Fear leads to anger...

A roar sounded in the distance on top of a massive white building in the middle of a desert.

Anger leads to hate...

Far away on a distant world a tear appears.

Hate leads to suffering...

A white humanoid figure stumbles out.

Path to the dark side, fear is...

A surge of the dark side fills the stars as it stands on the barren world, far from its original position.

Consume you it will...

A hole let light from the red star though its chest as as it stood its ground against the harsh winds.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion

Several figures appear to study the newcomer on their world. Assessing its strength in the dark side.

Though passion, strength

But they made a mistake.

Though strength, power

It was hungry.

Though power, Victory

It fell on them, tearing apart their connection to the force. Growing in strength as it fed on the fallen lords of valley.

Though victory my chains are broken

It roared in its new found power, echoing throughout the force of its rage and hunger

The force shall free me

The Jedi and Sith heard its cry and began to make plans as they felt its power. They all knew that something had come into the galaxy.

They were right.

A hollow had come to the galaxy... And had come to feed