A Life Worth Living

Chapter 62

The Epilogue – Fifteen Years Later

Beacon Hills had drastically changed in fifteen years, not including the preserve. What didn't already belong to the Hales had been bought up until the married couple had virtually all of it. A few 'bribes' went a long way when it came to county, allowing the land to go up for sale. At least whatever Harry and the Hales didn't already have a claim to. Peter had made it virtually inaccessible to protect his family. It had been fenced off; with every imaginable protection he could get. It had the roundabout effect of protecting the wildlife population as well. With it being private property, hunters (the animal kind) couldn't get access to them when it came to the hunting season. The pack made sure they didn't end up overpopulated though.

The original 'renovations' that had begun in their home before he found out he was pregnant with his first child expanded. When it became clear that they both wanted a big family, the project had been scrapped. A new one had been built from the foundations and they used only wizards to do the modernisation. The contracts they sighed made sure that they couldn't reveal anything, and it was the only way Peter felt comfortable.

The property was now three times its original size. The twenty-bedroom, twenty-six-bathroom property was modern, well protected from its very foundations, both magical and mundane, and had more room than they'd ever know what to do with. It had also become the 'pack house' it had been around since the younger generation dubbed it so. They'd all but moved in, with a games room, cinema room and spa room…well, everything anyone could possibly need. There was even a room for their 'kills' to be displayed, with plaques up on who had done it and when. It wasn't the favourite room though, no, that was by far something else and not strictly a room.

It was an obstacle course.

The obstacle course persisted in being everyone's favourite thing. It had grown in size, with more added to it over the years. It had stopped being a way to let off stress and become something of a challenge. To beat times, to best each other. Derek still held the number one spot, uncontested.

"And just where are you off to?" Harry said, jumping out and scooping up and tickling the shrieking in delight, three-year-old boy, dressed impeccably in his little tuxedo, he looked so adorable. He'd taken what felt like a million pictures of all the kids tonight. Walking out of the house the general hum of voices became full blast.

The boy giggled and laughed and shrieked, trying to buck himself out of Harry's hold "Hiding." Burrowing into Harry's neck seeking comfort when it became clear he wasn't going anywhere. His little arms clenching tightly as Harry pretended to let go proclaiming he was far too heavy.

The Hale genes were so strong, they even overpowered the cursed Potter hair for the first time in ever. Harry brushed his hand smoothing over the brown tresses. He'd thought Aaron would gain his hair, but he didn't. "And what did your daddy say?"

"To sit," pouting a little, wiggling around, wanting to play.

"Yes, and that's what we're going to do, isn't it, little man?" Harry said walking by other tables that were rapidly filling up.

The little boy huffed and pouted some more.

"Tell you what, if you behave for the rest of the evening, I'll let you stay up a whole hour after your bed time and an extra piece of cake." Harry bribed him, "What do you think?" a serious look on his face.

Phoenix nodded eagerly, quick to agree not wanting any takebacks, which by the way do happen. Seeing his family, he turned left and walked by a dozen people giving nods and smiles along the way. So many people had been invited, not a single one had been declined.


"Alright then kiddo, go get your dad," Harry said, setting Nix down, before the boy shrieked and ran towards his dad. As quick as he was at settling into his fathers' arms, he was squirming to get down again a few seconds later. "Uncle Teddy! Uncle Teddy!" he unmistakable, neon green hair practically flashing from neon green to neon orange then neon yellow. He was highlighted in the night, not that it was dark, the dragonflies and tree lights and all manner of lights were brightly lit against the shadow of darkness.

Harry chuckled, approaching his family as Aaron muttered, "What am I chopped liver?" shaking his head ruefully, something he was used to his dad saying.

"Come on," Harry said, patting his son on the back, "I do believe the speeches are about to start." Squeezing Aaron's shoulder, and both of them making their way to the main table, sitting down just as the cub barrelled on in front of them, and Aaron helped his three-year-old son into his seat.

