Slow Southern Style – Chapter 8

Adam just looks at Sonny, and says to them all, what the hell were you all smoking before you hopped on your plane on the way here. There is no way in hell that I would put up with any of the garbage that was dumped on Will before his attack.

Even if I am Will, the likeness is only physical, there is not an iota of a chance that I will put up with people thinking that they can treat that way again, or that I am giving up my life just to turn back into the town punching bag that they had made Will into. LikeI said, the only similarity between myself and Will is our physical appearance.

Having had a chance to read through all the information from Salem, I can't see how I would ever want to live there, especially with so many judgmental and hypocritical people, daring to judge Will's life choices, even if he had been responsible for what had happened, which now we all know that he wasn't thanks to that monstrous chip in his head, there is no way I will allow that to happen again.

I have to say that with having read all about their own actions, and how they acted so self righteous when they had done so much worse in their own pasts, no, not going to happen, there are people there that should be afraid of ever pointing fingers at anyone; their own actions and behavior are laughable, they definitely don't have the right to treat anyone badly, or try to tell them how to live their lives like they are so much better than anyone else.

If I am Will, and I go back for a visit, and to see my daughter, there will be some unhappy people when I don't behave the way they will expect me to, and to be perfectly honest, I don't give a damn about how they will feel about the new me, if you will.

The only part of the old Will that might still be around is his body, I do not behave and will not act like he did, no matter how much people might expect me to do so. The day I woke up from my coma, it was like I was reborn, and I have started a new life, and I am quite happy with how I am right now.

I think my coworkers and friends would agree with that, and they will be in my corner, and they won't let anyone try to control me, and treat me badly, will you guys? The other detectives and officers look at the people from Salem, and say absolutely not, Binington says, if they come for you, they will have to go through us first, we take care of our own, and you are our family.

Adam speaks up and asks them, "Except for his daughter, and his mother, who exactly missed Will after he had apparently been murdered? From all of the information that I was able to find last night, it seems like the thought of Will and any sad feelings over his loss disappeared from everyone's hearts and minds right after the burial.

Also, oh boys, and Adam looks at Sonny and Paul when he says this, really classy making plans to get together on top of Will's newly buried grave, it showed such taste, and just how much Will was missed and loved by his bereaved husband. Not."

Sonny sputters and tries to explain that it wasn't how it seemed, but no one from the Memphis crowd is buying into anything he is saying, and he realizes that he has a fight on his hands if he wants Will back, and that it may not be easy, because this version of Will is not easily persuaded, and it seems like that there is already someone very interested in being with Will, and that Will or Adam actually likes this person, and he doesn't really seem to like Sonny all that much, and he will have an uphill climb to get Will back.

Why the hell would anyone expect that Will would want to go back there to live when obviously no one really gave a damn, except his mother and little girl, everyone else was just happy to go on with their lives and forgot that Will had ever even existed at all.

The Salem group just look at Adam/Will, and they cannot believe that he has spoken to them like that, Will would never have done that, this guy is completely different from Will, he won't let himself be controlled and told how to behave like Will used to let people do to him.

Sami is so happy to see this new and self assured side of Will that they had never seen before, and she thinks to herself, if only Will had been able to stand up to people like this before, perhaps things might have been different. She doesn't care if Adam/Will stands up for himself, she is glad that he won't let anybody treat him badly anymore.

She decides that if he is Wil, and doesn't want to come back to Salem, that she will arrange for him to reunite with Ari either in Memphis, or somewhere else that he is comfortable, she won't force him to go back to Salem for anything.

She also loves the fact that if Sonny wants to be with Will again, that for a change, he will have to work for it because she is positive that the last tech who came in to speak to Adam was definitely flirting with him, and is so interested in him; plus hey, they share common interests through their work, that is good to start with and they seem to be friends, and he is very good looking as well, so go Will.

Lucas looks at the young man who may be his son, and even though he doesn't like what he just said, he has to admit that Adam or Will, hit exactly on the truth, why should they just automatically expect that he should drop his whole new and happy life, and go back to Salem where he was treated horribly, and just fall right back into their lives like nothing happened.

How can they expect him to just act like none of the past two years have happened, and how they all just stopped thinking about Will, and forgot him as soon as the casket went into the ground. He thinks to himself, I sided with Adrienne and Sonny, and not with my son.

How could I have ever been with a woman who was and most likely will still be so cruel to my son, and she treated him so badly for supposedly doing the same thing as we were doing at the same time. She had no problem with having an affair with me while she was still married to Justin, but she basically tortured Will over the fact that he had apparently cheated on her precious Sonny, and her and Justin were pushing Sonny at Paul, because he was just so much better for their son than his own husband.

How can I ever expect him to forgive me for my behavior, and to be honest, I think it might be better if he and Sonny don't get back together, or if they do, at least make Sonny work for it, because that last tech, the younger one, Barry, I think, well, he is definitely interested in Will, it was easy to see, and Will seems to really like him, and they seem to get along with each other great, so that could be good for Will, finding someone brand new and not involved in all the stuff in the past.