behind.

Harry watched them go with a long stare, before finally dropping his gaze to the ground. Dudley had certainly gotten the last word of that argument, but with a sense of triumph Harry felt relatively certain that it was more of a tactical retreat than anything else. That meant that he won right? "And I'm not that skinny!" Harry huffed to himself.

Oh, who was he kidding. Harry knew he was far below average for his age, and while he had defiantly built up endurance and reflexes from all the 'Harry Hunting' of his youth, and some muscle tone from both playing quidditch and the recent tournament, he was far from being in the best shape. It wasn't like it was his fault though! Most of his issues lay with the malnourishment that he had suffered as a child. Nowadays, even though his relatives still only gave him the bare minimum, he was able to buy any extra food he needed. After second year, he always made sure to convert some extra galleons to pounds when he went every year to buy his books. That way he would have a little spending money for the following summer. He was pretty sure that it was his most brilliant idea to date. Granted he hadn't actually bought much extra food this summer, as his moody state tended to keep the hunger at bay.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to get into better shape. Harry thought to himself. After all, it was something he could do that he couldn't get into trouble for. Granted, wizards didn't seem to have any interest in exercising and he wasn't sure it would actually help in a wizarding style duel, but it couldn't hurt right? Besides, if anyone asked, he could always claim he was just gearing up for the quidditch season. That would save him the embarrassment of explaining that he was exercising simply because he was so desperate for some thing to do.

Decision made, Harry nodded to himself before he sat down and attempted to do a push-up.

"This is going to be harder than I thought." He groaned from where he now lay on the grassy earth.


Unbeknownst to Harry, six glowing eyes had been watching him all afternoon from where they were mostly obscured in the shadows of the denser part of the trees.

"Another human has answered the call. How interesting…"


When Harry returned to Number 4 Private Dr. the sun had almost completely disappeared from the horizon. He stepped inside and immediately headed up the stairs to his room. In the downstairs area, he could hear both Dudley and his Uncle carrying on about something or other on the telly and the sounds of Aunt Petunia in the kitchen.

He quietly shut the door to his room— not that it mattered with how much noice his family was making downstairs— and fell heavily onto his bed with a groan. Perhaps he had not thought through his whole 'getting into shape' idea. He was covered in sweat and every muscle in his body ached.

After allowing himself to lie still for a few moments, Harry hoisted himself up with another groan and after closing the drapes, proceeded to change out of his sweaty clothes. As he let his pants fall to the ground, a dull thump sounded in his room that made him freeze.

The amulet!

He was honestly surprised that he had forgotten about it, however he supposed he was simply distracted this afternoon. He wasn't honestly upset at that notion. Any distraction that allowed him to think about something other than watching the death of his fellow classmate and the war he knew had to be looming over the Wizarding World was welcome to him. As he finished changing, Harry fished the object out of his pant's pocket before tossing the dirty clothes in the laundry hamper.

It really was an odd little trinket. He set it on his desk and spun it around with one finger. Watching as the blue light produced shadows across the walls of his somewhat dark room.

He picked it up again and studied the tiny ruins that were written around the circumference. The amulet seemed to hum in his hand as suddenly, the ruins flashed bright white and suddenly he could read them as clear as day. Harry furrowed his brows in confusion as he slowly turned it and read the now English words aloud.

"For the…glory of…Merlin…Daylight is mine to command…"

Before he could even blink, the amulet floated up to his eye level and blue light flooded from it and encircled him. He could feel his feet being lifted off the ground, and suddenly, he felt something large and heavy begin to materialize on him. His feet once again touched the ground as the odd metal that seemed to have appeared from the light suddenly pulsed with life again and shrunk down, encasing his body perfectly.

Harry glanced down at his chest and hands as he attempted to take in what had just happened. His whole body, barring his head seemed to now be covered in a shimmery silver suit of armor. He could clearly see the amulet, still glowing blue on the left side of his chest, looking like it was simply another part of this weird armor. The material the armor was made up of seemed to move like water on his body as he took a few cautious steps around his room, however, when he knocked on his stomach, he could hear the distinct clink of metal. The armor too seemed to contain a beautiful etched design making it look far too pretty to be used in actual battle. He could see the blue glow from the amulet itself light up in the markings as well, making the armor look far more mystical and alive than any armor he had ever seen, including the suits of armor at Hogwarts.

Letting his hands fall to his side, Harry had only a seconds warning before another pulse of blue light emerged around his right hand, and suddenly, he held a beautiful sword that glistened with the blue energy. Like the armor, the sword too seemed to shrink to a custom fit for Harry, and while Harry was certainly no sword expert— he had never even used one, unless you counted the short episode in the Chamber of Secrets— he was pretty sure that the sword was balanced perfectly. Looking at it, Harry estimated that the sword's blade was no longer than about twenty five centimeters in length, however the blade was also far wider than the sword of Gryffindor had been. Somehow, Harry found he liked this particular design better. It reminded him of some of the medieval European swords that he had seen in Dudley's video games.

Finally regaining his ability to speak, the only word that Harry could manage to utter was a breathy, "Wicked".

Now how do I get this off?






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