The Hale pack had completely turned packs everywhere upon their heads over a decade ago. Flummoxed over the fact that someone could be two things. It made them very popular, and desirable; Peter had received dozens of treaties with marriage proposals for all their children, before they were ten. Their children only not just members 'of the pack' until they realised of course, that the same was happening between the Stilinski-Hale children. Both wolf and magic combining to make lethal weapons. Coveted by their dual abilities.

The back of their property had been turned into a beautiful romantic spot for Stiles and Derek. Inundated with lights all around them, one big table for pack (and family) in the middle then in an outer circle, dozens of more tables, with light candles and flowers. White table clothes, and oak finished tables and chairs (made by the packs own hands or wands).

Stiles Stilinski-Hale watched his husband of ten years stand, an Alpha in his own right, and Stiles acted as his Emissary, second, and additionally, left hand. So much had happened in the past fifteen years, it would be impossible to name them all. Everyone respectfully began to quiet, it was his wedding after all, in which Derek and Stiles had renewed their vows. The whole pack, friends and family were all present for this auspicious day.

Derek raised his glass, still not looking a day over twenty, which as Alpha, made sure that he wouldn't age much, even for a werewolf. Although, none of the others had strangely enough, only born 'Were's understood something else was at work. "I'd like you to all raise a glass and I propose a toast to friends, family, my children and more importantly my husband and thank you all for being here to help us celebrate our wedding anniversary." His voice wasn't loud, it was a quiet murmur, a contentment there that hadn't always been present. His gaze drawing down to Stiles, who was sat in a pure white tuxedo, glowing brightly, sheer happiness that had taken a lot of hard work, determination and acceptance. He was smiling, smiling big enough to showcase his bunny teeth which he knew his husband found adorable.

Stiles smiled; his husband had turned out to be a closet romantic. He always got really embarrassed by his romantic overtures. Both human and wolf variety, recalling the red in his cheeks when Derek had declared his intentions by dropping a stag at his feet. By that point he knew exactly what it was and what Derek hoped to achieve.

"Stiles…you're my lodestar, my anchor, you inspire me every day, even after fifteen years together." Derek spoke, Stiles as always, the centre of Derek's universe, with their children added to that centre. "I knew from the moment I met you that you'd be my everything."

Stiles huffed out a laugh, knowing that it wasn't strictly accurate, but allowed the illusion to stand. It wasn't far off from the moment they met after all. What was a few months to the fifteen years they'd been together after all? That and they'd told the children the same thing too, most of them were far too young to know and understand their father's painful past.

Most interestingly enough, none of the werewolves seemed to want to call him out…perhaps he wasn't lying after all.

"I thought my life had ended when I was fifteen, but you showed me just how incredibly wrong I was. I've never been happier to be proven wrong in all my life. If I had to relive my life, I wouldn't change anything knowing it led me to you." Here Derek glanced over at Peter, who likely would do the same. Nonetheless he wanted to make sure it had been taken in the spirit of how it was meant.

Peter dressed in a black tuxedo still looking young, one arm draped across Harry's back, and the other curled around what was his grandson in all but blood. Teddy's son. The young boy's hair was changing colour, a veritable rainbow, delighting in everyone around him. He gave his nephew a slow incline, fully agreeing, he wouldn't give up his husband for anything either, not even his family, his first pack back. It may sound awful or perhaps romantic depending on whom you ask, but it didn't make it any less the truth.

"You made me the happiness person in the world when you said yes to marrying me. The past fifteen years you've given us three children, with another on the way." Gentle adoration swept over Derek's chiselled features. Like he couldn't believe that this was his life and he was the one living it. "A girl, we're having a girl." And she wouldn't be getting either of her grandmother's names or aunts, no, she would be a ray of sunshine in their lives, they wouldn't taint their children with sadness that had hurt them all so much.

Cheering, aww's and applauding commenced with the announcement. Naturally nobody except the healer and the expectant couple had known. They'd refused to say either, because the gender truly did not matter to the Stilinski-Hales.

"Stiles not only saved my life when we first met, but took me to someone who showed me…that I could have a life worth living. Without Harry, none of this would have been possible. So, thank you, for saving me, for helping me, for giving me the direction I sorely needed and being my strength when I had none." Derek said quietly, twisting his ring around his finger absently. Engraved inside of both their rings was 'A life worth living' it had become a motto of sorts within the pack.

