A Life Worth Living

Chapter 58

"Derek, get over here now!" Harry demanded, the Alpha tone ringing strong and true, their bond so strong, so predestined that Derek had been susceptible to him as Alpha long before Peter and he had married. It was truer still, after Derek had accepted Harry fully and wholeheartedly as his Alpha, before accepting Peter. It wasn't just Alpha laced; Harry used his magic to compel Derek to follow his order – Merlin help him he never would under any other circumstances – it was that strong that Derek unconsciously took three steps before even realizing he was moving. "Hermione…"

"Already done," Hermione said, quietly, uncaring that the other werewolves could clearly hear what she said. Gripping her wand tightly, she shifted just slightly so that none of the enemies were out of her sight. The Darach's magic made her feel filthy, made her skin crawl. Harry was not as affected; he'd lived with a Horcrux in him for sixteen years. It would take a lot to unsettle his magic for him to feel it.

"Derek…" vulnerability bled into the Darach, so sure of her control over the werewolf who she still thought was the Alpha of the Hale pack. Thanks to the news article that had been videoed all those many months ago. The thing was she looked so genuinely frightened, the façade she had on was so well done that if not for their own magic and the fact Peter was safe due to his bonding to Harry…they would have been pulled into her allure too. The feel of her magic reaching out to Derek, to compel him.

Hermione looked around at the terrified bystanders, swallowing thickly, they were Muggles, they weren't going to be able to fight against Werewolves or Darachs. All she could hope for was that they would be safe until MACUSA came, she had alerted them as soon as she realized what was happening mere seconds ago.

She was used to people being collateral damage, she'd seen it too often during the war. She still didn't like it and didn't want it to happen, many of the bystanders were just young children. Swirling her wand in a circular motion, she cast shield charms around them, wishing she could do more. She saw one of the men, a police man? Protecting a group of mothers with young children, the six-foot, auburn haired, and green eyed, man looked and acted like a soldier, yet he looked rather young to be a Deputy she realized.

She couldn't let her thoughts linger; it was a distraction she couldn't afford.

If she got distracted it could cause a cataclysmic affect, Harry would try and help her and he'd get into trouble, then Peter and they'd all end up dead or worse hurt. Harry wouldn't bear to be a live if he lost his baby, she knew that feeling all too well. Steeling her spine, her gaze returned to the biggest threat, the pack of Alpha werewolves.

"I feel I should warn you that the USA and its territories including Beacon Hills in particular are under MACUSA's jurisdiction," Hermione said, with her professional voice, which by the way Harry belated realized sounded like her 'I know better than you tone' definitely not the way to go. He would need to tell her to tone that superiority down otherwise she'd never bring anyone in. "There is a warrant out for your arrest, on suspicion on murder, breaking the statutes of secrecy, revealing the supernatural world," amending her statement, squeaking quickly so she could be heard. "Disorderly conduct, Solicitation, Stalking, Extortion, Harassment, Theft, Vandalism…and hate crime." Hermione's jaw jutted out in determination.

Harry grimaced, Hermione had never learned to read a room, these people didn't give a shit about the law. Sure, she was compelled to tell them, really, but not right now. Then again, she may well be stalling, but it had the possibility of backfiring spectacularly on them. He was going to kill that Darach, she had possibly set Derek back months if not years. All that progress he'd made…it was going to be wasted.

Then the Alpha pack began to move, Harry automatically shoved Peter behind him, protecting both his mate and their child. He clasped his hand to his stomach frozen, for the first time in his life, Harry experienced true fear, but once again it wasn't for him, no it was for the precious child growing inside of him. Oh, gosh, would MACUSA hurry up and come quickly.

"Praeligo!" Hermione cast hastily, screw not using magic, MACUSA could obliviate them, she was not going to allow anyone to die here. Only her spell didn't seem to have any affect whatsoever, it made her gape in shocked, confused disbelief, what the hell? Why weren't her spells working?

"Praeligo!" Hermione put more power into it, standing shoulder to shoulder with Harry, as always standing with her best friend in his time of need. "Shit!" saying something so vulgar so seldomly Harry couldn't help but laugh a little in incredulity.

"Don't you know what you're dealing with? I'm an Alpha!" Ennis barked out; the six-foot four Alpha werewolf was intimidating to say the least. He towered over Harry and Hermione both, glowing red eyes, claws unsheathed ready to do some real damage to the Hale pack.

