A/N: Returning back to my roots for a limited time only. Enjoy!


It's been a couple years since Flaky had been back to Happy Tree Town. After applying for college when she 19 to a culinary arts school, she hadn't exactly went back. Sure, she had kept in contact with her friends back home. Petunia had also applied for the same type of college as Flaky, but ended up getting accepted into a more expensive school. Though a tad bit jealous, Flaky was happy for her friend.

Giggles was doing fine as well, working at the local flower shop in Happy Tree Town and having a stable and wonderful relationship with Cuddles. Lammy was happy as well, even though Flaky tried to keep conversation with the girl to a minimal. Lammy had this… "friend" that was a pickle and well… the "pickle" was always out to murder someone. Yes, Flaky and the other girls suggested therapy multiple times, but she never went. Still, Lammy was a nice person without that little companion of hers. Maybe she could look over the murders she had seen and even been a part of.

Now, tomorrow was a special day. Flaky's 21st birthday, to be precise. Both Petunia and Giggles had sent her multiple text messages, telling her to pack her things, take a week off of school and return home. Neither girl could keep a secret and ended up telling her they were planning to throw a party. Petunia was, of course, going to bake her the best cake she had ever seen. Giggles was getting the decorations and planning the music. Something calming, she had promised. In all honesty, Flaky was excited to return to Happy Tree Town. She wanted to see her old friends, especially.

The one thing that was kept a secret, though, was the guest list. Of course, Petunia and Giggles would be there, along with their boyfriends, Cuddles and Handy. Other than that, Flaky didn't know who would be there. She hoped for everyone, but then again, did she really wanted everyone to attend her party? There were a couple people she didn't always settle well with. Take Lammy for explain. She was a nice girl, excluding moments with that pickle she had. But, she trusted her friends! They wouldn't let her down, would they? No. No, of course not. She was going to get her work she would miss for the next week, go back to Happy Tree Town and have a great time with her friends.