This was written shortly after Carls death was announced, Carl and Enid's relationship had a lot of potential that will be lost. Carl's death was unnecessary and frankly may have ever lasting effects on the show.

It had been 1 month since the saviours attacked Alexandria, one month since Morgan had died from a walker bite as he and Carl distracted the saviours allowing everyone else to evacuate. It had been one month since Carl had been wounded and dearly died from shrapnel wounds during the siege of Alexandria.

In the past month the war with the Saviours was at a stalemate. It had been one month since everyone had moved to Hilltop.

These thoughts swirled in Carl's mind as he walked down the stairs into the kitchen, a smile spread across his faced and he picked up a sound that he loved greatly, the sound of Enid humming a song.

Upon entering the kitchen he found Enid, wearing a t-shirt that was too big and sweat pants humming to Judith as she fixed the toddler some breakfast. As she looked up and noticed Carl standing there smiling she gave give a smile back as she set bread and fruit on a plate for Judith.

"What are you smiling at?" Enid ask giving Carl a playful smile as she put more bread in the toaster for her and Carl.

Carl moved over to stand next to Enid and placed a hand on her bare shoulder and smiled at her.

"Something Beautiful," he answered with a smirk as she rolled her eyes.

Ever since he nearly died a few weeks ago Carl and Enids relationship had changed. They became more affectionate with each other often holding hands and exchanging kisses in brief moments of peace. They however kept a certain level of restraint when doing their chores.

"I agree this bread looks pretty good doesn't it?" Enid teased as she buttered the toast.

"So does the Butter," Carl replied before he snagged a piece of toast and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Hey I was going to but jam on that." Enid squealed as she tried to playfully hit Carl which he dogged.

"Whasyouwitjud," Carl asked his mouth full of food. Judith giggled at her brother as Enid shook her head trying not to laugh.

"What's that? I don't speak bread," Enid teased.

"Sorry, I asked why you are with Judith?" Carl asked after he swallowed.

"Everyone else is either occupied with supply runs or are guard duty so I volunteered, I thought it might be fun," Enid said as she cleared hers and Judith's plates into the sink.

"Plus if we're all living together I'll probably be looking after her more." Enid said biting her lip as she smiled at Carl.

"Wait what? You're moving in with us?" Carl asked excitedly

When Enid smiled and nodded Carl moved to wrap her in a hug. When Enid hugged back he winced in pain.

"Still a little sore," he said motioning to his side where his wound has slowly healing.

"Sorry," Enid said as she let go of Carl.

"It's okay," Carl said smiling as he lifted his sister out of her chair and set her down and she totalled into the den to play with what few toys had survived the siege.

"You know on one of the last runs Michonne found a few pairs of roller skates, one of the pairs should fit Judy, why don't we take her roller-skating," Carl suggested as they walked into the den, taking a seat on the couch.

"You want to take your 3 year old sister roller-skating?" Enid said with a questionable look.

"Why not between the two of us she'd be safe," Carl said.


An hour later Carl and Enid took turn's holding Judith's hands and skating with her up and down the road near the house. The laughter between the 3 of them turned the day into one filled with happiness.


Later that night Carl laid in his bed reading comics books. He and Enid had cooked a very large dinner for everyone and afterwards they sat in the den with Carol, Maggie, Daryl, Rick, Michonne and Rosita, telling stories and savoring the calm and peaceful evening. Judith had fallen asleep very quickly no doubt exhausted from the events that took place during the day.

Carl turned the page of his comic book when he heard the door open softly. Looking up he noticed Enid standing in the doorway dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

"What's up?" Carl asked as he placed his comic book on the night table.

"I was... just wondering if I could sleep in here tonight?" Enid asked shyly before adding. "I don't want to be alone right now."

"Yeah, come here," Carl moving over to make room for her in his bed.

Enid climbed into the bed and laid beside Carl sighing as she snuggled into him.

They laid there in silence for a few seconds before Enid spoke.

"I love you Carl," Enid said as she turned to face him.

Carl smiled at her "How do you know?"

"I feel happy being around you, I like being close to you, spending times with you and kissing you gives me this really good feeling." Enid answered looking at Carl intently.

"You know that's kind of exactly what I feel for you." Carl said.

"I guess this means we are in love," Enid said smiling at Carl as she ran her hand through his hair.

"I guess you're right," Carl said before adding "I love you Enid." They leaned forward and their lips met in a short and sweet kiss.

"You know this means you can't almost die on me again." Enid said as she laid her head on Carl's chest.

"I guess you'll have to protect me then and ill protect you, and together we'll just survive somehow." Carl said with a smile as he kissed Enid one more time. Enid smiled before sighing with happiness and drifting off to sleep with Carl's arm around her and her head on his chest. Carl smiled at her and placed a light kiss on her forehead before drifting off to sleep.