"Bombarda!" and this time the spell worked, and Ennis who had been just about to wrap his hand around Hermione's throat, went flying, the hole in his chest, would have killed a normal human being. Unfortunately, Ennis was not a human being, and as an Alpha had extraordinary healing powers that had him already beginning to heal by the time he stood up.

The cries and mutters of disbelief from the crowd were ignored.

"Kill Peter Hale," the Darach ordered Derek, realizing to her shock that Derek wasn't the goddamned Alpha after all. Peter was, the glowing red eyes gave visible proof to that fact. She needed an Alpha werewolf to take down the Alpha pack once and for all. Nothing else mattered, nobody else mattered. Her eyes were flaring as she stared at Kali, who didn't even recognize her which was just the icing on the cake.

"Don't you dare, Derek," Peter ordered, backing away, but there was nowhere to back off too. Harry and Hermione were fighting, there was no sign of MACUSA – if that's what they'd done earlier – he was left holding on to Aaron. A scent caught his attention, he glanced briefly to his side, and saw one of the young Werepanther's trying to keep children away from the oncoming confrontation. Another one smashed the window panelling and began to slowly get them out.

He prayed to a deity he didn't believe in, unable to believe he was doing this, as he removed Aaron from where he was strapped to his chest. He handed him off to the young Werepanther, before deliberately placing himself in front of them. "Fight it, Derek, don't make me do this," at least if he died, Derek wouldn't need to live with the thought of having killed Aaron.

"We've fought worse than you," Hermione spat out angrily, which was true enough. Once you've dealt with the likes of Fenrir Greyback…nothing else could really surprise you. "Where the hell is backup?" she asked angrily. Only to gasp out as Ennis clawed her chest to ribbons before shoving her as violently as he could.

Hermione cried out as she was propelled against the glass, which shattered under her. She crumbled against the floor, the glass shattering around and on top of her. Temporarily dazed, unable to think or react to what had just happened. She was conscious to see what happened to her best friend next.

Kali kicked out at Harry in retaliation for his actions against her partner, Ennis. She had claws protruding from her feet, which confused both Harry and Hermione, it was more in line with their kind of werewolves rather than the packs. Naturally her kick was aimed at his abdomen. Harry automatically raised his hands to protect his stomach from harm, only for his hands to be shredded to bits, and his wand snapped and numerous bones in his wrist and hands breaking like they were brittle at the viciousness of the attack.

"HARRY!" Hermione called out terrified at what was happening, feeling as if her heart was going to explode. "He's pregnant!" she blurted out, trying to cease the attack, stall, praying to Merlin that MACUSA would get here soon. Freezing in place, paling rapidly as she blindly reached behind her and brought her hand to her face, the red blood coating her fingers told her what she already knew. That she was gravely injured, she could feel the glass, Merlin it hurt so bad. Where was her wand?

Both Peter and Derek were fighting with feral intensity, although, every single one of Peter's moves were meant to temporarily disable Derek. He was on the defensive, if he really wanted to, really, really wanted to, he would have already killed Derek by this. He hadn't spent years as one of the best Left Hand's out there, for nothing. Derek however, Derek was aiming to kill, under the thrall of the Darach. Not even being pack members, his Alpha, seemed to help where Derek was concerned.

Hearing Aaron's cry had Peter roaring "STOPPP!" eyes red, the Alpha tone present and the very ground shook beneath their feet.

It was like water off a duck's back with Derek, he didn't even flinch, the thrall ran deep.

"Aiden, Ethan," Deucalion said, voice soft and still very, very British after all this time. Observing everything that was happening but not yet intervening himself. The boys would know what to do.

The boys didn't move from either side of him, turning to face them, eyes still glowing red, only to find that their faces were contorted in confusion and fear.

They were stuck.

Their eyes were going from side to side.

Interesting, was one of Deucalion's first thoughts, before he narrowed his own in avid contemplation. Eyes began to roam over everyone, to see who was responsible for this. Everyone's eyes were on the actual spectacle happening right now.

Except one, gold eyes, very similar but different from the eyes of a Beta.

And they were looking straight at him, except for a brief moment when he glanced to his left, then turned back before a subtle smirk grew on that young face. Inhaling sharply, the smell of the Hale pack suffused the human boy like a cloak. No scent heavier than Derek Hale who seemed to have definitely claimed the boy.

