It was warm starry night in Shanivar, tropical island resort almost untouched. The entire population of Shanivar was evacuated. That was because tonight was the night of the Thirteenth Juuni Taisen.

"So nobody's here, except me and other eleven warriors."

A man was walking around the island's city.

He was bald, fair built, and had pink eyes with black scalera. He wore a black zipped up vest with gray collar, gray pants with black kneepads, and black military boots. Attached to his black leather belt was chain-like whip, shaped like a rat tail. This man was the warrior of the rat, Nezumi.

He was told to head to the Palmers Hotel. The other warriors were also going to be there.

(Rat, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

'This my time to shine,' Rat thought to himself, 'I could never let the others take his moment away from me.'

(2 years ago)

It was snowy winter day. Nezumi, also known as Higa Mitsuhiro was on a mission with assigned partner Haruto. Their mission was to assassinate a drug lord.

"Haruto, I'll go for the boss, you take care of those guys," Higa said.

He points to three guards with pistols in their hands.

"Got it," Haruto said as he readys his knife.

"Ready... GO!" Higa yelled.

Haruto ran towards the guards as they began shooting at him. It was too late for them as they were each slashed in the throat by Haruto's knife.

Higa ran down the hall to the room where the boss was hiding. It wasn't long until he found the boss and later slashed him with his metal whip.

"Hey, Higa," Haruto said as he just found him, "So this was the guy."

"Yep, let chief know the job is done," Higa said.

While Haruto contacted headquarters, Higa couldn't help but look at him in disgust. Although Haruto was a good guy, he had something Higa wanted and no one else could have. Haruto was the original chosen participant in the Juuni Taisen as the "Rat".

"Alright, it's done," Haruto said.

"So Haru, you're going to be in the next Juuni Taisen," Higa said, "Just two more years away."

"That's right," Haruto answered, "I'm actually kinda nervous."

"How so?" Higa asked.

"Well, if I lose, I'm basically dead," Haruto answered.

"And you still accepted the offer?" Higa asked.

"It's an honor to be in the Juuni Taisen," Haruto answered.

"I bet it is," Higa said, "You know, you don't have to fight them."

"Why's that?" Haruto asked.

"Because you won't be in the Juuni Taisen," Higa answered.



Higa took his whip and beheaded Haruto with it.

"Nothing personal, but this chance is mine," Higa said.

(Present day)

Higa, now Rat, stepped inside of a luxurious hotel lobby. The architecture was beautiful, the furniture looked comfortable, it's definitely a five star.

'So everyone meets here.' Rat thought.

There was nobody there except him, he was the first one to make.

"You know what they say, the rat always comes first," He said to himself.

Suddenly, a large man came through the front door. He was really muscle bound with purple eyes. Most of his face was covered by a black mask with ox horns. He wore a blue one-shoulder wrestling singlet and cyan sneakers.

"Oushii: Warrior of the ox, Killing with muscle," He said.

"Nezumi: Warrior of the rat, Killing honorably," Rat said back.

'He seems to be a close combat fighter, he won't last long.' Rat thought.

Then, another male entered the hotel. His hair was spiky with white and black tiger-like stripes, which was pulled into a pony tail resembling a tiger tail. He had razor-sharp teeth, yellow eyes and he is skinny. He wore white short sleeve shirt with black sleeves, and black shorts. He was walking barefoot.

"Kagetora: Warrior of the tiger, Killing in the shadows," He said.

'Shadows huh? So he's a stealth type.' Rat thought.

The next warrior entered. It was a skinny woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She wore a purple dress and purple heels. She also had a parasol with little rabbits on it. She looked very unmot

"Murasagi: Warrior of the rabbit, Killing lazily," She said.

'Lazily? The hell does that mean?' Rat thought.

Behind her was another man. He had brown hair slicked to the side, complemented by a short well-kept beard and a thin moustache. He also had orange eyes. He wore a red jumpsuit with the sleeves tied around his waist, a black skintight shirt that shows his stomach, black boots, and wore long braces in his arms.

