Disclaimer: I think you know since I am writing this, but I do NOT own Detective Conan or Magic Kaitou... yet. It's not like I have plans for world domination or anything, hehehe? If you can't tell, the title is based off of the song "Rewrite the Stars" from the movie, The Greatest Showman. Go listen to the soundtrack and watch the movie.

Warnings: BL (Boys Love or Boy x Boy), Slowish romance

Pairing: Kaito X Shinichi

Summary: What is this? Why am I in the world of DCMK? Whatever, I'll make the most of this!

Hikaru: It's my first time here!

Shinichi: If you did not read the earlier note, he does not own us.

Kaito: Shin-chan, next chapter won't have an actual disclaimer, just us talking right?

Shinichi: I think so, but Hikaru has the plans.

Kaito: There's nothing Shin-chan does not know!

Shinichi: Get off of me! And stop with the kisses, we're in public!

Kaito: Awwww, haven't you heard of fan service Shin-chan. We'll end up kissing and having s*x later in the story.

Shinichi: Stop reminding me, D*amnit!

Hikaru: And I've become a third wheele. I'm gonna cry. Anyways, this is my first story ever! Idea is based off of someone else's story (Clover Tales), but I swear this is original! At least I haven't found anything that says otherwise. The rating will be raised after we get to the s*x scenes because I need some attention first before I raise it. I will put a warning before any lemon, though it won't appear for a while.

Kaito: That was way too long! Here's the chapter!

Hikaru: Hey! Attention hog!


I never expected to die this way.

Everyone had only saw your average John Doe.

So how did I end up at the end of a regular person's knife?

I closed my eyes. So this is how my life ends. How pathetic.

I could feel the darkness creeping out of the corner of my vision.

It's dark.

It's cold

There was nothing I could do.

The murderer had come out of nowhere and just stabbed me straight through my heart. Even the most powerful spells could not heal my body. I didn't even know that guy, damnit!

I could only wait as the Grim Reaper slowly pulled me into his embrace.

Bye Mom... Dad...

The sound of movement woke me up.

A giant face of a man appeared, starling me.

Where was I?

I heard a soft female voice from behind me.

"You named our last son. You would name him 'Kiddo' or something because of your twisted sense of humor Toichi."

Japanese? Toichi?

I was agin taken aback when I recognized the face.

Hey he looks like Kuroba Toichi from the DCMK mangas!

"Chikage, come on! I won't do it again!"

Chikage!? Wasn't that the name of his wife!? WTF! Does that mean...

"No! His name is Hikaru, Kuroba Hikaru"

Yes, I had indeed reincarnated. And into the world of one of my favourite mangas.

Shinichi: And there's the Chapter! It's kind of short...

Kaito: Leave some reviews or KID might catch you. Maybe that would make you happy though.

Shinichi: Hey! I thought you were MY boyfriend! No flirting with others!

Kaito: But I flirt with Hikaru-chan all the time!

Shinichi: Hikaru-kun is dufferent. He's basically our boyfriend too.

Hikaru: Hehehe... A jelous Shinichi is cute. I have a feeling y'all are telling me to get out of the way so you can listen to your favorite pairing flirt.

Shinichi: Hey! We're not flirting. And stop with the Texas slang "y'all." Don't you know stalkers will be able to find you and with that information!

Hikaru: You're the detective here only you would be able to catch that... and Kaito since his IQ matches yours.

Kaito: He's right Hon. If you hadn't pointed it out, noone but us would have noticed.

Hikaru: I decided that a Christmas omake should be put up, but we're not far enough in the story.

Shinichi: laugh Not far enough laugh You just finished the prologue!

Hikaru: Sticks out tongue I know that! I'm so sorry that this story just started so there will be no Christmas story. I still have several days until Christmas though.

Shinichi and Kaito: bows We're sorry!

Hikaru: Instead you get a double release!

Hikaru: Here are several (read: all) stories that I'm frustrated are not finished, but don't want to touch because they are other people's works that I don't want to touch. These all are not likely to be finished by the original authors since they haven't updated any story recently Please, SOMEONE PICK THESE UP!


¤ Marks the ones I really want completed

‼ Major problems but really good plot

§ ¤¤¤ I'll Be There by Shingo-sama

§ ¤¤¤ Unmei Kyoudoutai by tess4aria

§ ¤¤¤ For the Love of the Moonlight by tess4aria = This is really good!

§ ¤¤¤ Mayonaka by Dragoon-sama

§ ¤¤ Curiosity by tess4aria = This is too cute!

§ ¤¤ The Catastrophe by = Plot is really good, but several problems

§ ¤¤ Clair de Lune by purple mangosteen

§ ¤¤ Liebesträume by purple mangosteen

§ ¤¤ The Dove Prince by starsinjars

§ ¤¤ Time of our Lives by Shikamaru's lazy twin = Where the heck did the author get Tenko from though? Maurice is Maurice Leblanc, author of Arsene Lupin.