"Here, here, a life worth living," Erica said just as boisterous as she always was, and it was just as true for her. For a lot of them actually, the Hale pack had enabled most of them to have a life worth living. It was just Derek sort of coined it. Leaning against her husband of eight years, Vernon Boyd. Who had their daughter perched on his knee, still as quiet as the day she met him.

"To a life worth living," came the echoing of dozens of people all here to help Derek and Stiles their anniversary and their renewing of their vows. Despite being so far away, everyone could hear what was being said thanks to magic and of course, their hearing.

"That was…beautiful son," Noah sniffed, overawed with the display of love that Derek shared for his son. It always overwhelmed him, mostly because he knew that love so intimately. It was the way he looked when he had stared at his late wife. She'd been his everything, so much so that he had declined being a werewolf when he was injured six years ago. He knew that he'd live a massively increased life force. He'd met a woman that was eight hundred years old! Derek wasn't a joker and he said she wasn't kidding, so he believed it.

Stiles had been understandably upset, neither he or his son were big believers of gods. How could you when you see so much death and violence? No, it wasn't something he was prepared was all a grand design of a god. However, he liked to imagine that his wife was up there, an angel, and he'd be in the arms of his angel soon. The thought of living so long was exhausting, no, he wanted to go when it was his time. So, he'd said no to the bite, but he'd accepted the protections his son had given him. He'd told Stiles that he hoped he'd never understand what he meant, that if they ever went, it would be together, there was nothing worse, absolutely nothing worse than outliving the love of your life.

Something in Noah had broken when she died that day. He knew he hadn't been the father he ought to have been, but he still loved Stiles so much and his son loved him. They had gotten through the worst parts, and Noah was so glad Harry had been there to pick up when he let Stiles down. Oh, Stiles was so loved, Derek adored him, fawned over him, and made sure he was safe and if Stiles got hurt – which happened frequently – he fretted endlessly. He was a good husband, a good father, and a good pack leader.

"Thank you, Noah," Derek said, giving him a smile, Noah may call Derek's son, but Derek never called Noah any variation of father. He had lost the only man he would ever call father a long time ago, nobody was replacing him, good intentions or not. Even if it were to be the case, the one closest to being a father – that he would use the words with – would be Harry no question. The wizard had given him a new life, a new start, his Alpha's meant everything to him. He might be an Alpha himself now, but he sought them out all the time (and all the same) for direction if needed. Only if his husband and he couldn't come up with a solution.

Stiles squeezed Derek's hand and kissed it absently, as he wiped their youngest's face off the icing coating their mouths. "Maybe we shouldn't have gone with such dark colours." Chuffing as he grabbed the wipes to use more. Purple, blue, Orange and white tiers on the cake. The orange was a confusing colour to have picked alongside the rest, but it was a private amusement that only the older members of the pack got. Which did indeed include Danny, who still got amusement out of calling Derek, Miguel sometimes. Much to many people's confusion.

"Just make sure he doesn't get any of the orange," Derek said wryly.

"The sugar rush I can see coming is horrendous," Noah said, grinning at his grandchild with adoration. Although, he didn't know what he was going to do with a little girl! The thought that was rather terrifying, his wife would have been in her leisure though. "Do you have a name for her?" a hopeful look on his face.

"Not yet," Stiles replied, loosening his tie a little, as Derek took over rather intently. "We're going to continue not giving them family names. Maybe as a middle name dad." Already understanding what he was getting at, and absolutely refusing to give his daughter his mothers name and have it shadowed and marred with devastation, sadness, grief and more important hatred and anger. Part of the child Stiles had been would always be angry and hate her for leaving, for the things she said, adult him knew that she had been sick. Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy as that when it came to your emotional wellbeing.

"A middle name?" Noah mused thoughtfully.

