Author's Notes:

-Here is the sequel to La Abeille et Le Renard. Everything from that universe timeline carries over, despite new information being revealed. (No spoilers please.) Still waiting for Season 2 to be released on Netflix. I was going to wait until then, but since the release date's been pushed back AGAIN, and because you could argue La Abeille et Le Renard was an alternative season 2, you could argue this is an AU of Season 3, I decided to start publishing after finals.

What a mouthful... Anyway, let's get this train chugging!

"Come on, guys! The akuma's getting away!" said a guy in a green jumpsuit.

The fox scoffed and continued running with the rest of his teammates by his side. "We know that!" He turned to a girl with large wings on her back. "Why aren't you flying after it?"

"Don't you remember?! I can't fly!"

The three heroes, Jade Ninja, Renard and Abeille were running down the streets of Paris. They were in a very bad situation. An akuma was loose and Ladybug wasn't around to purify it. They were scrambling to find a fix and fast.

Abeille looked towards Jade. "Why can't Jade use his shield to hover after it?"

"It suffered too much damage and shut down. It won't work for who knows how long!"

"Then try to slow the akuma down! We need time!"

"Time Crawl!" He fired a green blast of energy at the akuma. The akuma, which had been flying fast, was slowed down. "I'm almost out of charges. Only got one left. Hopefully this will buy us some time."

The heroes slowed down their pace while continuing to run. "Okay, we need a plan. Ladybug and Cat Noir are not here, so what can we do to stop the akuma from multiplying?" Abeille asked.

"We have to destroy it. There's no other way." Renard answered.

"But how? You tried using your energy beam and it failed. And Jade's Time Crawl can only work for so long."

"Don't you get it?! We need your powers!"

Abeille was perplexed by his statement. She stopped, and so did the others. "Me? But what can I do?"

"Use Malevolence, no wait, Poison Sting, on the akuma. It'll destroy it for good."

She gasped. "No way! I swore I would never use those abilities!"

"You have to!" Renard exclaimed. "The fate of Paris is at stake!"

"I'm not using those powers. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I'm not Queen Bee!"

"I know you're not! But we don't have any choice!"

Abeille looked at the akuma. Jade Ninja's power was beginning to wear off.

"I... I don't know how to use Malevolence." she hesitated. "Or Poison Sting."

"Use Poison Sting. Picture purple energy around your spear and aim carefully. You only get one shot!"

"How do I charge it?!"

"Focus your anger! Think of what you hate the most!"

Immediately she thought of Chloe. All of the years her civilian self had been used as a slave, all of the crimes she did, as herself and as Queen Bee. The spear quickly charged and the spell on the akuma had broken.


"Poison Sting!"

She threw the beam of purple energy towards the akuma, but it missed by a mere second. It hit a mirror, then another one until the beam hit a young girl. The young girl screamed in pain as she was engulfed in purple energy.

"NO!" Abeille dropped her spear and ran over to the girl. The girl looked towards Abeille. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

The girl screamed one last time before falling to her knees and onto the ground. Abeille backed away and looked towards the sky. Other people in the city gasped in terror.

"It's over." Renard said.

The Bee Miraculous beeped. At that moment, everyone looked up and watched helplessly in terror as the akuma multiplied and spread out. The little girl was turned into a copy of a villain with a long purple cloak and a long staff in hand. Abeille's spear was strapped on her back. The heroes were standing at a four way intersection.

"Nice going, Abeille." Renard sarcastically commented. "This is all your fault!"

Abeille scoffed as she approached him. "My fault?! How is this my fault?!"

He pointed at her. "You're the one who broke the akumatized object! You're not supposed to break it!"

"I didn't mean to! How was I supposed to know that's where the akuma was?!"

"You idiot! Akumatized objects are always the villain's main weapon!"

"Wrong! It's usually a weapon, but not always. Have you not heard of the Gamer? Antibug? Kung Food?!"

"Guys, knock it off!" Jade interrupted.

Abeille's Miraculous beeped again.

"You should have known better!"

"We were about to be vanquished! What did you expect me to do?!"

Jade yelled, "Knock it off you two!"

His cries were ignored. Abeille glared at Renard. "You're always criticizing me for every fault!"

"I'm trying to protect the city! With the Lucky Duo gone, there's no room for error!"

Jade looked at them angrily. "How long are you guys going to keep this up?!"

"Until my time runs out!"

Abeille's comb lost another point.

"You can't do anything right! Ladybug made the wrong choice!" Renard retorted.

Abeille felt her anger reaching her boiling point. "Shut up! I never want to see either of you again! You're wrong!"

"You can't lie. You know I'm right. You don't belong here on the team! You don't deserve your Miraculous!"

"I said, 'Shut the hell up!'"

She slapped Renard in the face. Hard. The nearby spectators gasped. Abeille looked at them in terror as her Miraculous beeped again. She had only a minute. She ran away crying, pushing innocent civilians out of the way as she ran towards the west.

Jade glared at his remaining teammate. "Nice going, Renard!"

Renard looked at Jade as if he was crazy. "What? I'm only being honest."

"With the Lucky Duo M.I.A, we need all the help we can get! And now Abeille's left us behind!"

"So what? You're the one in charge of the group! It's your fault she left."

"My fault? You're the one always criticizing her! You're nothing but a jerk!"

"What?! I am not a jerk!"

"You're really horrible! I can't stand working with you and Abeille arguing 24/7!"

"If I'm so horrible, then maybe I should leave too. I don't need you punks!"

Renard stormed off, heading east.

"Fine!" Jade Ninja yelled. "With friends like you," his voice then became softer. "who needs... enemies?" As soon as he said those words, he regretted it. His anger turned to sorrow. He went south as the crowd dispersed.

From a rooftop above, Cat Noir, who had seen the entire scene, sighed sadly. He didn't know what to do, so he didn't interfere. Should he have stepped in? He looked at the deserted intersection and then got out a list with several crossed out lines. He put it away, turned around, heading north. The four superheroes stood at the crossroads of fate, where they had gone their separate ways. Some of them were going home, while others went elsewhere. As they went their separate ways, walking the path called life, they all had the same question on their minds; How did it all come down to this?