(Ox, ?)

Ox was sitting on bench looking at his wristband.

"So Rat's already dead," He said, "Hate to be him."

He caressed his stomach knowing the poison jewel is in there.

'Whoever it was that killed Rat is already ahead of us.' He thought.



Ox jumped up and turned to see what startled him. Now right in front him was Monkey as she was holding her staff in fear.

"What do you want? Do you want to die?" Ox asked.

"Please no, I don't wish to fight," Monkey answered.

"If you don't want fight me, then what do you want?" Ox asked.

"I want to help you," Monkey answered, "I know how to remove the jewels."

"You do?" Ox asked.

"Yes, here," Monkey answered.

She shoved her hand in her pant pocket and pulled a shiny black jewel.

"A jewel, where did you get it?" Ox asked, "Were you the one that killed Rat?"

"No, this one's mine," Monkey answered.

"Really?" Ox said.

"We should look for Horse and his allies," Monkey said, "Agree?"

"Agreed," Ox answered.

The two shook hands with smiles on their faces.

(Horse, Sheep, Dog)

The three warriors were walking down the streets, then Sheep's stomach growled.

"Sorry, I guess I'm just hungry," Sheep said.

"Let's go get snacks," Horse said, "Those jewels aren't gonna fill us up."

Dog nodded his head in agreement.

As the three found a convenience store and started grabbing enough food, Sheep had no choice but to ask Horse something.

"Horse, I need to ask you something," She said.

"What's that?" Horse asked.

"Why'd you ruin your own peace negotiation?" Sheep asked.

"I've been wondering same thing," Dog said.

"To be honest, I had to," Horse answered, "I saw Pig."

"That girl? What about her?" Dog asked.

"She was gonna for first kill," Horse answered.

"Oh," Sheep said.

"Although it possibly ruined the chances of recruiting the others, we can still figure it out," Horse said.

"Right," Sheep said.

"Hm," Dog sighed.

"So Dog?" Horse asked.

"What?" Dog replied.

"You're really are a pacifist, right?" Horse asked.

"Why you ask?" Dog asked back.

"Sorry, the moment I first saw you I was spooked, that's all," Horse answered, "I'd never expect something like you to be a pacifist."

"Oh. Well, I'm trying to be a pacifist," Dog said, "There's someone here I want to kill."

"May I ask who?" Horse asked.

"You don't need to know," Dog answered.

The three took everything they needed and went outside.

"Horse, you guys go on ahead," Sheep said, "I'm gonna go try and find the others."

"Really? Are you sure?" Horse asked.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine," Sheep answered.

"Okay, but take this," Horse said as he gives Sheep a walkie talkie, "Use that to let us know of things."

"Be careful," Dog said.

"I will," Sheep said.

She then ran off to find the other warriors.


Rabbit was sitting in a very comfortable chair as she looks at acomputer monitor showing camera footage of the Rat's corpse with his brains blown out.

"What a pathetic warrior," She said, "Let's get visual on the others."


In the scene where Rat was killed, stuffed rabbit a camera drone attached to it was hovering over the dead body. The stuffed toy then took off into the sky.

(Dragon, ?)

Dragon was walking around inside the island's airport as he looked at the beautiful night sky through the large glass window.

"A beautiful sight," He said to himself.

"And it might be your last,"

Dragon turned around to see Tiger far from him, but enough to see him. He also noticed Tiger's hand covered in blood.

"You killed the rat, am I right?" Dragon asked.

"Ding ding ding!" Tiger said, "Give the man a prize!"

"Very well then," Dragon said, "You shall die in a beautifully fashion."

"Hmm!" Tiger smirked, "Kagetora: Warrior of the tiger, Killing in the shadows!"

"Kagariyuu: Warrior of the dragon, Killing beautifully!" Dragon yelled.

"Two minutes," Tiger said, "I'll finish you in two minutes!"

The two ran towards each other as they were about to clash.

(Ox, Monkey)

The large man and the smaller woman were walking down the street.

"Hey, Monkey," Ox said.

"Yes?" Monkey answered.

(Ox, Monkey)

The large man and the smaller woman were walking down the street.

"Hey, Monkey," Ox said.

"Yes?" Monkey answered.

"How did you manage to get your jewel out of you?" Ox asked.

"Oh, I used my ability," Monkey answered.

"Ability?" Ox asked.

"Yes," Monkey answered, "I have the ability to turn myself or anyone I touch into a monkey."

"Really?" Ox asked, "How did it work?"

"Well, back at the hotel, I used my ability to hide from the other warriors, but then I felt something in my stomach, I coughed a bit until I ended up coughing up my jewel," Monkey explained.

"You think it's because we swallowed them whole at the time, they were too big for your monkey stomach?"Ox asked.