Then the human girl – with the scent of magic on her – screeched about pregnancy and he froze. Deucalion knew when to cut his loses, he had seen Alpha's level entire towns in the protection of their cubs. Seen them tear fellow Alphas to pieces. There's a reason even hunters wouldn't dare approach cubs, normally, although given what had happened to the Hale pack…only the Argent's had been stupid enough to do so. Now they were all wiped of the face of the earth. The Hales had been busy, and he had wanted them in his pack, but they had snubbed him and hidden rather well.

Hence this need for such a public spectacle, they would all die, it would be written off as an animal attack. They must preserve the supernatural world after all, he wasn't entirely stupid as to allow humans to retain that information and become a bunch of radicalised hunters, they had enough of them as it was.

"Derek!" Stiles called out, freezing the last of the standing werewolves, the blonde, the twins were already done. It hadn't been easy, clambering into the fray, never afraid for himself, only for those he considered his. "Derek! STOP!" running out and in-between Peter and Derek stopping the fight from continuing.

Peter wheezed harshly; unlike Derek he was trying to refrain from killing his nephew. Derek had no such hang-ups at the moment. Then his mind realized exactly what Hermione had called out, and just like that, his body began to shift, not like his normal Beta shift, no. This was bigger, this was what they called a Berserker mode, despite the fact, a Berserker wasn't exactly what they turned into.

Deucalion's attention zoned in on Ennis who roared in absolute agony, and blanched at the sight. Watching as he was taken in an iron grip by someone entirely obscured by fire? Stopping him from strangling the bushy haired young woman. Ennis screamed and screamed until he couldn't anymore. Watching in shock as the fire ate through his skin and bone and cauterised the wounds.

Ennis watched his own arms fall with a splatter on the ground. Could werewolves even go into shock? His body shuddered before his bemouth frame smashed to the ground, like a puppet with its strings cut.

Deucalion realized just how badly things were going when he noticed Werepanther's had joined in. Normally other creatures did not step in, did not give aid unless they had a reason to. Unless, Peter had been significantly busier than he'd given the Hale Left Hand credit for.

The Werepanther's were holding Derek Hale back, while Stiles placed both of his hands on Derek's face. Whatever he was saying, nobody knew his mouth was moving but they could hear nothing. Slowly but surely, Derek began to shake out of whatever trance he was in.

Then Derek began snarling more fiercely, and Stiles realized the only way to get Derek out of under that trance was get rid of the Darach maybe. He could feel that disgusting tainted magic immersing Derek like the death plague. Oozy and slimy and so very disgusting, he'd never felt anything like it. As a newbie it wasn't surprising, and Stiles sincerely hoped he never had to feel it again.

Stiles narrowed his eyes, hissing in displeasure, "You messed with the wrong pack," he declared, before he raised his hand, and the Darach, so focused on Derek, was surprised. The squeal of shock that left her mouth would have otherwise been hilarious. He twisted his hand and in turn, the Darach's head snapped around, the back of her head now at her front.

The screaming started back up again, but it was drowned out buy the dozens upon dozens of pops as MACUSA's Aurors made it to Beacon Hills at long last.

This time the President of MACUSA himself, did not come.

"The three over there," Hermione gestured to where Deucalion, Aiden and Ethen were immobile. "The female in the white dress, this one and…the pieces beside Peter…" a grimace on her face, but least Peter was beginning to return to his normal human appearance.

"Jim, Jason and Tara see to them," the senior Auror told his subordinates, "Wilhelmina, Bernard over there," gesturing towards where the dead Darach was. "Sandra, Victor go to Peter." With that he walked over to Hermione, glancing in concern when he saw the large piece of glass imbedded in her back. Blood coated her mouth, and she looked very pale. He'd never seen her so quiet or so still, it was rather alarming.

The Aurors avoided the grieving couple in the middle - Derek and Stiles - who had predictably came to himself when the Darach died. The Werepanther's had backed off when they noticed. Returning to protecting the young pride as well as Aaron.

"Harry…first." She told him before he could say anything, he was pregnant, he was the more important one. If it was her time to go be with her child and Ron? Well, that was fine, there was still a lot she wanted to do but…life was always unpredictable like that. Her only regret was leaving her new department so early on and of course, Harry. He had his pack now though; Harry hadn't needed her in such a long time.

The rest of the Aurors were spread out, calmly reassuring the humans and getting a run down of what happened. Hermione couldn't help but admire their composure, the stuttering and stating what happened, the disbelief, the incredulity, it was a bit much.

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