"Noah," Melissa chided her husband, seeing Stiles was uncomfortable. Tightening her blue shawl around her shoulders, there was a bit of a breeze tonight. Moving for her glass of water, ignoring all the drink around her, nobody seemed to notice it either, not even the werewolves. Melissa touched her stomach, anxious, she knew how badly late pregnancies could go, but she would never consider getting rid of her and Noah's child. Perhaps it was a chance to do things right, both of them had so many regrets. Maybe she'd have a little girl. She'd have to tell him soon. It was going to be rather odd, having a sibling so much younger than you.

"Yeah," Stiles nodded, he would stand firm on this decision, he had been so very blessedly lucky to speak to his mother the day after his eighteenth birthday. Harry had given him the greatest gift he had ever received up to that point. His mother remembered everything, the good and the bad. Up to including what she'd done to her husband and more horrifyingly her innocent son. Or perhaps not so horrifyingly, for once you did not have a body, one didn't feel the emotions the way would while alive. That isn't to say they don't still feel, it just wasn't the same, wasn't as strong. It had enabled him to let go, especially to have had his thoughts and feelings accepted and acknowledged by his mother. He'd introduced Derek to her too, he'd been able to introduce his boyfriend to his mother. Something he thought he wouldn't be able to do. The threats she'd vowed so sweetly had left even him wide eyed.

You didn't get in-between a mother and her only child, her only son without a few threats.

Something he and Derek intimately understood when their first son was born.

"Sounds good," Noah agreed, not even contemplating on getting angry at them for their desire to give their child a name that wasn't already belonging to family. Hell, they'd done it to Stiles, it was always going to be something normal for any Stiles' children. That's what happens when you give a child a name, he nor anyone else around him couldn't pronounce. Tightening his hand on his wife, content, after his injury he had stepped down as Sheriff unable to do the job but he was still happy.

"Tristian," Harry warned, causing the boy to slow down appropriately. Seeking out Phoenix, they looked like brothers, twins actually. Phoenix and Tristan, despite Tristian being Peter and Harry's son, Phoenix was Peter and Harry's grandchild, and Aaron's only child, a son three-years old. The both snuck up to the tree house that Derek had begun building for Aaron. "Where are the twins? There are too many people under the wards tonight for me to get an angle on them."

"Chase and Gawain are trying to convince Erica and Boyd to let them on the obstacle course." Peter said in amusement, it wouldn't go for them. If anyone stepped on that was younger than ten it ceased working entirely. He and Harry weren't stupid, and when more and more children were born it was a good thing really. "Dalilah is hiding under the table with what I believe might be her fifth piece of cake."

"Dad!" Dalilah protested, jabbing her fork into his shoed foot to display her displeasure, trying to stop herself laughing. She should have known she couldn't hide from them. She was going to kill Gawain for giving her this necklace! It was meant to keep her hiding from both her papa and dad! Such a joke.

"Honestly, child haven't I taught you anything?" Peter asked, his face appearing under the table, shaking his head in faux disappointment. "I am not so easily hoodwinked." Easing his daughter from under the table, as she giggled in amusement. Her dress was covered in grass stains, thank Merlin for magic. Otherwise, he dead to wonder how many outfits would be ruined tonight.

"Ella!" Delilah called out after being tapped, and a shriek of "You're it!" before they were taking off again. With that Delilah rushed after her friend, who was in her beautiful multicoloured cornrows her mother had painstakingly done for her. She took after her father a lot, but she had her mother's attitude. Vernon Boyd had become a werewolf, for the sole reason that he loved Erica. Harry and Peter had made sure they would last before giving Boyd the bite. It was one thing to love someone another entirely to think you did.

"Dora Hale get back here!" Cora Hale demanded, rushing after her daughter, unimpressed by the curly blonde ringlets and pouting features her daughter supported. She'd received her fathers colouring and cherubic face, only Cora was able to deny the girl anything she wanted.

Isaac laughed watching his wife and daughter shaking his head, it didn't take long for Cora to catch her at all.

"I don't want to wear shoes!" Dora complained, kicking out when her mother tried to put shoes on her. "I want to play!" wanting to be rushing around with her friends.

"Tough, if you don't you go inside." Cora warned her daughter.

"NO!" Dora shook her head vehemently, her curls getting in her face as she wiped them away. "I'll wear them!" she knew if she ended up inside, that she'd have to stay inside. It didn't stop her pouting though as her last shoe was put on. Her stomach grumbled, reminding her how hungry she was.