"That's gotta be it," Monkey answered, "That's why I must find Horse and them."

"Right," Ox said, "But first, turn me into a monkey."

"What?" Monkey asked.

"If those idiots don't do this, we'll be the only ones alive while they'll be dead," Ox answered.

"I see your point," Monkey said, "Okay, just give me your hand."

Ox then reached his hand to Monkey as she lightly grabbed his hand. Suddenly, Ox began to glow in golden aura as he began to shrink to the of a house cat. Before he knew it, he was now a small monkey.

"Now the easy part," Monkey said.

She grabbed the monkey that was Ox by the back of it's neck as if it was a puppy or a kitten.

"Nothing personal," Monkey said.

She then slammed the monkey to a wall, hurting the monkey. The monkey was in pain, with it's arms and legs moving like crazy.

"Still alive," Monkey said.

She then slammed the monkey two more times until their wasn't a pulse in there. The monkey was dead, which meant Ox is dead.

The monkey then turned back into Ox. His eyes were bloodshot and blood leaked out his mouth. Then Monkey's wristband went off.




"Wow," She said, "I can't believe that worked!"

She used her staff to impale Ox's stomach. She then dug her hand in Ox's stomach and got her hands on Ox's jewel.

"What an idiot," She said, "All that muscle, but no brain."

She took one last look of Ox's body with a disgusted look.

'Good thing he was a monkey then.' Monkey thought, 'I hate monkeys.'

(Horse, Dog)

The human and the beast were in a small bar, waiting for Sheep to come back. Dog heard his wristband go off.

"Ox's dead," He said to Horse.

"Really?" Horse asked, "That's too bad."

Dog still had questions for Horse.

"Do you think your plan to save everyone will work?" Dog asked.

"Hope so," Horse said, "I got a wife waiting back home."

"Huh," Dog said, "I didn't know you were married."

"Yep, seven years," Horse said, "l'm thinking of starting a family."

"That sounds nice," Dog said.

"Hey, Dog?" Horse asked.

"Yes?" Dog replied.

"How did you become... this?" Horse asked referring to Dog's wolf man appearance.

"You heard of SkyCorp?" Dog asked.

"Of course I've heard," Horse answered, "That cruel business experimented on human beings, luckily the whole company was taken down."

"Well... you're looking at one of their many experiments," Dog said.

"That's horrible," Horse said, "They turned you into that?"

"Since I was little," Dog answered.

"I'm sorry you went through that," Horse said.

"This body of mine no longer bothers me," Dog said, "Not at all."

"I see," Horse said, "One sec."

Horse then pulled out his walkie talkie.

"Sheep, can you hear me?" Horse asked.

Then Sheep's voice came out.

"Yes, I can hear you."

"Good, find anyone?" Horse asked.

"Not at this minute, I'll let you know."

"Okay," Horse said.

(Snake, ?)

Snake was walking around a small park.

"So Ox has already died," he said to himself.

He grabs one of his sheathed katanas and draws all zodiac animals in order, from rat to pig in the sand

"From the deaths so far, it's going in order," he said.

He draws an "X" across the rat and the ox.

"If it's going in order, that means Tiger is next to die," he continued, "This is only a theory, but if it does go in order, then it won't be long until I die."

Suddenly, Snake felt a presence.


Snake was lucky enough to unsheath one of his katanas. Because Rooster's clawed feet are now grinding Snake's blade.

"You saw that coming a mile away, huh?" Rooster asked.

"A warrior must always stay on his toes," Snake answered, "Assuming you had toes."

Rooster realized he was talking about his metallic feet.

"I'll make you pay for that, prepare yourself!" Rooster yelled.

"Kakehebi: Warrior of the snake, Killing strategically!" Snake said.

"Togatta: Warrior of the rooster, Killing with talons!" Rooster yelled.

Rooster charged after Snake. He then slid across the sand and tried to send a kick to Snake's face, but Snake deflected it with his katana.

'Capoeira.' Snake thought, 'A fighting style that specializes in kicks.'

Snake then saw one of Rooster's claws head toward his feet. He jumps over the clawed foot and backs away.

'While capoeira is a fast fighting style, it distracts the users sight for a second.' Snake thought, 'I must get him while he distracts himself.'

He then lunges at Rooster.

'Oh shit' Rooster thought.

He finally noticed Snake about to stab him. He manages to dodge him but...

'Shit!' Rooster thought.


Snake left a open in Rooster's cheek. Rooster couldn't help but scream in pain and agony.

"Gyah! You dick!" Rooster yelled.

"You've had enough?" Snake asked, "I can end it here."

"Screw you!" Rooster yelled.

Rooster then scooped up a pile of sand in his hand and threw it at Snake's face. Right when Snake could finally see, Rooster was gone.

"Guess he was no more than a chicken," Snake said.