This whole situation was slowly getting out of hand. The akuma was now loose. Jade Ninja broke free from the ice and the Tremendous Trio ran after it.

"Come on guys, the akuma is getting away!" Jade Ninja exclaimed.

Renard snapped, "We know that!" He turned to Abeille, looking at her wings. "Why aren't you flying after it?"

"Don't you remember?! I can't fly!"

Abeille looked to Jade. "Why can't Jade use his shield to hover after it?"

"It suffered too much damage and shut down. It won't work for who knows how long!"

"Then try to slow the akuma down! We need time!"

"Time Crawl!"

Jade threw a green beam of energy from his hands at the akuma, slowing it down significantly. Then thought in terror to himself, What if my shield is permanently damaged? What if it can never be repaired, with or without the aid of Ladybug, who is still gone?

He got so lost in thought that he had missed part of an argument between Renard and Abeille.

"I swore I would never use those abilities!" Abeille yelled.

"You have to!" Renard exclaimed. "The fate of Paris is at stake!"

"I'm not using those powers! Absolute power corrupts absolutely! I'm not Queen Bee!"

"I know you're not! But we don't have any choice!"

Abeille and Jade looked at the akuma. The latter's power was wearing off.

"I.. I don't know how to use Malevolence or Poison Sting."

"Use Poison Sting. Picture purple energy around your spear and aim carefully. You only get one shot!"

"How do I charge it?!"

"Focus your anger! Think of what you hate the most!"

Abeille got really angry. What she thought of, Nino didn't know. Nonetheless, the spear was quickly charged with purple energy. But Jade's spell on the akuma had broken. He gasped.

"Hurry!" Renard urged.

"Poison Sting!" Abeille chanted. The purple stream of energy was supposed to hit the akuma, but it didn't. It bounced off mirrors until it hit a little girl. She screamed in pain as Abeille's attack engulfed her. "NO!" Abeille screamed. She dropped her spear and ran to the girl. "I didn't mean to hurt you..."

She fell to her knees. Abeille backed away, and she and everyone else looked to the sky. The citizens gasped in horror.

Renard's face alone said the message. "It's over."

The moment after he spoke, the akuma multiplied and spread throughout the city. One of the new akumas then took hold of the poor young girl, turning her into a copy of Merlin. The crowd had gathered around the four way intersection, wondering what would happen next.

Renard opened with a sarcastic comment. "Nice going, Abeille! This is all your fault!"

Abeille retaliated, "My fault?! How is this my fault?!"

"You're the one who broke the akumatized object! You're not supposed to break it!"

"I didn't mean to! How was I supposed to know where the akuma was?!"

"You idiot! Akumatized objects are always the villain's main weapon!"

"Wrong! It's usually a weapon, but not always! Have you not heard of the Gamer? Antibug? Kung Food?!"

Jade tried to stop the argument. "Guys, knock it off!"

Abeille's Miraculous beeped.

"You should have known better!"

"We were about to be vanquished! What did you expect me to do?!"

"Knock it off, you two!" Jade yelled, but neither of them listened to him.

Abeille glared at Renard. "You're always criticizing me for every fault!"

"I'm trying to protect the city! With the Lucky Duo gone, there's no room for error!"

Jade couldn't take their arguing anymore. "How long are you guys going to keep this up?!"

"Until my time runs out!"

The Bee Miraculous beeped again.

"You can't do anything right! Ladybug made the wrong choice!"

Abeille was running out of retorts to say to him. "Shut up! I never what to see either of you again! You're wrong!"

"You can't lie. You know I'm right. You don't belong here on the team! You don't deserve your Miraculous!"

"I said, 'Shut the hell up!'"

She slapped him in the face with all her might. Jade cringed and the crowd gasped. Abeille's Miraculous beeped again. She was about to detransform in less than a minute. The orange-haired girl ran away with her hands covering her face, pushing civilians out of the way to escape.

Jade glared at his teammate. "Nice going Renard!"

Renard shrugged. "What? I'm only being honest."

"With the Lucky Duo M.I.A, we need all the help we can get! And now Abeille's left us behind!"

The fox pointed at Jade. "So what? You're the one in charge of the group. It's your fault she left."

"My fault? You're the one always criticizing her! You're nothing but a jerk!"

He felt offended. "What?! I'm not a jerk!"

"You're really horrible! I can't stand working with you and Abeille arguing 24/7!"

"If I'm so horrible, then maybe I should leave too. I don't need you punks!"

Renard stormed off.

"Fine!" Jade yelled. "With friends like you..." his voice softened. "who needs... enemies?" All of his anger turned to sorrow. He left as the crowd dispersed. After he got away from the crowd, he jumped to the nearest rooftop. As he returned to the present, he detransformed.

"I can't believe this. Not only is your shield broken, you've lost your teammates." Wayzz said.

"I fear my shield may be broken forever."

"You can try transforming again."

"Wayzz, scales on!"

He transformed into Jade Ninja again, hoping it would fix his shield. It didn't. He fed Wayzz some spinach leaves and tried again. Still no luck. He gave up and went back home. He plopped onto his bed and detransformed.

"Nino, dinner's ready!" his mom said. Wayzz hid under Nino's hat. She opened the door.

"I'm not hungry. I'll think I'll pass."

He turned away from her. Her face turned into an expression of sorrow and concern. "Nino? Is everything okay?"

"Just leave me alone. There's nothing that can be done."

"You're... you're not thinking of suicide, are you?"

He looked at her. "No." He then turned away.

"Then why can't you..." she began.

"Just leave me alone!" He gasped for air. "Everything is damaged beyond repair."

Nino's mom respected her son's wishes and left. Wayzz got out from under Nino's hat and locked the door. As soon as the door was locked, his turtle started crying. The green kwami wanted to say something to reassure Nino that everything would be alright, but he too was beginning to lose faith. Nino didn't feel hungry or tired. He was so sorrowful. The young DJ and superhero had lost almost all of his friends and allies. Cat Noir was gone, and Ladybug too, Abeille and Renard had left him behind, tearing the trio apart, Zoe was akumatized and in prison, Marinette was captured and in the custody of Hawkmoth.

And as for his best friend Adrien? He still hadn't heard anything from him. Where was he? What had become of him? All he had left was his girlfriend Alya, who was now struggling with depression. His shield was broken. Even if he could find another, it wouldn't be as good as the original in its prime.

He was supposed to be the leader and the protector. The one to defend his loved ones. The one to fix what was wrong. The one to keep everything together. But he had failed in all of these. Everything was damaged beyond repair, and there was no way to fix it.