AN: This was another oneshot I've been waiting to publish. It just kind of spilled out when I wrote it, so it's not very good. I'll try to update again soon. See Chapter one for the disclaimer.

Shinichi took a glance at his watch. Ok.

KID's heist started in 3, 2, 1 -

And Nakamori was already screaching from downstairs. The building he was stood on the roof of had turned blue. Not unexpected.

The Eastern detective sighed as pink smoke billowed from the open doorway out into the night air.

KID knew Nakamori hated pink, and apparently KID's life goal was to irritate the hell out of Nakamori.

Personally, he'd never had much of a problem with pink. It was just a colour.

He had, however, seen rather to much of it, what with being Conan for a couple of years. Young girls seemed to have an obsession with it.

Was KID a girl? Unlikely... KID didn't look or sound particularly feminine, though it was still possible...

Further musings on the theif's identity were cut short by the arrival of the Moonlight Magician himself.

"Greetings, Tantei - kun. And how are you this fine evening?" KID asked.

Shinichi bit back a snort of amusement, and disregarded the question entirely.

"Why are you wearing pink?"

KID had forgone his usual white suit in exchange for a gawdy pink gettup. KID has the conscience to look slightly guilty as he put on a mock aggrieved expression.

"Youwoundme, Meitantei! I wear this only for you, and my loyal fans! I have heard that wearing the same thing over and over again is predictable and dull, from none other than my favourite critic! And their desire to be surprised matters more to me that you could possibly imagine!" KID cried dramatically, hand over his heart.

Of course KID had heard him talk about predictability to Nakamori last heist. In fact, KID might even havebeenNakamori, for all he knew.

"Why would you care what I thought of your performances?" Shinichi asked.

Suddey, KID was right next to him, whispering in his ear. Shinichi felt a blush creep up his face from the contact.

"I always care what you think, Tantei - kun. And I always will."

And with that, KID brushed his lips across Shinichi's cheek and disappeared, leaving the detective shellshocked on the rooftop.

The smoke was clearing now, with the colour lingering for but a moment.


AN: That turned out ok-ish, but it was very cheesy near the end. Ah well, I like cheese! Not my best story ever, but it'll certainly do. Like I said, I'll try and update again soon.

-N Umbra