A Life worth living

Chapter 1

Stiles felt as though he had been off his Adderall for days, even though he knew he had taken a dose this morning. It certainly didn't just feel like this morning. School had been fine, then Derek bloody Hale just appeared out of nowhere in the school parking lot looking close to death shifting sporadically. He didn't want to go home because he couldn't protect himself! He wasn't a werewolf! He wouldn't be able to protect Derek from anything. The waiting game was driving him insane, and the fact that Scott wasn't answering his damn cell made him want to punch Scott although all that would accomplish would be him hurting himself.

"Pick up, pick up!" Stiles muttered under his breath, glancing back at the werewolf bleeding to death in this jeep. He had just swung back around when the call connected, he couldn't keep the relief out of his voice. "Finally! Where are you?" he'd called a million times, most of the time it went to voicemail. He wished Scott would get that bullet already, he didn't want a dead werewolf on his hands he would never be able to explain that to his dad.

"I'm still at Alison's," Scott explained, his tone softening just talking about her. As if he could sense Stiles annoyance over the phone he protested, "I'm trying!"

"What am I supposed to do with him in the meantime?" Stiles argued right back, this wasn't what he had expected to be doing tonight.

"Take him somewhere, anywhere." Scott replied.

"And, by the way, he's starting to smell!" Stiles added, his heart pounding erratically, admitting it just made it seem all that more real.

"Like - like what?" Scott answered slightly confused.

"Like death." was the blunt reply, but that was Stiles for you.

"Okay, take him to the animal clinic." Scott replied as if it solved everything. To the love sick teenager it probably did and made Stiles want to gouge out his eyes.

"What about your boss?" Stiles pointed out a potential problem.

"He's gone by now. There's a spare key in the box behind the dumpster." Scott explained, his desire to be off the phone was obvious even to the human Stiles was.

"You're not gonna believe where he's telling me to take you." Stiles threw at Derek a sardonic smirk on his face, just imagining his reaction.

"Did you find it?" Derek demanded, but his tone wasn't as harsh and cold as usual due to his vulnerable state.

"How am I supposed to find one bullet? They have a million. This house is like - the freaking Wal-Mart of guns!" Scott complained.

"Look, if you don't find it, then I'm dead, all right?" Derek retorted sharply, and behind his anger Derek was terrified. Here he was relying on a teenager to find him a bullet surrounded by the deadliest hunter family in existence.

"I'm starting to think that wouldn't be such a bad thing." Scott replied.

"Then think about this. The Alpha called you out against your will. He's gonna do it again. Next time you either kill with him or you get killed. So if you wanna stay alive, then you need me. Find the bullet." Derek ordered tersely.

"I think I might know someone who could help," Stiles murmured, wondering why he hadn't thought of him in the first place. He hastily made another phone call, his heart pounding as he listened to it ring.

"Hello, Mie-"

Stiles made a strangled sound down the phone, he did not want anyone to know his first name. "Are you a hunter?" he blurted out, praying that he wasn't so he could go to him for help.

"Excuse me?" the deceptively calm voice on the other end intoned - a very British voice Derek noted - the sound of sizzling going on in the background as he cooked.

"Are you a hunter?" Stiles questioned, not noticing the look Derek shot him at the fact he wasn't being a sassy sarcastic shit like he was prone to doing even with his own father.

"What kind of hunter?" the voice asked yet again, the voice tense and rung with alertness.

"Werewolf!" Stiles blurted out before he could chicken out, moving to avoid Derek trying to stop him revealing it.

The voice inhaled and choked suddenly, "Oh, bloody hell, kid, what have you got yourself into now?"

Silence was his answer.

"No, I'm not a werewolf hunter, what is going on?" the voice demanded, "Stiles? I need you to be truthful with me, now are you in danger."

Stiles swallowed thickly, glancing at Derek for confirmation, while Derek reluctantly gave, nodding to confirm that this guy whoever he was - was indeed not a hunter. "We need help, I'm not the one in trouble,"

"Supernatural trouble?" was asked, a sigh followed by presumably a pinched nose, "Should have guessed you'd get sucked into kid,"

"Yes!" Stiles replied, glancing again at Derek, the smell coming off him was getting steadily worse.

"Okay, care to explain what exactly has happened?" the English man asked, the sound of the sizzling had ceased, there was nothing to hear in the background now…except the steady beat of his heart.

"Wolfsbane," Stiles explained, wondering whether he would know everything or just that the supernatural existed out there.

"Do you know what kind?" was asked, his heartbeat still remaining calm.

"No, neither of us do, but it will kill him soon if he doesn't get help! Scott's trying to find the 'magic bullet'," Stiles used sarcasm for the first time.

"Which implies you don't know how it works," the voice replied, "That magic bullet as you put it, will indeed save whoever has been shot with Wolfsbane, where are you right now?"

Stiles told him, feeling much more calm and relaxed knowing he wasn't solely responsible for what was happening right now. If there was anyone he trusted as much as his dad, it was him, and he'd never question him about anything knowing he'd always tell him the truth. He didn't want his dad dragged into all this, but some of the books he remembered in the house had piqued his curiosity, he'd assumed they were just myth books but now that he knew…perhaps they weren't after all.

"Get yourselves here as quickly as you can, keep Scott updated on what is happening," the voice cautioned Stiles.

"I'll be there in ten minutes," Stiles replied, hanging up the phone, he switched his jeep on and praying it would get them there without breaking down.

Derek made a noise of protest.

Stiles looked around at the werewolf, "Look he knows about werewolves, he can help you!" with that he turned back around and drove as fast as he dared in his jeep.