"Kagariyuu: Warrior of the dragon, Killing beautifully," He said.

"Kakehebi: Warrior of the snake, Killing strategically," a man as he just entered the lobby.

He was skinny with short silver hair, heterochromia eyes; left eye is green, while right eye is blue. He wore a neon green yukata with a gray snake design, yellow obi tied around his waist, brown wooden geta, and yellow rectangular glasses. He also carried two sheathed katanas just ready to be drawn.

'Hope I get to see him use those.' Rat thought.

Later, a man came in. He was skinny. He had short brown hair with two ahoges resembling horse ears and teal eyes. He wore a white lab coat, white button up shirt, silver waistcoat, black pants, and brown shoes. He also carried a bag of medical supplies.

"Greetings, I am Ishauma: Warrior of the horse, Killing no one," He said with a smile on his face.

'A pacifist in a death match, he's good as dead.' Rat thought.

"Excuse me," A woman said.

She looked concerned about where she was. She wore a teal hooded long-sleeved dress with shorts underneath, a belt with the Chinese symbol for sheep as well as her necklace, and knee-high boots. Her eyes were purplish blue and her shoulder length hair was brown. Oddly, she had gold and silver markings all over her face.

'Some battle scars tho.' Rat thought.

"I'm Kintsuji: Warrior of the sheep, Killing with care," She said.

'Sounds like another damn pacifist.' Rat thought, 'The hell is this?'


A young lady suddenly came out of the hotel elevator. She had gray eyes and dirty blond hair that is kept down by a gold headband, which spikes out all around in the back where it is pulled back. She wore a brown business suit, yellow bandana around her neck, and red shoes. She carried a red bo-staff in her arms.

"Oh, I'm sorry," She said, "I'm Henkansaru: Warrior of the monkey, Killing instinctively."

Another man came through the front door. He had orange eyes and his hairstyle was a variant of the deathhawk; the hair on sides of his head were black and short, while the strip of hair down the center wa lengthy and dyed yellow. He wore a orange jumpsuit, with pockets on his hips. He had prosthetic legs that have talon like claws on them.

"I'm Togatta: Warrior of the rooster, Killing with talons," He said, hinting his legs


The other elevator opened revealing something no one would believe their eyes. This thing was an anthropomorphic wolf. It's fur had a gray tone on it's back, and hair while it's inner area, that extends everywhere else from it's hair to it's tail, is white. It had a slim but muscular build and red eyes with black scalera. It also had digigranite feet. It wore a white zipless hoodie with short sleeves, yellow A-shirt, a gray baggy shorts.

'Holy hell! That thing could most likely tear all of us apart.' Rat thought.

"Kuzurinuto: Warrior of the dog, Killing when have to," The beast said.

'Better stay on my toes.' Nezumi thought.

"Hello everyone!"

A teenage girl, most likely seventeen, was waving her arm at the remaining eleven. She had pale green hair, a thin ponytail and hazel eyes, with her bangs swept over her right eye. She wore a white and pink school uniform with the skirt going down to her ankles and white shoes. She also wore a pig face backpack.

"I am Tanoshiino: Warrior of the pig, Killing for fun!" She said with joy.

'Oh, she's gonna be a blast.' Rat thought

All twelve warriors were here in the flesh.

"Now that everyone has arrived, we shall commence the Thirteenth Zodiac War. Everybody, clap your hands!"

A man in a trenchcoat and a hat was clapping his hands. No one knows where he came from or how he got here unnoticed. Everyone just looked at him confusion and annoyance.

"I am Duodecuple, the referee of this match," He introduced himself, "Now, to get started, I need each of you to swallow one of these jewels."

On a tabel before them are twelve black jewels. They were huge, they could be choking hazards. To a surprise, each of them took the approach lightly and had no problem swallowing them.

"Good," Duodecuple said, "Now I must alarm you what you just swallowed was poison."

'We're being tricked into poison?' Rat thought.