"It's just for today," Cora promised, there was too much glass and people around for her to be comfortable with her daughter going without her shoes tonight. It wasn't as if they knew she was a werewolf and would heal pretty quickly. "You can play without them tomorrow." Wondering if she'd take on the Hale features as she grew.

"Can I get some cake?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes," Cora said, "Talia, help your little sister get some food and a piece of cake."

"Sure, mom," Talia said, and Talia unlike Dora was Cora's double.

Cora sighed, making her way back to her seat, her blue eyes flashing at her husband. It hadn't been smooth sailing for her and Isaac, but they somehow worked. They both had known loss and pain from family, been betrayed by someone who should have loved you. Somehow, they'd made each other stronger. "I swear girls were supposed to be easier,"

"Your mother said the same exact thing," Peter said, a smirk adorned his face, no trace of trauma thinking about it. Just a sadness that she wasn't here to see her son and daughter married and with children. "Derek was the angel out of all of you."

"Seriously? The only boy?" Erica sniggered, flicking a piece of cake at the aforementioned werewolf.

"Do not do that," the cake was banished in mid-air. "I'll banish you back to the house." Harry warned her, seriously, sometimes it was like dealing with children all the time. How was it that his children could be far better mannered than those at least sixteen years their elder? He had spent the last Merlin only knows how many hours making that cake and the food to go with it.

Teddy sniggered, listening to them as he watched his son Markus run around like a headless chicken. His hair the same as his, making him easily identifiable in the crowd. Between playing tag and the children dancing to the music, they were all going to be exhausted by the end of the night.

"Did you have Patricia watching over the wolves?" Harry asked his son, as he sat down, letting the plates levitate to who had asked for what, just Peter and the kids that were there.

"Yes, and John," Teddy said, it had taken him six years but he'd done it, become a healer and had a thriving sanctuary within the boundaries of his family estate. "Although, I did consider moving to the island, it would be far safer and they'd have far more room to do as they pleased." True freedom, which they couldn't get here.

"They have acres of land, something they wouldn't get anywhere else," Peter refuted, "All other sanctuaries are far smaller and far inferior." They were well known for their beautiful sanctuary and how the animals were treated.

"Lack of fundings," Harry said with sympathy, "And if you ever want do begin transferring them to the Island it is still a possibility." He told Teddy, it had been the Potter family for a long time, it had been a dowry, ten generations ago, and hadn't really been used.

"You've been doing it up for years," Peter pointed out, he had been well aware of his husband's activities when it came to the Island. As a lawyer he understood the need to keep things to yourself, so he hadn't said anything much.

"I have," Harry said, looking around at friends, family and allies with a look of fondness. "We can't stay here forever, unfortunately, one day we will need to move to avoid suspicion."

"Please, there is only a dozen families in Beacon Hills that don't know anything about the supernatural world." Hermione said, huffing in amusement. A fervent brightness to her gaze as she cupped her son's head and swayed from side to side. The two-month-old was sound asleep, his sleep undisturbed by noise with a simple silencing charm. "Once they're gone the entire town of Beacon Hills will be filled with all manner of supernatural creatures."

Peter puffed up proudly, he'd always thought it was an overzealous idea, and it had taken a long time but it was happening. It wouldn't be long before Beacon Hills was off the map entirely, forgotten in time unremarkable as it was. "I never thought that would work."

Derek nodded his agreement, the rest of the speeches forgotten, "Me either."

"You should never doubt me," Hermione said smugly, carefully putting Hugo into the pram, letting him rest.

"I don't," Parrish said utterly besotted with his mate.

Harry laughed, Parrish had been unperturbed by his threats, that's when he knew that Jordan was the one, he could trust with his best friend, practically sister.

"I'm guessing Jimmy isn't going to make it this evening?" Hermione asked, saddened that the young man wouldn't make it.

"We knew he wouldn't, unfortunately," Harry shook his head, "He and Erin are at some MACUSA evening, a charity event to help orphans." Jimmy had married Erin, they met when Erin brought Harry files, Erin and been the secretary for the president of MACUSA and had worked her way up to being the president of MACUSA after Donovan.

