Chapter four

There have been some questions about when this takes place. Currently this takes place decades before the battle of Naboo. How far? Well you'll know if i choose to make more of this.

Veela shivered even as the fire flickered. Her mind echoed with the feeling of an endless hunger, to fight, to devour, to kill, kill, kill KILL!

"Are you OK honey?" Esta asked as she looked at her. She was silent about the wound as she had never seen a bite act like the one her daughter had. It was too clean without any of the normal signs of an attack other than the bite marks based on what her limited medical scanner stated. Yet Veela was getting colder by the minute and her pulse was alternating between too fast and too slow.

Veela shook her head as her hunger worsened. "Im so hungry..."

"I can get you something to eat..."

"NO! You don't understand!" Veela yelled as she fought off the urge to kill her adopted mother. Without warning the Twi'lek raced away towards the outside

"VEELA!" Esta cried out before contractions began. "Oh not, not here please not now!"


She could feel it... the hunger... the endless hunger... It was maddening in it's simplicity. Veela stumbled along as the dust storm swirled around her. Coughing she fell to her knees in front of a cave. Gathering her strength she slowly entered the cavern from the storm. A sharp pain from her chest sent her crashing down as she screamed in her misery.

"Who dares disturb my tomb?"

Veela ignored the voice as her cough got worse as she felt like her heart was being torn out of her chest.

"You are not welcome here girl!"

Veela's eyes narrowed as a sith lord spectator appeared. Normally she would be afraid but yet from the pain and the hunger she didn't care.

"You will suffer for-"

The sith stopped talking as Veela screamed as a hole appeared in her chest and white fluid poured out of from everywhere from her body. The sith watched with fascination ignoring the warnings from the force. As the screaming took on a double tone the sith saw where once was a Tei'lek there was now a creature that looked like a carnivorous wolf with horns and a jagged mask.


That was all he said and the newly formed hollow leaped forward and devoured the spirit. As soon as it finished its meal it howled its birth throughout the force.

Yoda did his best to calm the crying infants with the force as yet another roar came echoing. He had sent Windu to the holocron vault to look for an old holocron as the old Jedi master had an idea what the force was telling him.

'Darth Nihilus,' The old Jedi thought as he focused on his task. Yoda had done a report on the Dark lord of the sith just before his trials some seven hundred odd years ago. It was most of a report on how the Sith nearly wiped out the Jedi and the rise of the predecessor of the current order.

"Master Yoda?" The green Jedi turned to see ldy walking towards him. A female cyborg Kitonaks who had survived a planetary bombing from pirates on her first mission with her master, Idy was one who gave up using her skills for fighting to instead focus on the children of the force. "This feeling, I've never felt so uneasy."

"Uneasy... Yes, of us all. Include myself in this I do. "Dark no, but of pain, suffering lost... hunger it is."

"A new dark sider?"

"No. Something old this is. That should not be this is."

Idy was quite for a momnet before shaking her head. "Oh yes, Master Dooku and Jin are about to arrive. You wanted to know yes?"

"Many thanks knight Idy."


Windu muttered curses under his breath as he avoided another rigged shelf. Apparently some of the younglings thought it was a good idea to place their trice cursed training bots in place of the holocrons. As he traveled along the older section of the libary Windu wondered when the last time anyone work in this section as the normal librarian staff were at a conference on Alderaan to work out some deals with some scrolls a treasure hunter found that contained information of the history of the natives of the planet and the Jedi of old.

There was also a holobook sell going on on the planet and the chief librarian wanted to add to the collection of several hard to find tomes.

"This is something I should of tasked to a younger knight instead of exploring." He uttered as he checked the section he was in. closing his eyes he used the force to get a bearing on his location. A tremble in two different direction gave the Jedi pause. To the south was what he was looking for but to the west there was something else... a sense of importance.

The holocron could wait. The force said the western path was more important then the western selves he would go. Taking out his lightsaber he activated his blade as he got closer and danger tingled at the edges of his senses.

"AAAAAH! MAster Windu!"

Coming to a full stop the Jedi master barely avoided striking the padwan learner with his blade. "I am sorry James but-"

A blast ripped though the wall sending them both to the ground. Quickly getting up both blocked the attack from several assassin drones and mercenaries.

"How did they get past the defense system?" James called out as he ducked behind a large rubble pile.

"That wall leads to the sewer system!" Windu called out as he deflected a bolt at a merc, killing her. "We're in a section that is so old that the tunnels used by maintenance were sealed up years ago!"

"Tell that to them! AAAAW!"


The sith cursed as the being in front of him once more got past his guard. His droid was gone, destroyed by an attack of concentrated force power unlike anything ever seen before. The sith avoid the chasm to the best of his abilities and cursed the creature that demolished his ship. Blasting at it with force lighting he cursed his master as his rage increased. His master sent him here to die and the Dark lord of the sith knew why. He was going to be replaced by a stronger apprentice after his failures and instead of having the new one kill him he would die from the mission or be too weak to defend himself in an ambush.

"Why would you DIE!" He roared as his saber cut off a limb with glee. He was not expecting the screech from the creature or the massive mouth to appear. Twisting his body the insectoid dodged the fist attack but was blindsided by a growth that appeared from it. "GAAAH!"

"I will protect..."

The sith blinked his eyes as the being spoke in a double rasping voice. Using the foce he summoned the blaster that his droid had before it was destroyed as his lightsaber was missing. Growling his fired several rounds at the white being, grinning with battle glee as the thing screamed in pain.

Until it ripped off his arm and beheaded him.

The hollow nodded it's head in glee as the body collapsed but jumped back as a vortex of dark energy appeared. The sith refused to die and his soul chain exploded everywhere to tie him to his body and to the planet but before the sith could get a bearing of his new state of being a clawed hand pulled his towards the hollow with the souls own chain.

Growling the hollow gripped the new soul in its claws and was about to feast when roar came from the distance. Tilting its head it dragged the soul which was now one with the force and could feel the hunger leaking from the being that held it.


"So hungry... Need food..." The newly formed hollow hissed out as she moved across the plain. There was a delicious smell and she wanted to find it even as her instincts said there was something stronger than her. He didn't know who she was or where she was. All she knew was that she was a hollow and that she was hungry. She wanted so dearly to eat and be filled.

"Your weak." She stopped as a strong being came before her. An Adjuchas, yes, that was what the being in front of her was ranked as, a near evolution to the next rank. She did not understand why she knew that bit she knew she was a newly formed Adjuchas, no match for the one that was not holding her by the next. "Can you speak?"

"Yes sir." She grunted out as he released her. Eyeing the soul she could feel the power oozing from it. "That looks good..."

"Then eat. You need strength." He did not know why he gave her his food for later but he was a protector, at least he thought that's what he wanted from the jumble of memories he had. He needed to protect a... female? "You have a name?"

"No... I had one I think..."

He thinks for a moment. "Achak. Achak is your name."

The newly named Achak gives an eye smile though her mask. "Achak, I like it."

"Then well met Achak. I am-"

And that's chapter four.