Derek must have seen the sense in it since he didn't move, and if he didn't really want to go, Stiles suspected he would have got out the jeep one way or another as injured as he was. Stiles shot off a quick text to Scott to explain the situation, giving him the address they were going to and to get there quickly as possible.

Afterwards Stiles mouth went a mile a minute, talking about everything and anything that came to his mind. As always his filter was absolutely nowhere to be seen. If Derek had the strength he would have told the teen to shut up and shove him against the door, as it stood he didn't have the energy to move a finger let alone his arm.

He was almost glad when they got to wherever they were going.

Derek blinked at the sight before him, his heart giving a painful twinge, he was vividly reminded of his own home. It was even smack dab in the middle of the woods, he wouldn't say as far in as his house is. There was lush grass surrounding the property whereas his had trees ensconced everywhere the moment you stepped outside. Before he could continue to compare them, the door to the jeep was wrenched open, and Stiles was there trying to help him out trying to keep the weight of the werewolf upright using his back as a leaver for the injured were to walk as best as he was able.

Derek was able to smell and sense the man before he saw him, he smelt…strange, unlike anything Derek had ever smelt before in his life. Whoever this person was…they weren't human, not fully anyway. Then there he stood in the open doorway, tall, graceful, handsome and had an aura that screamed dangerous…like a predator. His aristocratic features pulled together in concern. He swiftly moved to help Stiles, able to take Derek's weight much easier and without difficulty when compared to Stiles who couldn't walk without tripping constantly as it was without his weight hindering him.

Which so happened, as soon as he was able Stiles began to flail as he made his way to the house he was obviously more than just vaguely familiar with. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw the stranger roll his eyes and suppress a smile at the teens antics.

Derek couldn't help but wonder how they knew each other.

"Lets get you inside," the non-human said.

Derek was sweating profusely, but determinedly trudging on, he didn't trust anyone enough to fall unconscious, so he forced his eyes open and refused to give into the pain. He paid no attention to the property, where he was being guided to, or any more attention to the man helping him. He couldn't help the utter sigh of relief that left his lips as he was guided into a chair he would have crumbled if he wasn't so used to the damn pain.

"Do I have your permission to remove your jacket?" he asked kneeling down to directly face Derek.

Derek's eyes flashed in surprise, gratitude flowing through him as he ultimately nodded, it needed to be removed if he had to cut off his own arm anyway. Which was just his back up plan if Scott didn't get back in time, he'd rather be down an arm than dead even if it made him vulnerable. The man was very gentle but efficient in quickly removing his leather jacket without jarring him too much.

"It's very advanced," he said, visibly wincing at the state of Derek's arm, which was in a sorry state, the veins standing out bright red around the glowing bullet wound travelling up his arm. "Do you know what strain of Wolfsbane was used?"

"Er…does Northern blue Monkshood mean anything to you?" Stiles says, looking up from his phone.

"It's a rare form of Wolfsbane," both the stranger and Derek state at the same time much to Stiles amusement.

"He has to bring me that bullet," Derek added.

"Why?" asked Stiles typing away on his phone.

"'Cause I'm going to die without it," Derek told him, eyes narrowing as he watched the stranger disappear.

"It says here it's only grown in four states, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and New York. The united states Fish and Wildlife have it on the endangered species list," Stiles rambled on, "The flowers bloom between June and September and are pollinated when bumblebees pry open the blossom to collect nectar and pollen."

"It's endangered because of hunters, its quite a sought after strain of Wolfsbane, deadly for sure, but not the deadliest," Stiles was educated, as the guy brought in two jars that both held aconite but they were expertly sealed closed not even Derek's nose could smell it which was impossible, while jars were good at sealing things in…it couldn't do so fully not against a nose like his.

"What are you?" Derek asked harshly, every line of his face marred with suspicion.

A smirk stole over Harry's features, "My name is Harry Potter, as for what I am…that is for me to know and you to find out,"

Stiles whiskey eyes widened in shock, to suspect he knew about the supernatural due to all the book was one thing…but to hear he was something supernatural himself? He flailed a bit, before he frowned trying to work out what he knew about Harry to see if anything fit.

"But know that I am no danger to you, I really do wish to help," Harry told the werewolf sombrely, "My only regret in this is that Stiles now knows about the supernatural." seeing the look of protest, "It ain't pretty kid, don't give me that look, the bad seriously outweighs the good." and if he joined a pack…it would ignite his spark into a blazing, roaring inferno making him one of the most powerful beings in the universe on par with him given time - a long time if he survived. Only limited to only his imagination, and he knew Stiles well, his mind was an overwhelming place to be.

Derek nodded grimly after Harry's heartbeat doesn't once betray a lie.

Stiles life was about to get interesting, and of course, he would do all he could to protect the teenager from harm.

Even Harry had no idea what awaited him…he would be pushed to the max to keep his promise.

Heads up everyone is probably going to be a little bit out of character, I've only watched a few seasons AND I was very groggy watching them - I can barely remember much about them - due to sleeping and the painkillers I was on after my accident, so yeah, I did get reading it though so I do know most of what's happened through reading...but I noticed there wasn't any teen wolf/Harry Potter so I thought I'd try my hand at it...especially seeing as two of my other crossovers are nearly done (out of the darkness and The Walking Dead Wizard)

I'm quite stuck on how the story could go as to pairing, Harry/Peter (if its that then it will be Stiles/Derek) or Harry/Derek (Stiles/Peter?) either way I'm not overly fond of Scott so heads up on that! I rolled my eyes so much listening or reading his parts UGH! so bad R&R please