"Excuse me, I have a question," Ox said.

"Speak now, ," Duodecuple said.

"How are we supposed to retrieve the jewels while their in our stomachs?" Ox asked.

"The way to retrieve the jewel is your choice," Duodecuple answered.

"If this a survival game, why must we be poisoned?" Rooster asked, "Wouldn't just we all be already dead?"

"The one who collects all twelve jewels will also be given the antidote as a second prize," Duodecuple answered, "Anymore questions?"

No one raised their hands.

"Very well," Duodecuple said, "Also, please take one of these wristbands."

"What are they for?" Rabbit asked.

"These will tell you who has died and how many are left," Duodecuple answered, "With the rules in order, good luck to all of you.

Duodecuple then disappeared into nothingness. It has begun, the Thirteenth Juuni Taisen has begun. Every looked at each other, wondering who will be the first to die. The suddenly...

"Excuse me, everyone?" Horse asked, "May I please have your attention?

Everyone was then facing Horse.

'What is he doing?' Rat thought.

"We don't have to fight, we can figure out how to remove these jewels inside us without having anyone to die," Horse said, "If you'd like to cooperate with me on this, don't be afraid. Nobody here has to die."

'He really thinks that kind of plan will work.' Rat thought.

"I'll join you," Sheep said, "I too believe in peace."

"Alright, see?" Horse asked, "Anyone else? Anyone?"

Nobody said anything or raised their hand signaling their agreement. But then...

"I'm in," The one warrior nobody thought they'd be a pacifist... Dog.

'That beast in a pacifist!?' Rat thought, 'That doesn't seem right.'

"Yes, two pacifists," Horse said, "Hey! Mr. Dog Man, can you come over here?"

As Dog walked toward Horse and Sheep, Horse noticed something and took two things out of his bag.

"Sheep, Dog, cover your eyes!" Horse yelled.

As the two followed his instructions, Horse tossed to bombs in the air: a flash grenade and smoke bomb. As the bombs went off, blinding mostly everyone, Horse grabbed Sheep and Dog.

"Come on, let's move!" Horse yelled.

Everyone ran out of the hotel, trying to run for cover.

"Damn, that damn Horse pulled a surprise on all of us," Rat said to himself.

"Guess that leaves you and me,"

The smoke cleared up revealing Tiger was the other only present.

"I guess this is we shall start this whole thing, right?" Rat asked.

"Oh, you better make this fun for me," Tiger said as he pulled out two things from his pockets, two machine gun pistols.

'This is it.' Rat thought as he readied his whip.

"Nezumi: Warrior of the rat, Killing honorably!" Rat yelled.

"Kagetora: Warrior of the tiger, Killing in the shadows!" Tiger yelled.

"A good day to you!" Rat yelled as he swung his whip at Tiger.

Tiger dodged it as he started firing his pistols. Rat managed to deflect the bullets with his whip. They caused so destruction in the lobby. Bullet holes and whip slashes on the walls, broken furniture, etc. Rat was doing his best to keep up with Tiger's speed.

'Damn he's fast, but I know I'm-'


All of a sudden, Rat felt like something shot him in the lower of his spine.

'My spine, I can't feel my legs.' Rat thought as he fell to the floor.

"My legs! What the hell happened!?" Rat yelled.

"I call myself 'Killing in the shadows' for a reason,"

Rat tried his best to see what was behind him. He then saw Tiger walk out of a pillar as if he phased through it.

"You bastard," Rat said, "You can phase trough solid objects."

"Wrong, I actually came through the shadow off the pillar," Tiger corrected, "I have the ability to teleport through shadows."

"What!?" Rat asked.

"I'm sorry you have to die first," Tiger said, "But don't worry. Once I win, I'll have people make a statue of you and all the others.

So this was the end of Rat, he was the first one here and the first to die.

"Well, this is where it ends," Tiger said as he pointed his pistol at Rat's head, "Bye now."


Suddenly Tiger's wristband went off.