A/N: I have been re-watching All Saints, and felt the need to add this final touch to the end of Dan and Ricky's story. I warn you it is NOT a fairy tale ending.

Obviously, these delightful characters do NOT belong to me. But I wish they did…

The last thought that ran through Erica's mind was NOT the man who had his arm around her throat, drawing the last breath from her lungs. It was NOT the aching thighs and bruised body he had left when he raped her. It was NOT the stupid decision she made to pull up on the side of the road to a man laying flat on the gravel, just short of the edge of the curb, leading to the bush. It was NOT the second man who had been hiding in the car, catching her off guard as the two men dragged her kicking and screaming, her voice loud and piercing, futile. There had been no cars for miles, no one to hear her pleas for help. It was NOT the shattered dream of spending forever with the man she loved, bearing his children and growing old together. It was NOT the look on her mother's face when they would be delivered the news of her fate.

Her last thought, was a happy one – a happy selection of images. A first kiss in a heated argument. The first time he had uttered the words 'I love you'. The joy of walking down the isle and speaking words of promise. The last hurried kiss, his face radiating with love and a tinge of disappointment that she would not be in his arms for six whole weeks.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Words she had assured him were true. Only problem was, she hadn't meant forever.

"I love you, Dan…" she whispered, the words echoing in the deep recesses of her mind.

He would be okay, she was sure of that. Dan Goldman was a man of strength and character. He had the biggest heart of any man she knew. She would carry him through the darkest of his days and let her love be his guide, wherever he went.

THAT was her last thought before the two strange men – for no reason at all – dragged her into the bush and changed the lives of those who loved her.

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