"These events are the events of the season!" Dentlin said cheerfully, "Good to see you all, but the family has to leave now, we're leaving at the crack of dawn." The family was at the back, all saying their own goodbyes, Harry had watched them grow up they had families of their own.

All of them said their goodbyes' they weren't the only ones to leave early, Jessica and Edward (Erica's parents) had to leave in time to catch their flights. Although, nobody had left as earlier as Healer James Preston, as he was on retainer for many families, he'd had to leave when he was called.

Charlie Weasley, who was badly burned by cursed fire protecting the reserve – and dragons – from poachers, had been turned. burn paste hadn't been possible for cursed fire, but luckily being turned did the trick, he was able to have a relatively undisturbed life. He had been with the Hale pack for years before surprising everyone and joining Satomi. Not just joining, no, they became an item, and to this day they still help every omega that needed their help, which admittedly wasn't as often anymore, with the magical world now aware of the supernatural.

"Hey, I've been talking to Ed, did you know he's been offered double salary to stay at MACUSA?" Charlie said, practically boasting, "MACUSA never does that." Scratching at the tattoo he had under his armpit, which like everyone else had, would allow him to get through any mountain ash barrier. He'd only gotten it done earlier today, and it was itching him like crazy, he wasn't exactly fond of burns anymore after all.

It shouldn't have surprised anyone that the Hale pack would create an alliance with Edwards' pack. The MACUSA healer had remained on the job, and even convinced his pack to take in a few of the werewolves saved from Eichen house. those three had become the most loyal packmates you could ever ask for. Brad had actually almost lost his life saving the Alpha's daughter as a matter of fact.

Edwards pack (Lestrade pack) frequented Beacon Hills, they worked alongside Stiles in his Private Investigations. Potter-Hale investigations, and they were always kept in work. Harry worked their part time, while Stiles worked their full time. It was pack or allies that worked with him.

The Hale pack had alliances spanning the globe, but there were only a few – Lestrade and Satomi – that they trusted fully to allow access to Beacon Hills – their home – freely.

Hermione's promise of making sure that there were no more Mundane hunters took two decades to accomplish but she did it.

They never did find out why the Argents had been at the airport, when they'd been arrested, they had died of self-administered arsenic poisoning.

Up on the elevated stage, lazing about, without fear or anyone accidentally standing on them were Beowulf, Remus, Accalia, Fenrir and Romulus still thriving, even with their grey beards. They were old, bless them, and they were approaching the last years of their lives. They were sixteen years old, the oldest moon cubs on record were just shy of their twenty-first birthday.

Naturally, Luna who was the veterinarian still in Beacon Hills, was with them, she had more than a few admirers, so who knew what would happen in future?

"I love you," Derek murmured to his husband, as Stiles leaned against him full, content and surprisingly tired.

"I love you too," Stiles murmured, sure, life had had it's ups and downs but he wouldn't change any of it. Scott…when he'd been released from prison, he'd attempted to get back together with Allison. Unfortunately, the girl didn't want a reminder of what had happened or who her family was. She'd refused Scott's advances and Chris and she disappeared to a small quiet town where nobody knew who they were changing their name hoping for obscurity. Or as much as they could get knowing the magical world was watching them and that Allison had to get court appointed therapy.

Scott had tried to join a pack, but all of them emphatically denied him and escorted him to the edge of their territories. Nobody wanted a traitor in their pack, never in a million years. He'd used an alpha to bite an Argent, to force the bite on someone they'd never consider worthy – the bite was a gift after all – and he would never consider joining Peter's too ashamed to even consider asking. In the end, Scott had taken his own life, or so it looked.

They had never been able to tell otherwise.

"No regrets?" Stiles asked, closing his eyes listening to the sound of a million conversations and the shrieking of the pack's pups.

"Never," Derek vehemently replied, his thumb rubbing against the gold band that declared him married. Kissing it absently before kissing his husband. A life worth living indeed he mused, there had never been a more accurate saying even if nobody else understood.

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