§ ¤¤ Quiet Investigations by raziella

§ ¤¤ Infinite Loop by Shimegami = This is so good

§ ¤¤ Collaboration by foreverandeveralone = This is so good too

§ ¤¤ Lost and Found by Chatterbox Angel

§ ¤¤ Naming the Truth by AkoyaMizuno

§ ¤¤ Just Kid'ding Around by Renkin-chan

§ ¤¤ I Didn't Mean For This to Happen by Madame of all Manga

§ ¤¤ Stolen without Intention by Cheshire XIII

§ ¤¤ Keeping the Boy by Alice The Walker

§ ¤¤ Hosting Options by llamaglamasama = Shinichi is head of a science company which might deal with genetics… Genetically Kaito/Shinichi clone/baby?

§ ¤ Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume by Shimegami

§ ¤ Clover Boyfriend by Kuroneko000

§ ¤ Our Story by moved to aceoftwos

§ ¤ Bloody Secrets by Mai-chan63 =#MakeKaitoIntoAPhantom. Seriously, Shinichi became a Vampire and Heiji into a Werewolf so naturally a Phantom Thief should become a Phantom.

§ ¤ Abuse and Comfort by Shingo-sama = Actually put up for adoption

§ ¤ Oretachi no Monogatari by Alasse aka KiraLacus Forever

§ ¤ Managing a Detective by raziella

§ ¤ Unfulfilled, Unbound, Rekindled by KurobaSeiko

§ ¤ Why I Love You (Rewrite) and Why I Love You by moved to aceoftwos

§ ¤ Captive Of Midnight's Hold by CsillaDream

§ ¤ Take Me Out To Dinner by moved to aceoftwos

§ ¤ OffBalance by bart4nat

§ ¤ Finding Pandora by Miracle or Magic = Shinichi becomes a girl but whoever continues it should turn Shinichi back before they get together.

§ ¤ In the Moonlight by kyrilu

§ ¤ The Phantom Thief, The Detective, And Pandora by Hikaru-009 = Yeah… Kaito's definately Pandora

§ ¤ Flower Petals by kyrilu = Only up to chapter 5… IDK what's happening in 6 or 7

§ ¤ Taboo Love by NekoEddo

§ ¤ ‼ Secrets and Feelings Revealed by Nightmare Knight Zero

§ ¤ ‼ My Secret After School by Nightmare Knight Zero

§ ¤ ‼ Ballroom Facade by DarkForbidden-Love

§ Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume by Shimegami

§ NekoToxin092819 by ghost-alchemist09

§ Secrets by xxKazuki-Chanxx

§ The Wrath of Heaven by Chatterbox Angel

§ Second Chances (remake) by KurobaSeiko

§ Tales of Warring Nations by Asagi Tsuki

§ Combining Theivery and Deductions by Raipai

§ Equals by alpacaa-cat

§ Blind Date by Kaito Kuroba's Mistress

§ L'amour Club Cyprus by Stearl

§ Trade by Butterfly Knot

§ Party Animal by damn-aesthetic

§ Just a Kid by FluffyDoom27

§ The Unstoppable Kids by FluffyDoom27

§ Behind the Night by 2546

§ Falling in Love by Kiko-tan

§ Cendrellic Juliet by YukiSkye

§ Bloodhound by White Mage Koorii

§ Dark Moon by shadowsky16

§ The Journey To Save A Princess by SilvCyanide

§ Wait and See Until Jealousy by TheBlackShadow

§ Dearly Beloved by House O'Bones

§ The Sands of Time by whitedoyle

§ A Trail In The Forest by Samila1223

§ For you I will by A Green Crayon

§ Another Me by saphirerose421

§ Gentleman Thieves by rachello344

§ Memories of a God: Lucky Star by Hayashi Yuri = Small plot problems

§ Already Parted by starsinjars

§ Visit to Our Memories by azturpealean

§ Facing Destiny by Chatterbox Angel

§ Bloody Heaven by MinawaAsuka

§ In the Footsteps of Others by Nechangi = Read the first fanfic first (OFAW) and DNAngel (DarkxDaisuke forever) It's a crossover

§ Lights! Camera! Action! by WhiteVeil

§ In Good Times and Bad by tarsido

§ Touch Communication by tarsido = The angst is strong in this one

§ Prank Mishap by CsillaDream

§ Lovers Rose by Rose-Of-Pandora

§ Of the Thief that Stole His Heart by three-fiftysix

§ A World of Irony by KurosakuMitsuki

§ The Server by pyupew

§ Happy Ending by EsTeLweNadia

§ Between those Months by The Neo Productions

§ Into Your Arms by IntoAnotherWorld

§ Where Angels Fear to Tread by LydsiMcKay

§ Teitan High School Host Club by Shimizu Hikaru

§ Wildcard by Light In The Void

§ All In by SilverScarecrow

§ Pandora's Will by Ashrel Fury = The author planned on going to the Kingdom Hearts universe. Just know that you will not be forgiven if you make it Sora x Riku. Sora x Roxas forever!

§ Recovering the Self by tess4aria

§ A thief's Detective by KurobaSeiko

§ Kaito runs into a very sexy detective by Cpt-Abfall

§ Criminal Intent by Xialdon

§ I Promise by YaniTenshiKoi

§ Just Another Heist by Zygotic Adipose

§ Surprising Complications by Shingo-sama = WARNING: M-preg and threesome w/ Heiji (I prefer Saguru)

§ Floral Delights by Alice The Walker

§ ‼ The light of my life by knight-of-the-night

§ ‼ Divine by Gallifreyan Annihilator

Hikaru: The rest have some potential to be updated.

Ja ne!